"Ere many generations pass, our machinery will be driven  by
         a  power obtainable at any point in the universe.  This  idea
         is  not  novel...   We  find  it in the  delightful  myth  of
         Antheus, who derives power from  the  earth; we find it among
         the   subtle   speculations   of   one   of   your   splendid
         mathematicians...   Throughout   space there is  energy.   Is
         this  energy static or kinetic.?  If static our hopes are  in
         vain;  if kinetic -  and this  we know it is, for  certain  -
         then it is a mere question  of  time when  men  will  succeed
         in  attaching  their  machinery  to  the  very  wheelwork  of

         Nikola Tesla addressing the American Institute of  Electrical
         Engineers,    1891.

          "There  manifests itself in the fully developed being -  Man
         -  a  desire    mysterious, inscrutable and irresistible:  to
         imitate  nature, to create, to  work himself the  wonders  he
         perceives....    Long   ago   he   recognized      that   all
         perceptible  matter  comes  from  a  primary  substance,   or
         tenuity  beyond conception, filling all space, the  Akasa  or
         luminiferous   ether, which is acted upon by the life  giving
         Prana  or creative force, calling into  existence,  in  never
         ending  cycles  all  things  and  phenomena.    The   primary
         substance,    thrown    into    infintesimal    whirls     of
         prodigious   velocity,  becomes  gross  matter;   the   force
         subsiding,   the  motion   ceases  and   matter   disappears,
         reverting to the primary substance."

          Nikola Tesla, Man's Greatest Achievement, May 13, 1907.

          "The first thing to realize about the ether is its  absolute
         continuity.  A  deep  sea  fish  has  probably  no  means  of
         apprehending  the existence  of water;   it is too  uniformly
         immersed in it: and that is our  condition  in regard to  the

         Sir Oliver Lodge, Ether and Reality.

          "So  astounding  are the facts in this connection,  that  it
         would  seem  as though the Creator, himself had  electrically
         designed  this planet...."

         Nikola  Tesla  describing  what  is  now  known  as  Schumann
         Resonance (7.8Hz) in  "The Transmission of Electrical  Energy
         Without  Wires  As A Means  Of   Furthering   World   Peace",
         Electrical World And  Engineer,  January  7,  1905, PP 21-24.