The World of Surveillance


Surveillance (7906 Hope Valley Ct, Adamstown, MD 20710, $35/yr) reports on 
phone taps via teleconferencing. This simple technique involves the 
``tappers'' conference calling two parties he wishes to spy on. He then 
listens and records the ensuring conversation. It is pointed out that this 
technique is not universally applicable, but is limited to situations where 
both parties normally answer the phone on the first ring. (And don't realize 
that neither one called the other).

2600 (Box 752, Middle Island, NY 11953, $18/yr) reports that some cordless 
phones, including the General Electric System 10, model 2-9675, transmits 
phone conversation made through a standard phone when the unit is hooked up. 
Most people would assume that when they didn't use the cordless handset, 
their calls wouldn't be broadcast for any nosey neighbors or others to 


The Concealment or Car Caddy is a device to covertly record the conversations 
of passengers in an automobile. It looks just like a litterbasket / snack 

However, hidden inside is a tape recorder. It can either have one microphone 
powered by a hearing aid battery or two powered by the tape recorder.

The SME-700 unit (stereo unit, with two microphones) sale is restricted only 
to federal and state law enforcement agencies. However, the SME-RN36 unit is 
available to anyone wishing to pay $385 for it. The SME-RN36 is configured 
with a 2 hour recorder.

When asked what the reason for the restriction on the SME-700 was, Saul 
Mineroff stated that ``it has certain features designed with federal agencies 
and that was the agreement.''

The snack tray is slid back to activate the recorder and forward to turn it 

This unit is produced by Saul Mineroff Electronics, Inc., 574 Meacham Av, 
Elmont, New York 11003, Phone: (516) 775 1370, Fax: (516) 775-1371.

When Saul Mineroff refused to openly provide information on the features of 
the SME-700 recorder, Full Disclosure was able to obtain ``Confidential 
Information on SME 700 Surveillance System.'' The SME 700 is actually, just 
the recorder, which can go in the car caddy, be worn on the body or used in 
another applicable situation. Following are excerpts from the document:

``Saul Mineroff, of Mineroff Electronics has worked for over a decade in 
cooperation with the Drug Enforcement Administration and F.B.I. personnel 
(along with various U.S. Governmental agencies) to develop a highly 
sophisticated foolproof body surveillance recorder with simple operating 

``The SME 700 Recorder is designed strictly for law enforcement agencies. The 
sale of this unit will only be distributed to law enforcement personnel. Its 
primary use and design is for the agent in the field.

``The SME 700 makes recordings in stereo. Because stereo utilizes two 
channels, it is easier for the human ear to identify certain sounds in the 
recordings (e.g. if multiple voices were recorded, it is easier to depict 
each individual voice when recorded in stereo). After recordings are made on 
the SME 700 Recorder they are played back on the SME 701 playback unit.

``There are many features fabricated into the SME 700 Recorder. The first 
feature is the ability to record multiple voices and attenuate background 
noise levels drastically. By using fast acting A.L.C., special filtering, and 
compressing circuits, along with DNR (Dynamic Noise Reduction) in playback 
unit, background noises are suppressed allowing the primary voices to be 
recorded and played back.

``The SME 700 Recorder is non-detectable (via tape recorder detectors). The 
circuit employs low frequency A-C bias, is completely shielded, and doesn't 
generate radiation. Radiation is what tape recorder detectors detect.

The other features are mechanical in nature to prevent accidental operation.


This subminiature bug, is available in a VHF and UHF version. The 900mhz 
version is pictured here (actual size). The manufacturer, ATET, Via G. Da 
Verrazzano, 42, 10129 Torino, Italy, Phone: 011/ 59-04 93, Telex: 213273, 
TOATET I, claims that the unit is the smallest crystal controlled units being 
manufactured in the world today.

Both units work over a input voltage range of 3 to 12 volts providing maximum 
flexibility in power sources. The power output ranges from 
.7mw to 135mw on the VHF unit and 3mw to 20mw on the UHF depending 
on input voltage.

Several adapters are available for the units: 1) Telephone adapter, converts 
the module into a series telephone transmitter which obtains power from the 
phone line, 2) External microphone adapter, converts the module into a 
body-worn transmitter with the capability of total concealment, and 3) 
Vehicle adapter, connects to the internal supply circuitry of a motor vehicle 
and produces continuous transmission.

The VHF unit has a frequency range of 135 - 175 mhz FM. The UHF frequency 
range is 700 - 1100mhz FM. The dimensions of both are 9 x 21 x 22 mm.

The most significant problem with these units is a frequency shift over time. 
As you can see from the photograph, the unit was originally manufactured for 
900.270mhz and shifted to 900.265mhz and 900.260mhz.

This particular unit was tested by the Drug Enforcement Administration. 

The U.S. Distributor for these bugs is: Knox Security, 335 Greenwich Rd, 
Greenwich, CT 06830, Phone: (203) 622-7300.


Pictured on page 9 with complete specifications below is a VHF 
microtransmitter disguised in a non-functional cigarette lighter.


Please let us know what types of surveillance devices and information you'd 
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