The SPOTLIGHT     January 7 & 14, 1991


By James P. Tucker Jr.

  It was a banner year for the world shadow government in 1990: They raised
your taxes in the United States and drummed Margaret Thatcher out of No. 10
Downing Street in England.

  "Bilderberg orders tax hike," SPOTLIGHT readers learned on May 28.

  "The Bilderberg group [is] plotting the political assassination:  of  the
British prime minister "because of her refusal to yield British sovereignty
to the European superstate that  is  to  emerge  in  1992,"  The  SPOTLIGHT
reported on May 29, 1989.

  "The Bilderberg group is bringing its considerable pressure  to  bear  on
President George Bush to increase taxes,"  The  SPOTLIGHT  reported.   "The
group is  confident  he  will  comply-albeit  with  public  expressions  of

  Thus, readers knew months in advance that Bush was programed to break his
"no new taxes" pledge. This Bush did  on  cue,  in  the  budget  deal  with
Congress in October that resulted in increased taxes and higher spending as
a means of "reducing the deficit."

  A massive plan to offset and expected  reduction  in  war  profits-caused
by the demise of communism and  the  end  of  the  Cold  War-by  pressuring
governments, most notably, the United States, into massive spending on  the
environment was uncovered at the meeting of the Trilateral Commission  (TC'
SPOTLIGHT, May 7, 1990).

  The Trilateralists called for a new global bureaucracy to direct a  world
wide fight, ostensibly for clean air and water, with the American taxpayers
bearing the heaviest burden through World Bank handouts.

  The world should similarly respond to the threat to the environment,  the
Trilateralists said.

  The Bilderberger and Trilateral groups are supersecret  organizations  of
international financiers and political leaders who meet behind closed doors
each spring to plan their global strategy.

  David Rockefeller is the dominant force in the Trilateralists; he  shares
power with the Rothschilds  of  ?Europe  in  the  older  Bilderberg  group.
However, the leadership of both groups is overlapping, and  their  policies
are coordinated.

  So it was after the Trilateralists proclaimed their war on  pollution  at
their meeting in Washington during April that White House  Chief  of  Staff
john Sununu was summoned to the Bilderberg meeting  on Long Island  in  May
for a chewing out.

  Sununu, who is well know for bullying congressional leaders  and  Cabinet
members, had also expressed skepticism about investing tax dollars in a war
on pollution. But after the international elite got through with Sununu  at
its sevret meeting, he fell silent on the issue. The president's bully  was
himself bullied.

  Bush, himself a longtime member of the TC, as was President Jimmy Carter,
met with the commission at the White House in  April.  Vice  President  Dan
Quayle was summoned to the Bilderberg meeting to make sure the White  House
pipeline remained intact.

  Plans to exploit cheap labor in South America were also uncovered at  the
Trilateral meeting. The SPOTLIGHT had reported a year earlier, from  Paris,
that the TC was  sending  a  task  force  to  study  schemes  for  economic
development in South America for the first time.

  The task force report, circulated to members as  a  tool  for  pressuring
their governments, calls for huge amounts of  capital  to  be  poured  into
the debt-ridden countries of South America. While the report is circumspect
and does not directly call for sending  more  American  tax  dollars,  Bill
Perry, and author of the report, admitted that was the goal.

   Also,   under   SPOTLIGHT   questioning,   Perry   admitted   that   the
Trilateralists try to influence government policy, which the Trilateralists
have long denied, despite the absurdity of their of their refusal  to  make
this admission.

  "People involved hold high  [government]  positions,"  Perry  said.  "The
commission has its own prestige, and the members have their own."

  Bus has recently returned from South America, where he was  carrying  out
the Trilateral-Bilderberg mandate by privately assuring governments of debt
forgiveness and  more  American  tax  dollars,  and  publicly  pledging  to
institute unrestricted "free trade," virtually  giving  away  the  American
store and permitting a flood of foreign-produced, cheap-labor products into
the United States, throwing millions of American workers out of their  jobs
(SPOTLIGHT, Dec 24).

  The free trade scam is an old gambit of  the  "one-worlders"  to  destroy
national sovereignty and to move the world into a so-called global  economy
without a world government, which is the grand  design  of  the  Trilateral
Commission, the Bilderberg group and the allied big  money  interests  they

  The SPOTLIGHT is the sole newspaper in the country to  cover  the  secret
operations of these enigmatic, shadowy internationalist groups. It is  also
the only newspaper to have ever penetrated their meetings and report on the
proceedings. Ironically, the major news organizations  are  well  aware  of
these groups' activities, since many of the media elite are members of both
groups. Newsmen, however, who attend as participants are sworn  to  secrecy

and never reveal the grand plans hatched for the rest of us.