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All That Sparks ... Part I

O.K., Darrell and Tom, I shall lend my thoughts to this effort, for we are not
all scientists here. I am drawn to the "Tesla Vortex" (invisible, yet shocking
when experienced) from the intuitive aspect of body/mind. Will you spend a few
minutes and explore some not-nuts-or-bolts ideas with me? Let's start blending
right and left brain perceptions of the Tesla phenomena.

I found myself making an unsubtle feminist comment (an insult, really) while
expressing my bewilderment over Tesla coil-builders' fascination for their
craft. With all the exciting potential of so-called "Tesla Technology"
(radiant energy source devices, subtle electromagnetic healing concepts, a
whole new paradigm of our geo-electric and bio-electric reality, etc.,
etc...), why the continued fuss over Tesla coils?

"Tom," I asked, "What's with all these guys sitting around comparing whose
lightning is longer?"

Tom, in a most un-macho way, quietly responded that it had to do with
"experiencing the power." It took some time for his comment to sink in, so
softly was it delivered. And then it hit me ...

My first experience with the million-volt Tesla coil was at the 1984 Tesla
Symposium in Colorado Springs. 

[Photo of Nikola Tesla]


All That Sparks ... Part I (cont.)

To witness the machine-made lightning directly is to have an archetypally 
transpersonal experience. The coil is indeed a mechanical representation of 
the snake of the kundalini, the coiled serpent rising from the root chakra, 
vessel of the pranic charge of life itself. With the flick of a switch and a 
jolting thunderclap, radiant violet lightning lashes forth from the crown of 
the momentarily living machine. The experience induced awe in the eye of this 
beholder ... for the violet lightning that danced on the coiled serpent's head 
was that very same violet color discussed by Alice Bailey, S.J.G. Ouseley, 
Jack Schwartz, and myriad other metaphysical healing-oriented authors. My 
whole body resonated with that lightning. I was in the presence of the actual 
Violet Ray. I was witnessing that "highest light vibration," perceiving 
something far beyond myself, yet to which I was connected ... I was trembling 
for days afterward, every time I recalled the visual image. 

Are you still with me? The power of seeing the coil go off with my own eyes
summoned forth my own electric self. The coil and lightning presented an image
of my electrical self-consciousness to my psyche, through the eye of my
body/mind. If witnessing the lightning off the coil did all that, what would
bathing in it do? Tesla did it all the time ...

It makes sense that Tesla didn't care to shake hands with anyone. He used to
hang out in his laboratory, by his own account, and let the energy surge
through him, radiating lightning from his fingertips. He wrote quite highly of
the experience, trying to convince the public of the safety of his type of
electricity (to wit, AC). Yet there was something else happening, as anyone
who has worked with chakras and meridians could tell you: he was clearing and
cleansing and charging and repeatedly balancing his own bio-energetic body. No
wonder that he did not care to receive anyone else's toxic etheric discharge
(transmitted by the act of shaking hands). No wonder he retained an agile body
and alert mind ... Oh, so they say he was crazy toward the end of his life?
... Well, should we go back to his later work and re-evaluate it?

Was he crazy, or just a clear and present super-thinker far ahead of his time?
Looking at the descriptions of the man as I do, living in California in 1990,
I see an eccentrically self-actualized, highly self-expressive New Age man,
who was also tragically unsuccessful as an entrepreneur. He was understandably
angry in his later years. He engendered controversy by his very openness, in a
life-long attempt to keep his ideas in the public eye and mind. Could he have
been a man whose body/mind was free and clear of energy blockages? I believe
he not only survived a childhood kundalini crisis (read MY INVENTIONS, 


All That Sparks ... Part I (cont.)

Ed. Ben Johnston, 1982), but kept clearing his energetic self until very late 
in his life when his laboratory and all his resources had gone. Had he blown 
all his fuses, or were they working better than we will ever know??? I see a 
man whose life and work deserves further reflection and research. 

And I thank you, all you Tesla coil builders, for counting your coils
carefully, and observing the length of your lightning. Keep it up!

- Caroleigh Eversoul Tomlinson

All That Sparks ... Part II

This is the third, and final, article in a series that attempts to reduce the
revolutionary Tesla technology down to layman terms (at least as far as this 
writer is able).  

The first, and perhaps most startling, technological breakthrough is a three
part energy invention that was Tesla's ultimate downfall - the wireless 
transmission of power.  Before that, was the transmission of power over a
single line.  And the ultimate application, of course, is the extraction of 
"free" energy directly from the etheric "sea of energy".

Eric Dollard, in 1986 replicated the single wire transmission of energy so 
we know that the Tesla apparatus is duplicatable.  Other than the savings in 
copper wire and line losses I cannot see this as having a terrific impact 
other than a rather starrtling and undeniable demonstration that we can now
throw out all concepts of plus and minus.  It does, however, lead to the 
next, more startling, development.

Project Tesla, conducted during 1987 and 1988, was an attempt to duplicate 
Tesla's work in "pumping" the Schumann Cavity with Extremely Low Frequency
waves at a point in Colorado and extracting that energy from a location near
Los Angeles.  This would have had a tremendous effect in enabling energy 
poor countries to achieve manufacturing parity with any other country.  Cheap
labor and limitless electrical power would have changed the economies of 
practically everything we do. Unfortunately some shortcuts were attempted 
with Project Tesla resulting in a critical part breaking down and the project
had to be discontinued.  The good part about this experiment was that every-
one wound up agreeing that you don't use shortcuts when it comes to the 
masters (Tesla) design.  And they got far enough into the project to gain 
even more confidence that the project is feasible (not to mention the big
bucks somebody had invested in it in the first place).


All That Sparks ... Part II (cont.)

The third phase of power generation/transmission has to do with "free energy" 
devices.  I believe that this single development will not only set us free 
from having to pay for power but is the key that will unlock the door to 
truly earth shaking breakthroughs in many other areas.  We already have small
bench-top generators that create energy out of thin air.  Cold fusion also 
works and is being duplicated all over the world.  The first thing that 
unlimited power leads to is the transmutation of base materials into any 
composition of metals that you can dream up.  From the ancient alchemists
attempt to create gold to the modern dream of a totally impervious yet 
malleable metal.

The problem associated with free energy technology is that you would put
out of business all of the power companies on the face of the globe.  This
suggestion was Tesla's downfall.  You would also instantly bankrupt, not 
only the nuclear power generating business but the oil companies as well 
since cars would be immediately converted to a free energy motor.

Another development that free energy leads to is free communication.  If
energy can be "beamed", or received anywhere on the face of the earth with
no power loss, then a communication can be transmitted in a similar fashion.
This has a twofold implication.  Not only would communications companies
have their control sharply curtailed but the capability would be there for 
people to listen in to any location they chose.  No more secrets.

We are just beginning to theorize about the physics implications and discuss
some of the possibilities.  Tom Bearden deals in a more detailed exploration 
of such possibilities in his several books and one startling prediction is 
that faster than speed of light movement and anti-gravity devices are reason-
ably within reach once Tesla technology is acknowledged.  This would mean 
instantaneous shipment of any sized object to any other spot on the globe or
to nearby planets with no apparent energy expenditure.  There goes the 
transportation industry (trains, trucks, ships - everything).

I have seen papers written within this organization that claim time travel
is impossible, given what we surmise about Tesla technology.  Other people 
(myself included) disagree.  I find this subject difficult to grasp from 
an implicational standpoint.  I believe that we have "natural" teleportation
occurring in the universe and there may be enough evidence to suggest 
"natural" time travel.

While the reader may think I am getting fairly far afield with my specu-
lations, I hope to address that with this final point.  


All That Sparks ... Part II (cont.)

There is only one Unified Field Theorey (by definition).  If the theorey is re-
discovered and all physical secrets of the universe are unlocked, then 
anything is possible (and hopefully the counter control is equally possible).  
I have tried to explore only those possibilities that are directly linkable to 
theoretical Tesla technology.  I seriously invite additional dialogue (or 
disputation) on these subjects. 

- Darrell Bross, SFTS President

All That Sparks ...

Is an open column to which anyone can submit a personal viewpoint of Tesla
and/or Tesla Technology. Tesla was a pioneer who was recurrently challenged by
his contemporaries. We wholeheartedly encourage a pioneering spirit.

May Minutes

The May 13th meeting was held at the chapter's laboratory in San Francisco.

Edwin El-Kareh brought a copy of the Yugoslavian production of Nikola Tesla's
life story. This two hour film is a fairly faithful rendition of the history
of Tesla from the time of his entry to this country at New York until his
death. Flashbacks were used to illustrate how childhood influenced Tesla's
genius. While the production values and direction were somewhat hokey, many
original Tesla devices were used and location shots of original backgrounds
figured prominantly in the film.

Edwin brought two other shorts stressing the fact that efforts by individuals
can make a tremendous difference in any time or circumstance.

A brief explanation of Associated Partners West was offered by Darrell Bross.
APW is a reliable firm dealing in ozone/oxygenation products as health
supplements. A catalog and explanation of their product line can be had by
writing to APW.

A preliminary announcement was made indicating that the core group of our
chapter was busy working on concrete plans to provide 


May Minutes (cont.)

extensive support to individuals working in the fields of Tesla Technology. The 
feeling has been expressed that only a minority of people exploring this 
technology have all the requisite entrepreneurial skills to bring devices out 
to the marketplace or to the awareness of the public. We are "not just another 
user group." 

- Richard Easton

June Meeting

Our next meeting will be 10 June 1990, 1 PM, at 700 Earl Street, San 
Francisco, CA 94124. Take #19 Muni Bus outbound. Get off at the last stop 
before entering Hunters Point Naval Shipyards. Earl Street is one block long. 
We will be in the large brown warehouse at the bottom of the hill. If driving, 
take 3rd Street heading south. Turn left on Evans which winds around into 
Innes. Earl Street intersects Innes. Park at the bottom of the hill. Call 641-
9704 for details just before the meeting. 

Advanced Technology Study Groups

Two Study Groups will be offered through SFTS if enough interest is generated:

Tesla Coil Builders Study Group:
(if you want to build tesla coils and other related devices)
Contact Darrell Bross at (415) 641-9704.

Science Topics Study Group
(if you have an eye towards doing experimentation)
Contact Shelley Thompson at (415) 644-2874.

>> Teslanauts <<

Tesla Band Fan Club
%Geffen Records
9130 Sunset Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90069

Tesla BBS (Colorado)
(719) 486-2775 at 8-N-1


Electromagnetic Brain Stimulation:
A Lecture by Bob Beck
Reviewed by Jerry Tomlinson

There was standing room only at Henry Dakin's Parapsychology Research Group
meeting on the night of Tuesday, May 8th. the occasion was a lecture and slide
show by Bob Beck, one of the great pioneers in the field of

Mr. Beck has had an outstanding career with over 45 years of government and
academic experience in the instrumentation of altered states, development of
medical electrostimulators, and the investigation of Tesla electromagnetics.
he is the inventor of the BT-5 brain device that you see advertised in today's
mainstream new thought magazines; i.e., Magical Blend, New Age Journal, etc.

The main theme of Mr. Beck's talk was the medical applications of his neuro-
stimulator and the fierce resistance to such devices by the national
bureaucracy. While being careful not to make claims that his device actually
"cures" people, Mr. beck outlined many cases of users of the BT-5 having
wonderful "spontaneous remissions" from such ailments as alcohol and narcotics

The audience was taken via slide show through the history of medical electro-
stimulation vs. the monolithic pharmaceutical companies. There are records of
patents being obtained for neurostimulating devices as far back as the 1830's.
There are also graphic illustrations of packages of heroin being marketed by
Bayer alongside their aspirin formulae. It's clear that pioneers such as Bob
Beck have formidable foes.

There were so many notable people in the audience that Mr. Beck decided to
form a panel for q. and a. The panel was comprised of Michael Hutchinson,
author of Megabrain; Burl Payne, author of Body Magnetic, and Eric Reiter of
GoodFields Technology. Lively discussion followed.

Mr. Beck also gave glowing praises to another person in the audience, SFTS
Vice President Shelley Thompson, who literally saved Mr. Beck's life a few
years ago. Way to go, Shelley!

All in all, it was a memorable night. The Teslanauts who stuck together when
the meeting broke up all ran off to the Copper Penny for pie, hot chocolate,
and noisy conversation.

Editor's Note: Robert C. Beck, B. E., D. Sc., designed a modern prototype of
the Lakhovsky Multiple Wave Oscillator we now use in our SFTS laboratory.

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