Skolnick COMMENTARY #021

[CfD Editor -- I neither necessarily believe nor disbelieve 
either all or portions of the following.]

[The following is a transcript of a recorded phone message put 
out by a group in Chicago called "Citizens' Committee to Clean Up 
the Courts." (312) 731-1100 and (312) 731-1505.]

Hi! Sherman Skolnick, Citizens' Committee to Clean Up the Courts 
[CCCC], 9800 South Oglesby.

Can a leopard change its spots?

Over the years the *Chicago Tribune* has been a crooked, anti- 
labor, discriminatory operation. Starting in the 19th century, 
they got lucrative rights to newsprint and pulp production in 
Canada through a charter from the highly-secretive Jesuits and 
the King of England. To this day the *Tribune* is tied to the 
Royal Family and says nothing about them being in worldwide 
financing of dope traffic through Hong Kong and the Cayman 

In the 1930s, the *Tribune* was facing a labor dispute. So, they 
brought in Al Capone as a "labor consultant." He terrorized the 

Since about 1910, the *Tribune* used a family of criminals 
originally from Chicago -- the Annenbergs(?) and their 
descendants -- even now, to control the circulation department.

In years ago when there were almost a dozen Chicago papers, the 
Annenbergs used shoot-outs to "snuff out" competitors. The 
Annenbergs were major stockholders in the long-time criminal 
enterprise called the American National Bank here. They have 
other news fakers in their pocket, such as Walter Jacobson.

The *Tribune* was known for running items with snide remarks -- 
anti-black, anti-Jew.

Once a private company, the *Tribune* company had a dispute 
between the major owners like the Marshall Fields and the 
Rockefellers *and* minority owners.

Chicago federal district judge Crowley was blackmailed into 
favoring the big shots. Although one of the youngest on the 
federal bench, he soon thereafter resigned.

The Rockefellers and such wanted to be bought out so, in 1981, 
the *Tribune* company stock went public. Some thought that they 
toned down, thereafter, their highly prejudiced stories. Oh yeah?

To fatten their stockholders, the *Tribune* vowed to dump their 
organized workers and smash the union. Since ensued a labor 
dispute. One night the *Tribune* sent in their vicious guards 
with attack dogs to rip the workers off the machines. To continue 
production, the Tribune brought in "scabs" -- mostly white, 
rural, southern workers (at half the wages) -- for the highly 
automated new plant called "The Freedom Center." The *Tribune* 
used their advance, inside information to blackmail a Chancery 
Division judge to grant an injunction restricting picketing near 
what savvy folks call, "The Slavery Center."

Rightfully, it can't be called the *Chicago* Tribune since as 
little as 15% of their total circulation is inside the city 
limits. With its media octopus worldwide, it should be called 
"The Multinational Lie Machine."

To try to boost city circulation, the *Tribune* runs items 
talking down their nose at blacks -- as if all blacks are dopers 
engaged in drive-by shootings.

About 1984, joke faker Mike Royko left the *Sun Times* and went 
to the *Chicago Tribune*. The *Sun Times* sued the *Tribune*, 
*but* the *Tribune* had advance, inside data on a Chancery 
Division judge taking bribes. And so, the case was steered to 
him. The *Tribune* blackmailed the judge into ruling in favor of 
"The Slavery Center" at the Tribune Tower.

And the *Tribune* company newslords have peddled false stories 
that were really political assassinations. Such as of Chicago's 
first black mayor, Harold Washington, died of a heart attack 
because he was overweight. *Oh yeah?* The story should have been 
that Harold Washington was murdered with a poisoned cup of 
coffee. Some of the doctors told the media fakers that the mayor 
was poisoned -- *but*, the press invoked "national security," 
contending it would cause riots. Well, what about the old 
statement, "Let the truth be told, 'though the heavens crumble," 

In Chicago, see us on cable tv, channel 21, 9 pm [cst] most 
Monday evenings.

Play it again: A [unclear] discusses historical conspiracies. 
(312) 731-1505.

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