Skolnick COMMENTARY #015

[CfD Editor -- I neither necessarily believe nor disbelieve 
either all or portions of the following.]

[The following is a transcript of a recorded phone message put 
out by a group in Chicago called "Citizens' Committee to Clean Up 
the Courts." (312) 731-1100 and (312) 731-1505.]

Hi! Sherman Skolnick, Citizens' Committee to Clean Up the Courts 
[CCCC], 9800 South Oglesby.

>From the time of Clinton's election as President on -- strange 
events with CIA.

About the time of Clinton's November '92 election a British 
Intelligence operative assisting CIA was murdered, together with 
all his family members, in southern California. That was Ian 
Stewart-Sparrow(sp?) -- having inside knowledge about the 
"October Surprise" treason, the Mena, Arkansas airport dope and 
gun smuggling implicating Clinton as Governor, and much more.

Right after Clinton was inaugurated, two CIA officials were 
murdered and three seriously wounded right on the road leading 
into CIA headquarters -- apparently part of a fight between CIA 
faction one: George Bush and his gang, and faction two: Naval 
Intelligence assassins.

And where does Clinton fit in, huh?

Right before the election some 15 [persons] were arrested -- 
charged with shipping exotic military items without export 
licenses to known terrorists. Among the defendants, Diane 
Lewis(sp?), a crony of first lady Hillary of Park Ridge, a 
northwest Chicago suburb. The trial was right after inauguration 
day. Ms. Lewis was released after her defense attorney told the 
judge, in chambers, she was with CIA *and* a pal of Hillary.

Then, the strange events in Waco, Texas, right near a CIA 
brainwashing facility. Some believe some of the Branch Davidian 
leaders knew too much. A CIA and military "delta team" murdered 
many while tanks with flame shooters burned down the compound. In 
the assault on the building two federal agents, previously 
Clinton's campaign bodyguards, were murdered -- now get this -- 
*by their fellow agents*.

On July 17th, '93, President Clinton and/or someone in the White 
House acting with them (such as Vincent Foster, jr.) stopped a 
genuine CIA plot to assassinate Iraqi strongman Saddam Hussein. 
Two days later, FBI director Sessions was "sacked," on flimsy 
excuses, to block his investigation of President Clinton's 
treasonous activities -- such as having military officers 
assigned to CIA acting as Justice Department prosecutors pursuing 
political activist civilians!

The next day, White House aide Foster was found murdered in a 
lower level of the White House. The Secret Service removed the 
body and planted it in a national park in Virginia. The 
circumstances, however, were designed by someone to put Clinton 
in a "catch-22" position. If Clinton revealed the details, some 
of it, somehow, might point to Foster's law partner and lover -- 
Hillary. Did she want *him* dead to save herself from prison, 

Some $47 million is missing from a federally insured S&L in 
Arkansas. Hillary and Foster were implicated in what seems to be 
a bank embezzlement. Federal authorities are also investigating 
CIA money-laundering deals reportedly also implicating Hillary 
and Foster.

The Secret Service is holding clandestine meetings across the 
nation about Foster, "picking the brains" of assassination 
experts. The Secret Service contends three foreign intelligence 
agents, disguised as known White House visitors, got into the 
White House and "wiped out" Foster. {1}. The Secret Service also 
claims a Foster "double" left the White House that afternoon -- 
all to confuse matters.

Clinton is stonewalling release of pertinent records. Some claim 
the series of mysteries somehow involve the role of Bill and 
Hillary as CIA assets since an early age.

And then there's the Rick Ames spy mess at CIA which Clinton set 
on for a year. {2}.

(312) 731-1100 is our main message. Donations appreciated. 
Citizens' Committee to Clean Up the Courts, 9800 South Oglesby, 
Chicago, [Illinois] 60617. The latest on courts, banks, espionage 
agencies, political assassinations, and the news media. On 24 
hours a day, that's the Citizens' Committee to Clean Up the 
Courts, 9800 South Oglesby.

--------------------------<< Notes >>----------------------------
{1} According to a *Wall Street Journal* article dated March 10, 
1994 ("Who is Patsy Thomasson?"), there has been lax security at 
the White House, apparently due to poor overall management.
{2} Again from the *Wall Street Journal* of March 10, 1994 ("The 
KGB and America's War on Drugs"), regarding the Ames spy case, 
"some key questions have gone unasked." Ames reportedly was 
involved with the KGB in narco-trafficking. The amount of cash 
allegedly paid to Ames was "far more than in most treason-for- 
money cases."