Skolnick COMMENTARY #014

[CfD Editor -- I neither necessarily believe nor disbelieve 
either all or portions of the following.]

[The following is a transcript of a recorded phone message put 
out by a group in Chicago called "Citizens' Committee to Clean Up 
the Courts." (312) 731-1100 and (312) 731-1505.]

Hi! Sherman Skolnick, Citizens' Committee to Clean Up the Courts, 
9800 South Oglesby.

Headquartered in Chicago is a law firm up to their eyeballs in 
the Clinton White House scandals: That's Hopkins & Sutter, with 
offices also in Washington, D.C. and Dallas.

Their major clients have included the federal deposit insurance 
and *their* stepsister, Resolution Trust Corp. [RTC]

The RTC is accused by some of being the principle whitewashing 
machine for CIA and members of congress implicated in the S&L 

Strange, but Hopkins & Sutter or RTC chose the faraway Rose Law 
Firm in Little Rock to cover up a multi-million dollar mess of a 
defunct S&L in a west suburb of Chicago. The dirty trick was done 
with Rose Law Firm partners Hillary Rodham Clinton and her 
partner, and lover, Vincent Foster, jr.

Details included jailbird and bond broker Dan Lassiter(sp?) whose 
business partner became a secretary to White House aide Foster. 
That secretary reportedly stole Foster's files after he was 
murdered, and the documents are being used for blackmail in 

Uh, guess who has them? Why, Hopkins & Sutter.

Hopkins & Sutter partner Jay Steinberg reportedly has played a 
key role in secretly transferring a $50 million RTC contingency 
fund from Chicago to Little Rock. Some details are in a series of 
blockbuster federal cases here called "The Andrew Cetti Affair" 

All to try to patch up the $47 million bank embezzlement crisis 
pending before a federal grand jury. The accused target? Why, 
Hillary and "Sludge Willy."

A close Rodham family crony is John Gearham(?), a lawyer in the 
northwest suburb of Park Ridge... where Hillary is from. In the 
presence of a witness, Gearham confessed to our [Citizen's 
Committee to Clean Up the Courts] chairman that Gearham fears 
being *himself* framed and sent to federal prison for the $50 
million secret transfer and the destruction of RTC records.

In simple terms, the murder of Foster and the disappearance of 
the RTC funds were to keep Hillary from going to prison.

At one time, Hopkins & Sutter were the major recipients of RTC 
legal fees. A recent statistic shows they were cut way back.

Is the White House trying to distance themselves from Hopkins & 

Funny thing: RTC's office is actually *inside* Hopkin's & 
Sutter's "posh digs" in Chicago!

Hopkin's partner, Jay Steinberg, as bankruptcy trustee also 
reportedly swept away what happened to about a billion dollars in 
a group of companies run by a young con man, William Stecker(?), 
[unclear] corporation and others.

The [unclear] swindles and the "Andrew Cetti Affair" both 
implicate super FBI agent Mike "Chucky" Peters -- according to 
undisputed federal court records here, implicated in the murder 
of some 41 federal grand jury witnesses.

Hopkins & Sutter was hired by the federal deposit insurance to 
investigate, supposedly, the offices, directors and lawyers of 
Silverado Savings & Loan of Denver -- a group that included 
George Bush's son, Neil. Hopkin's clout stems from keeping Neil 
Bush from going to prison and also hushing up all mention that 
the CIA plundered Silverado in the course of using that S&L for 
financing covert operations in the United States and overseas.

In Chicago, see us on cable t.v. channel 21, 9 pm most Monday 

Play it again: The Murder of Reporters. (312) 731-1505.

New message Wednesday; we change it several times a week.

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