Skolnick COMMENTARY #009

[CfD Editor -- I neither necessarily believe nor disbelieve 
either all or portions of the following.]

[The following is a transcript of a recorded phone message put 
out by a group in Chicago called "Citizens' Committee to Clean Up 
the Courts." (312) 731-1100 and (312) 731-1505.]

Hi! Sherman Skolnik, Citizens' Committee to Clean Up the Courts, 
9800 Oglesby.

More about the strange death of White House aide, Vincent Foster, 

Hillary Rodham Clinton and her law partner, Foster, worked on 
clandestine deals for the Bank of Conspirators and Criminals 
International [BCCI]. Interlocked with the American CIA, the 
French CIA and other international spy shops like Israel's 
Mossad, the bank washed funds for dope, guns, the bribery of 
public officials, and political assassinations.

With Foster also as Hillary's lover, Bill Clinton was isolated 
from what was going on. Foster found out that an American murder 
squad had been transferred from CIA to the Justice Department. 
Specializing in domestic "wipe outs," the squad was more bloody 
than those of Guatemala and Brazil. Unknown to many, the U.S. 
dealt with political opponents and activists just like they do in 
a Banana Republic!

Reputed murder squad chieftain has been Colonel Wayne Adrian 
Rich. His position as executive coordinator in the Justice 
Department gives him more actual power than the U.S. Attorney 

(Yes, we know, it's unconstitutional to have a military officer 
as the actual head of the Justice Department.)

Part of "the squad" reportedly included Chicago FBI agent Mike 
"Chucky" Peters, identified in federal court records here as 
indicated in the murder of some 41 federal grand jury witnesses 
in the notorious Inslaw affair -- covered up by former federal 
district judge Nicholas J. Bowa(sp?) as special Justice 
Department counsel. (Bowa has been a defendant in an unpublicized 
federal suit here on the issue.)

Among those bumped off by "the squad" have been journalist Danny 
Casolero, working on a book on what he called "the Octopus" -- 
interfacing October Surprise, Iran-contra, Inslaw, BCCI, Bank 
Lavoro, bankruptcy court bribery, and other bloody deals.

Another victim was Chicago bankruptcy auctioneer Wallace 
Lieberman(sp?). According to accusations in the court record, he 
was "rubbed out" by FBI agent Peters.

"The squad" also bombed the airplane, killing Gary Caradori, 
private eye investigating high-level pedophile and porno rings 
implicating top government officials in Omaha, Chicago, and 
Washington, D.C. [see part 2 of today's "CfD"].

White House aide Foster never lived to keep an appointment he 
made with President Clinton -- to warn him that Clinton himself 
was a possible assassination target *and* that Clinton should do 
something about the murder squad or eventually face impeachment.

Knowledgeable investigators contend that Clinton's problem is he 
does not know *that he does not know* about all this.

"The squad" murdered Foster and, on purpose, bungled up the scene 
so as to try to "finger" Hillary and Bill for covering up the 
murder of Hillary's lover and law partner.

The press fakers, assets of CIA, keep calling it "suicide." Now, 
to try to incriminate the President, a major news magazine is 
pressuring a Virginia state prosecutor to focus on Bill and 
Hillary as accomplices to murder by covering it up. Leading the 
attack has been Chicago congressman Henry Hyde, head of CIA's 
"black budget" *and* having more actual power than the director 
of Central Intelligence.

Related matters: the murders of CIA officials outside their 
headquarters *and* Admiral Bobby Ray Inman acting goofy, on 
purpose, to withdraw his name as Secretary of Defense.

Clinton may escape by a war scare. [CfD -- Skolnik was saying 
he had information suggesting an imminent war scare on a 
recent broadcast of Radio Free America. The broadcast occurred 
shortly before the bombing in Sarajevo.]

And so, it's an old story: an innocent husband wrecked by an 
unfaithful, conniving wife. *And*, unless he goes public, it's 
"bye-bye, Bill." It would be also "bye-bye, Hillary," huh?

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