By Jim Townsend

   The main enemy facing the American people is not located in
Iraq, Moscow, Havana or Peking. It,s located in Washington, D.C.
and it's ruled over by elected congressmen and women who in an
unholy alliance with its tens of thousands of bureaucrats, are out
to skunk the civilian population of this nation.

   Government, as it's known, is a big business and, just like the
multinational corporations, this government has been allowed to
spawn. It's dedicated to reducing its citizens to paupers. As the
script is written, if everything goes as planned, the New World
Order will see the merger of the U.S,, Soviet Russia and, perhaps,
even England. If it goes as the script is written, "We, the People"
will have come full circle from near political slaves to freedom
under a constitution to political slaves under the New World Order.

   Once the New World Order has been implemented, just as the
people in Russia  came to understand under communism, the state is
the total authority and owns every thing.

   The unseen forces that have been dedicated to this New World
Order have been plotting, planning and working for the day when
freedom as we have come to know it, will be a thing of the past.
Private business and competition will cease to exist. Once again,
central planning will bet the order of the day; people will work
where their political commissar dictates and live in whatever part
of the world they are forced to move.


   Only yesterday, the people were worried about the collapse of
the savings and loan companies that were projected to cost the
taxpayers up to a half-trillion bucks. Banks were failing, the real
estate moguls were starting to see their empires go under the
hammer, Congress was working night and day to heap more taxes on
the backs of the already bent taxpayers and, to top it off, a
national election was just around the corner. These were just some
of the problems facing our so-called national leaders. What to do?

   Well, if one could find a trusting Mideast dictator who was
hurting from an eight-year war and having trouble selling his oil
at what was needed to pull his country out of a military sinkhole,
it could be just the ticket to take people's minds off domestic
problems that seem insurmountable on the home front.

   Finding a greedy and brutal Mideast dictator was easy enough.
With just the slightest hint from the U.S. State Department that
our government would not oppose a move on territory that had been
politically chopped off the dictator's country in the past, you
have a gift-wrapped diversion from the domestic problems on the
home front.

 Just what was needed,. Now, quickly assemble as many of the armed
forces as possible, rush them overseas to the sand dunes of Saudi
Arabia, confront the double-crossed dictator and demand that he
leave Kuwait or else.


   By accident or design, it worked like a charm and suddenly all
the talk was about Saddam Hussein, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, troop
movements, military demands and what was going to happen next.

   Suddenly, the media, printed or electronic, were no longer
talking about our cosmetic problems. While the Justice Department
continued to indict and arrest savings and loan officials, the
focus was on Kuwait and Hussein. The rip-off the Congress and the
president loaded on all taxpayers' backs was shoved completely into
the background. The domestic pressure that had congressmen and
their political parties so worried just seemed to fade away.
Result? Almost 100 percent of incumbents were re-elected. The
national movement to throw the bums out had not only fizzled, it
had completely flopped.

   Elections are history for another two years, but the problems
"We, the People" are facing in the coming months ar only beginning.
We don't know if Congress is going to allow President George Bush
to usurp the right of Congress to get us into a shooting war. The
public must react with letters, phone calls and telegrams to their
congressmen immediately. People must let Bush know we are not
willing to pay the cost of fighting someone else's war at the
expense of 30,000 or more body bags full of our young soldiers.


   We must let the Bush administration know that we are not going
to buy any more government-instigated, no-win wars. We were
suckered into a no-win war in Korea and another one in Vietnam. All
undeclared but paid for by some 100,000 of the cream of the crop of
our youth. It is my contention that a war not worth winning is not
worth fighting and that the right of determining if this nation is
to engage in a war belongs to the people who must make their views
known to Congress.

   If this war gets off the ground, as it appears it will, and if
Saddam Hussein decides to stand and fight, as most military men
seem to feel he will, we could be locked up in a war for years.
Saddam Hussein has already shown he not only will fight, but is
willing to see untold thousands of his troops killed and wounded if
he can inflict heavy casualties on his enemy.

   When the Bush body bags start coming back by the hundreds and
thousands, the public is going to have a fit. By then, however,
we'll be too involved to get out. Thus, the time to act is now.
Don't let the Washington warlords use Saddam Hussein to promote a

shooting war to bring on the New World Order. Act now.