Alpha and Omega -- Immanentizing of the Eschaton.
20,000,000 BC -- Recent Epoch of geeology begins; Ice Age ends;
  human beings spread to all parts of the world.
30,000 -- First Illuminatus, Gruad, rules in Atlantis.
20,000 -- Mythical Lloigor inhabit continent of Mu.
10,000 -- Approximate beginning of agriculture.  Estimated date of
  inscriptions on stone disks by the Dropa tribe, a diminuative
  people of the Bayan-Kara-Ula Mountains on the border of China and
  Tibet; disks describe how the tribe came to earth in flying
  machines; ancient Dropa graves contain human remains with huge
  heads and small bodies.  Earliest estimated date of carving of the
  Crystal Skull found at Lubaantun in the Yucatan.  Hyborian Age in
9,000 to 10,000 -- Date of Plato's Atlantis.
6,000 -- Picture writing develops.
5,000 -- First alphabet begins to develop.
4,000 -- Approximate date of discovery of metals, beginning of
  cities, constellations of stars first recorded.  Egyptians begin
  placing small pieces of crystal on the forehead of deceased prior
  to mummification.
3,000 -- Approximate date of building of the Sphinx and Great
  Pyramid at Giza and other pyramids elsewhere in Egypt.  Indus
  Valley civilization develops complex government, writing and well
  planned cities.  Minoan civilization flourishes in Crete.
  Earliest parts of the Bible written.  Beginning date of Olmec
  calendar from Central America: 3113 BC.  Trephination (cutting a
  hole in the skull) practiced by people all over the world.
  2,500 -- Sarmoung Brotherhood of Babylonia flourish according to
2,100 -- Egyptians record star configurations on which the 24 hour
  day is based.
2,000 -- Stonehenge and other stone circles built in England.
1,800 -- Huge Silbury Mound constructed near Stonehenge.
1,700 -- Babylonian Enuma Anu Enlil, early roots of astrology
  based on celestial phenomena.
1,500 -- Approximate date of the destruction of Thera, on which
  Atlantis legends are probably based.  Early references to
  Mithraism on cuneform astronomical tests.  Quadrants of the moon
  recorded in China.
1,360 -- Akhenaton's monotheistic sun worship in Egypt.
1,344 -- Tutankhamun, Akhenaton's successor who revived
  polytheism, buried at Thebes; curse reading "Death comes on swift
  wings to he who opens this tomb," written on tomb doorway.
1,300 -- Approximate date "I Ching" written in China.
1,184 -- End of the Trojan War, Illium falls to the Greeks.
1,000 to 2,000 -- Legendary Thule civilization in the Gobi region
  destroyed by a catastrophe, "possibly of an atomic nature,"
  survivors migrating to Agarthi and Schamballah.
1,000 -- Huge Sacrificial Table built at Mystery Hill near North
  Salem, New Hampshire.
950 -- Approximate date of building of Solomon's Temple in
  Jerusalem, traditional origin of the Masonic fraternity; alleged
  assassination of Temple master-mason Hiram for refusing to reveal
  masonic secrets.
900 -- Approximate time settlers from Europe and the Middle East
  established colonies in North America.
800 -- Twenty-two "moon stations" in monthly lunar cycle
  recognized in Babylonia, India and China.
753 -- Legendary founding of Rome by Romulus.
700 -- Jordanian city of Petra is carved out of sandstone by
  unknown culture.
600 -- Approximate beginning of money with first coins in Lydia.
575 -- Nebuchadnezzar completes building Tower of Babel in
500 to 600 -- Time of Buddha, Lao Tse, Confucius, Zarathustra,
  Orpheus, Pythagoras, Zachariah and Daniel--an Illuminated century.
500 -- Sun-Tse's "Treatise on the Art of War," first intelligence
485 -- Execution of Spurius Cassius in Rome.
450 -- Development of the 12 constellations of the zodiac in
  Mesopotamia, recognizing the importance of the plane of the
  elliptic through which the sun, moon and planets move.
440 -- Assassination of Spurius Maelius.
400 -- Druidism in England.  Astrological ideas from Enuma Anu
  Enlil transmitted to India.
390 -- Approximate date Plato's "The Republic" written, featuring
  such Illuminoid images as the Philosopher Kings, the Divided Line
  and the parable of the Cave.
355 -- Plato's "Timaios" and "Kritias," earliest accounts of
300 -- Invention of Mayan calendar in Yucatan, based on advanced
  astronomy.  Fabius family of Rome reaches its greatest heights.
275 -- Approximate date Greek poet Aratus makes first sytematic
  record of star constellations in "Phaenomena."
273 to 232 -- Rule of Asoka, king of India who allegedly founded
  the Nine Unknown.
212 -- Archimedes uses burning-glass to set fire to Roman fleet at
  Syracuse, early use of lens as weapon.
133 -- Land reformer Tiberius Gracchus murdered and hundreds of
  his followers killed by followers of powerful Roman patricians;
  death of Scripio Africanus a few years later.
121 -- Gaius Gracchus and 3000 of his followers massacred by
100 -- The Great Teacher of the Essenes.  Essentials of modern
  astrology worked out.
95 -- Approximate date of assassination of Saturninus and Glaucia.
92 -- Assassination of Rutilius Rufus.
91 -- Assassination of Livius Drufus.
73 -- Revolt of gladiators led by Spartacus.
44 -- Assassination of Julius Caesar.
4 -- Birth of Jesus of Nazareth, accompanied by various Illuminoid
  trappings: three early Men-In-Black disguised as the Wise Men;
  strange lights in the sky; miracles such as visits from angels,
  prohpecy and suspension of time are reported.
0 -- Carnation-Painted Eyebrows Society, Copper Horses, Iron Shins
  and other secret societies active in China.
AD 30 -- Assassination of the radical Jesus, allegedly on
  Illuminati orders; more Illuminoid trappings; an eclipse; an
  earthquake; visitorsfrom the sky roll away the stone from the
  sepulcher and liberate the crucified Jesus.
100 -- Hero of Alexandria devises primitive steam-engine.
125 to 150 -- Simon Magus, Menander, Valentinus and others develop
  Gnostic religious doctrines of esoteric knowledge (illumination).
135 -- Approximate date Ptolemy records 1,022 stars in "Almagest";
  also recorded astrological ideas from Enuma Anu Enlil in his
150 -- Roman Mithraism competes with Christianity.  Yellow Turban
  Society subdues northern China, Triad cult formed in opposition.
200 -- First book of the cabala, "Sepher Yetzirah," compiled.
216 to 276 -- Life of Mani, the Illuminator, who founded
  Manicheism, based on ideas from Judaism, Christianity,
  Zoroasterism, Gnosticism, etc.
325 -- Council of Nicaea in which Christian begins to rigidify.
400 -- Estimated date of carving of stone statues found on Easter
500 -- Chinese use of gunpowder.
570 to 632 -- Life of Muhammad, founder of Islam.
670 -- Callinicus invents Greek Fire, primitive incendiary bomb.
673 to 735 -- Life of the Venerable Bede, the greatest scholar of
  Saxon England whose "Ecclesiastical History of England" (731)
  contained many occult and unexplained occurances.
700 -- Sufi mysticism begins.
730 -- "Al Azif" written in Damascus by Abdul Alhazred.
772 -- Charlemagne allegedly established Holy Secret Tribunal
  which becomes the Holy Vehm.
850 -- Ismaili and Fatimid missionaries throughout Islamic Empire
  preach revolution against the ruling Sunni order and Abbasid
900 -- Beginning of the Bogomils of Bulgaria, a Manicheian sect,
  roots of Cathari.
909 -- First Fatimid caliph in Egypt.
920 to 1003 -- Life of Pope Sylvester II who allegedly visited the
  Nine Unknown in India.
950 -- "Al Azif" translated into Greek as "Necronomicon."
1000 -- Approximate founding of Yezidi cult by Sufi Sheikh Adi in
  Iraq.  Abode of Learning active in Cairo.  Spread of Cathari
  Manicheism throughout Europe.  Leif Ericson explores North
1034 to 1124 -- Life of Hasan-e Sabbah, founder of the Assassins
  of Persia.  Member of the Ismaili sect, Hasan seized fortress of
  Alamut in Daylam in 1090; split with Fatimid dynasty in 1094;
  Assassins flourished for next several centuries.
1050 -- Approximate date of founding of the Order of Hospitallers
 in Jerusalem.
1058 -- Member of the Abode of Learning sect gains temporary
  control of Bagdad.
1092 -- Assassins murder Persian minister Nizam al-Mulk.
1095 -- First Crusade.
1100 -- Approximate date Sufi Gilani founds Arabic school of
  Illuminati, Kadiri Order of Sebil-el-ward, in Bagdad.  Assassins
  infiltrate Thug cult of India.  Bogomil leader Basil burned in
  Constantinople.  Albigensian Cathari sect flourishes near Albi,
  France.  Avengers and Beati Paoli active in Italy.  Joachim of
  Floris founds primitive Christian sect, Illuminated Ones.  Robin
  Hood active in England.
1119 -- Knights Templar founded in Palestine.
1123 -- Abode of Learning suppressed by Turkish Vizier Afdal.
1140 -- Rapid growth of Cathari sect begins.
1149 -- First Cathari bishop established.
1162 to 1227 -- Life of Genghis Khan, conquerer of China and
  Russia, invader of Europe and Islamic Empire, destroyer of
  Assassin power.  Approximate beginnings of the wandering of the
  Gypsies of North India.
1167 -- Cathari council near Toulouse.
1170 -- Assassination of Thomas a Becket.
1171 -- Last Fatimid caliph dies.
1176 -- Peter Waldo founds the Poor Men of Lyons.  Sultan Saladin
  invades Assassin territory, gains truce.
1184 -- Waldenses excommunicated, suppressed.
1200 to 1300 -- House of Wisdom in Cairo, roots of the Afghan
  Roshaniya.  Origin of the Mafia in Sicily.
1208 -- Albigensian Crusade begins suppression of Cathari heresy.
1212 -- The Children's Crusade.  Genghis Khan invades China.
1233 -- Founding of the Inquisition to suppress Cathari and other
1235 to 1315 -- Life of Dr. Illuminatus, Ramon Llull (Raymond
  Lully) in Spain.
1241 -- Mongols invade Europe through wise use of intelligence
  information and strategy, introduce gunpowder from Asia.
1244 -- Massacre of Cathari at Montsegur, France.
1250s -- Approximate beginning of Holy Vehm in Westphalia.
  Approximate time of Hulagu Khan's defeat of the Assassins.
  1254 to 1324 (?) -- Life of Marco Polo, early European traveler in
  China, Persia.
1258 -- Hulagu Khan destroys Bagdad; Mongols destroy Mesopotamia,
  the mother of civilization.
1260 -- Mongol invasion of Islamic Empire turned back.
1270s -- Cathari hierarchy fades.
1275 -- Assembly of traveling mason guilds in Frankfort. "Zohar,"
  second book of the cabala, compiled by Moses de Leon in Spain.
1280 -- Roger Bacon, deviser of early eyeglasses, independently
  invents gunpowder.
1291 -- Hospitallers retreat to Cyprus.
1300 -- White Lotus Society founded in China.  Inquisition begins
  suppression of witches and other pagan groups.
1307 -- Philip IV of France suppresses Knights Templar for
  witchcraft and heresies; de Molay imprisoned in the Temple in
1308 -- Assassination of Holy Roman Emperor Albert I.
1309 -- Hospitallers acquire the isle of Rhodes.
1313 -- Knights Templar dissolved by papal decree.
1314 -- De Molay and others burned in Paris.
1327 -- Assassination of King Edward II in England.
1329 -- First appearance of the Tarot in Germany.
1360 -- Approximate date of the earliest known Satanic cults;
  black masses celebrated in France.
1369 -- Timurlane becomes Great Khan.
1375 -- Another assembly of traveling mason guilds in Frankfort.
1379 to 1482 -- Alleged life of Christian Rosenkreuz, fictitious
  founder of Rosicrucianism.
1390 -- Gypsies begin to appear in Europe.
1400s -- Cathari sect dies out.  Concave lenses developed.
1404 -- King Robert revises code of Holy Vehm.
1410 -- Secret society formed in Italy which eventually joins with
1437 -- Assassination of King James I of Scotland.
1456 -- Gutenberg Bible begins modern printing.
1458 -- Abramelin's "Book of Sacred Magic" translated from Hebrew
  to french according to followers of the cult of the Guardian
1471 -- Assassination of King Henry VI of England.
1472 -- University of Ingolstadt founded.  Fernando Poo discovers
  Fernando Poo.
1483 -- Assassination of King Edward V of England.
1492 -- Rodrigo Borgia, head of the powerful Borgia family,
  becomes Pope Alexander VI.  Columbus sails the ocean blue.
1493 to 1541 -- Life of Paracelsus, possible founder of
  Roscrucianism; discover of zinc around 1530; model of the Faust
1500 -- Approximate date of Roshaiya, Illuminated Ones, in
  Afganistan.  Beginning of Alumbrados in Spain and Charcoal-
  Burners in Scotland.  Cesare Borgia has his brother-in-law
1502 -- Cesare Borgia arrests and executes enemies who have
  conspired against him.
1503 to 1566 -- Life of Nostradamus, visionary prophet.
1507 -- Fra Dolcino's version of Joachim's Illuminism suppressed
  by the Bishop of Vercueil.
1510 -- Beginning of systematic importation of African slaves into
 the West Indies.
1513 -- Machiavelli's "The Prince" published.
1519 -- Spanish conquest of Mexico, enslavement of Amerindians.
1522 -- Hospitallers lose Rhodes to the Turks.
1530 -- Hospitallers given Isle of Malta by Charles V, become
  Knights of Malta.
1537 -- Assassination of Alessandro de Medici, Duke of Florence.
1568 -- First Inquisition edict against the Alumbrados.
1574 -- Second edict against Alumbrados.
1575 -- Approximate date of founding of British Intelligence
1575 to 1624 -- Life of Jakob Bohme, visionary mystic, illuminated
1584 -- Assassination of William I of Orange in England.
1587 -- English colony established at Roanoke Island, Virginia; no
  trace of the "lost colony" was found when supply ships returned
  three years later.
1589 -- Assassination of King Henry III of France.
1590 -- Janssen makes first compound microscope in Europe.
1597 -- Anonymous alchemist seeks to start Rosicrucian-like
  society in Europe.
1605 -- Rosicrucian constitution published.
1607 -- Italian secrect society headed by Count Bernard of Germany
  merges with Rosicrucianism.  First permanent English settlement in
  America, Jamestown, Virgina.
1608 -- Apprentice to Dutch spectacle-maker Lippershey discovers
  principle of focusing lenses; Lippershey builds first telescope.
1609 -- Galileo independently builds telescope, begins study of
  astonomy.  Spanish settlement at Santa Fe, New Mexico, founded.
1610 -- Assassination of King Henty IV of France.
1614 -- "Fama Fraternitatis" published, fictional story of
  Rosenkreuz by Johann Valentin Andrea.
1619 -- First slave ship in America, Jamestown, Virginia.
1620 -- Plymouth Colony, second English settlement, arrives on
1622 -- Posters appear in Paris warning that the Rosicrucians are
  "amongst you...visibly and invisibly."
1623 -- Final papal edict against Alumbrados; Guerinets appear in
  France.  First submarine built by Cornelius van Drebbel in
1638 -- Milton meets Galileo.
1640 -- Beginning of subliminal persuasion when Rembrandt imbeds
  the word "sex" in a painting.
1642 -- Civil War in England between King Charles and Parliament.
1646 -- Earliest known Masonic Lodge to allow non-professional or
  "free" masons, in Warrington, England.
1647 -- Alleged correspondence between Cromwell and Ebeneezer
  Pratt plotting the overthrow of King Charles.
1649 -- King Charles convicted and beheaded by Parliament.
1654 -- Illuminated Guerinets come to public notice in France.
1667 -- Milton's "Paradise Lost" published.
1675 -- Leeuwenhoek discovers "animalcules" through the
1676 -- Sperm discovered by Leeuwenhoek's student Ham.
1680 -- Madame Le Voisin, innovator of modern Satanism, executed
  in Paris.
1682 -- Tamanend, sachem and chief of the Lenni-Lenape tribe,
  welcomes William Penn to America, traditionally considered the
  beginning of the Tammany Society.
1689 -- William III of Orange becomes king of England, allegedly
  through the plotting of the Illuminati.
1694 -- Bank of England founded.
1700 -- Quietism of Fenelon and others.
1701 -- Earliest record of "operative" or professional Masonic
  Lodge in Alnwick, England.
1702 -- First daily newspaper in England.
1717 -- Founding of modern Freemasonry with the Grand Lodge of
  London by Desaguliers.  Voltaire imprisoned in the Bastille.
1721 -- British King George I cracks down on the flourishing Hell
  Fire Clubs, popular Satanistic cults.
1723 -- Anderson's "Constitutions of the Freemasons" published.
  "Ebrietatis Enconium" and other early anti-Masonic works
1724 -- Publication of the anti-Masonic "Grand Mysteries of the
  Freemasons Discovered."
1731 -- Benjamin Franklin initiated into Freemasonry.
1734 -- Franklin elected Grand Master of Pennsylvania.
1736 -- Death of the last leader of the Afghan Illuminated Ones.
1749 -- Rousseau's spontaneous "enlightenment" launches the
  Romantic Movement.
1750 -- Hell Fire Clubs continue to flourish in Dublin and London.
  Fictional alchemist Joseph Curwen writes letter stating "I laste
  Nighte strucke on ye Wordes that bringe up Yooge-Sothothe,"
  perhaps the real power behind the Illuminati.
1754 -- Six year old Adam Weishaupt is orphaned and goes to live
  with the Jesuits.
1757 -- First year of Swedenborg's "New Era."
1759 -- Voltaire's "Candide" published.
1760 -- St. Germain founds chemical dye factory in Holland, fore-
  runner of I.G. Farben; disappears with 100,000 guilders.  Franklin
  invents bifocals.
1761 -- St. Germain discovered living in Russia.  Chinese Emporer
  issues edict against secret societies.
1762 -- Illumines of France founded.  Sandwich invented.
1763 -- Swedenborg's "Doctrine of Life for the New Jerusalem"
1764 -- Voltaire's "Philosophical Dictionary" published; he begins
  a prodigious attack on dogmas of church and state.
1765 -- British Stamp Act imposed to help pay for the French and
  Indian War debt.  Sons of Liberty clubs formed to resist the tax.
1767 -- Townshend Revenue Act, another British tax on the
  colonies.  Kunta Kinte kidnapped into American slavery.
1768 -- Virginia's legislature dissolved for its opposition to the
  Townshend Act.  Weishaupt graduates from the University of
  Ingolstadt, becomes tutor and catechist.  Macfarguhar, Ball and
  Smelie begin compiling the "Encyclopaedia Britannica."  Mesmer
  commissions 12 year old Mozart's first opera, "Bastien and
1770 -- Boston Massacre: British troops fire into a crowd.
  Townshend Act repealed.
1771 -- "Encyclopaedia Britannica" published.
1772 -- Weishaupt becomes professor at University of Ingolstadt.
1773 -- British Tea Tax on colonies.  Boston Tea Party in protest.
  Weishaupt marries.  Alleged meeting of Meyer Rothschild and others
  to plan a world revolution.  Suppression of the Jesuits.
  Franklin's "Rule by Which a Great Empire May Be Reduced to a Small
  One" published.
1774 -- Britain's "Intolerable Acts" designed to punish rebellious
  colonies.  First Continental Congress.  Washington begins training
  troops.  Louis XVI becomes king of France.  Casanova becomes
  secret agent for the Inquisitors of Venice.  Catherine II shuts
  down satiric journals in Russia.  Jefferson's "Summary View of the
  Rights of British Americans" published.
1775 -- Second Continental Congress authorizes naval warships,
  sets up secret committee to procure weapons, names Washington
  commander-in-chief of the new American Army.  George III proclaims
  America in open rebellion.  Initial battles of the Revolutionary
  War: Lexington, Bunker Hill, Toconderoga.  Bushnell's first
  experimental submarine and torpedo tested.  Prince Hall lodges
  (for blacks) chartered by Grand Lodge of London, rejected by
  American lodges.
1776 -- Illuminati founded by Weishaupt.  American Declaration of
  Independence, written by Jefferson, adopted by Continental
  Congress.  Battles of Long Island, White Plains and Trenton.
  Nathan Hale executed as spy by British.  Franklin becomes
  ambassador to France, is affiliated with French Masonic lodges.
  Opening of Freemasons' Hall, permanent headquarters of English
  Masonry.  Cagliostro initiated into Masonry.  Saigon captured by
  Tay Son brothers.  Aaron Burr serves as assistant to Benedict
  Arnold.  Thomas Paine's "Common Sense" and "The Crisis" widely
  read.  Adam Smith's "Wealth of Nations" published.
1777 -- Weishaupt joins Munich Lodge of the Order of Good Council.
  Articles of Confederation adopted by Continental Congress.
  Battles of Bennington, Brandywine, Germantown, Princeton and
  Saratoga.  Washington has his mystical vision of the future of the
  United States while at Valley Forge.  War of Bavarian Secession
1778 -- France recognizes American independence, signs treaty and
  provides aid.  Franklin assists in initiation of Voltaire into
  Masonic Lodge of Paris.  Masonic Convention in Lyons organizes
  Knights of Benficience.
1779 -- John Paul Jones says "Damn the torpedos!"  Benedict Arnold
  becomes a traitor and spy for the British.  War of Bavarian
  Secession ends.
1780 -- John Andre, British agent, captured with secret documents
  from Arnold; Arnold escapes to join British; Andre hanged as spy.
  Weishaupt's wife dies.  Illuminati begins rapid growth.  First use
  of the title Odd Fellows.  Order of the Brotherhood of Asia,
  Rosicrucian off-shoot, founded.
1781 -- Battle of Guilford Court House, surrended of Cornwallis at
  Yorktown.  John Hanson becomes first President of the United
  States in Congress Assembled.  Weishaupt seeks abortion for his
  sister-in-law while awaiting dispensation to marry her.  United
  Masonic Lodges of Hamburg headed by Fraximus, a secret
  Rosicrucian.  Kant's "Critique of Pure Reason" published.
1782 -- British cabinet agrees to recognize American independence,
  preliminary agreement signed in Paris.  Hanson commissions the
  "Eye in the Pyramid" Great Seal, finishes term; Elias Boudinot
  elected second President of Congress Assembled.  Illuminati
  dominate European Masonry.  Casanova retires as secret agent.
1783 -- Treaty signed between America and England.  Washington
  disbands army, resigns.  Hanson dies.  Thomas Mifflin third
  President of Congress Assembled.  Ex-Illuminati Utschneider sends
  letter denouncing the Order to monarch of Bavaria.  Rite of
  Swedenborg founded by Marquis de Throne.  Eclectic Rite founded by
  Baron Knigge in Frankfort.  Webster's "American Spelling Book"
1784 -- Treaty with England ratified by Congress.  Richard Henry
  Lee fourth President of Congress Assembled.  Bavarian Monarch Carl
  Theodore outlaws secret societies.  Cagliostro moves to Lyons from
  Bordeaux to found the Mother Lodge of Egyptian Masonry.  Royal
  Commission in Paris, including Franklin and Guillotine as members,
 investigates Mesmerism and returns a negative report.
1785 -- Weishaupt flees to Gotha; new edict outlaws Illuminati;
  High-ranking Illuminatus Lanz killed by lightning and Illuminati
  papers found on body by police.  French "Diamond Necklace" affair.
  Napoleon graduates military school.  Franklin returns to America;
  Jefferson becomes French ambassador.  Rosicrucian Order suppressed
  in Austria.  Anonymous pamphlet appears in Germany revealing
  secrets of ancient Egyptian ceremonies.
1786 -- Wisdom Lodge founded in Virginia.  Secret congress in
  Frankfort where Louis XVI and Gustavus III of Sweden condemned to
  die by Illuminati.  Italian Illuminatus Buonarroti's library of
  Masonic and subversive books confiscated by state authorities.
  Nathaniel Gorham fifth President of Congress Assembled.  Napoleon
  writes pamphlete defending Rousseau.
1787 -- German authorities publish letter by Weishaupt admitting
  he sought abortion for his sister-in-law; Weishaupt replies,
  blaming "extenuating circumstances."  German Union (extension of
  outlawed Bavarian Illuminati) founded by Bahrdt.  Washington
  elected President of Constitutional Convention in Philadelphia;
  new constitution adopted by the convention.  Arthur St. Clair
  sixth President of Congress Assembled.  Jefferson meets secretly
  in Paris with Brazilian rebel to discuss American aid to
  revolution in Brazil.  Shay's Rebellion in Massachusetts to
  protest unfair taxes.  Goethe visits Cagliostro's family in
  Palermo.  Swedenborgian Church founded in London.  Society for the
  Abolition of the African Slave-Trade founded in London.
1788 -- American Constitution ratified by the states.  Individual
   American states begin to outlaw slavery.  Cyrus Griffen seventh
  President of Congress Assembled.  Paine visits London and Paris.
  "The Federalist" essays published by Hamilton, Madison and Jay.
1789 -- Washington elected President of the United States; first
  Congress under new Constitution.  Jefferson returns to U.S. to
  become first Secretary of State; Hamilton becomes first Secretary
  of the Treasury.  French Revolution begins.
  1790 -- Rebellion and massacre throughout France.  Cagliostro
  arrested by Inquisition of Rome.  Bavarian edict against Reading
  Societies.  Blake's "Marriage of Heaven and Hell" published.
1791 -- Napoleon joins the Jocobin Club.  First Bank of the United
  States chartered.  Burr begins converting Tammany Society into a
  political machine.  The anonymous "Vie de Joseph Balsamo" (Joseph
  Basalmo was Cagliostro's name before he joined the Masons), first
  recorded link of the Illuminati and the French Revolution, appears
  in several European countries.  Mozart's "The Magic Flute,"
  containing Masonic elements, performed.
1792 -- Washington re-elected.  War between France and Austria.
  Louis XVI imprisoned in the Templars Temple tower.  Massacres of
  September, in which priests, bishops and others are killed.
  Elections for the National Convention, a triumph for Robespierre
  and his followers.  France declared a Republic.  First
  Swedenborgian church in America.  Catherine II outlaws Masonry in
  Russia.  "Life of Joseph Balsamo" translated into English in
  Dublin.  Assassination of Gustav III at the Stockholm opera.
1793 -- Year One of the French Republic; the year of the Terror,
  Louis XVI found guilty of conspiracy, condemned to be executed.
  French government kills thousands of its citizens.  France
  declares war on England and the Dutch United Provinces; war breaks
  out with Spain and Austria; Russia and Prussia begin partition of
  Poland.  French food riots.
1794 -- Year Two; France passes laws distributing confiscated
  property to the poor, leads victorious battle against Austrians.
  Would-be assassin of Robespierre fires on Collot d'Herbois
  instead; the next day a young girl arrested as suspected assassin;
  she and 40 others sent to guillotine. Other attempts of
  Robespierre's life; his enemies accuse him of attempting to have
  himself declared divine by Catherine Theot, an old woman who
  preached a mystery religion; Robespierre guillotined.  Monroe
  becomes minister to France.  Whiskey rebellion in Pennsylvania to
  protest liquor taxes.
1795 -- France makes peace with Prussia and Spain, invades
  Holland.  Napoleon suppresses revolt in Paris and goes to Italy as
  Commander-in-Chief.  Yazoo land fraud: bribed Georgia legislators
  sell Mississippi.
1796 -- Adams elected President.  Paine publishes letter critical
  of Washington.
1798 -- Illuminati scare in New England.  Knights of Malta lose
  their island to Napoleon.
1800 -- Death of Thomas Waley, one of the last Hell Fire Club
  leaders.  Napoleon comes to power, allegedly through Illuminati
1805 to 1881 -- Life of Auguste Blanqui, French socialist, founder
  of numerous secret societies modeled after Buonarroti.
1815 -- Napoleon's Waterloo.  Secret societies which eventually
  become the Decembrist Movement formed in Russian Masonic lodges.
1817 -- Suppression of the Lodge of Jupiter the Thunderer begins.
  Irish immigrants force entry into Tammany Society, changing its
1818 -- Mar Shelley's "Frankenstein" published.
1819 -- American Independent Order of Odd Fellows founded.
  Founding of National Freemasonry, the most important of several
  Polish secret societies devoted to ousting the Russians from
  Poland.  Liberation of Columbia by Bolivar.
1822 -- Russian government suppresses Masonry.  Equador liberated
  by Bolivar.
1825 -- Decembrist movement suppressed in Russia after brief
  uprising.  Bolivar liberates Bolivia.  Founding of Vienna bank by
  Solmon Rothschild and Naples bank by Carl Rothschild.
1828 -- Tammany Society backs Andrew Jackson for President.  Anti-
  Masonic Party founded, first third-party in America.  Attempted
  assassination of Bolivar.
1829 -- Alleged Illuminati meeting in New York decides to unite
  Atheists and Nihilists into Communist movement.
1830 -- Anti-Masonic conventions in Massachusetts and Vermont find
  evidence linking Masonry with Illuminism.  Book of Mormon
  published.  Weishaupt and Bolivar die.
1831 -- Anti-Masonic Party runs Wirt for President, assuring that
  Mason Andrew Jackson would be re-elected.  Poe dismissed from West
1833 -- Jackson orders U.S. funds withdrawn from Bank of the
  United States, effectively killing the institution.
1835 -- The socialist League of the Just founded in Paris, later
  becoming the Marxist Communist League.  Attempted assassination of
  Jackson with two single shot pistols, both of which jammed.
  Revolver invented.
1844 -- Morse builds first practical telegraph.  Bahai religion
  begins when the Bab proclaims his mission in Persia.
1848 -- Fall of monarchy in France.  Republic established in Rome.
  Abdication of Ferdinand I in Austria.  Revolts in Denmark,
  Ireland, Lombardy, Schleswig-Holstein and Venice.  Germany briefly
  united in a parliament at Frankfort; unity destroyed by the King
  of Prussia.  Marx and Engles publish the "Communist Manifesto"
  (allegedly commissioned by the Illuminati) and travel in France
  and Germany encouraging discontent with the Establishment.
  Woman's Suffrage Movement gets underway in Seneca Falls, New York.
  Spiritualism born in Wayne County, New York, when the teenaged Fox
  sisters communicate with poltergeists.  Fortean tidbits: moon
  turns "blood-red" during total eclipse; a great comet fails to
  return at the time predicted; visions and "phantom soldiers" seen
  in the skies of France and Scotland; Captain M'Quahae of H.M.S.
  Daedalus reports seeing a "huge, unknown creature" in the ocean.
  Gold discovered in California.
1849 to 1936 -- Life of Sir Basil Zaharoff, "mystery man of
  Europe," who made a fortune as an armaments dealer and financier,
  selling weapons to both sides in World War I and other conflicts.
1852 -- Benjamin becomes first professed Jew elected to Congress.
1859 -- Oil wells invented.  Darwin's "Origin of Species"
1860 -- Lincoln elected.  Electric storage battery invented.
1860s -- Attempts to suppress the Mafia in Sicily are
1861 -- Confederate states secede; elect Jefferson Davis
  president; Benjamin appointed Confederate Attorney General, later
  Secretary of War.  American Civil War begins.  Emancipation of
  serfs in Russia.  Jacolliot writes about the Nine Unknown in
  Calcutta.  Gatling gun patented.
1862 -- Benjamin appointed Confederate Secretary of State.
1863 -- Rockfeller builds his first refinery.
1865 -- Assassination of Lincoln; Andrew Johnson becomes
  president; "Booth" killed; coded message found among his effects;
  the code key later found in possession of Benjamin, alleged
  Rothschild agent.  Civil War ends.  Thirteenth amendment abolishes
1866 -- Ku Klux Klan founded as a social club in Pulaski,
  Tennessee.  Benjamin flees to England.  Death of Phineas Quimby,
  magnetic healer, founder of Free Thought movement, teacher of Mary
  Baker Eddy.
1867 -- Ku Klux Klan reorganized along political and racial lines
  near Nashville, Tennessee.
1868 -- Assassination of Thomas D'Arcy McGee, first Canadian
  political assassination.
1869 -- St. Germain allegedly completes 85 years in the Himalayas
  after his "death."  Mendeleev composes first periodic table of the
  elements in Russia.  U.S. transcontinental railroad completed.
1870 -- Standard Oil Company incorporated.
1875 -- "Whiskey Ring" conspiracy of distillery owners revealed.
  Madam Blavatsky founds Theosophy Society.  Mary Baker Eddy's
  "Science and Health" published.
1875 to 1947 -- Life of Aleister Crowley, the Great Beast, Golden
  Dawn leader and occult figure.
1876 -- Disraeli again warns about dangers of secret societies.
  Battle of the Little Big Horn.  Bell patents telephone.  Otto
  builds four-cycle gasoline engine.
1877 -- First of seven wills in which Cecil Rhodes leaves his
  money to establish a secret society to expand British rule
  throughout the world.
1878 to 1945 -- Life of Edgar Cayce, visionary, trance-channeler
  who spoke of reincarnation, Egyptian mysteries, and Atlantis.
1881 -- Garfield assassinated.  Czar Alexander II assassinated by
   secret society.  Disraeli publishes "Lothair," a novel about
  secret societies and European politics.
1884 -- Fabian Society founded in London by Sidney and Beatrice
  Webb and others.
1885 -- First practical horseless carriage built by Daimler.
1887 -- Golden Dawn founded in London by Mathers and others.
  Mitchelson-Morley experiement disproving ether theory.
1888 -- Unsolved murders of London prostitutes by "Jack the
  Ripper," suspected of being one of those implicated in the
  Cleveland Street Affair involving high-society Victorians and
  their patronage of a brothel staffed by messenger boys.
1889 -- Second Communist International organized.
1890 -- Biologist Yersin visits India, purportedly to recieve
  plague and cholera serum from the Nine Unknown.  Wounded Knee
1891 -- Rhodes gains control of 90% of world's diamond supply.
  The Round Tables, a secret society allegedly funded by Rhodes and
  the Rothschilds to gain financial and political power, founded in
  the U.S., Canada, Australia, India, South Africa and New Zealand.
  Rockefeller grant founds University of Chicago.  Nikola Tesla
  invents Tesla coil, becomes U.S. citizen.
1892 -- Rockefeller trust transferred to holding company: Standard
  Oil of New Jersey.
1893 -- Assassination of Chicago Mayor Harrison.
1894 -- Assassination of President Carnot of France.
1896 -- Maconi's patent No. 7777 for radio.  First "flap year" for
  UFOs: wave of sightings of unidentified airships in U.S.
1897 -- Assassination of Premier Canovas of Spain.  Zionism
  founded in Basil, Switzerland by Theodore Herzl.
1898 -- Assassination of Empress Elizabeth of Austria.  Pavlov
  begins study of conditioned reflex in dogs.
1899 -- Tesla discovers terrestrial stationary waves which can
  produce electricity; reports receiving signals from another
  planet.  Alleged meeting in England at which the Morgans,
  Rothschilds and Warburgs become affiliated.
1900 -- Assassination of King Umberto I of Italy and Kentucky
  Governor-elect William Goebel.  Tesla suggests alien beings might
  be living "in the very midst of us."  Boxer rebellion in China.
  Approximate date Adolf Lanz founded the Order of New Templars, a
  fore-runner of the Nazi mentality.
1901 -- Assassination of McKinley and Russian Education Minister
  Bogolepov.  Rockefeller Institute for Medical Research
  (Rockefeller University) founded in New York.  First trans-
  Atlantic radio broadcast: Marconi sends the letter S.
1902 -- Assassination of Russian Minister of Interior Sipyagain.
  Paul and Felix Warburg immigrate from Germany to the U.S.
  Rockefeller General Education Board founded.
1903 -- Assassination of Bogdanovich, Governor of Ufa. "Protocols
  of Elders of Zion," alleged plan for Jewish world takeover,
  published in Russian newspaper.
1904 -- Assassination of Russian Premier Vischelev von Plehev.
1905 -- Assassination of Grand Duke Sergius and Idaho Governor
  Steunenberg. Abortive revolution in Russia. Expanded version of
  "Protocols of Zion" published.
1906 -- Assassination of Russian General Dubrassov.
1907 -- Financial panic and depression allegedly caused by J.P.
  Morgan to gain support for the central bank concept.
1908 -- Assassination of King Carl of Prussia and Crown Prince of
  Portugal. FBI founded. Founding of the Armanen Initiates, another
  proro-Nazi secret society.
1910 -- Attempted assassination of Mayor Gaynor of NYC. Secret
  meeting of bankers and politicians at Jekyll Island, Georgia,
  results in Federal Reserve Act.
1911 -- Assassination of Prime Minister Staliapin of Russia by
  police double agent. Standard Oil of New Jersey broken up as
  illegal monopoly.
1912 -- Assassination of Primier Canalegas of Spain. Attempted
  assassination of Teddy Roosevelt. Colonel E.M. House, adviser to
  Woodrow Wilson, publishes "Philip Dru: Administrator," a political
  romance which proposed modern social legislation. Founding of
  Germanen Order, another pre-Nazi secret society.
1913 -- Assassination of George I of Greece. Rockefeller
  Foundation founded.
1914 -- Attempted assassination of Archduke Ferdinand of Austria
  by Masonic agents, followed an hour later by successful
  assassination; in Russia, Rasputin stabbed the same day. World War
  I begins.
1915 -- Sinking of the Lusitania by German submarine; allegedly
  carrying secret munitions for the Allies, the ship supposedly
  sacrificed by British and American authorities to drum up war
  hysteria in U.S. Alfred Wegener proposed theory of continental
  drift, receives ridicule and contempt from his fellow scientists.
  Ku Klux Klan revived.
1916 -- Assassination of Rasputin.

From "The Illuminoids"  c. Neil Wilgus & various sources