Did Jim Morrison Really Die?

The Case:  During the summer of 1971, Jim Morrison and his girlfriend Pamela
Courson went to Paris for a vacation.  On July 5th Morrison was discovered in
the bathtub by his girlfriend dead of a heart attack at age 27.

Suspicious facts:
        Only Courson saw his body, no one else.  After the death was declared,
Morrison's road manager was the only person notified.  He flew to Paris and 
was met by Courson at Jim's flat.  All he ever saw was a sealed coffin and 
a death certificate, no body.

        No one knew who had signed the death certificate.  Later in Morrison's
1980 biography it was revealed that there had been no autopsy, no police report,
and no doctor present.  Also, no autopsy was performed after death.

        When Morrison's girlfriend filed the death certificate at the American
embasy, she said that there were no living relatives, which meant that the 
funeral could take place with no one being notified.  In reality, Morrison's
family lived in Arlington, Virginia.

        Morrison's death was not revealed untill a week after he had died,
and the press wasn't notified untill two days after the funeral.  Morrison's
road manager said that he ahd died of natural causes.

        Courson or someone else had started a rumor that Morrison had bought
heroin earlier that evening at a Paris hangout.  Herroin and alchohol is what
supposedly killed him.  Yet for all the drugs Morrison did he never mentioned
heroin, and he was afraid of needles.

        The absence of an autopsy and police report is very suspicious, and
the lie about his parents and the quick "burial" forestalled any further 
inquires.  A doctor could have been bribed to fake a death certificate.

Possible Conclusions:
        *Morrison is really dead:  His friends just played down his death to 
protect his privacy.  This was done in an attempt to keep his funeral from
turning into a circus like those of Janis Joplin or Jimmy Hendrix.

        *Morrison is hiding out:  At the time of his death Morrison's life was
fucked up.  Some of the charges against him were two counts of profanity and
indecent exposure in Miami with jail time if his appeal failed.  A ten year 
jail term for being drunk and disorderly on an airliner, and over TWENTY 
paternity suits filed against him.  
        Morrison was also sick of being a rock star and had been telling people
that for years.  He also said that he just wanted to start over fresh so he 
could just write.  His girlfriend had been encouraging him to develop himself
as a poet for years.  

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