copyright 1956

                   by Dr. Ernest L. Norman


     For centuries before spacecraft transformed our under- standing
of the solar system, almost all the planets were believed, with
varying degrees of conviction, to be inhabited. This belief conformed
to the Copernican world view, in which Earth is not unique among the
planets. When the Space Age opened in 1957, the evidence for
indigenous life was strongest for Mars - almost conclusive, on the
face of it - and from the beginning the search for life on Mars became
a major goal of the United States' Space Program. The result was the
historic series of spacecraft that began with MARINER 4, in 1965, and
ended with VIKINGS 1 & 2, in 1976.
     The dawning of the Space Age is a material event, occurring in
the latter part of the 20th Century, and as the description that
follows is a result of a developed mental means of communication, it
strengthens the understanding of this means of communication as being
the real and more apparent factor in the transference of energy from
point to point.
     Dr. Ernest L. Norman is the progenitor and a mental giant,
writing from the higher statement of a full consciousness of the
reality of the mind as a cosmic centrifuge. This is the first book
written by him in 1955, inaugurating the Unarius Academy of Science.
     In this small but important book, a first, Dr. Norman extends the
present knowledge of life on our close companion planet Mars, which
has all of the basic biological and geological conditions for the
evolutionary development of life forms, including Homo sapiens. He
addresses mankind, not with the hardware of rocketry, space probes and
other sophisticated, high-energy technology, but introduces the
individual to not only the possibility or probability of life on other
planets, but in actuality, through the higher factors of the mind,
immediately taking the reader to planet Mars to reveal the enigma of
this planet. This enigma has been tantalizing the minds of humankind
for hundreds of years, that has occasioned a series of narrations over
the years, titillating the imagination of mankind throughout
civilizations up until the present time.
     The importance of this booklet is that the mind, man's enigma,
can reveal the power existent, to apply in all ways necessary for the
progressive development of any individual so desirous of expanding the
central intelligence of himself in his relationship to the apparency
and to the vitality of society on this and other earth planets.
     For this reason, Dr. Norman, as an Elder Brother, pointed the way
for aspiring mankind to overcome the limitations of his narrow
confinement in the material sectors of life, as is the present
pioneering efforts of our scientific community through the auspices of
the United States National Aeronautics & Space Administration.
     The expository nature of Dr. Norman's description of the reality
of human life, living underground, is a vital teaching, not only of
the magnanimous nature of man in overcoming the limitations of his
material environment, but also of the reality of the interplanetary
life of Homo sapiens!
     The data now being collated by the many thousands of computer-
enhanced images from the ZINC probes are validating the pre-history of
Mars as an integrated and formed world of an ancient civilization.
However, it will not be until Earth humans land on Mars  that the
evidence of Martian society will be known and accepted. The computer-
enhanced image revealing a `face on Mars', is capturing the interest
of many people, including those in the scientific sector; a prelude to
the buildup of further hard data, revealing the evidence of the ruins
of ancient, advanced civilizations in the Cydonia region of Mars.
     All of the precluding is the material evidence necessary for
those who do not have second sight or who have not developed the
mechanics of their third eye, with the reality of their sixth, seventh
and higher senses. But this should not deter anyone, and in fact, is
the objective of this writing, to wake up the reader to his unlimited
capacity in that he too, can communicate through his sixth and higher
senses. This so-called `telepathy' a principle of frequency and
harmonics, will reveal to him the evidence of the evolutionary design
of life on companion earth planets.
     The exploration of Mars is in this sense, the first phase of
reawakening mankind to the reality of the expanding universe, right in
his own backyard, in his own solar system. The reality is that earth
planets are abundant in our Milky Way Galaxy. The reality is that man
has communicated via spacecraft and is continuing to communicate with
the denizens of this planet through telecommunication or mental means,
-the normal methods of communication of advanced Space Brothers.
     With all of this, of course, is the other reality! Present Earth
history has not revealed the true story of man's past, and the reasons
why technology has outdistanced the knowledge of man's humanity to his
fellowman and of his creative spirituality.
     You will therefore read in this booklet that the Martian people
are wiser in their knowledge of their inherent human nature and
practice this cosmic principle in their society. War is not a factor
to disrupt their peaceful existence, and science and technology
functions equally balanced with man's spiritual coefficient.
     The picture that emerges is of earthman beginning to realize that
he has the capacity to leave his nest, to move out into the stars and
regain his lost heritage, the birthright which has always been the
objective and purpose for his being. Essentially, life's purpose is to
advance one's knowledge of the principle of evolution, to integrate
these evolutionary principles, using both the material technology and
the spiritual technology, thus advancing both man and society on an
upward and intelligent, progressive evolution.
     Dr. Ernest L. Norman is the Cofounder of the Unarius Educational
Foundation. From 1954 to 1971, with his wife, Ruth Norman, he
pioneered the teaching of Interdimensional Physics, explaining the
evolutionary nature of atoms and man, planets and solar systems,
galaxies and universes. He authored the first twenty texts of the
curriculum of the Unarius Academy of Science - teachings which explain
the unified field theory - quantum mechanics, and the present theory
of Superstrings!
     Dr. Norman as one who has attained Cosmic Consciousness, is an
example of his teachings. Today, through the efforts of Ruth Norman
(Uriel) the present Director of the Unarius Academy of Science, the
curriculum has expanded to over 100 texts, adding immense knowledge to
the reality of Consciousness and of its continuity after the
completion of the cycle of physical life (or death).
     The account of Dr. Norman's psychic trip to Mars proves the
science of fourth dimensional physics - the principle of mental
attunement. It is hoped that the reader will continue in his desire to
advance himself as well, to attain those abilities that lie within but
needs to be called to his attention and developed.
     In 1977, Ruth Norman tuned in psychically to the underground
cities on planet Mars, in thirty-three separate visions. This book
titled THE UNDERGROUND CITIES OF MARS is a continuation and
explanation of the truth about Mars, as it includes the realizations
and flashbacks presented in the testimonials of persons who remembered
their own experiences when they contacted the Martian civilization.
     This work is an exciting and telling account of the
interplanetary contact of Earth and Mars, knowledge which will
validate the reality of interplanetary travel and of the
extraterrestrial nature of earth civilizations.
El Cajon, California
March 1,1988

                   A Word About the Author
     Just fifty years ago in a small town in northern Utah, Ernest L.
Norman made his debut into this planet Earth. It was apparent right
from the first that he was an unusual child. His mother nearly died in
the process of his introduction, because of the abnormally large head.
It is said he had the body of an eight pound child, but weighed over
twelve pounds!
     Before he was hardly two, he was experimenting with writing and
long before he went to school for the first time, he was quite
familiar with the English language; so much so, he was reading his
father's Library. His father, incidentally, was a very learned man, of
royal Norwegian descent and had degrees in law, psychology, physiology
and phrenology.
     The author was the fifth of eight boys and girls, all strong lads
and lassies and it was quite natural for them to resent having a
brother who was so studious.
     At the tender age of five he constructed his first microscope
using the eyepiece section from his father's telescope, and by
inserting it in a wooden frame made from a cigar box and a small piece
of mirror, he was able to count the hairs on earthworms. The Truth
About Mars
     At the age of six he performed an unusual and prodigious feat.
Using his knowledge of Archimedean laws of fulcrums, levers and
rollers, he moved an 8 x 12 foot coal shed containing one-half a ton
of coal over a distance of approximately 200 feet, through an apple
orchard and over soft ground to a new and more convenient location.
This feat took him about three weeks to accomplish and was one which
would have taxed the strength and endurance of a strong man. This
accomplishment was carefully noted day by day, by his father who would
boastingly report the progress made to the townspeople.
     It was also at this early period of life, that he constructed a
rabbit hutch which was vastly superior in design and workmanship to
one constructed by an adult neighbor more than six times his age. This
he did, using old rusted out, discarded tools.
     Another time, at the age of seven, he bested his father in an
argument i.e., that all energy was electronic. At present he is
completely vindicated inasmuch as science today is resolving into this
     During his early teens-age years in junior and senior high
school, he established several new "high water" marks in biology,
genetics, science, etc., and won several noteworthy citations as well
as attracting some interest from his teachers.
     It is estimated that at the age of fourteen, he had a vocabulary
of about sixty thousand words! It was easy to see then, that this boy,
who in winter time read almost continuously or dreamed the summer away
watching nature, had not wasted or played his time away as most lads
are wont to do.
     At the age of seventeen, his family moved to California and
temporarily, at least, formal school was finished. But he persisted,
even taking night classes in various subjects. At the age of twenty-
three, and just before the depression, he married and remained so for
fourteen years.
     During this time, he became very active in radio and electronics.
It was his wife who always said they had the best radios in the
neighborhood and they were always hand constructed.
     After World War Two, he devoted himself to his lifetime dream,
metaphysics, and became an ordained minister in an occult science
church. From the very start, in this work, it became evident he
possessed an outstanding clairvoyant development and, during the war
years, demonstrated this talent not only in churches and lecture
halls, but in almost any place opportunity presented itself and
achieved no small measure of fame in this capacity.
     However, it is his ambition at this time and has been for many
years, to fill in the gaps in our scientific and spiritual
philosophies of the world, and to set up a new and integrated
philosophy of life.
     With this most outstanding ability of clairvoyance, coupled with
a tremendous grasp of scientific knowledge, he is very humble and
unpretentious, refusing to attach the stigma of self to whatever comes
through the channel of his mind and is ever aware of attunement with
the Superconscious.
     On the forehead of the author is a large welt, in a perfect
raised circle. This becomes activated at times when he is inspired or
attuned, as though it is a necessary factor in making contact,
mentally, with the intelligences of other dimensions or on other
planets.  Another strange phenomenon is the nail holes in the palms of
his hands, which appeared physically during a psychic working out with
his previous life in Jerusalem and the crucifixion and are most surely
points of great interest in showing that he is indeed a most unusual
soul, mentally and spiritually and has reached a very rare, if ever
duplicated, state of consciousness through his countless thousands of
lifetimes of endeavor in these fields.
     Many very miraculous healings have come through Dr. Norman. His
conscious mind is able to contact the Superconscious which can tune
into the past experiences and past lives of the individuals to
actually locate and view the experience in a former life which is
responsible for the present illness; thus being able to eliminate or
neutralize the impinging vortex  from the psychic body of the
individual by mental and spiritual means. Many wonderful healings and
permanent cures have thusly been achieved.
     The Spiritual Science of Unarius which is used is not one of
happenstance or guesswork but his ability to tap, in a scientific way,
the energies of the Infinite. Just so surely, those same powers and
energies are ever present to keep us well, vital and at peace when we
align ourselves into them.

     Ruth E. Norman

     A few months ago the astronomical and astrophysical world was
tremendously excited by the approaching conjunction of the earth with
the planet. Mars. (This article being written in May, 1955, refers to
the conjunction of Mars with the earth at the turn of the year 1954 to
1955). Many prominent astronomical authorities hoped to settle once
and for all time, the old controversial issues about this planet;
i.e., were there canals or were there not canals on Mars and was this
planet inhabited by some form of man, So far as can be ascertained,
the results of these investigations, after thousands of photographs of
the planet and numerous controversies, was that some groups were even
more firmly intrenched in their original ideas, while others became
more confused than ever. In an over-all sense, it can be said that
they arrived at no definite conclusion whatever nor will any new
conclusions that may be arrived at have, by the same token, any more
validity than the original concepts (see addenda).
     Therefore any new attempt at visualizing life or the canals on
Mars resolves into the realm of clairvoyance and not by the making of
bigger and more powerful telescopes. The two hundred inch telescope at
Mt. Palomar has, in a sense, merely increased the size of the Universe
for man rather than brought it closer to him. Now, just in case the
term clairvoyant should arouse any antagonism or question in some
persons, let us digress a moment to explain just what is meant by the
word clairvoyance.
     Clairvoyance (or the development of the sixth sense) is only
another word for extrasensory perception taking place within the
consciousness of man rather than through the reactionary physical
senses such as physical sight, hearing, smell, touch and taste.
Practically everyone on this earth has had or will, at some time, be
in a semi or momentarily clairvoyant state. Anyone having a so-called
hunch or premonition is momentarily in such a state. At the great Duke
University, Dr. Rhine, in his fifty years of research on
parapsychology has definitely established the facts and truths of
extrasensory perception. There are numerous societies, associations
and organizations, national and international, whose many years of
work have proven beyond a doubt that man does have, and can also
develop, this extra sense or clairvoyance, sometimes called the sixth
     Any doubting Thomas can, if he is open minded enough, find in a
short time, an overwhelming mass of evidence to support this truth. In
an advanced state of clairvoyance, an individual sees and lives in a
state of consciousness which "tunes" him in, as it were, to past or
future events, places and happenings, distance being no barrier. Such
an awareness or consciousness is almost as real as the everyday
objects around him. Any particular electrical or mechanical device,
such as the television set will demonstrate to some extent the nature
of this conception.
     A savage in the jungle would immediately be confounded were he
presented with the appearance of some of our every day appliances. He
would quite likely, in his failure to understand or conceive, throw up
his hands and deny the whole thing. He would, in a sense, be like the
farmer who saw the giraffe for the first time, exclaiming that ``there
is no such animal!"
     It is, as it has always been, the great lack of ability to form
new concepts which has always caused man to throw up his hands, and
cry out loudly against the appearance of any new thought, or
mechanical or electrical contrivance. This is also quite true of most
of our modern day scientists, whether he is a man of medicine, of
chemistry or of astronomy.  Therefore it is up to individuals who have
developed this extra sense or clairvoyance, to fill in the obvious
gaps in our many branches of science as well as in some of the more
firmly established spiritual concepts.
     In writing an article of this kind, no effort is being made to
prove what I have found and believe is true. Truth is entirely
independent of the individual. After my thirty five years of active
research in the fields of electronics, physics, astrophysics,
parapsychology and their allied and associated sciences, I have
succeeded in correlating and establishing an integrated concept, which
when combined with a natural and highly developed clairvoyance gives,
to a practically perfect degree, a direct mental contact not only with
person to person upon this earth, but in contacting individuals living
on other planets. This is in a sense, what can be called conscious
astral flight; inasmuch as I see the cities and the people and hear
the individuals, as they now exist on other planets. No mechanical
devices are used, nor is any particularly advanced degree of trance
state entered into, maintaining conscious continuity and being able to
quote at the time, just what is taking place both audibly and visibly,
at all times.

                     CONTACT WITH PLANET MARS

     Since the dawn of time and the beginning of man's history on this
planet, the starry skies have always been something of not only great
and wondrous beauty, but also filled with mystery and awe. The
histories of the ancient times contain numerous references to the sun,
the moon and the many bright stars and planets. Man has worshipped
these heavenly bodies as deities or gods. Quite often the very nature
of the religious beliefs of the peoples were woven around these
mystical heavenly orbs. Naturally there has been a great deal of
conjecture as to life and the existence of man in some form on some of
these bright specks of light. This `is especially true of the moon and
of the planets of our solar system. Men like Copernicus, Galileo,
Plato, etc., all speculated on this possibility.
     During the last twenty-five years or so, there has been a
tremendous impetus given to astronomical interests; perhaps this is
partly due to the approach of the conclusion of a great cycle and the
actual beginning of the Aquarian age. There are numerous monthly
publications which deal in a fictional way with interplanetary travel
and life on other planets. There likewise are other articles and
stories which have appeared from time to time dealing with flying
saucers and space ships, etc., which claim to be true, and as a small
lad I shared this common interest in the heavens. Often I would peer
through my father's telescope (which was of very modest power) at the
moon or other bright points of interest;  winter nights would often be
devoted to pouring over any book or article containing anything of
astronomical nature.
     It was not, however, until the close of World War II and the
sudden influx of flying saucer stories, that time and circumstances
permitted resuming this fascinating subject.  Along  with
metaphysical work which I did both in churches and independently, the
planets, space travel, etc., all became an integrated part of this
     It was inevitable that sooner or later I should actually take a
"flight" to some planet, not that this would be done in a rocket or
some such machine; man has not progressed to such an advanced state of
engineering as yet. So any such trips would be in a clairvoyant state.
I am not the only one by far, who has had such experiences; the
persons both known and unknown who have made such flights and contacts
are too numerous to mention at this time. I might add that much of
what is written in the following pages has since been corroborated by
some of these persons, without my previously having read any articles
so written by them.
     It has been my consistent habit to spend an hour or so of the
late evening time in meditation. During these hours I have made
innumerable contacts with those who have passed from this plane of
existence. However no serious attempt at interplanetary contact was
tried until the second month of the year of 1955. At that time I began
to be increasingly aware that something like this was being attempted
by the peoples of other planets. One evening, about the first part of
May, of this year, while in a deep meditative state, I suddenly
perceived a rather strange looking man standing before me. At first I
thought him to be Chinese, as his dress arid general appearance was
somewhat similar to that of a man of ancient China. After introducing
himself as Nur El, however, he quickly explained he was from the
planet Mars, and that if I so desired, I could go there with him, to
his city (in astral flight) and that he would be my personal guide. He
explained that his people were very desirous in view of all the
controversy going on, to clear up some of the so-called mysteries of
Mars. He further assured me that it was quite obvious that a complete
understanding was not possible in one visitation; therefore as the
first contact was made, it would be comparatively easy to establish
other contacts, as was convenient and necessary. Since this first
contact and trip was made, I have returned on several occasions; in
fact, Nur El often stood beside me as I wrote, to further clear up, or
refresh my memory regarding any details which were not entirely clear.
     Now I will contact my Martian guide and take an astral flight
through space, and see just how it is that man lives on the red
planet. Almost immediately a very distinguished looking man stands
before me; he is Nur El, a man of high position and esteem from one of
the Martian cities. He is dressed in a very brilliant red suit. The
coat is long, almost to the knees, with loose fitting pantiloons. On
his head is a red hat with a square shaped brim that is turned up on
four sides.
     Our trip there is a matter of split seconds as no craft is used
or needed. Arriving on the surface of Mars, we are at once aware of
the extremely rugged terrain, rocky hills and sandy wastes, that
stretches out endlessly around us. There are many peculiar whirling
dust clouds all about. Nur El explains that the ionosphere is very
thin which leaves the surface almost unprotected from the various
beta, gamma and cosmic rays. This high concentration of rays ionizes
the very rare and gaseous atmosphere and together with the thermal
currents, creates terrific dust storms. There is also a very thinly
divided dust layer on the ionosphere which helps create the reddish
appearance of the planet. There are also a number of volcanos, three
of which are of major size; one of these was just barely visible on
the horizon trailing a thin wisp of smoke from its truncated cone. It
was also explained that as Mars has only seven degrees axis
inclination there is not much of a seasonal change. Water is very
scarce on this arid planet; most of the precipitation falls at the
poles. Vegetation is also scarce. There are a few varieties of
prickly-cacti looking plants. Also near the polar ice caps, grows a
very luxuriant green alga-like plant that follows the melting snow
line. This spongy growth often attains a height (or depth) of forty to
fifty feet. It appears and disappears with the season as it grows
tremendously rapidly, and it also disintegrates very fast.
     There are also a number of species of lizards, reptiles and of
some insects whose hard shells have enabled them to weather the
extreme atmospheric conditions and among them are giant ants which
walk semi-erect on the two hind feet. The guide tells me these are
mutants which were accidently produced from a small ant in an atomic
experiment ages ago. They are similar to humans in a very low state of
intelligence and at one time it became necessary to make war on them,
as they became so numerous and large. These strange ant creatures
average two to four feet in height and live in rocky caves. But we did
not tarry long on the surface I followed my guide to a rather strange
looking rock. Then, taking a small whistle from his coat pocket, he
blew one note and although I heard nothing, the rock immediately swung
open disclosing a car-like elevator. We entered and, after the door
closed, I had the familiar dropping sensation of our own modern
elevators. The trip down took but a few seconds, and, upon stopping, I
stepped forth into what was my first glimpse of a Martian city.
     I was immediately impressed by the soft white light that seemed
to come from everywhere. We were standing near the entrance of a large
tube. On Mars the cities are all underground and are connected
together by huge oval metal tubes from three to five hundred feet in
diameter. There are monorail cars as long as our pullman trains which
glide silently and very swiftly from one city to another. The bottoms
of these immense tubes are used for parks, growing foodstuffs and
innumerable small manufacturing plants.
     Because of the great distances between the cities, these tubes
have been built only partially submerged. There are emergency air
locks and bulkheads at the ends where they connect to the domes; other
safety and precautionary measures are used to protect the cities and
tunnels in case of breakdowns or outside attack. It is these tubes
which have confused the astronomers on the earth. Some believe them to
be canals. There are also other theories. The shifting desert sands
often cover or uncover them which leads to further confusion inasmuch
as they seem to appeal' and disappear.
     Turning about and looking down into the city is an unforgettable
experience. Like all cities on Mars, it is built on the floor of a
huge metal dome. These domes are sometimes four or five miles in
diameter, and up to three thousand feet high. They are constructed of
huge curved trusses of a whitish metal, seemingly of a magnesium
compound. These trusses are covered with a metal top and bottom and
the space in between filled with a plastic foam similar to the
construction of the houses. This also gives added protection from the
various cosmic rays as well as sealing in the precious air supply.
Underneath the roof is an inner shell or a second false shell which is
composed of sheets of pale blue plastic. This is suspended from
brackets from the dome at a distance of about six feet; in this space
are the many thousands of fluorescent tubes which make up the lighting
system and they reflect downward the soft radiant light which I first
noticed. I was told this light is very similar to a modified sunlight,
and is very healthful and stimulating to plant life, as well as to the
people. As these domes are built in the bottom of excavations, the
sands soon drift over them and cover them up, giving added protection
from the strong surface rays.

                     The Underground Cities
                           of Mars

     The cities are laid out like a wheel. The center hub is a very
large circular structure which houses the various municipal and civic
governmental departments.  Underground is a very large atomic power
plant for supplying the cities' needs. The streets stretch away from
the hub like spokes, and at regular intervals circular streets are
intersected; this is similar to our national capital. The streets
which radiate from the hub rise at a very gentle rate of inclination.
The houses and other buildings are built on low elevations which rise
like tiers. `Walking up one of these streets gives one the impression
of walking on air, as the paving is of a springy plastic material in a
very soft shade of green. Stopping to inspect some of the houses, I am
nearly overwhelmed by their wondrous beauty, simplicity and charm. In
every small, vacant space in the streets and grounds around the houses
are growing plants. These are mostly fruits and vegetables. They are
planted in metal troughs and other containers. The soil is a mixture
of natural and artificial plant humus and moss. The houses and
buildings are semi-prefabricated in a wide variety of plastic of
pastel shades. The walls are formed of two sheets of thin plastic
about two inches apart. After the walls are fastened together, a
liquid foam like plastic material is injected or blown in between the
walls. After this hardens, it gives the whole structure tremendous
strength. This hardened plastic foam acts also as a good insulator.
     There is no problem of heat or cold in a Martian city, with an
abundance of atomic power. The whole city is air conditioned, free
from dust and fumes, and is maintained at a constant temperature of
about 68 degrees.  Huge electronic pumps suck in and filter the thin
outside air and raise the pressure to about seven pounds per square
inch. It also strengthens the overhead dome structure by pushing out
uniformly at all points simultaneously.
     As the outside atmosphere is very rare and of a low oxygen
content, the Martian cities are becoming less and less dependent on
that source of air supply. Many thousands of years ago they learned
how to obtain air from water by electrolysis. They also make a great
effort to create great underground reservoirs near the ice caps to
drain off and store any surplus surface water which also, along with
the oxygen, has become increasingly rare through the centuries.
     At the present time, scientists on Mars are learning to make air
and water synthetically out of other elements. They have also explored
every possible existing subterranean river or lake and have added much
to the dwindling water supply by some important discoveries. It is
estimated that, with careful conservation, they will have enough water
for several thousand years, during which time other means will have
been arrived at for solving this problem.
. . .
     All buildings are supplied with electric power from the central
power plant. The power is radiated over ultra high frequency beams
which crisscross the streets, and are relayed by smaller substations.
On top of each building is a split ball-like antenna which intercepts
these power beams, bringing power down onto a small secondary radiator
which in turn radiates the power through the building, lighting the
lights, operating the various motors, etc. These are, of course, all
constructed very differently than the motors and electric lights on
earth, which are large, clumsy and very inefficient by comparison.
     Window glass is a polarized material which transmits light one
way, from outside in, which gives privacy without the problem of shade
and drapes. A simple metal folding shutter is sometimes drawn across
the window to shut out the light when sleeping, etc. Furniture in the
home is very simple and is contoured to the body and is made of metal
and plastic. The houses are not overly furnished as are so many of
earth homes, yet there is sufficient for comfort in a simple fashion.
Rugs are a plastic foam-like material which is springy and resilient
with no dusty nap. Various colors are used and slightly raised designs
which give variety and charm to the lovely over-all appearance. The
kitchens would be a delight to the earth woman; all cooking is done in
an oven which is built in a wall cabinet. The oven is operated on high
frequencies which cook all foods in a matter of a very few minutes,
or, in most cases only a few seconds.   After dinner, the dish-washing
is a very quick and simple process. The dishes are placed in a metal
cabinet, a dial set, and after a few minutes all are clean and
sparkling; no water is used. Instead, streams of electronic energy of
some sort does the job. The dishes are made of a plastic like material
which is repellent to soil.
     The bathroom is also quite different. The stool appears or
disappears in the wall as needed. Disposal is efficiently taken care
of by electrolysis. Very little water apparently is used. Bathing is
done in a small booth where an atomized spray of pleasant smelling
liquid is sprayed on the body and wiped off with a very absorbent
towel. Here also, no water is used. There is also some kind of energy
ray used which stimulates and leaves the body very refreshed. Teeth
are cleaned with a sort of electronic brush which is a metal rod on a
handle. Moving it around the teeth directs a flow of energy which
cleans and stimulates the teeth and gums. I Very little of the
normally expected house cleaning is done in a Martian home;  all
interior surfaces are dirt repellent and, as the air is  normally very
clean and inasmuch as there is no smoking,  frying or similar soot
producers, the homes are very clean and  spotless.
     Mounting a flight of stairs to the roof, we emerge onto a
typical Martian garden. The roofs of these homes are flat and  planted
with a wide variety of fruits, vegetables and flowers.  Each home
grows quite a lot of the normal supply of foodstuff  it consumes. They
take great pride in these roof gardens and  frequently engage in
friendly competition in contests between  neighbors in an attempt to
raise the most beautiful displays  of horticulture.
. . .
     Now I understood why the streets slanted up and the lack  of
stores and commercial buildings, for here stretched out  before me was
a huge shopping center, which in some odd way  reminded me of one of
our annual state fairs. Up and down and  around were streets and
aisles with shops and booths  displaying the many articles of clothing
and food familiar to  the Martian way of life. There was however,
noticeable  differences: little or no advertising was used, the shop
owner  sat or stood quietly by or worked on various articles he (or
she) sold. A quaint system of barter and exchange is generally
prevalent although some form of script, currency similar to a
department store charge-a-plate, is also used. Martians are
inherently honest; stealing is almost unknown. Consequently  there is
no need to accumulate more than is needed, for they  do not have the
fear of insecurity. There is no price haggling  over various
transactions. Some sections have mechanical  automat-like dispensers
in which a keyed charge-a-plate is  inserted and withdrawn after the
article is discharged.  Another curious feature of these market places
are the  escalator sidewalks; on several of the main thorofares were
double tracks, one coming and one going, with a small bench-like
seat to sit on. A person merely stepped on, sat down and  was moved
slowly up and down in front of the various stalls or  shops.
Everywhere I turned to look I saw happy, smiling faces  with none of
that taut, drawn look that is so prevalent in our  cities.  In between
these market centers, much space is  devoted to the cultivation of
various crops, one of which is a  grain very similar to millet. There
is also a species of rice  which grows with very little moisture. It
seems that many of  these plant crops have been evolved through a
Luther Burbank-  like process to a point where they require the
absolute  minimum of water.
     No heavy manufacturing is done in these cities, but there  are
several domes which are devoted to, and used almost  exclusively for,
this type of work. But time was slipping by,  and reluctantly I
followed my guide to another elevator and we  ascended back to the
main level.
     As we walked along one of the streets I could not help  but feel
overawed by the beauty of all the things around me: the lovely homes
and roof gardens, the landscaped parkways  growing lush with fruits
and flowers, the peace and quiet  which was everywhere. I looked
curiously at some of those who  were passing by, although I do not
believe they could see me  in my astral state; at least if they did
so, they gave no  indication that they were being rudely stared at,
and I  assumed their smiles and greetings were meant for Nur El. I
did not see any indication of the use of any cosmetics on the  women's
faces. Their eyes were quite large and black with a  distinct slant,
the skin was wax-like and beautifully colored,  lips red and well
shaped, which in all left nothing to be  desired in any external
     There are other things which were noticeable by their  absence':
there is no smoking, the use of tobacco being  unheard of. Nur el
chuckled when I asked about this, stating  that such a practice was
grown up thumb sucking and was a  habit belonging only to those who
were not completely weaned.  The drinking of alcoholic beverages is
also unknown.  The people of Mars are smaller than those on earth,
only  averaging about four feet six inches in height. They are
somewhat Mongolian in appearance. The texture of the skin is  very
fine and soft, while the hair is usually straight, black,  and quite
fine. The men do not need to shave for they have  eradicated
electronically, the growth of hair from their faces  when still young.
The Martians are a quiet peace-loving  people. Their clothing is
simple with long loose flowing  lines, with nothing to bind them, in
many brilliant colors  including many shades we know not. All clothing
is made of  synthetic materials as no natural fibers are grown.

                  THE MARTIAN - CHINESE LINK

     Martians are much older in soul-evolution than the  earthians.
They originally migrated in space craft to Mars  from a dying planet
more than a million years ago. They also  came to this earth and
started a colony but found it  impractical to maintain. It was also
explained by Nur El that  this colony became our Chinese race through
the evolution of  time.
     The great space-ships in their intercourse with the  planet Mars
established a series of six colonies, stretching  from the lower
planes of China into the more northern reaches,  around what is now
known as Peking in the northern provinces  of China. There was in
existence at that time descendents of  the Aryan race who lived as
Mongols or Tartars, as they are  called in your history books.  These
were mostly very fierce  roving bands of nomads, who now roam the
desert regions of the  Gobi Desert. It is with these races of people
that the  original Martian settlers had so much trouble. The people
from  Mars had progressed to the point where they disliked intensely
to kill their fellow being; and while they had weapons which  could
thoroughly and completely decimate these nomadic tribes,  yet they
refrained from doing so!  They relied more upon the  evolution of
time, as would be of such circumstance that these  tribes would absorb
some of the wisdom and knowledge.  However, this was not so; in the
numerous raids which they  made upon these settlements, they
frequently captured both  male and female prisoners; and as the
females bore children to  these Mongols and Tartars, the Martian
colonists became  somewhat infused into the racial characteristics of
these  people.  However, for the most part, the various dynasties of
the Chinese Empire can be traced directly back to the Martian  line.
. . .
     Cancer and many other so-called incurable diseases are  removed
or corrected using an advanced electronic healing  process. It was
also explained, that in all cases, the patient  was given a psychic
diagnosis which correctly locates the true  originating cause, as a
psychic pressure or shock, incurred in  either the present life or in
some previous lifetime.  (Extended psychosomatics). Mental disorders,
while rare, yield  quickly to this treatment which quickly removes or
rectifies  these malformed vortices, or thought wave patterns which
have  been incurred in the subconscious or psychic body. There are  no
jails or prisons; crime is considered a mental disorder and  treated
thusly. Such treatment is kept secret and not  exploited as we do,
therefore there is no deflation of the  ego. There is no pain or shock
or lengthy doctoring. Usually  the patient is home in a matter of
hours. . . . Passing through this laboratory the guide went further
into  the problems of birth control and sex. He stated that children
are limited to usually, two to a family so as to prevent  overcrowding
and a lessening of an advanced family  relationship. The ratio of
births usually determined by the  death rate average.  Sex relations
are very sacred and  considered a great creative gift. There are none
of the usual  sexual stimulants such as advertising, spiced heavy
foods  etc., which tend to overexcite the people of earth.
Consequently, sex assumes its rightful place in the life of  the
     These people have a basic spiritual concept which teaches  them
from birth, the importance of love of one another and  finding their
greatest joys of life in doing for each other,  not doing each other.
I did not see any of our familiar  churches and steeples; it was
explained to me that there are  none. Worship is not a pagan-like
bowing down to some mythical  god (or gods), but a twice daily
observance to the Great  Infinite Creative Source, and there is a once
weekly community  observance giving thanks to this Source.
     Other Spiritual aspects of Martian life include  communications
with those who have passed into the spirit  world; in fact, every
Martian considers his spirit friends and  relatives a part of his
daily life. No doubt our Chinese have  derived their ancestor worship
from this source.
     The Martians have also developed reincarnation to a point  where
it forms an integral part of their lives; they plan for  a future time
when they will relive a new life among old  friends and relatives.
Many children frequently identify  themselves as former loved ones.

                    Martian Education

     Soon after the birth of a child, all the potential  mental
faculties and quotients were determined by an  electronic diagnosis
and any criminal or negative  characteristics were removed by a
radiant energy process. The  child was further conditioned against
such recurrence. There  are no public schools.
     The child is taught to a large extent in his sleep by a  "Z-ray"
which imparts the lessons or knowledge directly into  his subconscious
mind. This ray can be likened somewhat to a  radio frequency which
carries the spoken word yet is inaudible  to the ear; in this case
however, it is received and stored  for use in the child's mind.
Usually a child will have the  equivalent to a college education by
the time he has reached  the age of ten.  Such schooling is done to
bring out the best  points of character and to especially train him in
whatever  vocation he is best suited for.
      As I listened to the soft accented voice of my Martian  friend,
my mind inadvertently began to recall and compare  scenes of my earth
life with the simple quiet way I was just  beginning to glimpse and
understand. Things like the roaring  streets and highways, the stench
and smell of thousands of  cars, of hate and greed and avarice. Nur El
caught my thoughts  and for a moment stopped speaking. A slow smile
lifted the  corners of his mouth and his eyes began to twinkle. "No,"
he  said, "these people would not migrate to the earth. First they
would have to become accustomed to the difference in air  pressure,
and if this were done suddenly it might be very  dangerous, like a
diver going down beneath the water too  quickly.  " He paused a moment
then continued, "Then there  would be deadly disease germs and the
many viruses that we  here on Mars, not having had such things for
thousands of  years, have lost our resistance to."
     I could see his point but I wondered a bit as to how they  knew
so much about the earth, but patiently he explained that  there were
semi-surface observatories with electronic  telescopes as well as a
variety of radio and radar-like  devices which gave them a very good
idea of what went on  there. Besides some of the more advanced
scientists were  masters at astral flight. Even an ordinary citizen of
Mars was  quite adept at mental telepathy and this type of
communication  was used as much as speech.
     Going back into the ring shaped building, we emerged into  what
were some of the chambers used for judging or  administrative phases.
The government is of a very simple  form. I was amazed when told there
are no written laws. Each  citizen lives under a simple understanding,
of unwritten code.  It was a very reasonable facsimile, if not the
actual golden  rule. In other words, do for others first. If a person
acts  selfishly,tor begins to steal or shows symptoms of anger, he  is
considered ill and treatment is quickly administered. Each five
families have a group leader or "Icla," as he  is called. He
represents this group and is responsible for  their general welfare.
The judges or heads of different  departments are chosen on their
merit and it is usually done  through elimination, examinations which
require a lifetime of  special training. There are no political
systems. Brains and  character alone determine a candidate's fitness
for an office.  Male and female are regarded as equal and with no
discrimination shown. There are no old age institutions in  these
Martian cities. Great respect is shown the aged and they  live with
their children until the time of passing. No doubt  the Chinese on the
earth brought this custom of respect and  veneration down through the
ages from their Martian ancestors.
      Another thing that did impress me was the wide variety  of
pictures and objects of art which were everywhere. These  people are
exceedingly artistic and almost everyone spends  some time at his
particular chosen expression decorating  screens, ceramics, furniture,
etc; all were given some  treatment whenever opportunity presented. It
was all in very  good taste, however, and most pleasing to the eye.
These  traits are quite evident in our modern Chinese.
. . .

                  Monorail Transportation

     Going through several of these offices we again emerged  into the
open air. Before us was one of the larger radial  streets; coming down
this street was what looked like a silver  gondola of some sort,
suspended from an overhead rail. Going  closer to examine this strange
craft, I found that it was  about twenty feet long.  It had six or eight
bucket-like seats.  There is a rather elaborate system of control
used. All is  done, of course, electronically. There is an `eye' on
each end  to keep it spaced a reasonable distance from other cars.
Gyroscopes are used to prevent sway and it is powered by a  motor in
each flanged wheel which rides a single rail,  suspended at short
intervals by metal standards. These cars  are stopped with a single
blast of a noiseless supersonic  whistle and started after the
passengers sit down. A number of  the main radial streets have this
monorail shuttle car system.  Others used moving sidewalks, somewhat
similar to escalators.
     It seems that these people do not travel much, as  compared to
our earth people. There is, of course, considerable inner-city travel
over the monorail car system  which I saw in the tube. There is
however, a kind of  communication which renders a great deal of travel
unnecessary. This is a form of telephone, or teleview as it  could
more properly be called. Besides conversing, each party  can see the
other one through a small screen similar to our  television. This of
course, can be shut off by manipulating a  button, in the event there
is a need for privacy. Speaking of  television, their system is far
more advanced than ours; the  screen is built into the wall of the
room and is about four by five foot square. All programs are in three
dimensional color,  very lifelike and natural. Such programs are, of
course, the  very highest type. As there is only one channel to a
city, all  program material is produced and telecast by the people
themselves, since there is no advertising or sex intimations  but only
such things as the festivals, lectures, various stage  presentations
or musicals which take place in the central  theater. Little or no
news is broadcast and then only that  which is of a nature which would
not cause fear or restlessness.
     Music plays an important part in life here. Most of the
instruments are of the string type and are usually plucked.  There are
some reed or flute-like instruments which help give  variety. There
are none of the heavy percussive type which  form a large part of our
modern orchestras. The music itself  is, for the most part, a quaint
sing-song-like rhythm or chant  which usually depicts some story or
moral lesson; or even  historical events are portrayed.  Considerable
color is used  in the stage presentations, which gives much added
charm as  the innumerable color combinations rise and fall with the
rhythm of the chant.
     Since my initial trip, I have returned to Mars several  times and
have learned much more about this fascinating  civilization.  To those
who are proponents and ardent supporters of our free  enterprise
system, let it be said that they have a great shock  coming to them.
On Mars there is no dog-eat-dog competition  such as we, on earth, are
so familiar with. Everyone works for  the government because the
government is the people! This  highly developed socialistic system is
not to be confused with  any so-called communistic governments on
earth. The Martians  never break laws, consequently there are no laws.
They have  long ago eliminated legislative bodies. How different here!
We have a huge and vast intricate network of legislative  bodies, as
well as various branches of law enforcement. The  average American has
many thousands of laws to obey. The great  majority of, the people
either knowingly or unknowingly are  breaking laws. As fast as a way
is found to circumvent one  law, a new one is passed to prevent this!
The modern Chinese  have placed a great deal of personal value on
face; they would  rather die than lose face. This sense of personal
integrity  was brought down through the ages from their Martian
ancestors.  The average Martian has an advanced state of  conscious
personal integrity. This eliminates the ponderous  and very expensive
system of government to which we are  accustomed. There is in
consequence a vastly simplified way of  life. There are no taxes. as
this land is run like a highly  ordered non-profit  business. The
various departmental or  executive heads are all highly trained
specialists and hold  their positions because of ability and
. . .
     From childhood they are taught to be useful and  productive.
Because of their simplified living habits, they  have more time for
self-improvement and for developing new  types of plastics, textiles,
etc. They usually limit their  meals to only two a day and even those
are very simple,  consisting primarily of vegetables and fruits, with
some  synthetic foods. The Martians are not meat eaters partly for
the reason that animal life has largely passed from existence  on
Mars, with the exception of mutants and the few obscure  species
previously mentioned, and these are inedible. The  Martian has learned
how to grow, and also to synthesize many  spices and to produce
artificially,  many  protein foods.  Space is not too plentiful. There
are some dwarf trees, three  to four feet high with a fruit that looks
like an orange but  has meat like that of an apple, is red skinned and
sweet. It  is called sit-yu. Some other vegetables are grown in
troughs  in long rows. These look like huge mushrooms and have a
delicious meat.

                The Harmony of Martian Life

     Martians are closely connected with the Venusians through
thought transference or mental telepathy. At one time,  interplanetary
travel was used, but these spacecraft are at  present stored in huge
underground hangars, and are being held  in readiness for any
emergency, such `as a sudden mass  evacuation of the population should
any unexpected need arise.
. . .
     It was explained that the science of interplanetary  travel was
something very difficult for the earth man to  understand inasmuch as
the people and the craft itself would,  in taking off, actually change
the rate of vibration of their  own and the craft's atomic structure.
Thus they would in a  sense become weightless and temporarily free of
various usual  forces such as gravitation, inertia, etc.  My guide
went on to  explain that this science of changing the atomic vibration
rates is a very advanced one, and that if the earthmen would  learn
this, it would remove all the present day obstructions  and barriers
such as materials, fuel, pressures and the  hundreds of other
hindrances to present day space travel.  At  present their experiments
have progressed to a point where a  man's body can be changed into
electrical energies, sent over  a radar beam and then changed back to
the original state; all  in a matter of a split second, and with no
pain or discomfort  to the individual.
     This no doubt sounds fantastic. Nowadays it is only the  ignorant
mam who scoffs at any new ideas, and no doubt there  will be those who
will be unable to believe these truths; but  it does not matter, since
that still does not alter the facts.  Just fifty years ago they were
laughing at the Wright brothers  - and think of what has been invented
and improved and brought  into use since that time. No less so in the
future. The things  of science which are commonplace in the Martian
way of life  could well become a part of ours in some future day.
     I was informed that the Martians understand what is  happening to
the earth people and its veritable rat race, and  they are very
desirous of aiding through mental telepathy to  inspire as many of the
earthians as are receptive to their  ways for the advancement of
mankind and the improvement of  conditions on this planet, and within
man himself.  Until man  realizes the great over-balance on the
material side and gains  the necessary spiritual knowledge we cannot
hope to be  harmonious with the other more advanced planets. They say
that  it is realized only too well that they must not interfere with
the evolution or progress of man on earth to any great extent,  for it
would not be in keeping with God's immutable law of  individual soul
     The scientists of Mars have informed me that our  telescopes, in
the photographing process, are subject to error  and do not get
refraction but infraction. Sometimes the light  rays, or vibrations as
they are more properly called, are at  times subjected to distortions,
or bendings, in their flight  through space, due to the proximity of
some other planetary  body. Because  of the conjunction of magnetic
lines of force,  the astronomer does not always get a true picture of
what he  thinks he is seeing. Also the planet Mars, on the outside of
its surface, has a tremendously charged shell. While it is  invisible
to the eye, this  can cause great distortions in  light-ray
     And so the time has come, at least for the present, to  return to
our more familiar planet earth, and I do so  reluctantly, for there
are still many more facets of life on  (rather in) Mars of which I
have only a slight understanding.  I would like to learn more of their
various customs,  celebrations and observances. Obviously it cannot
all be taken  in during only a few trips. I cannot recall a single
instance  of this  most fascinating and interesting experience of my
visits to Mars without a deep feeling of awe, reverence and  gratitude
to this very fine person who calls himself Nur El  for giving so
unselfishly of his time and efforts in  explaining so many things
about the planet, its people,  manners, etc.
     There is also a grave concern by these people about our
destructive downhill way of life. We are creating and breeding  a race
of psychopathic misfits I in our highly specialized,  mechanical
world. The people are becoming robots. They cannot  sleep for
nightmares from fear and insecurity. Their days an  endless succession
of almost frantic scurrying, or worse, a  robot-like existence of
work, sleep, and work. On every hand  flagrant psychological and
sexual stimulants are used for  advertisements suggestion is used to
hammer home these cheap  and malicious messages until the brain
becomes numb and  neurotic. Exploitation of the masses has become a
highly  specialized science, ruthless and cold-blooded, running the
gamut from charity to vice.
     On the other hand there are almost equally frantic  attempts
being made by various religious groups, churches,  individuals, etc.,
to portray in some way to the great masses  the grave dangers
confronting them.  These efforts are  pitifully small and weak.
Moreover, these efforts are not  above suspicion, for there are, here
as elsewhere, many  charlatans.
. . .

                       The Supernova Connection

     It was intimated in the foregoing pages that it was quite
obvious that it would require several trips to gain a  comprehensive
understanding of the Martian way of life, and  that therefore, I would
quite likely, from time to time, make  similar visits or flights.
Since concluding the last pages,  Nur El has made contact several
times and has given or shown  me pertinent information regarding
several issues which I  would like to clear up. In case some of you
are wondering just  as I did, what caused his people to go underground
and why  they do not migrate to some other planet since they have all
the necessary craft to do so. Nur El explained all this by  first
saying that Mars was, up until about 100,000 years ago,  a planet very
similar to the earth. There was air, water, and  an abundance of plant
and animal life. The cities flourished  on the surface just as ours
do. At that time, through their  occult science and also with their
superior telescopes they  saw, somewhere out in space, a cataclysm
take place. One of  the giant suns suddenly went berserk, flared up
like a nova  and then exploded in a terrific blinding flash. Huge
chunks  hurtled out into space in different directions, each one a
smaller, white-hot, atomically-burning sun, shooting off great
streamers of atomic energies. It was determined by  calculations, that
one of these fiery pieces would pass very  close to our solar system.
As it was larger than our own sun,  it was conceivable that there
would be tremendous  repercussions; in fact, anything was possible.
Because of its  great size it would have a tremendous gravitational
pull,  besides giving off great energies. It was also determined, as
light traveled much faster in space than this huge chunk, that  it
would pass our solar system. This therefore gave the  Martians a grace
period for preparation. They had, however, a  choice: to stay on Mars
or to migrate to another planet far  away from this solar system.
After a search of the nearby,  practical limits of the heavens, it was
found that there was  no other planet available which would be
suitable. So an  alternative was decided upon. They could build huge
cities  underground! During the next two hundred years or so, an
almost frantic building program was assiduously pursued. We  can well
imagine some of the problems, the sacrifices, and the  labor and
research which went into this tremendous project,  but it was finally
accomplished. In due time all was snug and  ship-shape as possible.
Buried deep under many feet of rock  and earth, in their newly
constructed dome-like cities, the  people of Mars waited for the final
hours. Day by day they  watched the white glowing mass of light grow
larger and  larger. There was no really accurate way by which to
measure  how close it would pass or just how hot it would be. No doubt
many thought it would be the end!
     Finally the hour struck. Nur El stated that for eight  days the
planet was rocked, torn and twisted as great forces  blasted and
ripped the surface. Plant and animal life  disappeared almost
entirely, except for the few species which  escaped by being buried or
in caves. The air and water too,  were largely dissipated or drawn off
with the passing nova.  When it was over, Mars was decimated and
burned to a cinder.
     Other planets also suffered. On earth there were great
earthquakes and tidal waves. A great continent and  civilization,
called Lemuria, sank beneath the sea. Great  deserts were burned into
the surface in places which were  formerly beautiful forests and
plains.  The Sahara and Gobi  deserts were two of these.  Earth's
orbit and axis (or the  poles) were also changed. Instead of a
circular orbit Earth  was rocked into an elliptical orbit, with the
addition of a  very slight but definite wobble or oscillation, which
it has  never lost. Uranus and Pluto was pushed out into an orbit much
further away from the sun. Neptune suffered a similar fate although
not quite so pronounced. It is conceivable that the other planets were
also affected according to their size and  position at the time of the
passing of this huge celestial  "atom bomb."  No doubt the knowledge
of this cataclysm will  clear up some of the mysteries of Earth's
history which have  been puzzling the seekers of truth for many years.
. . .

     Our present civilization, good as it is in some respects,  leaves
much to be desired. It has been the purpose of Nur El,  the people of
Mars and myself to bring you some understanding  of their ways of
life, hoping thus to bring about, not only  among the nations of the
world, but future interplanetary  relationships which are harmonious
and conducive to a better  way of life.

     We all salute you and wish you infinite love, wisdom and peace.


     Shortly after writing this article there appeared in the
Saturday Review, on May 28, 1955, an article written by Dr.  Robert S.
Richardson, astronomer at Mount Palomar, which  refers to the findings
of the International Committee on Mars,  which closed its fourth
conference on March 25, 1955. There  are several interesting
statements made, on which I will  comment.  Mr. Richardson states the
consensus of opinion is  that there is life on Mars, or that it could
exist. This is at  least some progress in the right direction. Also he
is quite  correct about the deserts. Most of the surface of this
planet  is semi-arid wastelands.  It is however, incorrect to say
there is no oxygen there.
     The presence of the green maria, which he calls sponge-  like
algae, proves the presence of oxygen, although in a  comparatively
rare state. As everyone knows, oxygen is  necessary in the breathing
cycle of any plant which contains  chlorophyll (oxygen on Mars is
about 10% of the density of the  earth's oxygen) as was stated in the
aforementioned article.  This sponge-like algae is found growing along
the edges of the  snow banks and often attains a height of forty to
fifty feet.  It dries up with the vanishing of the snow caps and re-
grows the following spring.
     What the doctor states regarding water on Mars is very  true. It
is very scarce and the people of the underground  cities take great
pains to conserve every gallon of it.
     As to the temperatures. that is still a matter of  conjecture. It
is a very tricky business to measure heat over  thirty-five millions
of miles distance. Moreover, surface  temperatures do not affect the
inhabitants of the underground  cities, as they are completely
pressurized and conditioned  with temperatures maintained at a
comfortable level.
     The most surprising part of the entire article was that  there
was absolutely no mention of the famous canals  of Mars.  I wonder
what happened to them? These canals were for many  years a great
controversial  subject. The photograph in this  article does not show
them, but this is perhaps explained by  the fact that this photo was
taken with infra-red light film.  It may be that the savants at Mt.
Palomar would like to  explain this.
     It is of questionable value that the writer interjected  such a
material angle as real estate. It seems it would have  been wise to
confine the remarks within the domain of science  and leave this
problem up to some of our great promoters in  that future day of
landing. It might also be that the Martians  would resent our tearing
up their planet.
     It is also probable that in that future day when man does  have
space travel to Mars, he will be able to take his wife or  loved ones
along. Landing there will be somewhat like taking a  plane to a far
off city on this planet. On arriving on Mars  the space ship will be
taxied into a huge airlock. The  passengers will disembark and find
hotels and accommodations  in a similar fashion as on earth. (Assuming
of course that  such factors as freedom from germ life, health,
adaptability  to lower air pressures, etc., have been fully
compensated  for.)
     It is unfortunate indeed that the astronomers of today  take such
a dim view of the possibility of life on other  planets. They should
be in a position to know better than  anyone else. Does it not seem a
bit preposterous to assume  that in all the countless billions of
suns, star clusters.  galaxies. etc. and their associated planetary
systems, that  earth and Mars clone are inhabited?
     Perhaps we should refer to Jesus of Nazareth when he  stated
that, "In my Father's house are many mansions.'
     In that distant day when space travel is a reality, let  us hope
that our men of science are universally schooled in  the knowledge of
the Infinite God and that we will find in  this wisdom an integrated
philosophy of life, one which will  supply our need and an answer to
every problem.
     In that future day, we will have put aside all our petty
quibbling over interpretations. We will find God not only in  the
heart and mind of man but in everything in this material  Universe.

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