Though  this  book  deals  with  the  Washington  State educational
system, the same things are  happening  all  over  the  country  under
different names.  For most of the school curriculum formation (writing
and  tryed  out)  is  done  in  the  Pacific  Northwest by the new age
movement for the National  Education  system  As  an  insider,  I  can
explain  how  they  have  managed  to  go so far in government and law
making and gone undetected by the majority of  the  population.    The
following  gives some of the plans and ideas of leaders who are in the
radical reconstruction of our educational system.  This book will give
an idea of how they have  advanced,  some  of  the  results  of  their
advancement, and  where  the  momentum  seems  to be taking us.  Their
ideas and plans  do  not  necessarily  reflect  the  approval  of  the
teachers,  professors,  or educators in the State of Washington and U.
S..  I believe that most educators have very little idea of  what  has
been  happening,  and they have simply been going along with the flow.
All material being presented comes from documentation and testimony.

   This book will show the taking over of the Education  system;  with
the intent of wiping-out THE JUDEO - CHRISTIAN VALUES. By a conspiracy
which is written of by Marilyn Ferguson in the Aquarian Conspiracy and
"she  has  found  in  the deepest roots of the educational system; she
quotes "There are  lot  of  us  in  the  woodwork."    He,  a  veteran
bureaucrat,  was  referring  to  a  loose coalition of conspirators in
agencies and congressional staffs.  Within the Department  Of  Health,
Education  and Welfare, innovators have created informal rap groups to
share their strategies for slipping new ideas into a resistant  system
and to  give  each other moral support.  Concepts that might otherwise
appear "far out" can be given legitimacy by a single Federally  funded
program.   The grant making apparatus of government determines fashion
in some research fields.  This aura of legitimacy is fostered here and
there by conspirator- bureaucrats."Some of the research projects  that
were  funded  include: meditation, biofeedback, psychic phenomena, and
alternative medical approaches. ( Funded by the Dept.  of  Defense.  )
Remember  a  federally funded program means your tax dollars are going
to the wiping - out JUDEO - CHRISTIAN VALUES with the  occult  values.
By  the  making  of  American  of the value system no longer relevant.
Because there are more people with Eastern values "NEW AGE"  then  the
American  values;  so  we as global citizens.need to change to a world
view, or so is the New Age thinking goes.

   A Parents Guide to Child's Education

   1.  Does any of the educational material present information  which
depresses  the  child? (Nuclear distortion, environmental poisoning of
the  world,  death  education,  violence,  separation   from   others,
rejection by peers thru role-playing or Syria games?)

   2.   Is  the  child  required  to  discuss unhappy events? ( Death,
accidents, war, morbid subjects, own epitaph, loss of family member)

   3.  Does the teaching attempt to be moral-free  and  encourage  the
child to determine their own moral values?  Are they required to share
their moral values with others?

   4. is the child required to keep a diary which intimately discusses
family members?    Is  the  child  allowed  to show the diary to their

   5.  Are the text materials, films, videos,  etc.  of  personal  and
sensitive subjects  beyond  that  appropriate for the child's age?  Do
such materials have  the  effect  of  desensensitizing  the  child  to
natural defenses (modesty, innocence, etc.) ?

   6.   Is  the child required to fill out attitudinal (psychological)
questionnaires as part of the curriculum?  Has approval been given for
such questionnaires ?  Is the parents allow to see them?

   7.  Are all religions discussed?  Are they taught as being  equally
valid?  Is  Christianity  discussed  in  any  of the classes?  To what

   8.  Is the child introduced into  Eastern  Religion  practices  and
beliefs,  including  reincarnation?  (  return  to earth in a new form
after death), deep concentration (self-hypnoses), yogi?

   9.  IS the child required to make  moral  choices  in  hypothetical
situations? (Only  a  few  can  live,  which  few?  Do if any of these
choices imply it is all right to lie, cheat, steal, kill, etc.?

   10.  Does the child answer questionnaires  or  surveys  that  probe
into the child's or family's attitudes, feeling, behavior, customs, or
political preferences?

   11.   Is  the young child required to confront adult problems which
are too complex, unsuitable, or controversial for  his  tender  years,
such as nuclear war, world starvation, etc.?

   12.   Is  the child constantly reminder that he/she should be world
oriented rather than country oriented?  Is equality, or  sameness,  of
all countries  taught,  including communist countries?  Are State laws
requiring teaching of patriotism being ignored?

   13.  Does it teach or imply that "responsible" sex for teenagers is
all right?  Are  teenagers  constantly  reminded  they  are  "sexually
active?"  What guidelines of sexual behavior are given?

   14.  Are you familiar with the content of the sex education courses
being given your child?

   15.   Does  the  child  make  a " contract" with the teacher not to
discuss with parents subjects taught in the classroom?


   Prince vs Massachusetts (1944) The U. S. Supreme Court said, "It is
cardinal with us that the custody,  care  and  nurture  of  the  child
reside  first  in  the  parents,  whose  primary  function and freedom
include preparation for obligations the state can  neither  supply  or

   Wisconsin v.    Yoder,  406  U. S. 205,232 (1972) " The history and
culture of western civilization reflect a strong tradition of parental
concern for the nurture  and  upbringing  of  their  children.    This
primary role of the parents in the upbringing of their children is now
established beyond debate as an enduring American tradition."

   Tinker vs Des moines Independent community school district (1969) "
Students  do  not shed their constitutional rights at the school house

   Title 32, Section 1983 of the civil rights  Act  provides  that,  "
Every  person  who  under  color of any statue, ordinance, regulation,
custom or usage of any state or territory subjects and  causes  to  be
subjected,  any  citizen  of  the  U.  S.  or  any  person  within the
jurisdiction thereof to the depravation of any rights, privileges,  or
the party injured in any action at law, suit in equity or other proper
proceedings for redress."

   Mercer  vs  Michigan  State  Board  of Education (1974) " The First
Amendment DOES NOT give a teacher the right to teach beyond the  scope
of the curriculum"


   RCW  28A67.110 Teach morality/ patriotism " It shall be the duty of
all teachers to endeavor to impress on the minds of their  pupils  the
principles  of  morality,  truth,  justice,  temperance,  humanity and
patriotism, to teach them to avoid idleness, profanity, and falsehood,
to instruct them in the principles of free  government  and  to  train
them  up  to  the  comprehension  of  the  rights, duty and dignity of
American citizenship."    RCW  28A.58.758  Basic  Education   act   of
1977-(school  District  Responsibilities)"  (2)(f)  Evaluate  teaching
materials, including text books, teaching  aids,  handouts,  or  other
printed  material,  in  public  hearing  upon  complaint  by  parents,
guardians or custodians of students who consider dissemination of such
material to students objectionable.


   On April 25, 1982, folks around the western world opened  up  their
newspapers  and  found themselves staring at a startling full-page ad.
The ad trumpeted in bold headlines that:

   The World has had enough of HUNGER, INJUSTICE, WAR,  IN  ANSWER  TO

   The ad went on to say that this "Christ" has  been  emerging  as  a
spokesman  quietly  since  1977;  that throughout history, mankind has
been guided by a group of enlightened men, the  "Masters  of  Wisdom."
The  ad  claims that he is the "World Teacher," called Maitreya, known
by Christians as the Christ, by  the  Jews  as  the  Messiah,  by  the
Buddhists  as  the fifth Buddha, by the Muslims as the Imam Mahdi, and
by the Hindus as Krishna.  The ad claimed that he was hidden from  the
world,  but that within the next two months he would speak to humanity
in a worldwide TV broadcast in which his message would be heard by all
nations telepathically in their own language.

   This ad was placed by a  group  called  the  Tara  Center.    In  a
newsletter  released  by the Tara Center at the same time, some of the
concepts were explained under the  broad  heading,  esotericism:  [it]
might  be described as the philosophy of the evolutionary process both
in man and nature.  It is the science of the accumulated Wisdom of the
ages It is also the art of 'bringing  down  to  earth'  and  anchoring
those energies  which  emanate  from  the  highest sources.  In recent
times, this information has been committed to writing  and  made  more
accessible  to  the  general  public by a Tibetan Master, Djwhal Khul,
through the  writings  of  H.P.  Blavatsky  and  later,  A.A.  [Alice]
Bailey.The article  outlined the writings of Blavatsky and Bailey.  It
explains that from 1919 to 1949, Alice Bailey received teachings  from
the  "Master  DK" (Djwhal Khul) which was published in 25 books by her
organization, Lucis Trust.  The book The Rays  and  their  Initiations
prophesied  the  revelation  of  this inner wisdom to the world "after
1975."  In  1948,  Bailey  discussed  the  return  of  Christ  in  The
Reappearance of the Christ.

   Extraordinary News!

   If  these  claims  were  true,  this would be extraordinary news: a
world-shattering event.  However, close examination of  this  material
reveals  things  which  do  not tally with the Biblical version of the
second coming of Christ.

   For example, in Matthew 24:21-24;  "  For  then  will  be  a  great
tribulation,  such  as  has  not been since the beginning of the world
until this time, no, nor ever shall be.  And unless  those  days  were
shortened,  no  flesh  would  be saved; but for the elect's sake those
days will be shortened.  Then if anyone says to you,  'look,  here  is
the  Christ  or  There do not believe it.' For false Christs and false
prophets will arise and  show  great  signs  and  wonders,  so  as  to
deceive, if possible, even the elect."

   Jesus  also  warns in the same passage that "If they shall say unto
you, Behold, he is in the desert; go not forth: behold, he is  in  the
secret chambers,  believe  it not.  For as the lightning cometh out of
the east, and shineth even unto the west; so shall also the coming  of
the Son of man be." (vs.26-27)

   Now the "Christ" mentioned above has never shown himself.  He seems
to be  shyly  hiding in London.  The prophecy about his appearance two
months after the April 1982 ad never came to pass, lo  these  8  years
later.   This does not fit the coming of Jesus described in the Bible.
It obviously resembles Jesus' warning about  the  coming  of  a  false

   The  Bible  does  not does not allow the second coming of Christ to
involve a wimpy emergence from a London slum, nor a cosmic "We Are the
World" media blitz.  Rev.1:7 says that "he  cometh  with  clouds,  and
every  eye  shall  see  him,  and  they also which pieced him: and all
kindreds of the earth shall wail because of him.  Even so.   Amen."  1
Thess.4:16  declares  that "the Lord himself shall descend from heaven
with a shout, with the voice of the archangel, and with the  trump  of
God "

   From  these  facts,  it  is  quite  obvious that the "Christ" being
heralded by the Tara Center and prophesied by writers  such  as  Alice
Bailey is  definitely  not the Jesus of the Bible.  Thus, we must ask,
which Jesus is it?  Again, the  Bible  admonishes  about  one  "  that
cometh  preacheth  another  Jesus,  whom  we  have  not  preached"  (2
Cor.11:4) Elsewhere, the apostle Paul warns that " though  we,  or  an
angel from heaven, preach any other gospel unto you than that which we
have preached unto you, let him be accursed." (Gal.1:8)

   Though  many  do  not  realize  that it is possible for there to be
folks out there who claim to be Christ who are actually lying to them,
these Bible verses make it clear that not only  is  it  possible,  but
that it  was  actually  foretold  2000 years ago!  In other words, not
everyone who claims to be  teaching  Christian  doctrine  is  actually
doing so.      Not   every  spiritual  communication  or  supernatural
experience comes from God, or is necessarily good.  This  is  why  the
apostle,  John,  warned  us  to "believe not every spirit, but try the
spirits whether they are of God: because many false prophets are  gone
out  into  the  world." (1 John 4:1) We have "tried" this "Christ" and
found him wanting by Biblical  standards.    But  if  this  is  not  a
Bible-based Christian Christ, then whose Christ is he?  The answer, as
you may have already guessed, is that he is the Christ of the New Age

   Are We Really the World?

   That  real  problem leads us to the final area we wish to consider:
the impact of New Age thinking upon education, politics, and even  the
church.  Realize that nature abhors a vacuum, and that with the waning
influence  of  genuine  Biblical  Christianity  in  the US and Europe;
another spirituality is rushing in  to  fill  the  void.    Many  old,
main-line churches which have abandoned the simple gospel have turned,
in  the  past  decade,  to  the  ancient lie of the serpent, mentioned

   As those churches in the US and Europe have lost  their  light,  so
the  political  and  education  infrastructures  of  society have been
progressively filled with a flood of New Age occultism.  This is  only
natural,  since  the Lord intended His church to be salt, and the salt
has, in many cases, lost its savour.  Thus, today, Europe and  the  US
are becoming   "post-Christian   societies."      The   most   evident
manifestation of this is the  vast  stampede  toward  what  is  called
"globalism."   While  some  may  deny a concerted "conspiracy" in this
area, it is evident that there is a systematic effort to  destroy  any
sense of  national  or  religious  loyalty.  The idea of any nation or
religion being better than another has become the ultimate heresy.  It
is continually anathematized in the media.    Christians  who  insist,
with  Jesus, that He is the only way to God (John 14:6) are branded as
fundamentalist bigots.  Biblical  Christianity  has  become  the  only
"minority   group"   which   can   be  mocked  or  persecuted  in  our
"pluralistic" culture with impunity.  This kind of cultural  unanimity
cannot be coincidence.

   Christian believers   aren't   the  world!    We  are  not  "global
citizens."  Jesus said, "the world hath hated  them  [His  disciples],
because  they  are  not  of the world, even as I am not of the world."
John 17:14.  Our Lord has warned us!  We cannot say we didn't have  an
advance notice.    But let us look and see precisely where the New Age
globalism is working in our political and educational community.  Both
education and politics have been linked together, especially since the
politicization of public education in  this  century.    The  National
Education  Association (NEA) has been working hard for decades to mold
education into a globalist, left-wing  propaganda  tool.    They  have
pretty well  succeeded.   Whether the NEA's agenda is exactly the same
as the New Age agenda is difficult to say.  However, they  do  have  a
great deal in common.

   The  New  Age education agenda is best found in the book, Education
in the New Age by the aforementioned Alice Baliey of Lucis Trust.   In
the  book,  the  "Tibetan  Master" spells out a detailed program which

   1)  Children  should  be  trained  to  accept  a  One-world  global
government and culture without question.

   2)   Full   implementation   of   the   anti-Christian  educational
philosophies of John Dewey,  but  with  a  more  eastern  metaphysical

   3)  Destruction  of  the  ideals  of patriotism and national pride,
helping kids become "world citizens."

   4) Hinduism  and  other  pagan  religions  must  be  emphasized  as
attempts are made to blend them into Western civilization.

   5)  Orthodox Christianity must be demeaned and declared obsolete to
the children, while lifting up the New Age "One World" religion.

   6) The New Age pluralistic religion (All paths lead to  God  -  all
religions  are  equally  valid)  will be taught as the only acceptable
belief system, excluding Jesus' unique claims.

   7) Adolescents will be encouraged to force these doctrines on their
parents and rebel if the parents do not cooperate.

   8) Essential Christian  doctrines  like  hell,  judgement  or  even
heaven are  to  be mocked and denied.  Rather, karma and reincarnation
should be taught

   9) Permissive methods of discipline will be fostered, and  concepts
such as sin and guilt are felt to be unevolved and counter-productive.

   10)  Children are taught that death is not an enemy to be feared or
fought off, but rather is to be embraced as part of "the Plan."

   11) They are also to be taught that people who do  not  accept  the
New Age teachings (ie.  Bible-believers) are an evolutionary "drag" on
humanity  and  must  either  capitulate  or be killed like a bacterial

   12) The model of the traditional family and its sexual  mores  must
be  discarded, and loyalty to one's family must be replaced by loyalty
to the world.  It is frightening to note how many of  these  concepts,
first  promulgated  a generation ago, have become standard features of
public education, supported by our tax dollars!    More  and  more  of
these ideas  are being brought in every semester!  Both of the authors
of this booklet were involved in education  and  curriculum  formation
for  schools  while occultists; and used our positions to indoctrinate
our charges in New Age values.  That was years ago!  Today, the "brain
trust" behind modern education reads like a Who's Who of the New Age.

   Dee Dickinson, the director of New  Horizons  for  Learning,  is  a
member  of  President  Bush's  White  House  Task  Force on Innovative
Learning.  She has helped put together a graduate program in Education
at Antioch University (a teachers' college!) in cooperation  with  the
Washington Education  Association.  This course includes subjects like
astrology and tapping the human potential.   A  frequent  lecturer  at
Antioch  is  Miriam Starhawk, one of the leading spokeswomen for Wicca
("white" [sic] witchcraft).  She is a witch [sic]!


   Ms.  Dickinson, is also an advisor on the In Context project, which
has such other New Age luminaries as Peter  Caddy  (Findhorn),"sacred"
psychologist  Jean  Houston  (Foundation  for  Mind  Research),  David
Spangler  (Lorian  Foundation),   and   Danaan   Perry   (Holy   Earth
Houndation)!   Spangler  is one of the top men in the world in the New
Age movement, and has taught that "No one will be allowed to enter the
New Age unless he or she takes a Luciferic initiation Whenman  entered
the  pathway  of  self, he entered into a great creative adventure, of
learning the meaning of divinity by accepting himself.  The being that
helps him reach that point is Lucifer, the angel  of  man's  evolution
Lucifer  is an agent of God's love Christ is the same force as Lucifer
Lucifer prepares man for the experience of Christhood.  Lucifer  works
within  each  of  us  to bring us to wholeness as we move into the New
KEEP  THIS  KIND  OF  THEOLOGICAL  COMPANY? The New Age dogmas outline
above permeate much of the educational philosophy prevalent in the US.
Leading New Age writer, Marilyn Ferguson, expands on the intent behind
the " new  curriculum".  "Alter  states  of  consciousness  are  taken
seriously:  "centering" exercises, meditation, relaxation, and fantasy
are used to keep the intuitive  pathways  open  and  the  whole  brain
learning.    There   are   techniques  to  encourage  body  awareness:
breathing, relaxation, yoga, movement, biofeedback". "Their techniques
are the following: Guided Imagery,  Visualization,  Yoga,  TM,  and  "
Teachers   are  to  incorporate  the  following  activities  in  their
classrooms.  Do Yoga exorcizes, do visualization  and  guided  imagery

   Beverly Gallion  says, "Don't call it that.  Call it centering down
or the crazies will get all bent out of shape.   Relaxation,  call  it
deep breathing." (Its really Yoga and TM)

   Ferguson  believes that it is the duty of the educators to function
as CHANGE AGENTS and wean children away from  the  morality  of  their
parents  and  culture:"  A major ambition of the curricum is autonomy.
This is based on the belief that if our children are to be free,  they
must be free even from us- from our limiting believes and our acquired
tastes...  This means teaching for healthy, appropriate rebellion, not
conformity.   Maturity brings with it a morality that derives from the
innermost self, not from mere obedience to the culture's norms".

   This kind of idea has been in place  with  funding  from  the  U.S.
Department of  Health, Education and Welfare since 1969.  It is called
major  goals  is  the  development  of a new kind of elementary school
teacher who engages in teaching as clinical practice, and functions as
a responsible agent of social change.  In plain  English,  that  means
that  they  want  teachers  to become behavioral psychotherapists, but
without having to go through the years of training  and  certification
that real  therapists must achieve.  Do you wish your child to be used
as a guinea pig by amateur psychologist teachers?

   BSTEP  suggests:"the  humanities  are  designed   to   promote   an
understanding of  human  behavior in humanistic terms...  Students are
to be exposed to non-western thought and values in order to  sensitize
them to their own backgrounds and inherent cultural biases.  Thus, the
student's Christian   values   are   now   pass.    This  educational
methodology has sown seeds which we now harvesting two decades  later;
and it is bitter harvest indeed.  In helping our children to be "free"
of  "cultural  biases" and to have "healthy rebellion," we have reaped
sky-rocketing drug abuse, unwed mothers, crack  babies,  illicit  sex,
and public schools that have become citadels of rape and carnage!

   Now,   in   the  midst  of  growing  public  alarm,  the  education
establishment, has been forced to backpedal, and now we are  inundated
with homilies about drugs and "safe" sex, even though drugs and sexual
"freedom" were cornerstones of the New Age movement.  Lecturers at the
above-cited  Antioch  workshop  extolled  "the  Holy  prostitute"  and
perverted sexual  practices.    Indeed,  very  Hitlerian  concepts  of
planned  parenthood, eugenics, and sexual freedom were taught by Alice
Bailey, a guiding thinker of the New Age.

   Thanks   to   the   New   Age   influence   in   the    educational
establishment,these  kinds  of  courses  have  become  common fare for
teacher education in many states.   Many  teachers  do  not  know  the
spiritual  content  of this material and look upon it as "feminist" or
"cross-cultural."  Most of them do not understand what they have  been
led  into,  Andre  essentially very dedicated educators who just don't
know that they have been sold a bill of goods.

   Is the World Getting Any Better?

   Another problem with reincarnation is the  fact  that  if  it  were
true, then people should be "evolving" and the world should be getting
demonstrably better.   Empirically  though,  it  really  isn't.   This
century has seen war and slaughter to a degree unparalleled  in  human
history!   If  we  are standing on the pinnacle of untold centuries of
spiritual evolution, then how could we have produced  a  Hitler  or  a
Charles Manson  (both  reincarnationists!).  If reincarnation is true,
then we should be a planet of saints by now.  Yet who among  us  would
say  that our nation is better now than it was a short generation ago.
We cannot even walk the  streets  of  American  cities  without  fear,
whereas  20  years  ago,  many of the homes in this land were not even
locked at night!  Is this spiritual evolution  through  reincarnation,
or  is  the  result  of  a  generation of children being raised on New
Age-oriented educational system of values clarification, in  which  no
absolute moral  values  are allowed.  After all, who would dare give a
little god any moral rules?


   The following quote comes from a school's request to become part of
the Schools for the 21st Century project.Quote: "Imagine a place where
nothing is  impossible!!    A  place  where  our  best  dreams  become
realities and  everyone  is  involved  in creating the magic.  Imagine
what Mountlake can become."  Sounds great, so what's wrong  with  this
statement? "U.S. Plan to `Take Over' Grade Schools Intimated." "Is the
U.S  Office  of  Education...,  poised  for  a total takeover of every
elementary school in the nation?" "That was indicated  Thursday  in  a
federally funded project at Cal State, Fullerton by Bernard Kravett, a
professor  at the school who took part last year in a federally funded
project at the University of Washington." "Known as the Tri-University
project, three  universities  were  involved  in  a  massively  funded
federal  project to restructure the entire higher education system for
training teachers, which,  in  effect,  would  make  local  elementary
schools  only  a  subsidiary  arm of the federal government." .."There
will no longer be such a thing as an autonomous college.  All  teacher
training institutions will operate jointly with local school districts
and  teacher  organizations  to  `establish performance criteria which
become behavioral  objectives.'"  (programming  the  teachers)  .."All
education  will  be  built on behavioral tasks rather than on courses,
credits and grade point averages..." "he (Kravett) said the government
was spending `fantastic amounts of money and the Federal Government is
totally behind it, pushing it and providing  all  the  money  you  can
possibly need.'"

   Their  main  goal  is:  To  move the kids and schools into the 21st
century by educating them to become  citizens  of  a  global  society,
without    bias   to   any   belief   system   or   society.   (Except
Judeo-Christianity) David  Spangler  is  the  head  of  the  Planetary
Initiative(a New  Age  organization) and has offices world wide.  They
organized the entire peace movement and can put half a million men and
women in peace marches in a city- they have tremendous power.-

   Their headquarters are now in Issaquah, Washington.  David Spangler
No one will be allowed to enter the New Age unless he or she  takes  a
Luciferic  initiation  Whenman entered the pathway of self, he entered
into a great creative adventure, of learning the meaning  of  divinity
by accepting  himself.    The being that helps him reach that point is
Lucifer, the angel of man's evolution Lucifer is  an  agent  of  God's
love  Christ is the same force as Lucifer Lucifer prepares man for the
experience of Christhood.  Lucifer works within each of us to bring us
to wholeness as we move into the New Age." ( This is blasphemy and the
religion of the Antichrist) Benjamin Crem (North American director  of
the New Age Movement)-

   "There  will  be  a mass initiation of all peoples of earth, no one
will enter the New Age without taking a Luciferic  initiation."  [i.e.
you  would  not  be eligible for an I.D. number without first taking a
pledge to worship Lucifer.  They are talking about  the  mark  of  the
beast as written in the Bible.]


   Channeling  or.(medium)  as  defined  by  David  Spangler a New Age
leader and writer. "Channeling is a phenomenon  in  which  a  physical
person  enters  an altered state of consciousness and lends his or her
mind and/or body (depending on the technique employed) to be used by a
nonphysical entity in order to communicate from its level of existence
to ours."  Now in Christian terms from ex  New-Ager  who  channel  for
over 15  years  both for the New Age and the Christian church.  When I
was led by mother to take my first spirt (demon) at the age of 3.    I
will  never  forget  the  feeling  of that demon came into to my small
body.  First I felt a warm felling; But I knew that it was an  invader
(not of  myself).    When  I  first started to used the spirt guide to
speak thought me; And answer questions that was given to me .The spirt
was almost never wrong.  Is God ever wrong?  This channeling  went  on
in front  of  occult  and  church  groups till I was 21..  Most church
goers did not know that I was Channeling ; because I used all christen
terms and prophesyed in "THE SPIRT".

   In the the book of 1Thess. 5:19-22: 19 "Quench not the  Spirit.  20
Despise  not prophesying. 21 Prove all things; hold fast that which is
good. 22 Abstain from all appearance of evil".    We  must  check  all
prophesy  to the Word of the God if it does not line up get rid of it.
God is never wrong.  And most of all check witch [sic] spirt is  being
used  for  prophesy.  also  in  Matthew 24: 23-24: 23" Then if any man
shall say unto you, lo, here is Christ, or there; believe it  not.  24
For there shall arise false Christ, and false prophets, and shall shew
great  signs  and  wonders;  insomuch  that, if it were possible, they
shall deceive the very elect".   The  Bible  teaches  that  trying  to
contact  the  dead  (whether ordinary dead folks like "Uncle Harry" or
distinguished dead folks like Ramtha) is  very  dangerous  Sin!  (Lev.
19:31,  Deut, 18:10-12,Is 8:19-20, Rev.21:8) In the old Testament, the
penalty for consulting with those who spoke with "familiar spirits" or
spirit guides was death (Ex. 22:18, Lev. 20:6)!   God  wasn't  kidding
with this!

   Robert Muller, former Assistant Secretary to the United Nations and
integral  in  getting  the  Lucius  Trust [LuciferTrust] into the U.N.
Bldg. "The great evolutionary challenge is as follows:

   1.  Science, technology, transports and communications have ushered
us into the Global Age;

   2.  The world  has  not  yet  adjusted  politically,  economically,
mentally, and spiritually to that New Global Age;

   3.   As  an  individual  I must help the birth of a better world by
transferring my love from my family, my  group,  my  nation--  to  the
world, to humanity and to the heavens.

   4.   Global  education  is  the essential means to bring about this

   5.  Theosophists  are  an  essential  network  in  the  process  of
planetary synthesis.   You  have members all over the world.  You have
unlimited human resources for effectuating positive world change."

   NOTE: What Muller means by essential network is: Quote- " I believe
that the greatest networked are  those  who  did  it  at  the  highest
levels--people  like  the  Buddha,  Jesus  Christ, Gandhi, Schweitzer,
Teilhard de Chardin, Martin Luther King,  Dag  Hammerskjold,  U  Thant
people who really transcended races, nations, and groups and networked
at  all human levels, linking the heavens and the earth and showing us
our prodigious worth and journey in the universe.  The real  networked
are  those  who  go deepest and come closest to the mystery of life in
the universe."

   I believe that this GLOBAL SOCIETY is the fulfillment of God's Word
in: REV 13 (one world govt, one world leader, one world  economy,  one
world religion) 2 TIM 3:1-5 Mt 24:24 Col 2:8

   In  a  book  published in 1978 by the United Nations Association of
the United States of America: "Helping Boys and Girls to Discover  the
World"(  with  the subtitle of "Teaching about Global Concerns and the
United Nations in Elementary and Middle School": 74pp.  Page 1. "Girls
and boys growing up today have a right and a need to realize that they
are part of an amazing, totally new  development  in  human  history,"
says  Jean  Picker,  Vice  Chairman  of  the  publishing  association.
Further she announces boldly that " the United Nations,  work  is
underway  to  forge  a global community able to meet the challenges of
the next century.

   "Both on a national scale and  international  scale,  globalism  is
being  promoted  by Robert Muller, author of "The New Genesis": He has
written in his book that the global education is simply a means  to  a
spiritual utopian  society.   He looks toward a cosmic government of a
one world religion; a one world ruler who is ruled by a  great  cosmic
religious force.    Unfortunately, when this book was published people
like Dr.  Gordon Kuaiti, who was Executive Director of the Association
for Curriculum  Development,  took  the  bait.  "  After  reading  Dr.
Muller's  book, he wrote: What we need is to bring the children of the
schools  and  this  curriculum  (the  spiritual  development  in   Dr.
Muller's  book)  so  that  our  children can become part of the coming
world religion."  Who  is  this  man  who  was  the  former  Assistant
Secretary  General to the United Nations? " I am the representative of
the United Nations Secretary General on the council to the University.
I am very excited  about  this  new  and  important  venture.    World
education is  making  good  progress.    I  HAVE PRODUCED A WORLD CORE
CURRICULUM which I would like to see adopted in  all  schools  on  the
planet....A spiritual version of it appears in "New Genesis".

   At  the  Soviet-American Citizens Summit conference (Feb 1989), Dr.
Muller was a keynote speaker.  Their goal was to work together in task
forces in such fields as health,  education,  business,  psychological
and  social  change,  world  views  and morals, religion, atheism, and
spirituality.  Their goal is to identify joint  projects  and  "social
inventions for the third millennium."

   The  other keynote speaker was Ted Turner of "Turner Broadcasting".
He has given his stance on world affairs by  making  statements  like:
"America is  the greatest problem in the world.  The Soviet way is the
only way to go."  Did he  forget  that  Marxism  has  murdered  80-100
million  people, enslaving half the world, and was raping Afghanistan,
plus killing Christians in Nicaragua and Ethiopia?  Also  speaking  at
the  summit  was  Barbara  Marx  Hubbard who spoke on: "The vision and
purpose of the summit."  Barbara Marx  Hubbard:  A  Vice  Presidential
nominee  at  the  1984  Democratic  Convention,  Founder of the Global
Family, Co-Sponsor of the Soviet/American Citizens Summit and numerous
other Soviet-related programs.

   Barbara has rewritten the New Testament,  calling  for  removal  of
half the   world's   population.      According   to  her  own  public
announcement, she is now under full control of her spirit guide.  From
her book Spirit Guides she writes " Humanity will not be able to  make
the  transition  from earth to universal life until the chaff has been
separated from the wheat."

   She's referring to Christians and Jews as  being  the  chaff.  "The
great reaper must reap before we can take the quantum leap to the next
phase of  evolution.    No  world  peace  can  prevail  until the self
centered members of the planetary body either change or die."  "Before
the stage of power can be inherited by the god centered members of the
social body, the self centered members must be destroyed.  There is no
alternative,  we are in charge of the selection process for the planet
earth" [her god is Lucifer] Barbara Marx Hubbard was the  World  Peace
Meditation and  Harmonic Convergence organizer.  She is also the owner
of Marx Toy Company.  Who's involved in these task forces that  affect
the State of Washington?

   Task Force- World Views and Morals: co-chair-person for the U.S. is
Dr.   Robert  Gilman,  is  editor  of  In  Contex  magazine (a New Age
publication)  and  an  advisor  of  the  teaching  manual   Responsive
Multicultural Basic  Skills  Project.  This is in association with the
office for Multicultural Basic Skills Project, which is in association
with  the  office  for  Multicutural  and  Equity  Education  for  the
Superintendent    of    Public    Instruction   for   the   State   of
Washington(Schools For The 21st Century project).

   Also on this task force was Swami Satchidananda, founder,  Integral
Yoga International.    Task Force- Religion, Atheism and Spirituality:
Co- chair-person for the U.S. is Rev.  Max Lafser, Co minister,  Unity
Church, Olympia, WA

   Task Force- Education for the 21st Century: Co-Chair-person for the
U.S.  was  Dee  Dickenson, Founder/director, New Horizons for Learning
(writer for many New Age articles).  Also on the committee  was  Linda
MacRae consultant,  National  Education  Association  (N.E.A.).   This
information was obtained through: Center For Soviet-American Dialogue-
Bellevue Washington.

   In association with curriculum  exchange  with  the  Soviet  Union,
funded  by  the  U.S.  govt,  the Carnegie Foundation was to develop a
computer software curriculum to exchange educational information  with
the Soviets.    The Carnegie Foundation was also funded by the U.S. to
radically restructure the U.S. development of  schools  for  the  21st
Century for  the  State of Washington.  To summarize organizations and
people linked up with our Educational system so far,  Bernard  Kravett
gave  enlightening  news  of  the  U.S.  Government's  funding  of the
Tri-University project to change our educational system  from  courses
involving  credits  and grade point averages to a system of behavioral
tasks.  Along with the government is:

   David Spangler -  Planetary  Initiative,  location  college  level,
Co-director  of  Findhorn  Foundation (recognized throughout the world
for its visionary contribution to the New Age transformation process),

   Benjamin Creme - North American director of the New  Age  Movement,
claims  telepathic  communication  with  one  who  calls  himself  the
Maitreya or the Christ.

   Barbara Marx Hubbard 1984 Democratic Convention  nominee  for  Vice
President, Co-Sponsor of the Soviet American Summit Channeler of demon
who re-wrote the New Testament

   Ted  Turner  -  Turner  Broadcasting,  sponsor of the 1990 Goodwill
Games, New Age proponent

   Dee Dickenson - Founder of New Horizons For Learning, advisor to IN
CONTEXT magazine (New Age publication)

   Robert Gilman - Editor of IN CONTEXT magazine

   Some of the leading New Age Globalists who  have  tremendous  power
and  influence  were described to show who they are and the people and
organizations who are under them.   This  gives  us  an  idea  of  the
infiltration  into  our  educational  system  by the New Age Movement.
Education happens to be the link to a whole generation.


   To help you understand some of the terms that are being used,  here
are a list of the most common terms.

   The  Scriptures  prophesy  of the coming of what we refer to as the
New Age.  There is nothing new  about  the  New  Age.    From  Genesis
through  the  Babylonian  religion,  comes  the  same old lie in a new

   The  New  Age  is  essentially  all  the  modern  day  occult-based
philosophies and  practices  rolled up in to one world religion.  This
wide range of spirt worship, Eastern mysticism,  Mind-scince  religion
and avant-garde  psychology.    Its  essence  "oneness" or god-within.
Thus people have to look no further than themselves for all of  life's

   This is same lie that Eve was taught in Gen. 3:1-5 is taught by New
Age teachers , leaders and by the serpent.  That serpent in the garden
was  "initiating"  Eve  into  higher  consciousness You will notices 3
concepts in the serpent's lie:

   1) "Yea, hath God said...?"(verse 1).  He cast doubt on the Word of

   2) "Ya shall not surely die..." (verse 4) He denied the the reality
of death

   3)"... your eyes shall be open, and shall be as  gods..."(verse  5)
Finally, he  claimed that she could attain the status of God..  You do
not have look any father than Gen 3:14-19 to see  that  the  New  Ager
brings  the curse of death upon themselves though the same SIN as Adam
and Eve did.  Or as it says in Romans 5:12 Wherefore, as  by  one  man
sin  entered  into  the  earth, and death passed upon all men, for all
have sinned.  There is no other way to get rid of this  sinful  burden
with out taking the Bible the way it was written verse upon verse.  In
Romans  6:23:  "For  the wages of sin is death; but the gift of God is
eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord";

   Only through this free gift we get our eternal life.   Not  through
some New  "not so" Age LIE, that is based only on one verse.  Lou Tice
who is the founder of the Pacific Institute and a leader  in  the  New
Age  movement-  Lou Tice teaches for the Seattle School District, many
businesses, the Everett Police dept., and many more.  Quote: "I  am  a
wizard,  I have god like powers."Lou Tice video series tape 30 is `New
Age Thinking For Achieving Your Potential'.  Quote: "This program  has
provided  you  with  a  wealth of concepts and important life changing
tools.  These tools can be used to achieve whatever you truly want  to
achieve now and for the rest of your life."

   David Wilkerson wrote...

   "Your  destiny  is  in  the  power  of  your mind, whatever you can
conceive is yours, speak it into being..., this is not the  gospel  of
Jesus Christ.  Let it be known once and for all, God will not advocate
His  Lordship  to  the  power  of  our  minds,  negative  or positive.
Christ's mind is focused on the glory of God and the obedience to  the
Word of  God."    Speaking  of the name it and claim it teaching going
around the church today he says, "No other  teaching  so  ignores  the
cross of  Calvary,  the corruption of the human mind.  It bypasses the
evil of our ruined Adams nature and it takes the Christians  eyes  off
of  Christs  gospel  of  our  eternal  redemption  and focuses them on
earthly gain.  Saints of God flee these things."

   Do you see a parallel teaching between Lou Tice and the name it and
claim it teaching?  We are created for God's pleasure and not our own.
The Bible says that we are to love the Lord our  God  with  our  whole
hearts, mind, and soul, plus God says that the righteous shall live by
faith.   That  faith  is  in  God and not the schemes of Satan for the
false self satisfactions that he offers  which  are  not  lasting  but
rather end  up  in destruction.  The Truth that God gives us says that
we are not the gods that Lou Tice and the New Age movement want us  to

   If you think that the New Agers are not trying to change us, listen
carefully  to  the  words  of John Denver the actor and member of EST.
(now known as  Forum)  Quote:  "  My  greatest  ambition  is  to  wean
Christians away from the superstitions about Christianity and liberate
them from  the  delusion  of  any  God  but themselves.  I'll be a god


   When I was in the New Age for the 18+  years  the  Bible  was  more
accepted  but  very  twisted to meet the Dogma of the New Age leaders.
Another  former  top  New  Age  leader  put  this  way.  "In  New  Age
philosophy,  the  Holy  Bible  is accepted, but only conditionally, it
being taken only as one scripture among many others.  Also, I began to
see that New Age philosophy  picks  and  chooses  what  it  likes  and
doesn't like from the pages of the Bible.  It also re-interprets these
select  passages  with  a  metaphysical  New  Age  slant. .the New Age
Movement (or NAM) has not only taken the Word of God, but many  common
used christen  terms  and put them in to there every-day lingo.  First
we must bring the new-ager to the  understanding  of  what  the  Bible
is.The  Bible  is  not only a good book but it is the word of God; you
see this in

   John 1: 1-5 " In the beginning was the Word,and the Word  was  with
God, and the Word was God. 2 The same was in the beginning with God. 3
All  things  were made by him ; and without him was not any thing made
that was made. 4 In him was life ;and the life was the light of men.

   5 And the light shineth in darkness; and the darkness  comprehended
it not.    For  the  NAM  thinks  there  are  many  gods  and does not
understand John 1 ;1-3 so we must fallow with 1 Corinthians, 8:5,6:  5
For  thought  there  be  that are called gods, whether in heaven or in
earth,(as there be gods many, and lords many,) 6 But to  us  there  is
but  one  God,  the Father, of whom are all things, and we in him; and
one lord Jesus Christ, by whom are things, and we by him.There is only
one one God the God of the Bible. (NOT SELF) as NAM  believes.The  NAM
does  not understand what will happen to anybody that tampers with the
Bible ; in Rev. 22: 18,19 it's says "For I testify unto every man that
heareth the words of the prophecy of this book, If any man  shall  add
unto  him the plagues that are written in this book: 19 And if any man
shall take away from the words of God shall take away his part out  of
the  book of life, and out of the holy city, and from the things which
are written in this book.  As Christians we need to know our Bible and
Christen terms for life we save may be you or a love one.  Do  not  be
afraid  to  ask  the  question, Of what does that term mean to you but
also if they know Jesus Christ as there personal savour.


   The Jesus of NAM disciplines believe that  Jesus  is  one  of  many
great masters  who  have  lived on earth.  He had to work through many
lifetimes to attain the Christ-self .  He was able, by studying  under
Egyptian  and  Tibetan masters, to acquire occult power to do miracles
Once he did so, he was able to pass it on to his disciples.

   Just who is Jesus Christ is he the Lord of all; The  Bible  teaches
that  Jesus is God (John 1:1-2,14, Col. 1:15), and that He is uniquely
God in Rev. 1:11,17-18 and 22:13-16 Jesus states that He is  God,  the
first  and  the  last- the only God there ever was or will be ( Isaiah
43:10).  Anyone who thus denies Jesus is denying Good (1  John  2:23).
This is  not  the  New  Age  Jesus.  Check out which Jesus it is. (see
Matthew 24: 23-24).

   The New Age movement has its roots in Babylon and  Babylon  had  no
absolutes.  Babylon was the 1st city built after the flood.  Semiramis
was  the  Queen  of  Babylon  and  Nimrod  the son, the husband of his
mother, led the people into rebellion  against  God.    Nimrod  was  a
master  warlock  [sic]  (male  witch)  [sic],  and under his direction
astrology was developed.  Later he was called Moloch,  and  sacrifices
to Moloch were not uncommon.

   This  was  the taking of children and passing them through the fire
as a sacrifice to Moloch.  After Nimrod was  killed  by  Shem  (Noah's
son),  Semiramis  proclaimed  that  she is a goddess; and she demanded
that babies be sacrificed to her.  Babylon  was  also  known  for  its
tower of Babel

   (Gen. 11:4)  "whose  top  may  reach  into  heaven".   Ungers Bible
Dictionary says that  this  expression  is  showing  their  pride  and
rebellion against God.  They tried to build a society that would reach
into  heaven; and the New Age movement is trying to regain the society
that will reach into heaven and usher in the  New  Age  or  New  World
Order.   Their  ideas  include  the  universal  mind  set to establish
globalism, and trample on American values. (We are one  consciousness;
visualize world peace and it will come about.)

   This  concept is extremely dangerous to Jews and Christians because
the only way to accomplish this in their mind set is to  purge  (kill)
all  the  `negative forces' (Christians,Jews)and then they can be gods
with eternal life by ushering in the New Age through visualization  as
a unified  global  mind.   Its the `think peace' concept - By the way,
they don't think they are killing anyone because they  think  we  will
just  be reincarnated eventually as one of them after we have had time
to think about it.

   You will see throughout  this  outline  the  ties  between  Eastern
Religion,  the  New  Age  Movement and our Educational System as it is
being developed.  Babylon was brought into  this  discussion  to  show
Eastern Religions basic roots and Occultism.


   The  radical  reconstruction  of  our  school  system (in the U.S.)
funded by our tax dollars,  and  the  lobbying  force  of  the  N.E.A.
(National Education Association), and the W.E.A. (Washington Education
Association),  will  bring  a  new  reformed Babylon to earth. (let me
build on this.) Their purpose is to educate  our  children  to  reject
differences in sex, intelligence, culture, values, ethnic systems, and
religious values.   No absolutes.  This translates into creating a new
government order, a new economical system, and a new religious  order.
(The  New  Age)  All  this BEGINS in the RADICAL reconstruction of our
educational system. A. CONTROL THE SYSTEM.

   How DO THEY BEGIN? By taking control of the educational system  and
by teaching the teachers!

program called BSTEP (Behavioral Science  Teacher  Education  Program)
designed from 1965-1969 with funds from the U.S. Department of Health,

   a.  Development of a new kind of elementary school teacher  who  is
basically well educated; engages in teaching as clinical practice, and
functions as  a  responsible  agent  of  social  change.b.  The use of
research and clinical experience in decision-making processes  at  all
levels.c.  Using the BEHAVIORAL SCIENCES, for undergraduate and active
teacher  education programs, and recycle evaluations of teaching tools
and performance.  These goals inform us of the  change  from  academic
excellence, to behavioral motivations to control our society.


   "Clinical  behavioral  style  permeates every phase of the program.
Prospective teachers are trained so that they  employ  it;  university
professors practice it; and the program itself regenerates through the
clinical  process."  ...the  teacher  is now a psycho-social therapist
utilizing the fields of psychology and  sociology.    The  program  is
designed to focus the skills and knowledge of Behavioral Scientists on
education  problems,  translating  research  into  viable programs for
preserve and in-service teachers.  The traditional concept of research
as theory is not discarded, but the emphasis is shifted to a  form  of
practical  action-research  in  classrooms  and laboratory. ( In other
words, school  children  are  simply  to  be  used  as  guinea  pigs.)
`Students are to be exposed to non-western thought and values in order
to  sensitize  them  to  their  own  backgrounds and inherent cultural
biases.' Through a carefully structured sequence of  experiences,  the
decision-making  of  social  scientists  are explored and students are
provided opportunities to employ these  decision-making  processes  in
real and  simulated  situations."    What a beautiful example from the
BSTEP  program  for  up-heaving   cherished   values   by   portraying
individuals and  events in a purposely biased way.  Under the guise of
supposedly   making   children   knowledgeable    regarding    various
lifestyles--students will be systematically programmed to believe that
all  formerly  held  Judeo-Christian  values  are passe' and no longer
relevant.  This is currently  being  done  by  the  Superintendent  of
Public  Schools  Office  through  the Multicultural Education Resource
Series.  This is designed as a "Multi-Disciplinary"  approach.    This
means  they  use  eastern  religions  and  values  to  water  down and
eventually do away with  the  traditional  Judeo-Christian  Values.  (
BSTEP was publicly funded to wipe out Judeo-Christian values.)

   The BSTEP program certainly fulfills the description of the N.E.A's
Education  for the 70's, which said;"Schools will become clinics whose
purpose is to provide individualized psychological treatment  for  the
student, and  teachers must become psychological therapists."  It also
follows closely the HAWAII MASTER  PLAN  FOR  EDUCATION  which  states
that,   "all   classrooms   must  now  be  considered  "mental  health
clinicians", and all students must be  regarded  as  `patients.'"  Not
only was this a plan of the 70's, but it is also in the schools of the


   "The Carnegie Report on Teachers" - (funded by our tax dollars)  "A
new  national  (non  government)  board with a majority of outstanding
teachers would be created to set  standards  for  the  profession  and
prepare  a  national certifying examination for teachers comparable to
the BAR and  other  professional  exams.    The  Carnegie  Corporation
proposes to finance the groundwork and research necessary to make such
a  board  operational."  ( N.E.A. president 1986,Mary Hatwood Futrell)
This in itself is not bad until we understand  what  the  worlds  most
powerful lobbying force, The N.E.A. is pushing. - Their goals include:

determined by the N.E.A. and not by school  boards)  -  SEX  EDUCATION
teachers really support the .E.A. system???   And  does  it  make  any
difference what teachers or the public want?  You judge!

   The  N.E.A. leadership supports the decriminalization of marijuana,
while 76% of the N.E.A. members  do  not.The  N.E.A.  leaders  promote
preferential  treatment  for  homosexuals, while 69% of the membership
does not.

   The N.E.A. leadership opposes public school teaching  the  Biblical
account of creation while 60% of the members support it.

   The  N.E.A. favors busing to achieve "racial balance", while nearly
70% oppose busing. (taken from : Focus On The Family magazine 9/88)

   As early as 1962 (the year prayer was taken out of our schools) the
N.E.A. had a manual published: The N.E.A Teachers Training Manual(used
to train teachers).  Quote: "Human  relations  training  fits  into  a
context  of institutional influence procedures which includes COERCIVE
PERSUASION in the form of THOUGHT REFORM or BRAINWASHING as well as  a
judgement for the time being, this INFLUENCE  MODEL  is  presented  in
terms  of  its  capability to make sense of what we know of the CHANGE
PROCESS. It  is  useful  to  make  meaningful  predictions  about  the
training   conditions  necessary  for  the  creative  growth  of  both
individuals and organizations.  (From  the  N.E.A.  and  the  National
Training Laboratory)

   These   organizations   are   taking  naive  college  students  and
indoctrinating them and eventually the whole school system, into their
false New Age philosophy.  And of course not all are going to go along
with this but think about it for a minute.   Those  who  will  not  go
along  with  the  agenda  will eventually be pressured, ridiculed, and
weeded out if they don't conform.

   Can this really happen?  Let's look at the next section.


   From Dee Dickinson who is the founder of New Horizons for Learning:

   "Already, throughout the United States, positive educational change
is underway and successes are becoming more visible.   The  next  step
needs  to  be  the  growing  awareness  that  this kind of educational
success is possible for all students and teachers."

   What is she talking about?  From  the  Seattle  Post  Intellegencer
2/17/87:  The  Headline- `Nation should take note of Gardner education
reform plan, expert says' (The  expert  is  the  Carnegie  Foundation)
Quote:  "The  U.S. economy will be in serious trouble unless education
systems undergo major reform and Gov.  Booth Gardner's plan to do that
puts Washington at the forefront, Carnegie Forum director Mark  Tucker
says."  "But for the plan to succeed, all the pieces must be approved,
he said.  Those pieces  include  higher  pay  and  a  master's  degree
requirement  for  teachers  and  responsibility  and accountability to
match." (Ed. note: people did not need to be `accountable' in the past
and wouldn't dream of doing half a job but now with our  value  system
being eroded we need `accountability'.)

   Tucker  contends  that  the need for a master's degree is more than
mere course work.  Courses that are "Intellectually Tough" are  needed
so  that teachers are truly professionals and the master's degree will
reassure  the  public  that   the   teachers   deserve   the   greater
responsibility they'll  have..    What  are they teaching our teachers
that is so "intellectually tough"?  And what  are  they  teaching  our
teachers  today in Washington State besides the basic reading, writing
and arithmetic?

   IV. THE FORMING OF THE NEW BABYLON (The winning of a generation)

   The next section will help describe the curriculum change toward  a
new religion  and  the  New  Babylon.    The  Heritage Institute has a
master's degree program in education which was designed in cooperation
with leaders of the Washington Education Association and New  Horizons
for Learning(Dee  Dickinson).    This  is  through  Antioch University
Seattle, founded in 1975.  Some courses offered include:

   1."Nurturing the Human Spirit in the Classroom."- Quote:  "This  is
an experiential  class.    Participants  will  experience  at least 10
processes that may be used in their classrooms.  This  is  a  workshop
which  acknowledges  the  necessity to nurture the spirits of teachers
first so that they may in  turn  nurture  those  of  their  students."
Humanistic  Astrology  can  be  used  as  a key to understanding one's
psychological make-up, and is a valuable tool for knowing how a person
learns, feels, and acts." (They  used  the  word  "science",  and  not
religion  here,  plus  giving  acceptance  of  how a person supposedly
learns, feels, and acts through the astrological birth date signs.)

   a.  Schools in the State of Washington:  CHINA  curriculum  in  the
classroom If the teachers are being taught Astrology as a science, are
these practices  being  taught  in  the classroom?  The answer is YES!
This is being taught through the history class, the  math  class,  and
social studies  class.   The teachers are introduced into this through
Washington State Schools CHINA curriculum.  This curriculum manual  is
funded  by  the  National  Institute  of  Education  for  the State of
Washington and the Superintendent of Public Schools.(printed in 1984 &
reprinted in 1988)  Frank  B.  Brouillet  was  the  superintendent  of
schools when this was introduced.  The math and social studies courses
both use  the zodiac chart: example: What sign are you?  Subject area:
Math Drill; Social Studies

   Level : Elementary

   Objectives : To practice using reference charts to find information
- To learn to calculate age or year of birth if one or  the  other  is
given - To become familiar with the astrological Zodiac and the animal
cycles  and understand their similarities and differences Through this
teaching they are familiarizing the  children  with  Eastern  Religion
which  is  illegal.  (If we can't teach Christianity, they can't teach
their religion.)


   How popular are other religions and the occult with our  elementary
schools  up  through the college campuses? "Book sales of satanism and
occult practices (ex: satanic bible) are out selling two  to  one  the
Holy Bible  in  most  college  towns.   In some places these books are
selling at a hundred to one.  Since about 1967, there has been a rapid
increase in the publication of occult books.  Some  libraries  do  not
even  stock  occult books anymore, because practicing occultists steal
them  so  rapidly,  and  it  costs  too  much  to  replace  them."  a.
"Witchcraft  started  in the school system across the nation in 1970."
"...witchcraft is being taught as an official course or as part  of  a
lecture  series  in  public  schools  all  across  the country under a
variety  of  course  titles,  including   the   `Literature   of   the
Supernatural'."  A brief survey was done showing that more than 50% of
the  nations  public  schools had introduced students to witchcraft in
one form or another.  How can they promote witchcraft in the  schools?
Because  very  few  parents  have objected to the courses or even know
they are being taught, because they don't take an interest  in  what's
happening in the schoolroom anymore."

   b.   How is this affecting our schools and teachers in the State of
Washington?  In 1986 a brochure from the Community Education  Dept  at
Antioch University  Seattle  was  sent  to  school  teachers.  In this
brochure,  "Women  and  Spirituality",   they   were   advertising   a
conference:  "Defining  Our  Commonalty Celebrating Our Diversity" The
introduction statement included: " Let there be room for those  of  us
who  have found a home for our spirit in the church, in the synagogue,
in the ashram, in nature; in the company of family, alone, or  in  the
company  of  other  women.Let  us  find  a  way  to meet: in dialogue,
meditation, ritual,  prayer  and  celebration.    As   Merida   Wexler
suggests: "in  beauty  all  around  us,  let  us  begin."  Some of the
workshops  are:  "  Liberating  Ourselves  and  Others   Through   Our
Sexuality"-  "  This  workshop  is  designed  to  discover  how  God's
revelation in Sexuality the world comes alive through  our  acceptance
and   celebration   of   both   our   own  sexuality(whether  Lesbian,
Heterosexual, or Bisexual) and that of other women.  "Women's  Ritual:
Women's Bonding"-(The instructor is Miriam Starhawk)"

   The  day  itself is structured as a ritual, a sacred time and space
we create by invoking the four elements- air, fire, water  and  earth,
which correspond  to  mind,  energy,  emotions and body.  We bring all
these aspects of ourselves to  encounter  the  Goddess  in  her  three
aspects  and to learn from each. ...The Crone teaches us about power -
how to weave  our  groups  together  in  ways  that  share  power  and
encourage each of us to take our power, to confront our fears and move
beyond  our  limitations,  to  take  action  that reshapes the world."
(Starhawk refers to the  word  `Goddesses';We  know  them  as  witches

   "Visions of the Goddesses":

   "This workshop will be an intensive personal exploration of ancient
Mediterranean  Goddess  imagery  Through  slides,  guided  meditation,
journal writing, myth-making and ritual  creation.    Please  bring  a
journal  and an object which symbolizes your connection to your female
ancestors or to the earth."

   "The Holy Prostitute": Heretical Archetype for Healing the  Nuclear
Age-  "The  original whore was a priestess, the conduit to the divine,
the one who cleansed the masculine of the blood  on  his  hands.    In
contemporary  times,  her  practice is considered an abomination while
nature is divided from spirit, body divided from mind,  and  man  from
woman; nature, body and woman are all defiled by the very philosophies
which  purport  to  elevate  consciousness."  "Reclaiming  Our Power":
"Magic, Sex and Politics"-

   "Patriarchal religion teaches that God is found outside the  world,
that spirit  is  separate from matter.  That split devalues the flesh,
the material world, nature, sexuality, and women.  It gives rise to  a
society based  on  power-over,  on  domination  and exploitation.  Yet
there is a different principle of power, based on an awareness of  all
things alive,  inherently  valuable,  sacred  and  interrelated.  This
awareness infuses the  earth-based  spiritual  traditions  of  Africa,
Native  America,  and  the  ancient European religions of the Goddess.
Its resurgence today is part of a broad movement  for  change  in  the
underlying structure of society."

   Other  workshops  were:  Rituals:  Creating  Sacred Space Ritual as
Therapy, Healing  and  Soul,  The  Goddesses  of  Ancient  Egypt,  The
Goddesses  of  Ancient  Egypt  We  Are Women Giving Birth to Ourselves
Miriam Starhawk who is one of the instructors is one  of  the  world's
most  politically  active and important witches [sic]. (She calls them
goddesses) She is a high priestess in  a  major  coven  and  has  been
politically  active  in  both  the  witches  [sic]  /  neo-pagan [sic]
movements as well as the feminist movement.  She is a frequent speaker
at New Age convocations and conferences. (Cumby, Constance - A planned
deception; p.139 (If you don't think there is power in witchcraft I'll
suggest some books, or talk to you later)

   To briefly recap the material presented so far, I would remind  you
of the International, National and local movements bringing in the New
Age  movement to our school system through the Tri-University project,
BSTEP, the  National  Education  Association,  the  National  Training
Laboratory, and   now   a  masters  degree  program.    All  of  these
organizations and projects involve the movement away  from  academics,
and the  reforming our values through behavior curriculums.  The plans
presented emphasize control over our educators and the students, along
with control over all curriculum to  leader,  economy,  and  religion.
The  movement  is  very  subtle,  so  as  not to alarm the people with
massive changes, but rather  through  gradualism  gain  acceptance  of
ideas while expanding them into the deeper roots of their New Babylon.
The  taking  away  of  Judeo-Christian  values and replacing them with
values that support the New Age philosophy did not happen over  night.
It  began  in 1962 when prayer was taken out of the schools, equalling
the removal of God, and you will remember the N.E.A. Teachers Training
Manual which included  the  use  of  influence  procedures  for  using
brainwashing techniques  was  published  in 1962.  So this has been on
going for almost 30 years now.



   Lou Tice, founder of Pacific Institute and a New Age  leader,  "NEW
Age  concepts  try  to  provide you with important life-changing tools
which are said to enable you to achieve whatever  you  truly  want  to
achieve now  and  for the rest of your life".  From a classes schedule
for a voctech school in the state of Washington."  Stir Your  Creative
Genius:.  Send  your  critic  on vacation!  Experiment, take risks and
experience your creative genius in a safe, playful atmosphere.   We'll
explore    freeflow    writing,    guided    imagery,    mind-mapping,
brain-storming, etc. ..."  "  Self-Hypnosis:  Weight  control,  stress
management,  habit elimination and creativity are some issues that can
be    dealt    with    though    self-hypnosis...."     "     Creative
Visualization/Imaging" what  is  meant  by  all  of this?  Does it all
work?  And where does the guide imagery come from?  And  is  this  all
New Age and occult?

Canfield, M.Ed..  Jack Canfield is a past-president of the Association
for Humanistic Education and has been a consultant to over 100  school
system, universities  and  mental  health  organizations."   Classroom

   1.  Creating a safe space: When students  are  participating  in  a
guide   imagery   experience   they   are   in  an  altered  state  of
consciousness.  Their brain wave activity is slowed  down...  "  Under
rules "  5  ...  occasionally a student will have a scary image.  They
need to know that you will be there to comfort them  if  they  do"  "6
Students  may  go on a detour fantasy to a favorite place if they find
the imagery becomes scary or evokes uncomfortable feelings."

   "the Law of up and down: whenever  you  take  a  student  up  in  a
imagery  experience (vie stairs, escalators, magic carpets, a balloon,
magic, etc.), you will be encouraging  the  student  to  move  into  a
higher  level  of  consciousness  which  is  generally associated with
emotional and spiritual up-liftment... inner  wisdom...ect.    On  the
other hand, taking a student down( via stairs, escalators, submarines,
tunnels,  and  below  the  sea) will more likely take the student down
into the lower unconscious part of the mind, which is  more  associate
with  negative  emotions,  the  past, repressed traumatic experiences,
unresolved conflicts, repressed aspects of the personality,  darkness,
monsters and  fear.    It  is  therefor  a  good  idea to avoid taking
students down below the ground unless you have a  clear  psychological
purpose  and  are  adequately  trained in psychodramatic techniques of
counseling such as gestalt, transactional analysis, psychosynthesis or
neurolinguistic programming.It is therefor a good idea to avoid taking
students down below the ground unless you have a  clear  psychological
purpose  and  are  adequately  trained in psychodramatic techniques of
counseling such as gestalt, transactional analysis, psychosynthesis or
neurolinguistic programming.

   The next section refers to a portion of my personal  testimony  and
the testimony  of  others.  Some will remain unnamed due to the nature
of the testimony but everything is documented.Having  been  raised  in
the  occult from a very early age we were teaching others how to teach
occult practices to others.  Of the many groups  who  came  to  us,  a
number were school teachers, but not as a group, just individuals.

   When  prayer  and  the Bible were taken out of the schools in 1962,
the moral law was removed as well.  Lawlessness set in and a  wave  of
unruliness in the classroom.  Not understanding that the Bible and God
were  the  moral  standards, teachers were looking to bring some order
and interest in learning back to the classroom.  Mind sciences  became
an  avenue to reach not only the child's mind intellectually, but even
to touch their emotions and will.  Those techniques included,different
types of meditation, visualization through guided  imagery  exorcizes,
as well as stress reduction.  Once learned, they became a way of life,
not just for the teacher but also for the student which gives both the
teacher and student no absolutes for the sky is the limit.  If you can
visualize it you can have it.

   What  happens  to  the kid who does not achieve what he visualizes?
This is what happened to me from my personal testimony.

   "I was out of control; by this I mean, with no absolutes I  was  up
when I  got  to  my goals.  But when I did not achieve my goals, I was
way down to the point of suicide.  You see when you add peer  pressure
to achieve, the child has no way to save face when they don't make the
goal.(  You  wonder  why  the  suicide  rate is going up in school age

   I was shocked to learn how blatant and how  early  in  the  child's
life they are starting the programming for achieving their goals.

   a.   From  a  day  care  run  through  a  church  there  were found
subliminal records teaching basic meditation techniques to toddlers at
rest time, and visualization under the guise of reinforcing what  they
are learning  about  colors,  shapes,  animals  etc.,  etc..    Titles
company, Educational Activities, Inc.  Box 392 Freeport, N.Y. 11520 (I
don't know whether or not they know what they are really promoting)

   b.   A fourth grader was assigned to fill out an application called
Witch and Warlock [sic] around  Halloween.    Some  of  the  questions
included; "Professional name(do not use real name), What was your past
experience?,  To  cast a spell, you must develop your own incantation.
What will be yours?, Who  is  your  favorite  witch  [sic]?,  Are  you
willing to work with vampires?  Monsters?  The bottom of the paper had
this:  Your application will be examined, and if you qualify, you will
be promptly notified." (Fun and games?  Lets see  the  progression  of
acceptance toward satanism.)

   c.   An Oregon high school student was asked to write a spell for a
composition class. (not Halloween) [Where  do  you  think  this  leads
impressionable, and inquisitive young minds?]

   d  The  following is a required reading assignment in the Snohomish
School Dist. three to four times a week.


   " Being a History of the War of the Gods and the Acts of  Belgarath
the  Sorcerer.'  "When  the  world  was  new,  the seven gods dwelt in
harmony, and the races of man were as one people.  Belar, youngest  of
the gods, was beloved by the Alorns.  He abode with them and cherished
them, and  they  prospered in his care.  The other godds also gathered
peoples about them, and each  god  cherished  his  own  people."  "But
Belar's eldest brother, Aldur, was god over no people.  He dwelt apart
from  men and gods, until the day that a vagrant child sought him out.
Aldur accepted the child as his disciple  and  called  him  Belgarath.
Belgarath  learned  the  secret  of the Will and the Word and became a
sorcerer.  In the years that followed,  others  also  sought  out  the
solitary god.    They  joined  in  brotherhood to learn at the feet of
Aldur, and time did not touch them." "Now it happened that Aldur  took
up  a  stone  in  the  shape of a globe, no larger than the heart of a
child, and he turned the stone in his hand until it  became  a  living
soul.   The  power  of  the  living jewel, which men called the Orb of
Aldur, was very great, and Aldur worked wonders with it."

   "Of all the gods, Torak was the most beautiful, and his people were
the Angaraks.  They burned sacrifices before him, calling him Lord  of
Lords,  and  Torak  found  the  smell  of  sacrifice  and the words of
adoration sweet.  The day came, however, when he heard of the  Orb  of
Aldur, and  from that moment he knew no peace."  The story goes on and
is an excellent example of fantasy given to  children  which  promotes

   e "By age 13, John fit every police description of an occultist: he
was intelligent, didn't live up to his potential, and had come from an
abusive home, loveless home.  Being only a teenager, John confused the
money  and power he desired with "love", and sought witchcraft to meet
his need for self-affirmation." "At age  16,  John  was  conjuring  up
spirits  to  assume  physical  form  and  follow the coven's orders to
"wreak whatever havoc they desired."  This particular coven, which has
since expanded throughout southern California, met in  obscure  places
and  used  codes  for  their internal communication, to evade police."
John's coven practiced "homosexual tantra"(sex magic) and  had  little
interest in  making  human or animal sacrifices.  John eventually left
the group at 19 and,  when  interviewed  at  23,  said  he  remembered
instances  where  other  covens  "took  members out" for telling group
secrets.  These victims were usually stabbed to death and their bodies
burned.  Throughout his years as a self-proclaimed sorcerer, John said
he never witnessed a ritual murder.  But his interest in Satanism took
it's toll on his life in other ways.  The young man lives in  fear  of
being discovered by members of his old coven, who wouldn't think twice
about making a public-if not gory- example of his desertion."

DOGS,  CATS--AND A TEENAGE GIRL-- TO PLEASE Satan!" "Two teenage devil
worshipers were trying to please Satan when they ate the eyeballs  and
innards  of  animals  they  slaughtered  -  and sacrificed a beautiful
teenage girl.  After swearing on a  Bible  to  tell  the  truth,  cult
leader  Terry  Belcher,  16,  told  a  shocked  jury how he and Robert
McIntyre strangled Theresa Simmons, 17, and performed a  crude  ritual
over her  lifeless  body.   Cult members who refused to participate in
the gruesome ceremony were beaten.  The  rituals  were  performed  for
power, a  ritual, the taste of blood, Belcher testified.  I got money,
power, sex, drugs, anything I wanted, he said.  It was easier  to  get
em.  It  was like Satan helped you get'em.  The two boys strangled her
with a leather bootlace after getting psyched up  listening  to  heavy
metal rock  music  by  Ozzy Osbourne, Belcher testified.  Osbourne was
one of his favorite musicians, Belcher told the jury.  He sings  about
Satan and he sings about nuclear bombs. [Note: This  is taken verbatum
from the tabloid  rag "National Enquire." The author  (myself) made it
up, receiving $35 for it. (I needed the money.)]

   g.   At  an  Edmonds school district high school we see evidence of
the culture in our area.  An example comes from the hallways  in  Nov.
88  in  the  form  of  flyers promoting:"Joey Swanson presents- Forced
Entry -- with COVEN plus DEATH SQUAD." ( At the Ballard V.F.W.)

   h.  A Washington High School student who was raped,  and  then  was
approached by a coven offering protection by magic and witchcraft.  In
the year and a half that she was in the coven, she started through sex
initiation,  animal  sacrifices,  eating  parts of the sacrifices, and
finally was to participate in human sacrifice.  She was slated to be a
breeder of babies for sacrifices to Satan.  All sacrifices  were  done
to rock music and chanting. (Pink Floyd, Ozzy Osbourne) When asked how
many  kids from her school participated in coven activity she replied,
"25% at least".

   i In the MODERN JAPAN: AN IDEA BOOK FOR K-12 TEACHERS  put  out  by
the office of the Superintendent of public instruction.  On page 1 the
unit  is called FORTUNES the level: is upper elementary, adaptable for
others grades.  Objective: students will use a variety  of  ideas  for
writing.   Materials:  copy  of  Japanese  temple  fortune;  horoscope
section from recent daily  newspaper.    Time:  one  hour.  procedure:
Brainstorm  with  students  with students ways people tray to know the
future: fortune cookies, palm reading,  crystal  balls,  tarot  cards,
horoscopes, tea leaves, etc..  In the same book on page 13 the unit is
Zen Buddhism  -  Introduction to a unit.  Level: high school or junior
high; Objectives: 1. to gather students` knowledge,  perceptions,  and
quesestions  about  ZEN  BUDDHISM.  2  To  arouse  their couiosity and
introduce them to ZEN concepts and practice.

ON  PAGE  28,  UNIT  Monkey  Tales:Grade  Level,  4th   through   7th.
Objective:   Student   will:1,   discover   some  aspects  of  Chinese
traditional literature and culture. 2, recognize that  animal  stories
are  popular  in  many  cultures.  3,  make  replicas  of Chinese fold
puppets. 4, dramatize "Monkey Tales".  Materials: 1, Teacher's copy of
"Monkey Subdues the White-Boned Demon"

   Teacher Background: The characters are mainly spirits, animals, and
monsters, and their adventure are full of drama and humor.  Four  main
characters embark  on  the journey to the west.  The first, Xuan Zang,
is based on a monk who made the perilous trip from China to  India  in
the seveth  century  to  collect and study Buddhist scriptures.  After
staying in India for seventeen years he returned to China to translate
the scripture.  He is a kindly and sincere figure in the novel.    The
main character  is  actually  Xuan  Zang's  disciple,  Monkey.   He is
cunning, mischievous, fearless, irrepressible, and loyal.  The  second
disciple is Pigsy.  Pigsy is stupid and greedy and often finds himself
the butt  of  jokes,  by he is faithful in times of danger.  The third
disciple, Sandy, is a fallen god in donkey form.   Although  he  looks
ferocious, he does not play a major part in the adventures.

   Through  the above examples, an attempt has been made to expose the
momentum toward the Occult due to Judeo-Christian values  being  taken
out  of our educational system.Although these examples are the leading
edge of the effects of the New Age  movement  on  kids,  not  everyone
being influenced  will  fall into this extreme.  The teachers who have
moral standards and values will express these  through  their  lessons
and de-emphasize  what they do not agree with.  But the curriculum can
be spread out and very subtle so that even  those  who  teach  do  not
catch on to the planned results of the New Age movement.

   There  are many teachers who still hold to the standards and values
of God who do not have Jesus as their savior.   They  don't  have  the
power  to  overcome  this  movement but those who have Jesus Christ as
their Lord can.  These teachers must seek deliverance for  their  kids
from the  Antichrist  through  prayer.  Some teachers help to curb the
degeneration of the next generation of kids, but I'm afraid  that  the
educational  process  is  converting more and more teachers to the New
Age movement  through  their  cleverly  devised  strategies.     These
teachers  are a generation, and will be creating a generation, for the
coming Antichrist and his prophet as was foretold in the Holy Bible.


   The following is out of a  5th  grade  teachers  manual.  [Positive
Action Program] OVERVIEW: Positive action is used to pry into personal
life. - "Students may use POSITIVE ACTION as opportunity to talk about
their homes and families or real life situations that are frightening,
dangerous, or illegal.  Respect confidence, but be prepared to ask for
professional  support  and  assistance  if  necessary."  (page xiii) -
"POSITIVE ACTION is intended to be  a  psychological  behavior  change
curriculum.   If  lessons are taught right, behavior changes should be
evident in all students." - "POSITIVE ACTION allows children to choose
for themselves what is best." (Ed. note: This teaches New  Age  values
and  how to control and manipulate students.In lesson three the parent
is looked on as a  hindrance  to  the  development  of  the  child.The
question  `WHO  AM  I?'  is given the answer of being `self' centered.
And `self' is God.


   3   needs--  physical  emotional  -  mental  physical  -  emotional

   School 1st.  Then family God 1st Family 2nd

   Self-centered Christ-centered - No  absolutes  Absolutes  based  on

   principles. (i.e.10 Commandments)

   Teaches  the  choice  is Honesty no matter what the cost determined
from the outcome. (If I lie, I won't get caught)  Teaches  conditional
love-God loves us unconditionally based on positive actions

   Anger is discouraged Righteous anger against sin is ok.

   Positive  Action  is  another example of using New Age philosophies
for be behavior education over academic  excellence  In  the  Positive
Action  Principles  manual  an  outline  for  responding to the common
complaints parents have regarding the program is given.  The  list  of
complaints are:

   That   Positive   Action   and  "similar  programs"  usurp  parents

   That Positive Action is a values (or values clarification) program.

   That Positive Action is presenting ideas that should  be  presented
at home or in church.

   That  Positive  Action  uses  money  that  should  be spent on "the
basics"--reading, writing, and arithmetic.

   That Positive Action is secular/humanistic education.

   Another curriculum  in  the  21st  Century  schools  is  the  China
curriculum.   This  has  already  been  adopted  throughout the school
districts.  This curriculum brings Astrology and Eastern  religion  to
the student.    The  Multicultural  and  Equity  Education  is  really
designed to introduce all religions and value behaviors as acceptable.
They are setting this generation up  for  a  fall  to  the  one  world
government, leader, and religion.

   These  programs  are  designed to question and break down our value
systems but they are not presented  in  that  light.    Rather  it  is
portrayed  as  helping  people  to  get  along  with  people,  and non
discrimination against different races, etc.  These in themselves  are
great ideals.  It's when they are gradually hooked up with homosexual,
and  lesbian  lifestyles, pornography, eastern religious practices and
New Age philosophies that the destruction of our society is  immanent.
Christians are not allowed their views or activities in the classroom,
but  the ushering in of a new religion, government, and economy is OK.
Getting along with  one  another  is  fine  but  the  curriculums  are
designed  to  let  in  destructive  values  to  our  society  that are

   As you heard, the curriculum being sold the school  districts  come
with the   arguments   parents   raise.      It   is  the  principle's
responsibility to defend these programs and  hope  that  many  parents
don't show   up  complaining.    They  have  used  the  story  of  not
understanding the parent saying `no one else has  complained'.    They
have used  this  story  even if many have complained.  It doesn't take
many people to steer a ship and cause it  to  go  the  direction  they
desire  as long as everything is in place and the crew follows orders.
I wonder how many educators would obey the orders if  they  new  where
the ship  of education is being steered.  A person who heard me on the
radio one day sent me a letter.  She wrote: "The former Superintendent
of Public Schools in Albuquerque, N.M., Dr.   Lillian  C.  Barna,  was
hired  in  May of 1988 as the new Superintendent for the Tacoma School
Dist.  I would not have been aware of this except that my husband is a
teacher in Tacoma and mentioned it to me after reading this  article."
The article referred to comes from Focus On The Family magazine. (July
88)  THEY TEACH NEW AGE IN NEW MEXICO'S SCHOOLS [One mother's campaign
against mysticism, occultism, astrologers, palm  readers  and  Tibetan

   "Susan Gurule of Albuquerque, New Mexico has learned some difficult
lessons  about  her  local  school system." "It has been more than two
years now since she discovered that her children were being introduced
to eastern meditation techniques and New Age thought by an  elementary
school councillor."  "Since  that time, she has been fighting it.  The
battle is far from won, but  there  have  been  significant  victories
along the way.

   "The  Battle Begins" In February 1986, Susan discovered her son was
being frightened by strange stories he was hearing at school.    After
carefully  questioning  him,  she learned that every other week he was
being sent to the counselor's office, and told to lie  on  the  floor.
He  was  taught  to breathe deeply and to meditate as he listened to a
series of guided fantasy tapes." "Just two weeks before  learning  all
this,  Susan had been reading Phyllis Schlafly's book, `Child Abuse in
the Classroom', so she was  aware  of  New  Age  practices  in  public
schools.   But  she  was  unaware  that  her  own  school district was

   "As she investigated, she also learned that her older daughter  had
already been learning meditation techniques for over two years-without
Susan's consent  or  knowledge.    And  her outrage increased when she
discovered her son and daughter had been told to keep  the  counseling
sessions a secret."

   "Susan  contacted  her  son's  teacher to find out why he was being
sent to counseling.  She was  told  that  all  of  the  children  were
learning  techniques  supposedly  designed  to  increase  self-esteem,
feelings of belonging,  and  reading  comprehension."  "She  took  her
objections  to  the school counselor who assured her nothing was wrong
with meditation.  The councilor asked, `Why  do  you  object  to  your
children  emptying  their  minds?'  At  that  point,  says Susan, `Our
relationship deteriorated and I didn't want my children  in  the  same
room with that counselor'."

   "After  listening  to the guided fantasy tapes, Susan realized they
were  promoting  transcendental  meditation,  a  westernized  form  of
Hinduism, as well as occultic practices, including astral projection."

   "The  program  being  used  to teach children to meditate is called
Developing Understanding of Self & Others(DUSO), published by American
Guidance Service, St.  Paul Minn.  This particular program contains 42
guided imagery lessons."

   "As she researched the DUSO program, Susan discovered another  form
of  guided  imagery  being  used  with  gifted children in Albuquerque
schools. `Flights of  Fantasy'  trains  children  to  imagine  meeting
strange  creatures  in space and encourages the children to merge with
them before returning to earth."

   "The superintendent of Public Schools in Albuquerque, Dr.   Lillian
C.  Barna,  eventually wrote to Susan and invited her to take Learning
Theory and Child Growth classes to learn  more  about  the  counseling
program.  She did- and they confirmed her worst fears." ...."She found
an ally  in  state  senator Joseph Carraro...  Carraro was outraged at
what he saw occurring under the guise  of  increasing  self-esteem  in
children.   He  eventually  led  a legislative battle to pass a Senate
resolution condemning the use of transcendental  meditation  or  other
occultic practices in New Mexico's public school system."

   "  As  he  sees it, `people say certain kids are committing suicide
because they've lost their self-esteem....they  need  to  relax  more.
They've  lost  their  self-esteem  because  thy  can't read, write and
compete.  I have a boy who doesn't need to relax any more.   He  needs
to read, write and do math, not hum a mantra'."

   The  legislature  approved  the  measure  which  condemned  New Age
practices in counseling programs. "After passage  of  the  resolution,
educators and  the  press  seemed bent on ridiculing it.  In newspaper
accounts of the controversy, educators loudly  protested  the  Senates

   Be prepared to receive ridicule if you plan to fight this movement.

   Sounds to good to To be true?  You're right!

   Through  eastern  mysticism,  and no ABSOLUTES or value system, our
society is  being  changed  to  accept  the  New  Age  answers.    The
hysterical  part  of  this  is that the New Age philosophy created the
problems that they are now trying to solve.  So now New Agers  can  be
heroes in developing answers to the problems they've created.

   With  the  only  true  God  who  gave  us  the  social  structures,
government structures, family structures,  and  individual  standards,
the problems cease to exist when these standards are followed.

   Without  the  structures  God  gave  and  with a value system being
destroyed by New Age thinking, we see the increase in alcoholism, drug
abuse, sexual immorality, all of which leads to higher divorce  rates,
which  leads  to  the  breakdown  of  the family and the love everyone
needs.  When the family unit dissolves the destructive cycle increases
and propagates itself.

   In order to bring this home to you, consider  the  teacher  in  the
Tacoma  School  Dist.  who  is  now  offering an accredited course for
teachers  through  U.PS.  The   course   is   `Teaching   for   Social
Responsibility' and instructed by Lee Landrud.  The course is promoted
like this:

   feel connected

   see different viewpoints

   think critically

   resolve conflicts so all win

   responsibly make decisions

   become agents of peaceful change

   cooperate in team learning

   learn meditation skills

   Quote:  "  We can enable students to feel they have responsibility,
power, and ability to influence their world.  The goals of this course
are to explore ways of helping our students to

   The Tacoma teacher, Lee Landrud, is building a  library  of  varied
and  field-tested  curriculum  materials  and makes these available to
teachers.  Where is the field  testing  of  these  curriculums  taking
place?   Your school? [remember the subliminal records used in the Day
Care Program bringing subliminal messages and  progressive  relaxation

   The Tacoma freshman health class requirements include: "Learning to
Relax".  "simple  technique  for  reducing  stress  is the progressive
relaxation technique.  See the Health handbook.."

   To get a picture of how this outline hooks up the  curriculum  with
Eastern  religions, consider YOGA, the essence of spirituality for all

   To the  Hindu,  the  circle  of  reincarnation  is  punishment  and
suffering that  they must escape.  Their goal is to break this vicious
cycle through YOGA. YOGA means: yoke, or union with God.

   Kundalini Yoga is the serpent force which they believe is coiled at
the base of the spine.  Westerners don't use the  term  `serpent'  but
rather use  the term `energy'.  The goal is to force the serpent force
through the chakras, or the spines  psychic  channels,  releasing  the
kundalini force within us to receive psychic powers and become divine.

   Raja  Yoga, or meditation of the mind, is to look into ones self to
find the true self and in finding true self  is  finding  God.    This
uniting  with  God is understood better by knowing that the guru's are
considered Christ or the Christ Spirit  incarnate.    But  in  Matthew
24:23-24 Jesus gives us warning about false Christs.

   The  Mantra  is a word, usually a Hindu god, given by a Yoga master
to chant.  This is used to clear the mind to become united with the so
called deities which are really demons.  The purpose in their minds is
to become united with God to realize that we are really God.

   In the Tacoma School Dist. health program is  the  chapter  called:
"Stages in Accepting Death."Elizabeth Kubler-Ross, a psychiatrist, has
worked with  hundreds  of  dying patients and their families.  She has
tried to better understand what a person goes  through  in  coming  to
grips with  his  or  her own death."  To understand the true Elizabeth
Kubler-Ross and know what she's teaching, the book  Unholy  Sacrifices
of the New Age gives us examples.

   She says, "This work with dying patients has also helped me to find
my  own religious identity, to know that there is life after death and
to know that we will be reborn again one day in order to complete  the
tasks we have not been able or willing to complete in this lifetime."

   Kubler-Ross   not   only   believes  in  reincarnation  but,  as  a
Universalist, believes that everyone goes to Heaven (when pinned  down
to specifics on national television, she said that Adolf Hitler was in
Heaven.Do  you  see  the  connection  between  Hinduism,Yoga  and  the
curriculum the New Age movement has been promoting?

   The educators have been deceived through a carefully  devised  plan
to take  over  our  society and culture.  In 1966 at the International
Hindu Conference a strategy was devised by leading Hindu's to  convert
the world.  TM was chosen to counter the `demon' of Christianity.  The
guru's  were  the  1st  line of attack and they in turn influenced the
music world.  The Beetles were the 1st major band with  a  world  wide
audience to  promote  the doctrines of the guru's.  The strategy seems
to have infiltrated all areas of society and have become the  ambition
of  the New Agers to indoctrinate a whole generation to usher in their


   Teachers who have Jesus in their lives seem to emphasize  only  the
positive  values  of  God  in the curriculums and de-emphasize New Age
philosophy.  But  the  teachers  who  have  no  understanding  of  the
conflict  of  beliefs being fought in our society are easy targets for
deception.  The educators who  have  already  been  indoctrinated  and
filled with this movement's deceptions will do anything to promote and
fulfill  the  call  upon  them  as  agents  of  change for the New Age

   Marilyn Ferguson writes in The Aquarian Conspiracy about "what  she
found  in  the  deepest  roots  of our educational system; she quotes:
"There are a lot of us in the woodwork."  He was referring to a  loose
coalition  of  conspirators  in  agencies and on Congressional staffs.
Within the Department of Health,  Education  and  Welfare,  innovators
have  created  informal  rap  groups  to  share  their  strategies for
slipping new ideas into a resistant system  and  to  give  each  other
moral support."

   "Concepts  that  might  otherwise  appear  `far  out'  can be given
legitimacy by a single federally funded program.    The  grant  making
apparatus  of  government  determines fashion in some research fields.
This aura of legitimacy is fostered here  and  there  by  conspirator-
bureaucrats."Some  of  the research projects that were funded include:
meditation, biofeedback, psychic phenomena,  and  alternative  medical
approaches. ( Funded by the Dept. of Defense)

   The  resistant  system  that  these  people  refer  to comes from a
society that followed as a standard the moral and spiritual guidelines
given in Gods Holy Word.  Their strategies to change our culture  have
obviously been   very   effective.      We   as  a  nation  have  been
systematically brainwashed through years of propaganda so that  we  do
not  know  how we came to the new understandings that we have accepted
as truth.  But I know only one truth that is everlasting in nature and
shall never pass away Brethren, I would ask you to make a  stand  like
Joshua  made  when  confronting  the children of Israel and their many
gods: " As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord" (Joshua 24:15)

   God gave fair warning to the house of Israel that they  should  not
serve other  gods.    His  judgement  would  be  upon  them  for their
transgressions.  Isaiah gives us an idea of the judgement  of  God  on
the  people  for their harlotry to other gods: Isaiah 47:12-14 " Stand
now with thine enchantments, and with the multitude of thy  sorceries,
wherein thou hast laboured from thy youth; if so be thou shalt be able
to profit,  if  so  be  thou  mayest prevail.  Thou art wearied in the
multitude of thy counsels.  Let now the astrologers,  the  stargazers,
the  monthly prognosticators, stand up and save thee from these things
that shall come upon thee.  Behold, they shall be as stubble; the fire
shall burn them; they shall not deliver themselves from the  power  of
the  flame:  There  shall  not  be  a coal to warm at, not fire to sit
before it."

   The globalists pride in their visions have blinded them  about  the
only  true  God,  and  the  destruction this is bringing to our youth.
They are so exuberant in their  mind  games  and  want  to  see  these
fantasies  come  about that they are running toward the destruction of
themselves and our society.  Unfortunately a few people and groups are
responsible for the agenda in the Northwest,and we are all affected by

   In an article: "Where do we go  from  here",  Dee  Dickinson  says:
"Already, throughout the U.S., positive educational change is underway
and  successes  are  becoming  more visible." ( Are these the positive
changes that we are  seeing  from  the  few  examples  above,  or  the
teaching  of  our  educators")through  a  new  masters  degree program
bringing in the occult?  All of this is promoted through  the  schools
for the  21st Century.  But note that this is a master plan far higher
than our duped Washington State school  system.  (Of  course  we  must
realize  that  the  New Agers will imply that Christians are duped and
they will not realize that they are helping in bringing about the  end
times as  described  in the book of Revelation.  They are pawns in the
hands of their masters, and I believe that most do not know  who  they


   Who  are they that use our tax dollars to put mystical spirituality
back into the schools?

   Dee Dickinson, founder and director of New Horizons  for  Learning.
New  Horizons  For  Learning with the Washington Education Association
designed the Arts in Education degree program at  Antioch  University.
Antioch  with  the education program put on the Women and Spirituality

   The New Horizons For Learning and co-sponsors of these  conferences
are an eye opening realization of how much power is behind this.

   a.  Western Washington University

   b.  Washington State School Directors Association

   c.  State Board of Education

   d.  Office of the Superintendent of Public Instruction

   e.  Pacific Lutheran University

   f.  Washington Education Association

   g.  Washington Association of Deans and Directors.

   New Horizons For Learning presented a conference called: - Creating
Our   Future  in  Education  Conference  III.  "This  conference  will
demonstrate the  practical  application  of  this  information  across
settings-   in   schools,   colleges   and   universities,  homes  and

   "WHY CHANGE? - These distinguished  futurists  will  discuss,  from
unique  perspectives,  their  view of the world today and the critical
importance of broadly based educational systems that can help students
to  develop  in  mind,  body,  and  spirit."  (at   Pacific   Lutheran
University, Tacoma WA)

   Another  of  the  other  conferences  presented by New Horizons For
give you an idea of how much support this teaching institute has, here
is a list of the Co-sponsors:

   a.  IBM

   b.  Public Broadcasting Service

   c.  Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development

   d.  Education Commission of the States

   e.   The  John  F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts Education

   f.  National alliance for Arts Education

   g.  The Boeing Company

   h.  American Association of Colleges for Teacher Education

   i.  National Education Association

   j.  American Federation of Teachers

   k.  National Learning Center

   l.  Institute of Cultural Affairs

   m.  National School Board Association

   n.  George Mason University. (from conference brochure)

   The New Age agenda is  rapidly  being  accepted  by  very  powerful
groups  through  brainwashing  programs, and the visions given through
their programs.  Take note however that  these  groups  would  not  be
overly duped unless they were looking for new ways and ideas that left
God out and gave esteem to themselves.

   Read 1Tim 4:1 - Doctrines of devils.

   The  opinion  of  New  Horizons for Learning about themselves is as
follows. "Five years ago, New Horizons for  learning  coordinated  the
highly  acclaimed  conference, `The Coming Education Explosion' at the
Tarrytown Center in New York.  Since then, Three  conferences  in  the
`Creating   our   Future   In   Education'  series  have  resulted  in
international as well as national steps  toward  positive  educational
change.""Directed  by  Dee  Dickinson,  New Horizons For Learning is a
non-profit organization supported by memberships  and  foundation  and
corporate support.   Contributors include:The Boeing Company, Chevron,
U.S.A., Medinal Foundation,  The  Northwest  Area  Foundation,  Safeco
Insurance  Co., Seafirst Bank, The Seattle Foundation, The Wyman Youth

   Do the above sponsors really know who they  support?    Channelers,
witches, [sic] spiritistic and others?  I doubt it.  To sum up, I have
attempted  to  show through international, national, and local levels,
the conspiracy to take us into a New World society and religion.  They
have been gradually changing our educational system, with  the  intent
to change  a  whole generation.  There are other parts which put their
vision together, but they are in no hurry to alarm us.  They gradually
indoctrinate us with building blocks that tend to build absolute trust
in their followers and acceptance by their user community.

   The picture  I  have  drawn  seems  to  be  so  immense  that  it's
unstoppable.   But I truly believe by turning to God and away from sin
that God will heal our land.  My hope is that like the Kings of Israel
there were good and bad Kings.  When the Kings  led  the  people  into
rebellion  against  God, His judgement came upon the nation of Israel.
But when the king led the people back to God, God restored the people,
land, prosperity, and security to the nation of Israel.  And sometimes
God stayed the judgement due the Israelites while restoration and  the
people were  humbling  themselves  before  God.   We know that the one
world government, one world  leader,  one  world  economy,  one  world
religion will  take  place  in  the  end  times.  But God may stay the
judgement against us if we continually seek Him and ask  Him  for  our
people and our land.  This may cause revival to take place which turns
our nation  around,  and stays the end time judgements against us.  If
nothing else, may we be as the church of Philadelphia in the  book  of
Revelations.  The church of brotherly love didn't have much power, but
loved God and our fellow man.

   Action is needed by finding out what your children are being taught
in school  and  how  it  lines  up  with the word of God.  Lets become
responsible for our children and their upbringing, not leaving  it  up
to someone else.  Through this outline, I've given you information and
examples to make you aware of the plans for this generation.  So above
all  prayer,  along  with  fasting  to God, to make the way, clear the
path, open the minds and hearts of the educators and the children.  We
hope for a change in our educational system and  society,  to  reflect
Godly principles for the salvation of our people and land.

   Having  been  raised  in all the disciplines above and more, having
been a channeler from the age of 5 and up, studying under many of  the
great disciplines,  I  still  found  no  peace.  I found myself out of
control and no way out but suicide to complete my tasks  not  obtained
in this life.  Not until someone reached out to me, with nail holes in
His hands did  I  find  true peace.  Jesus Christ.  He is the way, the
truth and the life and no one goes to  the  Father  but  through  Him.
Anyone  who tries to go to God in any way, other than the sacrifice of
Jesus Christ, is deceived.  To those who may think  that  God  is  the
universe  and in everything as compared to the creator of the universe
and all things created by Him think  about  this.    The  evolutionary
theory  encompasses  both the agnostic person who doesn't believe in a
god and it is also integral to the `god is in everything'  theologies.
Through  the  science  of facts and not the science of theories, it is
shown that there is not one piece of evidence to prove evolution.   It
amazes me to see evolution so widely taught as facts when not even one
piece of  evidence  has  been  shown  to  support the theory.  Factual
science on the other hand fits very nicely with the creation story  as
told in the Bible.

   One example is the showing up of complicated life forms all at once
in the  fossil  evidence.  Not one evolutionary advancement from lower
life forms exists in the fossil record.  There  is  always  cause  and
effect  in  everything, and fossil evidence does not support evolution
but it does support creation.

   Through the prophets of God came the understanding of a  person  to
come  that  was to be the savior of mankind from the eternal judgement
which would be the lake that burns with fire.  The  lake  of  fire  is
another  creation  of  God's for the rebellion of Satan and his angels
and all who do not have the forgiveness of sin through Jesus Christ.

   The fulfillment of the prophesies concerning the Christ  was  shown
in the  life and death of Jesus the Christ.  The love and grace of God
will be shown throughout all  eternity  by  the  church,  as  the  New
Jerusalem, spoken  of in Revelations.  Throughout all of Gods creation
there will never be a rebellion against God again throughout eternity.
The lake that burns with fire showing His judgement against  rebellion
on  one  side and the New Jerusalem showing his loving kindness to all
who accept and love Him on the other side.

   A philosopher by the name of Hegel was the basis of both Karl  Marx
in the political and the economics of communism, and Adolf Hitler with
National Socialism.   Hegal taught that the state did not have to obey
moral laws or even have to keep agreements.  And Well On Planet Earth'
says, "According to the Hegelian  thought,  everything  was  relative.
This  gave  man  an  approach  to truth, an approach to life, in which
there were no absolutes, only terms  of  relativity."  "Absolutes  are
unchangeable  truths  from  which you can reason from cause to effect.
In relative thinking you are dealing with subjective thought in  which
cause and   effect   have   no   part.     Relativity  is  based  upon
changeableness.  When you think in this manner, you say, `Well, how do
you feel about it now?'"

   Even as the first Babylon had no absolutes  through  the  rebellion
Nimrod,  so  has  our society been driven by the forces of the New Age
movement into the New Babylon as foretold in Revellations 17.  And  in
Revellations 18 the judgement of God is pronounced upon her saying,

   "And  a  strong  angel  took  up a stone like a great millstone and
threw it into the sea, saying,`Thus will Babylon, the great  city,  be
thrown down with violence, and will not be found any longer." "And the
sound  of harpists and musicians and flute players and trumpeters will
not be heard in you any longer; and no craftsman of any craft will  be
found  in you any longer; and the sound of a mill will not be heard in
you any longer; and the light of a lamp will  not  shine  in  you  any
longer; and the voice of the bridegroom and bride will not be heard in
you  any  longer;  for your merchants were the great men of the earth,
because all the nations were deceived by your sorcery.  And in her was
found the blood of prophets and of saints and of  all  who  have  been
slain on the earth."

   And  judgement  will come to the New Babylon but the love of God is
shown to His saints through Christ Jesus.  As it is written, " That at
the name of Jesus every knee should bow, of those who are  in  heaven,
and  on  earth,  and  under  the  earth,  and that every tongue should
confess that Jesus Christ is Lord, to the glory of  God  the  Father."
(Phil 2:10-11) And then in 1Jn 1:5-10:

   "This  then  is the message which we have heard of Him, and declare
unto you, that God is light, and in Him is no darkness at all.  If  we
say  that  we  have fellowship with Him, and walk in darkness, we lie,
and do not the truth: But if we walk in the light, as  He  is  in  the
light,  we  have  fellowship  one with another, and the blood of Jesus
Christ his Son cleanseth us from all sin.  If we say that we  have  no
sin, we  deceive ourselves, and the truth is not in us.  If we confess
our sins, he is faithful and just to  forgive  us  our  sins,  and  to
cleanse us  from  all  unrighteousness.    If  we say that we have not
sinned, we make Him a liar, and his word is not in us." (1Jn 1:5-10)

   The  New  Age  is  essentially  all  the  modern  day  occult-based
philosophies and  practices  rolled up in to one world religion.  This
wide range of spirt worship, Eastern mysticism,  Mind-scince  religion
and avant-garde  psychology.    Its  essence  "oneness" or god-within.
Thus people have to look no further than themselves for all of  life's

   AKASHA:  Sanskrit,  a  Hindu  term  meaning  the stuff of which the
spiritual realm  is  composed.    It  is  very  sensitive  to   mental
manipulation.   Psychics are believed to be able to "read" the akashic
records and determine what people did in their past lives.

   ASTROLOGY:  One  of  the  most  ancient  and   popular   forms   of
fortune-telling  or  divination.Much  of  the  New  Age  is  based  on
astrological beliefs.  It basically is the belief that the position of
stars and planets at the moment of your birth have an effect on  one's

   AQUARIAN: Derived from one astrological sign, "Aquarius." [sic] New
Age  dogma  teaches  that  the older "age" of Pisces (another sign) is
coming to an end.  It's symbol was the fish, and its keyword  was  "To
Believe."   Hence,  Christianity  was  the key religion of the Piscean
age.  This age is  now  finishing,  to  be  replaced  by  the  Age  of
Aquarius, whose  keyword  is:  "To  know."  Thus, scientific knowledge
will replace faith.  This is why so much New Age belief is couched  in
pseudo-scientific jargon.

   AURA:  The  halo  of  either negative or positive energy supposedly
radiated by each living thing.  The aura changes color depending  upon
the state  of  the  being and can be seen, felt and analyzed.  It also
can be adjusted to replace negative energy with positive energy.   The
science  of reading auras, called "Radiathesia," is supposedly used to
do psychic readings and to diagnose physical ailments.

   Bio Feedback A quasi-scientific  technique  using  a  form  of  the
electro-encephalogram  machine  to train people to control their brain
waves.  Used for relaxation or stress management,  but  also  used  to
induce altered states of consciousness.  Often called "The YOGA of the

   CHANGE  AGENTS:  (or  "agents  of  change")  This  is  a term found
commonly in New Age  literature,  especially  referring  to  teachers,
social workers,  counselors,  etc.    These  people  are viewed by the
movement as being primary agents for bringing about transformations in
the way our children  think  and  respond.    Thus,  New  Age-oriented
educators, etc., are viewed as "secret agents" operating with a hidden
agenda toward their pupils or clients.  This agenda is essentially the
destruction  of  traditional morality and religion and its replacement
with New Age doctrine (see critical thinking)

   CREATE YOUR OWN REALITY: A common catch-phrase in the movement.  It
is the idea  that  reality  is  somehow  "plastic"  or  malleable  and
ultimately only  exists in a spiritual form.  Therefore, you can alter
your reality by mind-power.

   Channeling: Channeling as defined by David  Spangler,  one  of  the
world's  leading New Age thinkers:"Channeling is a phenomenon in which
a physical person enters an altered state of consciousness  and  lends
his  or her mind and /or body (depending on the technique employed) to
be used by a non-physical entity in  order  to  communicate  from  its
level of  existence  to  ours."   A person who is totally yielded to a
spiritual entity that Channeling speaks through the person.    Another
term for  channeler  is  `Medium'.    Critical  Thinking:  A  thinking
discipline that removes  all  prior  learned  judgement  systems  from
individual upbringings  within  the family environment.  This includes
all values including morals, church  teachings,  or  standards.    The
group  within  the teaching environment then determines the standards,
morals, etc.  for  themselves.    Another  term  for  this  is  values
clarification.   Values  are clarified through group decisions with no
absolutes.  Cooperative Learning: Group  accountability  and  not  the
individual being responsible for his or her own work.  NOTE: God holds
individuals accountable for what they do and not a group.

   CHRIST  SPIRIT:  (or  Christ-self) This is the higher power part of
self that knows all and can be consulted for wisdom.  This "christ" is
considered an energy but not a person.  It was not  unique  to  Jesus,
but  "rested"  on many great teachers, and can, to a greater or lesser
degree, rest within anyone.  It  can  be  reached  through  meditation
exercises and   mantras.      Also  called  the  higher  self,  christ
consciousness, oversoul, mother soul, and guide.

   CRYSTALOMANCY: Originally, a method of divination by gazing into  a
crystal ball  or  mirror.   Visions of the future supposedly appear in
the crystal.  In recent years, the use of crystals in the New Age  has
mushroomed.   Crystals are now believed to be able to convey energy or
information; and carrying them is supposed to bring health,  power  or
good fortune, depending on the type of crystal.

   A Global Society Moving oneself into a society that is one culture,
one religion, one leader, and becoming just another person, or number.
The blurring or destruction of all national or religious boundaries is
implied.   Not  so  evident is the desire of the "globalist" to have a
one world political-economic-religious government under one "all-wise"

   Occult   Healing   Practices:   Homeopathy,   hypnosis   (including
subliminals),   pendulums,   magnetic   healing,   polarity   therapy,
iridology, acupuncture, the use of crystals or pyramids.  All of these
practices (with the possible exception of  acupuncture)  have  dubious
scientific  bases,  and  claim to deal with spiritual energy fields in
the body.  They are all rooted in pagan/occult world views.    A  good
rule  is:  If  there  is  no  scientifically measurable reason for the
therapy to work, or if it claims to  work  on  "polarity"  or  "energy
balancing," you  should stay away from it.  Yoga and the Martial Arts:
Rooted  in  Hinduism  or  Taoism,  both  Oriental,  pagan   religions.
Involves  opening  the  soul  up to supernatural power called siddhis,
prana or chi, even at the intermediate levels.    Tantric  yoga,  Raja
Yoga,  and  internal martial arts like Aikido, Hsing I and Pa Kua Kung
Fu or Tai Chi Chuan are especially dangerous.

   Meditation,  stress  reduction:   Although   there   is   Christian
meditation, it  involves  reflecting  on God's Word.  What concerns us
are meditation and stress reduction that involve emptying your mind or
"centering."  Such concepts are being taught as stress techniques, and
while they seem to work, they are also an open door for  any  sort  of
demonic influence  which wishes to come in.  We are talking here about
guided imagery, visualization, and progressive relaxation  techniques.
This  is  also  true  of  OOBE (Out of the Body Experiences) or astral
projection.  If you aren't "in" your body or mind, then who (or  what)

   KARMA:  A  Sanskrit  term  (Hindu)  which basically means cause and
effect.  Anything you do, good or evil, will come back to youŅin  this
life or  in  your  next  life  or  "incarnation."  Reincarnation is an
implicit assumption of karma.  When  you  finally  eliminate  all  bad
karma  from  hundreds  of  lives, you transcend the wheel of karma and
melt  into  Buddha-hood,   the   Atman,   or   God-consciousness   all
individuality is  lost  then.    This  is  the  goal  of  most New Age
disciples who believe in karma.

   Kundalini Yoga is the serpent force which they believe is coiled at
the base of the spine.  Westerners don't use the  term  `serpent'  but
rather use  the term `energy'.  The goal is to force the serpent force
through the chakras, or the spines  psychic  channels,  releasing  the
kundalini force within us to receive psychic powers and become divine.

   MANTRA:  A  special  word,  often in the Sanskrit language, but not
necessarily.  This word is chanted repeatedly to induce some  sort  of
change in  consciousness.  Quite often the mantras used in Yoga, names
of Hindu gods (demons), and the chanting of the mantra will invoke the
god and bring him into your body.

   MASTERS, ASCENDED: Most New Age people believe that we  are  guided
by a highly evolved, perfected hierarchy of spiritual entities who are
invisible, but who educate us through dreams, psychic experiences, and
through channelers.    Jesus  is  said  to be one Ascended Master, but
there are others, like Maitreya or  Sanat  Kumara,  who  are  greater.
Their teachings are not to be questioned.

   RAINBOW:  Although  the  rainbow  is  a  Biblical  symbol  of God's
covenant faihtfulness (Gen 9:13), its beauty and charm have made it  a
popular symbol  within  the New Age.  This does not mean that everyone
who uses a rainbow is in the New Age.  However, the use of the rainbow
as symbol should be looked at.  To the New Age person, the rainbow  is
symbolic of the Abtahkarana, or Rainbow Bridge over which the initiate
must travel  to attain godhood.  Maitreya, the New Age Christ, is said
to be the primary transmitter of "rainbow energies," as well.  Another
common New Age use of the rainbow is as a  symbol  of  many  different
religions and  races  blending  together into one unified whole.  This
uses the metaphor of the prism, where white light  is  refracted  into
many colors.    Thus, the rainbow here is used to symbolize how we all
have fragments of God-ness within us and are all one entity.

   REINCARNATION: A cardinal doctrine of the  New  Age,  this  teaches
that  no  one  ever really dies, but rather you go through hundreds of
lifetimes in which you gradually perfect yourself by  eliminating  bad
karma and attaining God-consciousness.  Thus, if they don't get it all
together in  this  life,  they  will have others ahead.  Raja Yoga, or
meditation of the mind, is to look into ones self  to  find  the  true
self and  in  finding true self is finding God.  This uniting with God
is understood better by knowing that the guru's are considered  Christ
or the  Christ  Spirit incarnate.  But in Matthew 24:23-24 Jesus gives
us warning about false Christs.  Realization Techniques- which  is  TM
(Transcendental  Meditation):  Through  vibrations  you open your mind
channels to spirit beings to  find  your  godhead.  (In  chanting  the
Mantras, you are often chanting to Hindu deities which are demons.)

   SPIRITUAL ENTITY: A non-human spirit being.  Usually these entities
speak  through  channelers  (mediums)  and  claim  to  be  masters  or
Boddhisatvas (saints) who have completely escaped the wheel  of  karma
and are now perfected beings.  They communicate with humans to help us
grow spiritually.    According  to  the  Bible,  these  are angels who
rebelled against GodŅor demons.  Also known as a Spirit guide

   TAROT: Divination or fortunetelling with a deck of cards specifical
designed to tell the future.  New Agers believe  that  information  on
the future comes from the higher consciousness.

   UNIVERSAL  MIND:  This doctrine draws heavily from Hinduism and the
theories of the occult psychiatrist Carl Jung.  It teaches that we are
all part of a universal super-mind which permeates all things.    This
mind  has all the collective memories of the race and can, if properly
tapped, be the source of eternal wisdom.  It is  a  similar,  but  not
identical  concept  to  the  Christ spirit; and it is very akin to the
"Force" of the Star Wars movies.

   VALUES CLARIFICATION: An  educational  strategy  common  in  school
curricula  promoted  by  New  Age  theorists, this concept essentially
trains students to discard all values of family or church and  instead
use  moral  values  arrived  at  through consensus among classmates or
situation ethics.  Usually these values are utterly at odds with  what
has been  taught  the  child  at  home.  Pragmatism (end justifies the
means) and lack of moral absolutes are encouraged.  See also  critical

   VISUALIZATION:Making something real by imagining it into existence.
Also  know as guided imagery, visualization assumes that consciousness
has the power to create reality

   YOGA: The self realization of the God within you is the essence  of
Yoga.  You look within yourself to find your true self, and in finding
your true self you find God.

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