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        In investigating events surrounding the massacre at Waco, I have
made some rather startling discoveries.  For instance, I discovered that
three of the four ATF agents killed during the initial seige at Waco had
been Bill Clinton's bodyguards during his presidential campaign.  Film
footage from the initial seige (which can be seen in the video tape,
"Waco, the Big Lie"), shows an ATF agent throwing a grenade and shooting
a machine gun into the room where three other ATF agents have just
entered a window. In other words, this footage appears to show that these
agents were assasinated.  In the March 3, 1993, Dallas Morning News, all
three of the agents who went into the window on the roof of the Branch
Davidian house at Mt. Carmel were reported by the ATF to have been
killed inside.  This certainly seemed curious, as did the connections to
Waco of numerous highly placed government officials.  Curiouser and
        A former CIA agent and a former FBI agent both told me to begin
 checking into the body count around Hillary and Bill Clinton, during
 Clinton's rise to governor of Arkansas and since he has become
 President.  With just a little preliminary research of the period just
 prior to the election through the present, I found 21 people who
 Clinton knew personally, many of whom he knew intimately, and several
 who had been his escorts or bodyguards, all of whom had died under
 mysterious circumstances or been ki "accidental" airplane or helicopter
                         CLINTON BODY COUNT

(Not including 96 Branch Davidians murdered in Waco, Texas, Feb. 28,
1993 through April 19, 1993):


+ 2             July 30, 1992, C. Victor Raiser II, 52, the national
finance co-chairman of the Clinton for President campaign, and his son,
R. Montgomery Raiser, 22, were among five (5) people killed July 30 in a
crash of a private plane near Dillingham, Alaska. Vincent Raiser was a
past national finance chairman of the Democratic National Committee, and
he served on the boards of the Democratic Business Council and the
Center for National Policy and the board of advisers of the Democratic
Leadership Counc native of Indianapolis, he graduated from Princeton
University and received a law degree from the University of Virginia. He
worked in Buffalo before moving to Washington in 1979.  He was a
specialist in communications and corporate law and consultant to the law
firm of Jones Day Reavis & Pogue until 1991.  He was chairman of the
American Mobile Satellite Corp., a telecommunications development
company in Washington, and vice chairman of Mobile Telecommunication
Technologies Corp. of Jackso n, Miss., a pagin g and voice messaging
company. Its main subsidiary in Washington is SkyTel Corp., a paging
company. [Reported in OBITUARIES, "D.C. Lawyer C.V. Raiser II And Son
Die," The Washington Post, August 01, 1992, FINAL Edition, Section:
METRO, p. b07.]

+ 1     July 21, 1993 (UPI): Vincent Foster, A top legal aide to
President Clinton was announced to have "committed suicide in a park
outside Washington," by the White House.
        In a statement, White House press secretary Dee Dee Myers said
Vince Foster Jr., 48, the White House deputy counsel, was found dead in
a suburban Virginia park, apparently killed by a self-inflicted gunshot
wound.   Foster, originally from Hope, Ark., like Clinton, had come to
Washington from the law firm of Hillary Rodham Clinton.
        No note was found near the body, which was discovered by local
authorities in Fort Marcy Park, near Fairfax, Va., officials said, nor
was any possible reason Foster might have taken his life put forward.
        Foster most recently was involved in the administration's
so-called Travelgate scandal, involving the abrupt firing of seven
longtime employees from the White House travel office and the hiring of
a distant cousin of Clinton's.
        An internal investigation by White House chief of staff Thomas
McLarty documented Foster's involvement in the process, which included
contacts with the first lady on the subject of possible criminal
wrongdoing. But Foster was not among the four White House staffers
reprimanded for their roles in the dismissals.
        Foster was among those responsible for initiating a private
audit, then an FBI investigation of the matter. [Also reported in "Park
Police To Conduct Inquiry 'Routine' Probe Set On Foster's Death," The
Washington Post, July 27, 1993, FINAL Edition By: Michael Isikoff,
Washington Post Staff Writer, Section: A SECTION, p. a08.]
        Foster was purportedly speaking with an Editor at a Washington
newspaper prior to his death.  He was found shot in the back of the head
with a 1913 Colt .38 revolver which he did not own.  The revolver had no
serial number, even though all Colt revolvers since the late 1800's have
had serial numbers except a special series issued to the CIA.  Foster
advised the Clinton's on their finances.  There are presently at least
two bank scandals that are emerging from Little Rock Arkansas, involving
banks in which the Clintons have an interest.  Additionally, it is now
well established that gun and drug running out of Mena, Arkansas, via
CIA's Evergreen Aviation and Pat Foley's Summit Aviataion has fuelled
political coffers for sometime, as the beneficiaries turned a blind eye.
Perhaps Foster was privy to this information, among others.

+ 1     June 22, 1993, the partially decomposed body of Paul Wilcher, a
49-year-old investigative lawyer, was found on a toilet in his Capitol
Hill apartment in Washington, D.C.  At the time of his death, he was
investigating the "October Surprise" conspiracy during the 1980 federal
election campaign.  He had been interviewing an inmate who claimed to
have piloted George Bush to Paris so he could secretly seek to delay the
release of 52 American hostages in Iran. [Reported in the "Autopsies
delayed as body count rises," The Washington Times, Thursday, July 15,
1993, By: Brian Reilly - Edition: Final Section: A Page: A1.] Not
mentioned in this article are other facts.  Prior to his death, Wilcher
had recently spoken with John Parsons, a producer of syndicated
television programs, about making a documentary of his findings.  He had
also spoken with John Vassillos, the attorney for CIA operative Mike
Riconosciuto. Riconosciuto claims he was involved in a web of
underworld, CIA, and Department of Justice dealings, revealed in
allegations brought by a computer company called Inslaw Inc. that the
Justice Department had st s software product, "Promis," then driven the
firm into bankruptcy and that the program had been sold to countries all
over the world by persons affiliated with then attorney-general Ed
Meese. Riconosciuto says that the program was provided to Wackenhut
Corp. of Coral Gables, FL, and that Wackenhut hired 50 of the world's
top programmers to modify the code of the software at the Southern
California Cabazon Indian reservation. Riconosciuto also has detailed
his involvement in gun running and drug dealing conducted out of Mena,
Arkansas. Danny Casalero, 44, a reporter who was investigating the
Inslaw scandall and had spoken with Riconosciuto, was found murdered in
a hotel bathtub in Washing C. in 1991, the day after telling friends and
family that was about to receive material that would provide him with
documentation linking Inslaw to October Surprise and the Iran-Contra
scandals. Paul Wilcher was also investigating these same links, as well
as their connection to the deaths of the ATF agents and Branch Davidians
at Mt. Carmel at the time of his own death.


        Both the Carrier Roosevelt and the 1st Armored Division figure
prominantly in a "Nato Peacekeeping Plan" for Serbia/Bosnia.  Both also
figure prominantly in three separate crashes, killing more than a dozen
people associated with Clinton [Reported in "All Plans Include Key Navy
Role Virginian-Pilot" (Norfolk, VA) (VP) - Saturday, May 8, 1993, By:
Phyllis W. Jordan, Edition: FINAL Section: FRONT Page: A8.] And
interestingly, the commanders of both the Roosevelt and the 1st Armored
Division either die re replaced in late February or early March, 1993,
as did personnel involved in escorting or guarding Clinton on the
Carrier Roosevelt:

+ 4     February 23, 1993: Maj.  Gen.  Jarrett J.  Robertson, 52, the
deputy commanding general of V Corps, died when an Army UH-60 Blackhawk
helicopter crashed as it attempted to land at Wiesbaden air base
February 23, 1993.  V Corps is an armored force headquartered in nearby
Frankfurt, and is the U.S. Army's chief combat component in Europe which
currently has troops in Somalia and a medical unit in Croatia.  Also
killed were Col. William J. Densberger, 47, the corps' chief of
operations and plans; Col. Robert J. Kelly, 48, its chief of
intelligence; and Spec. Gary L. Rhodes, 23, the helicopter crew chief.
The officers were returning from a meeting at the U.S. European Command
headquarters in Stuttgart when their Blackhawk fell suddenly to the
ground not far from the Wiesbaden air base's control tower and burst
into flames.[Reported in "U.S. General, Aides Die in Helicopter Crash in
Germany," The Washington Post, February 25, 1993, FINAL Edition, By:
Special to The Washington Po st, Section: A SECTION, p. a14.]

        And we now have the entire U.S. 1st Armored Division, in this
same European Command, under the direct control of a German general.

        On March 2, 1993, Rear Adm. L.E. Allen Jr. relieved Rear Adm.
Frederick L. Lewis as commanding officer of Carrier Group 4 and
Commander Carrier Striking Force on March 2, 1993, in Norfolk, Va.
(which includes the USS Roosevelt).  Allen was formerly stationed in
Washington, D.C., where he served as deputy director for operations on
the Joint Chiefs of Staff.  Lewis was reassigned to a land job as
commander of Naval Doctrine Command, which later became operational on
March 12.  [Reported in "COMMAND C " VIRGINIAN-PILOT (Norfolk, VA) (VP)
- Tuesday, March 2, 1993, Edition: FINAL Section: LOCAL Page: D4].

+ 5     March 25, 1993: Five Navy aviators were lost at sea at 7 p.m.,
Thursday, March 25, 1993, when their E-2C Hawkeye early warning plane
crashed into the sea while attempting to return to the aircraft carrier
USS Theodore Roosevelt, Navy officials said yesterday. Hours earlier,
the Roosevelt had arrived in the Ionian Sea on a six-month European
deployment.  The carrier's air wing had just completed its first
operational mission, flying night combat air patrol off the Yugoslav
coast, while Germany-based U.S. cargo planes dropped food to besieged
Muslims in Bosnia. [Reported in "Five Navy Fliers Lost at Sea," The
Washington Post, March 27, 1993, Final Edition, By: Barton Gellman,
Washington Post Staff Writer, Section: A, p. A24.]

        These five men had been escorts for President Clinton when he
visited the Carrier Roosevelt.

+ 4     May 19, 1993: On May 21, 1993, the Marine Corps grounded its
entire presidential fleet of nine VH-60N helicopters pending the outcome
of the investigation of a crash involving one of the presidential fleet
helicopters, a VH-60N Blackhawk helicopter that went down in a heavily
wooded area near the Potomac River about 35 miles southwest of
Washington on May 19, 1993.  Killed in the crash were Maj. William S.
Barkley, Jr., Staff Sgt. Brian D. Haney, and Sgt. Timothy D. Sabel, and
Capt. Scott J. Reynolds.

       Maj. Barkley, 27, of Hickory, N.C. became a naval aviator in 1977
and was assigned to the presidential squadron in January 1990.  He was
one of only eight pilots in the squadron authorized to fly the
president, according to Betty Jo Bragg, longtime secretary to Barkley's
        Sgt. Timothy D. Sabel, 27, of Ripon, Wis., was "responsible for
the maintenance of the airplane.  He goes on all flights," said Master
Sgt. Paul Earle, a Marine spokesman at Quantico, Virginia (which is also
FBI headquarters).
      Staff Sgt. Brian D. Haney, 32, of North Ridgeville, Ohio, was the
quality assurance representative on the helicopter. Carolyn Haney, his
mother, said her son had flown with President George Bush to Europe and
in the presidential campaign "all over the United States."
        Capt. Scott J. Reynolds, 33, of Wausau, Wis., joined the Marines
in 1984, was designated a naval aviator in 1987 and was a veteran of the
Persian Gulf War
        Clinton had flown once on that particular craft, according to
White House spokeswoman Dee Dee Myers. That flight took the president to
the aircraft carrier USS Theodore Roosevelt off the Virginia coast in
March, she said.  [Reported in "Marines identify crash victims,"
Washington Times, Saturday, May 22, 1993, Edition: Final Section:
helicopter crash kills 4 Marines," Thursday, May 20, 1993, By: Jim
Keary, Washington Times, Edition: Final Section: METROPOLITAN Page: B4;
"Helicopter fleet is grounded," Friday, May 21, 1993, Washington Times,
"9 White House Copters Grounded As Crash Victims Are Mourned," May 21,
1993, FINAL Edition, By: Eugene L. Meyer, The Washington Post, Section:
METRO, Story Type: News Maryland, p. D01.]
        Notice, above, that the President's escorts during Clinton's one
visit to the Carrier Roosevelt on March 12, 1993, were all later killed
in a plane crash, too.

More Bodyguards:

+ 4     February 28, 1993.  In the initial assault on Mt. Carmel in
Waco, Texas, four agents of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms
were killed.  Those killed in the attack were : Steve Willis, 32, of
Houston; Robert J. Williams, 26, Little Rock, Ark.; Conway LeBleu, 30,
New Orleans; and Todd McKeehan, 28, New Orleans. [Reported in "UPDATE:
WACO, TEXAS," MARCH 1, 1993, UPI.]
      President Clinton himself revealed that these men had been his
bodyguards in a speech on March 18, 1993, before employees of the
Treasury Department:
        "My prayers and I'm sure yours are still with the families of
all four of the Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms agents who were killed in
Waco -- Todd McKeehan and Conway Le Bleu of New Orleans; Steve Willis of
Houston, and Robert Williams from my hometown of Little Rock.  Three of
those four were assigned to my security during the course of the primary
TREASURY DEPARTMENT," The Cash Room, Treasury Department, March 18,
1993, 11:48 A.M. EST.]

21 - Total confirmed deaths of persons connected to Clinton in the past
year. (I have not included people who were also killed in the crashes
with whom there is no confirmed link at this time, such as the three
persons who were killed in the same crash as Vincent Raiser and his
son).  All of these people died of unnatural causes.  Four were shot, 17
were killed in crashes of helicopters or airplanes.
        The statistical probabilities of Clinton knowing 21 people, all
of whom died either in accidents or under mysterious circumstances in
less than a year's time, is virtually zero.

        And Where Do These Guys Fit In:

+ 3   July 21, 1993, (AP): Three Texas National Guardsmen, reportedly
mistaken for pop-up targets, were shot to death by fellow soldiers
Wednesday during a night vision training exercise.
       "They were hit by fire from other soldiers," said Lt. Col. Ed
Komandosky, a spokesman at Guard headquarters in Austin.  Komandosky
said the victims were members of the 3rd Battalion, 141st Infantry of
the Texas National Guard in McAllen, had experience in the training
exercise and "had been in the Guard for some time."
        Killed were Spc. Daniel F. Benitez, 27, of Donna; Spc. Jose C.
Ramos Jr., 42, of Weslaco; and Sgt. Raul Cardenas, 27, of Weslaco were
pronounced dead at Darnall Army Community Hospital in Killeen.
        Did these people have any connection to the flame-throwing tank
that was used to set the fire at Mt. Carmel, in Waco, Texas on April 19,
1993?  All of them were Latinos.  Were they killed in South America and
an accident arranged to explain their deaths?

+ 1     Could John A. Wilson have known too much about insider politics?
John A. Wilson, for 16 years a City Councilman in Washington, D.C., was
found dead from a supposed suicide. His wife had already left for work
and he was found in his underwear, hanging in his basement, later in the
morning, as if he had awakened, gone to the basement and hung himself.
No suicide note was found.

        What is emerging from the research I have conducted is a clear
picture that those who know too much or those who interfere with the one
world government plan, die.  Did any of these people know too much? And
what is it that they know or saw? As the information develops, I will
provide updates.  Stay tuned.

[Linda Thompson is an attorney in Indianapolis, Indiana.  She is
Chairman of the American Justice Federation, a group dedicated to
stopping the New World Order and getting the truth out to the American
public.  Linda Thompson and the American Justice Federation have
produced a videotape, "Waco, the Big Lie," which shows that a
flame-throwing tank was used to set the fire at Mt. Carmel in Waco,
Texas, proving that the government murdered the Branch Davidians and
intentionally destroyed the evidence. To obtain a copy of this video,
which is 32 minutes long, send $20 to: American Justice Federation, 3850
South Emerson Ave., Indianapolis, IN 46203.]