Subject: JFK:  List of Convenient Deaths
Date: 26 Mar 91 01:10:57 GMT

Here is the much requested list of people associated with the JFK 
assassination whose deaths are called convenient.  Bear in mind that
this is a terse summary of each individual's circumstances in relation
to the case.  Therefore, you may not get the full appreciation of why
a particular death is suspicious.  An asterisk indicates that a death is 
particularly suspicious.  Some 
   These deaths were part of why the House Select Committee on Assassinations
investigation got started.  However, they concluded that due to the highly
varied backgrounds of people involved, a proper actuarial study was not
   Aside from the likelihood of x number of deaths over a period of time
of people connected with an invenstigation, there is also the trend that
the number of deaths actually increased closer to the time of these 
investigations.  The listing below is grouped by investigation.  Note that
in 1977, for example, before the HSCA investigation kicked off, six top
FBI officials scheduled to appear before the HSCA died.  William C. Sullivan,
for example, was out hunting, when he was shot by a man with a high-powered
rifle who said he mistook Sullivan for a deer.  This was *not* investigated
by anyone.  And so it goes.
   Some of the causes of death listed appear on the surface to be natural.
Keep in mind that the CIA developed methods to "make it look like an 
accident".  This was documented through the testimony of CIA technicians 
to the Church committee who told of TWEP technology (Termination With
Extreme Prejudice) in 1975.  These methods are designed to not be detected
in postmortem examinations.  I have a couple of exerpts of declassified 
CIA documents to demonstrate the case.  One of the techniques involves
the injection of cancer cells, heart attack inducement, as well as non-
chemical techniques which require no special equipment.  Based on the
strange circumstances of Jack Ruby's death in prison (he died from lung
cancer but the cancer cells were not the type that originate in the 
respiratory system).  Ruby wrote notes and spoke to several people saying
that jfk was killed by a conspiracy and that he had been maneuvered into
killing Oswald who was a fall guy.  He claimed to have been injected with
cancer cells when treated with shots for a cold.  He died just before he
was to testify in Congress.  He had told congressional investigators that
he wanted to talk but he needed protection.
   This list does not include the names of the many people who claimed that
their lives were threatened physically and verbally, as well as the many 
people questioned by the FBI who were intimidated and forced to change their 
testimony to agree with the official lone-gunman version.   
   This list is not meant to be proof of a conspiracy.  I believe a conspiracy
took place based on a plethora of circumstantial evidence, many involving
questions that are very strange if we are to believe the lone-gunman theory.
Many of the points I have raised can be rationally explained, but it is the
confluence of many aspects of the case which make me doubt the official 
version of events more than anything else.

			The Warren Commission

date    name            connection with case            cause of death

11/63   karyn kupcinet* tv host's daughter overheard    murdered
			telling of jfk's death prior
			to 11/22/63

12/63   jack zangretti* expressed foreknowlege of       gunshot victim
			ruby shooting oswald

2/64    eddy benavides* look-alike brother to           gunshot to head
			tippit shooting witness,
			domingo benavides

2/64    betty mcdonald* former ruby employee who        suicide by hanging 
			alibied warren reynolds         in dallas jail
			shooting suspect

3/64    bill chesher    thought to have information     heart attack
			linking oswald and ruby

3/64    hank killam*    husband of ruby employee,       throat cut
			knew oswald acquaintance

4/64    bill hunter*    reporter who was in ruby's      accidental shooting
			apartment on 11/24/63           by policeman

5/64    gary underhill* cia agent who claimed agency    gunshot in head ruled
			was involved                    suicide

5/64    hugh ward*      private investigator working    plane crash in mexico
			with guy bannister and david

5/64    delesseps *     new orleans mayor               passenger in ward's 
	morrison                                        plane

8/64    teresa norton*  ruby employee                   fatally shot

6/64    guy banister*   ex-fbi agent in new orleans     heart attack
			connected to ferrie, cia,
			carlos marcello, oswald

9/64    jim koethe*     reporter who was in ruby's      blow to neck
			apartment on 11/24/63

9/64    c.d.jackson     life mag senior vp who          unknown
			bought zapruder film and
			locked it away

10/64   mary pinchot*   jfk mistress whose  diary       murdered
	meyer           was taken by cia chief
			james angleton after her

1/65    paul mandal     life writer who told of jfk     cancer
			turning to rear when shot in

3/65    tom howard*     ruby's first lawyer, was in     heart attack
			ruby's apartment on 11/24/63

5/65    maurice gatlin* pilot for guy banister          fatal fall

8/65    mona b. saenz*  texas employment clerk who      hit by dallas bus
			interviewed oswald

?/65    david goldstein dallasite who helped fbi trace  natural causes
			oswald's pistol

9/65    rose cheramie*  knew of assassination in        hit/run victim
			advance, told of riding to 
			dallas with cubans

11/65   dorothy *       columnist who had private       drug overdose
	kilgallen       interview with ruby,  pledged
			to "break jfk case"

11/65   mrs earl smith* close friend to dorothy kil-    unknown
			gallen, died two days after
			columnist, may have kept notes

12/65   william whaley* cab driver who reportedly drove motor collision (the
			oswald to oak cliff             only dallas taxi driver
							to die on duty

1966    judge joe brown presided over ruby's trial      heart attack

1966    karen "little	ruby employee who last talked	gunshot victim
	lynn" carlin*	with ruby before oswald 

1/66    earline roberts oswald's landlady               heart attack

2/66    albert bogard*  car salesman who said oswald    suicide
			test drove new car

6/66    capt. frank     dallas police captain who       cancer
	martin          witnessed oswald slaying, told
			warren commission, "there's 
			alot to be said but probably 
			be better if i don't say it."

8/66    lee bowers,jr.* witnessed man behind picket     motor accident
			fence on grassy knoll

9/66    marilyn         ruby dancer                     shot by husband 
	"delilah"*                                      after one month 
	walle                                           of marriage

10/66   william pitzer* jfk autopsy photographer who    gunshot, ruled
			described his duty as a         suicide
			"horrifying experience"

11/66   jimmy levens    fort worth nightclub owner      natural causes
			who hired ruby employees

11/66   james worrell*  saw man flee rear of texas      motor accident
			schoolbook depository

1966    clarence oliver d.a. investigator who worked    unknown
			ruby case.

12/66   hank suydam     life mag official in charge     heart attack
			of jfk stories

			The Garrison Inquiry

date    name            connection with case            cause of death

1967    Leonard Pullin  civilian navy employee who      one-car crash
			helped film "last two days"
			about assassination

1/67    jack ruby*      oswald's slayer                 lung cancer (he told 
							family he was injected
							with cancer cells)

2/67    harold russell* saw escape of tippit killer     killed by cop in 
							barroom brawl

2/67    david ferrie*   acquaintance of oswald,         blow to neck, ruled
			garrison suspect, employee      accidental
			of guy bannister

2/67    eladio del      anti-castro cuban associate     gunshot wound, ax wound
	valle   *       of david ferrie being sought    to head
			by garrison

3/67    dr. mary        ferrie associate working on     died in fire, possibly
	sherman *       cancer research                 shot

1/68    a.d. bowie      asst dallas d.a. prosecuting    cancer

4/68    hiram ingram    dallas deputy sheriff, close    cancer
			friend to roger craig

5/68    dr. nicholas    new orleans coroner who ruled   heart attack
	chetta          on death of ferrie

8/68    philip geraci*  friend of perry russo, told     electrocution
			of oswald/shaw conversation

1/69    henry delaune*  brother-in-law to coroner chetta  murdered

1/69    e.r. walthers*  dallas deputy sheriff who was   shot by felon
			involved in depository search,
			claimed to have found .45
			caliber slug

1969    charles         filmed rifle other than         heart attack
	mantesana       mannlicher-carcano being taken
			from depository

4/69    mary bledsoe    neighbor to oswald, also new    natural causes

4/69    john crawford*  close friend to both ruby and   crash of private plane
			wesley frazier, who gave ride
			to oswald on 11/22/63

7/69    rev. clyde      scheduled to testify about clay fatally shot
	johnson *       shaw oswald connection

1970    george mcmann*  underworld figure connected     murdered
			to ruby's friends; wife took
			film in dealey plaza

1/70    darrel garner   arrested for shooting warren    drug overdose
			reynolds, released after
			alibi from betty mcdonald

8/70    bill decker     dallas sheriff who saw bullet   natural causes
			hit street in front of jfk

8/70    abraham         took famous film of jfk assass, natural causes

12/70   salvatore       mobster linked to hoffa,        murdered
	granello*       trafficante,castro assassination

1971    james plumeri*  mobster tied to mob-cia         murdered
			assassination plots

3/71    clayton fowler  ruby's chief defense atty.      unknown

4/71    gen. charles    cia deputy director connected   collapsed and died
	cabell  *       to anti-castro cubans           after physical at
							fort myers

			The Church Committee Investigation

date    name            connection to case              cause of death

1972    hale boggs*     house majority leader, member   disappeared on alaskan
			of warren commission who began  plane flight
			to publicly express doubts
			about findings

5/72    j edgar hoover* fbi director who pushed "lone	heart attack (no 
			assassin" theory		autopsy)

9/73    thomas davis*   gun runner connected to both    electrocuted trying
			ruby and cia                    to steal wire

2/74    j.a. milteer*   miami right-winger who          heater explosion
			predicted jfk's death  and
			capture of scapegoat to a 
			police informant

1974    dave yaras*     close friend to both Hoffa      murdered
			and jack ruby

7/74    earl warren     chief justice who reluctantly   heart failure
			chaired warren commission

8/74    clay shaw*      prime suspect in garrison       possible cancer
			case, reportedly a cia 
			contact with ferrie and 
			e. howard hunt

1974    earle cabell    mayor of dallas on 11/22/63     natural causes
			whose brother, gen charles
			cabell, was fired from cia
			by jfk

6/75    sam giancana*   chicago mafia boss slated to    murdered
			tell about cia-mob death
			plots to senate committee

1975    clyde tolson    j edgar hoovers asst and        natural causes

7/75    allan sweatt    dallas deputy sheriff involved  natural causes
			in investigation

12/75   gen. earl       contact between cia and jfk     unknown

1976    ralph paul      ruby's business partner         heart attack
			connected with crime figures

4/76    dr. charles     gov john connally's physician   heart attack

6/76    william harvey* cia coordinator for cia-mob     complications of
			assassination plans against     heart surgery

7/76    john roselli*   mobster who testified to        stabbed and stuffed
			senate, was to appear again     in metal drum

			House Select Committee on Assassinations

date    name            connection with case            cause of death

1/77    william pawley* former brazilian embassador     gunshot, ruled suicide
			connected to anti-castro cubans
			and crime figures

3/77    george  *       close friend to both oswald and gunshot wound, ruled
	demohrenschildt bouvier family (jackie kennedy's        suicide
			parents), cia contract agent

3/77    carlos prio*    formerly cuban president,       gunshot wound, ruled
	soccaras        money man for anti-castro cubans        suicide

3/77    paul raigorodsky  business friend of george     natural causes
			demohrenschildt and wealthy

5/77    lou staples*    dallas radio talk show host     gunshot wound to head
			who told friends he would       ruled suicide
			break assassination case

6/77    louis nichols   former number-3 man in fbi      heart attack
			worked on jfk assassination

8/77    alan belmont    fbi official who testified to   "long illness"
			warren commission

8/77    james cadigan   fbi document expert who         fall in home
			testified to warren commission

8/77    joseph ayres*   chief steward on jfk's air      shooting accident
			force one

8/77    francis powers* u-2 pilot downed in russia in   helicopter crash (he
			1960                            reportedly ran out
							of fuel

9/77    kenneth         jfk's closest aide              natural causes

10/77   donald kaylor   fbi fingerprint chemist         heart attack

10/77   j.m. english    former head of fbi forensic     heart attack
			sciences laboratory

11/77   william         former number-3 man in fbi,     hunting accident
	sullivan *      headed division 5, counter-
			espionage and domestic intelligence

1978    c.l. "lummie"   dallas deputy sheriff who       natural causes
	lewis           arrested mafia man braden in
			dealey plaza

9/78    garland slack   man who said oswald fired at    unknown
			his target at rifle range

1/79    bill lovelady   depository employee said to     complications from
			be man in doorway in ap         heart attack

6/80    jesse curry     dallas police chief at time of  heart attack

6/80    dr. john        psychiatrist who testified ruby heart attack, but pills
	holbrook        was not insane                  and notes found

1/81    marguerite      mother of accused assassin      cancer

10/81   frank watts     chief felony prosecutor for     natural causes
			dallas d.a.

1/82    peter gregory   original translator for marina  natural causess 
			oswald and secret service

5/82    dr. james       pathologist allowed to see jfk  died while jogging,
	weston          autopsy material for hsca       ruled natural causes

8/82    will griffin    fbi agent who said oswald       cancer
			"definitely an informant"

10/82   w. marvin       fbi official who helped         natural causes
	gheesling       supervise jfk investigation

3/84    roy kellerman   secret service agent in charge  unknown
			of jfk limousine

Source:  "Crossfire", Jim Marrs, Carroll and Graf, 1989.

		Steve Feinstein