FILE #1
                            January 3, 1992

                    Copyright 1992 by Mark D. Turner

                               WHY CARE?

Many people have the opinion that the assassination of President John
F. Kennedy is ancient history and it really doesn't matter who killed
him.  It's been over 28 years now, so why care?  Anyone else involved
might not even be alive anymore.  If they are, how could you prove
them guilty after so long?

There's probably many reasons to care about such an old case.  History
buffs would be interested even if it had been 528 years ago.  People
who were alive at the time might care because they thought so highly
of the young President.  After all, he was a man with the visions of
creating the Peace Corp, sending a man to the moon, starting to with-
draw troops from Vietnam as early as 1963, saving America from the
clutches of the Federal Reserve and putting an end to the CIA.

Probably the most important reason is that Kennedy was the man 
chosen by the American people to lead their country.  A few selfish 
men decided that he was the wrong choice and basically overthrew our
elected government by murdering the main man.  We often hear of such 
things happening in other countries, usually small places that we know 
little about, but don't realize that the exact same thing happened
in our own country with the assassination of John Kennedy.  What makes
it even more frightening is that it was immediately covered up at the
highest levels of government and evidence has been suppressed and
locked away ever since.

                             WHO TO BLAME

Many cases have been presented to implicate people such as Presidents
Lyndon Johnson, Richard Nixon and Gerald Ford!  FBI Director J. Edgar 
Hoover apparently helped in the cover-up and probably even knew about 
it in advance.  Facts have finally surfaced recently that even George
Bush was a CIA agent investigating the killing in November, 1963.
When Bush was chosen to head the CIA in the mid-1970's he swore to
Congress and the American people during his nomination hearings that
he had NEVER worked for the CIA before.  Even though the Congressional
investigation of the late 1970's ruled that there was a 95 percent
chance of a conspiracy in the murder, Bush stated on January 1, 1992
that he still thought Oswald did it alone.  It is also widely believed
that he was involved in the Bay of Pigs planning, a covert action that
Kennedy withdrew support from.

Today it is known that when LBJ appointed the members to the Warren
Commission that Earl Warren was told lies in order to secure his
cooperation.  He was basically mislead to believe that Cuba and the
USSR may have been responsible and that revealing the truth to the
American people would lead to a new World War; one with nuclear
weapons.  He agreed to serve on the Commission and help in the cover-
up because he thought he was saving the world.

Another main member of the Commission was Allen Dulles.  He had been
head of the CIA until JFK caught him in lies.  He fired Dulles and
vowed to destroy the CIA because of the many covert activities that
they were involved in.  Dulles, a man who hated Kennedy because of
the Bay of Pigs fiasco and his dismissal, was appointed to the very
committee that was supposed to find Kennedy's killers.  He was in
charge of previewing all of the evidence that the CIA and FBI turned
over for consideration.  He was the one who decided what the other
members saw.  Since it is now widely believed that the CIA was
responsible for the murder, it is easy to see that Dulles was an
extremely poor choice for an investigator.

Jack Ruby, who killed Lee Harvey Oswald (JFK's murderer), is now
known to have worked for Richard Nixon in 1947.  Nixon wrote a letter,
which is available at last, that asked Congress to excuse him from
testifying before them.  Ruby was an FBI informant in the late 1950's.
He was tied up with the mafia for well over 20 years.  He was even
arrested in Chicago in the 1930's for the murder of the president
of the Teamster's union.  The murder paved the way for Jimmy Hoffa
to take over that organization.  One of Nixon's first actions as
President was to pardon Hoffa from prison.

Nixon had other connections to the case.  Although nearly every 
American can tell you where he was when he heard Kennedy was dead,
Nixon says he can't remember.  This is the man who had only recently
lost an election to JFK.  This is a man who was in on the planning of
the Bay of Pigs invasion which JFK pulled out support for.  This is
the man who's Watergate burglars included E. Howard Hunt, a suspected
conspirator in the JFK assassination.  This is the man who chose
Gerald Ford (who served on the Warren Commission and helped with the
cover-up) to replace him as President.  This is the man who was in
DALLAS the day of the murder!  He had been there for a Pepsi Cola
meeting along with another man who had dinner with Jack Ruby the
night before JFK's death.  Nixon was in Dallas, the scene of the
murder, and says he can't remember where he was.

It also interesting to note that Robert Kennedy had told people
that if he won the California primary then he would announce the
next day that he'd re-open the JFK case as soon as he was elected
President.  He won the primary but was immediately assassinated,
too.  Robert would have been Nixon's main obstacle in the upcoming
election but was now out of the way.  In the following election,
Nixon's main competitor was George Wallace, who was also shot down!

Kennedy had already told people that he was dropping LBJ as his
running mate in the next election.  He had also already signed
papers and issued orders to withdraw all Americans from Vietnam
by 1965.  One of Johnson's first actions after becoming President
was to reverse this decision.  One of Johnson's companies made
millions of dollars from the war because they had a contract to
fly soldiers to and from Vietnam.  He was also the man who ordered
Kennedy's body removed from Dallas before an autopsy could be 
performed, which was a violation of state law.  He was the man who
told his mistress the day before the assassination "After tomorrow,
Kennedy won't be a problem to me anymore."  He was the man who 
chose the members of the Warren Commission who, in turn, produced
the false and misleading report that blamed the entire murder and
planning on Lee Harvey Oswald.

J. Edgar Hoover had been head of the FBI for years but was approaching
mandatory retirement age.  Kennedy had made it clear that he was not
going to make an exception to the rule and allow Hoover to continue 
in the position.  Johnson did.  Hoover also claimed that there was no
such thing as organized crime in the United States although he was
close friends with some of the main mafia leaders.  John and Robert
Kennedy worked overtime to put them out of business.

Gerald Ford was just another Senator when he was placed on the Warren
Commission.  There he, too, helped in the cover-up.  Later, he broke
federal law by publishing a book which contained classified documents.
The book, of course, said Oswald was the lone assassin.  When Nixon
was facing his final days as President and knew he would have to 
resign soon, he chose Ford as his new Vice-President.  Various Nixon 
flunkies have been implicated in the conspiracy (E. Howard Hunt, Frank 
Sturgis, Jack Ruby).  Was the Presidency Ford's reward for helping in 
the cover-up?


It is evident that the men in power had good reasons to keep the 
American people from learning the truth.  At the very least, they each
gained from the murder and therefore had no reason to be in charge of
the investigation.  This series of articles hopes to enlighten people
to the evidence and theories in the case.  Only by awakening enough
citizens and bringing out the truth can we hope to insure that no more
of our chosen leaders will be so easily taken away from us.  When we
loose the power to chose our own leaders then we have lost everything.