Selection of Racial
Terms Deliberate


 In the field of propaganda,  programming,  education  and
enlightenment, certain key rules come into play. The battle in which
the White Race is now involved and in fact, is fighting for its very
survival, is basically a battle for the mind. Overwhelmingly, it is a
battle for the White mind, a mind that is now sorely polluted not on-
ly with chemical drugs but psychological mind benders as well.
   We are sorely besieged not only with drugs but even more so
by a poisonous onslaught of ideas.
   We are at the mercy of a deadly siege of psychological warfare,
yet, the White Race is hardly aware of it. Call it propaganda, mind
warping, mind scrambling, programming or whatever you like, the
White Race is mostly on the receiving end, practically defenseless
and not returning so much as a volley.
   It is the psychological warfare I want to zero in on in this treatise,
and the fact that the main issue of this warfare is racial. In short,
we are at the losing end of a psychological war that is being waged
against us, the White Race, by our deadly enemies, the mud races
in general and by the cunning Jew. In this field, these master sneaks
of all time are the unchallenged experts and have been such from
time immemorial. No other race has even come close. They have
been overwhelmingly successful and although inferior in numbers and
creativity, they now control the human and material resources of the
   As in every other endeavor there are a number of key ground
rules that must be followed that spell success, and certain boo-boos
that are just plain dumb that must be avoided. This applies to ten-
nis, to business, to education, to politics, or to our subject at hand
- propaganda and enlightenment. You have to follow certain ground
rules to be effective; you have to avoid known pitfalls or else fail.
   All this brings us back to our main subject at hand: effective
psychological tactics in the racial warfare being aggressively pushed
upon us by the Jews and the mud races - a war we are losing
   I am now going to list some of these basic ground rules that apply
to this particular warfare, though some of these apply equally to any

type of warfare.
    1. Clearly identify your enemy. You can't fight an abstraction
or a ghost (such as a devil).
    2. War against enemies can only be successfully waged if it is
first preceded by a successful propaganda campaign of hatred for
the enemy, implicating them of all the sins and transgressions that
can be brought against them. The Jews spent thirty years aggressive-
ly conditioning the British people to hate and loathe the Germans
before they were ready to fight World War I. After World War I was
over they feverishly continued that program of hate and vilification
changing their theme only slightly, from the Kaiser to Hitler as be-
ing the villain of the peace. (This is only one example of hundreds
pursued by the Jews.)
   3. All is "fair" in warfare. Only survival matters. This is stated
in a different manner by General Douglas MacArthur who said:
"There is no substitute for victory". But we Creators have even
stronger justification for our position, and we go back to fundamen-
tals: THE ETERNAL LAWS OF NATURE. And Nature says loud and
clear: Take care of your own, no holds barred. The bottom line is
survival of your own species and Nature ruthlessly punishes those
too stupid or too laggard to obey that law with the ultimate punish-
ment: extinction. (For further details on this subject see Creative
Credo No. 61, "The Guilt Complex and the fairness Neurosis -
Two Fatal Foibles in the White Man's Makeup" in The White Man's
   4. Organize and polarize your own forces to prepare them for
the oncoming (or on going) battle. in order to do so you have to have
an entity, a treasure that you love and cherish that you want and
must protect from a vicious and loathsome enemy. This enemy, too,
must be identified and we of the Church Of The Creator clearly do
so. To us the most precious treasure on the face of the earth is the
White Race, and the White Race alone. To it we give our total
allegiance, our total loyalty, our total love. We state further that pro-
tecting our White gene pool is our highest obligation, and failure to
do so is the ultimate crime. This means protecting it not only from
threat of extinction, but also, and perhaps even more so, from pollu-
tion and contamination. Under no circumstances can we any longer
tolerate the Jews sitting arrogantly at the master switch and pump-
ing the black blood of Africa into the veins of White America, or any
other White peoples, for that matter.
  That the above is now becoming a flagrant reality and that the
White racial gene pool is being polluted and contaminated, of that
there is no doubt. That the White Race is idly sitting by and indif-
ferent about this calamity unfolding before its very eyes, is the un-
mitigated horror of our times.


 The Church Of The Creator is in the forefront of battling this
treacherous catastrophe, is committed to exposing it and reversing
the tide.
   in listing the above four points of warfare we have, of course.
only listed a few basics but these basics apply directly to the racial
and psychological warfare with which we are now counter attacking
and intend to wage in the future.
   We see the main problem in this fight is not so much the strength
of the enemy - The Jews, niggers and mud races - but the needless
and self-imposed weakness of our own White Racial Comrades in
the willingness (or unwillingness) in defending themselves.
   So badly has the White Man's brain become polluted and
scrambled by the enemy's propaganda, that it seems he can't, or
he won't think straight. This is our main problem and it is the target
of our campaign.
   We are therefore giving the White Man a creed, a program,
religion he can polarize around. It is a highly aggressive racial
religion based on honor, on pride, and confidence in our own race.
It is a creed that advocates hostility, derision and contempt towards,
and for, our energies. And we do this for good psychological reasons.
When we call niggers what they are, we do so not because we are
uncouth and uneducated, but exactly for the opposite reasons. We
are neither uncouth nor are we uneducated. On the contrary, we take
this approach because on the racial issue especially we are far, far
better educated than the average yokel, who doesn't know the dif-
ference between Nature's Finest, and a nigger or an orangutan. We
want to hammer home to the White Race a few facts that all Nature
is fairly screaming at us - and they are these:
  1. All men are not equal. On the contrary, there is no equality
in Nature.
  2. We, the White Race are at the very top of the Racial spec-
trum and the niggers at the very bottom. A huge chasm separates
us - a chasm wider than that separating the niggers from the apes
  3. The White Race is unwittingly involved in a racial war of ex-
tinction, a war that the enemy is waging savagely and relentlessly,
yet the White Race is almost totally unaware of it.
  4. in order to save the White Race from uncontested extinction
we must rally and polarize the White Race, we must clearly delineate
the issues, and clearly identify the enemy. This we have done, over
and over.
  5. We also want to emphasize that it is not enough to just iden-
tify the enemy, but we must also attack, heap accusations and
charges against the enemy (all of which are true) and condemn, vilify
and heap contempt and derision upon our enemy, just as they are
doing to us.

  We must arouse the emotions on our side and bring forth all the
racial instincts with which Nature has endowed us if we are to sur-
vive. And we mean for the White Race to survive, at all costs. No
price is too high, no road too long.
   6. We realize this war involves all aspect, all resources - racial,
psychological, economic, physical, mental and above all, a war of
semantics, It is the psychological and semantic war that we are par-
ticularly focusing on in this examination, and in this respect cliches,
slogans and catch-words are of particular importance, as the Jews
have amply demonstrated over the centuries.
   Just as in George Orwell's 1984 the Establishment was surrep-
titiously phasing out certain words, memories and events "down the
memory hole", so, too, the Jewish powerhouse is now turning our
language and our thinking around and phasing out all that which
would preserve the White Man's heritage and identity. To illustrate
how well he has succeeded in the short period of less than one genera-
tion let us look at the Big Webster's Dictionary.
   I have three books around. One Webster's Third New interna-
tional  Dictionary  (Unabridged)  1961.   The  other  two  are New
Webster's Dictionary of the English language 1981.
    In the last two (1981) the word "nigger" does not even appear.
In the 1961 Edition there are seventeen different entries of which the
word nigger is either the basic word or the stem of a word or a phrase.
They are as follows: nigger, nigger baby(either of two herbs: a sani-
cle  (Sanicula  bipinnatifida)  with  purple  flowers:  a  blue-eyed grass
(Sisyrinchium bellum) with purplish blue flowers.), nigger bug (Negro
bug.), niggerchaser (a small firework that shoots about on the
ground.), nigger daisy (a black-eyed Susan.), niggerfish, niggerhead
cactus, nigger heaven (the highest balcony or row of seats in a
theatre.), niggergoose, nigger in the woodpile something (as a con-
cealed or obscure factor) contrary to appearances in a situation.),
nigger pine, nigger shooter (slingshot.), niggertoe (brazil nut.),nig-
genweed, niggerwool.
   This demonstrates how in a short period of 20 years they have
phased out "down the memory hole" of our language a major racial
distinction that is vital to the survival of the White Race.
   Just think of it! if our White ancestors had not had racial pride,
recognized racial identity and practiced racial loyalty and racial
segregation you and I would now be a miserable mulatto as the Jew
is viciously determined our future progeny shall be.
   For the above reasons it behooves us to use such terms of deri-
sion as niggers and mud races to distinguish them from Nature's
Finest. Just to bring these words back into common usage by our
White Racial Comrades is already a big step forward in fortifying
our own ranks, polarizing the White Race and identifying the enemy.


We recommend that this consistently be done among our own
members and all White Racial Comrades in general.
   in this respect we find that although at this time our own
membership is still relatively small (but growing) we are having
widespread ripple effects, and much of our verbiage, such as the
usage of the words "niggers", "mud races" are beginning to creep
into general usage in papers, magazines and literature of other White
Racial groups. So are such phrases as "spooks-in-the-sky", the "cut,
burn and poison" reference in cancer treatments, and several other
distinctive words and phrases brought into play by the Church Of
The Creator.
   So take heart. What we are doing is not happenstance. It is
planned, it is deliberate, and it is effective. Not only are we growing
but we are influencing and setting the pace of the whole White racial
movement. Remember, Rome was not built in a day, and neither
was the Jewish-Christian movement. Remember, we are planning
for eternity, not just the day after tomorrow, and the foundations you
are helping to lay are both short term and long term.
   So get with it. Join our racial religious movement and get in-
volved. Distribute 100 copies of this periodical each month.
Remember the future - your own and that of your progeny depends
on the success of what we are now doing - the success of the
Creativity movement. To say that this success will mean so much
to so many is a gross understatement. Help build a Whiter and
Brighter World - a world in which the mud races can no longer be
a threat, any more than the Indians of today are in the state of

	    *  *  *  *  *

   It is our unswerving goal to place 10 million
White Man's Bibles in the hands of our White
Racial Comrades. Once we have accomplished
that much the war against the Jews, niggers and
mud peoples will be as good as over, and it will
be the best bargain the White Race will ever have
invested in. Help bring it about! Do your part.

	    *  *  *  *  *


Odinism: A Rising Phoenix

   or a Dead Horse?
    Foreword: For the last decade or so Mr. Dietz has published the
Liberty Bell Magazine, which is pro-Nazi, pro-White, Anti-Christian
and anti-Jewish. In the last several years Mr. Dietz, the Editor, has
also published any number of articles taken directly out of the
chapters of Nature's Eternal Religion and The White Man's Bible,
with our permission and approval. A few issues ago Mr. Ronald S.
Hand published a letter which ended with the fervent hope there be
fewer identity Christians and more Odinists. If so, we would stand
a better chance of wresting our destiny from the hands of the Jews.
He concluded his letter with the offer that he would be glad to answer
any questions.
   Rev. Carles C. Messick III, Hasta Primus of The Church Of The
Creator took note of this letter and wondered why. Mr. Hand was
really so interested in overcoming the Jews, he completely ignored
CREATIVITY which is soley dedicated to breaking the Jewish
stranglehold and wresting the White Man's destiny back in his own
hands. The following  correspondence ensued, the, first two letters
of which Mr. Dietz published in Liberty Bell, but the third one he
refused. It is because Mr. Dietz refused to print that third letter that
we are now publishing all three letters in this forum.
   Rev. Messick had been a long time subscriber to the Liberty Bell
before he discovered the Church Of The Creator. He then joined the
Creativity movement because he was convinced that Creativity had
the answer, the TOTAL ANSWER.
   First of all, here is Rev. Messick as letter was published in the Liber-
ty Bell:

               * * * * *

   This letter is in response to that of Ronald S. Hand, Odinist,
which appeared in the May issue of "Liberty Bell," Whereas I have
little criticism of what Mr. Hand says, it is what he doesn't say that
is somewhat disturbing. In the last paragraph he comes to the con-
cluslon that "if we had in America 'Odinists' instead of Identity Chri-
tians we would stand a much better chance of wresting our destiny
from the hands of the Jews."
   With this, too, I do not disagree, but he seems to completely
ignore a racial religious movement, CREATIVITY, that is well known
to the readers of "Liberty Bell," a religious movement that is solely
dedicated to the survival, expansion, and advancement of the White


Race. It is a religion of this era, not a moldy relic from the past. It
is already doing just what Mr. Hand claims he desires to see happen
- wrest the destiny of the White Race from the hands of the Jews
and into the capable hands of the White Race itself.
   Mr. Hand adds that he will answer questions. Here are a few
vital questions to which I would like to have a few reasonable
   1. After all the articles Mr. Dietz has published In "Liberty Bell"
that came directly out of the pages of "Nature's Eternal Religion"
and "The White Man's Bible," the basic books of the Creativity move-
ment, surely Mr. Hand must have heard of it?
   2. Since Odinism failed to hold it's own against the treachery
and the cunning of the wily Jew a thousand years ago when the Vik-
ings were the fiercest and the most feared warriors in Europe, what
makes Mr. Hand think that today Odinism, when it has been a dead
horse for a millennium, can now turn the tables?
   3. Isn't Odinism merely trading one set of spooks, namely the
Norse gods, for another set of spooks, namely the Jewish passel,
and can any intelligent and educated man in the 20th century really
believe in either without insulting his own Intelligence?
   4. True, the Odinist gods are at least our own brand of fantasies,
but since they do not have (and never had) any defense or understan-
ding of the insidious Jewish perfidy, how can you expect them to be
a solution to anything?
   5. Why does Mr. Hand deliberately choose to ignore CREATIVI-
TY when it has a comprehensive racial creed, program, and religion,
that is geared to the eternal realities of Nature, to the 20th century,
to exposing the Jewish fraud that is Christianity, and to blasting the
Jewish menace from the face of the earth? Just how serious is Mr.
Hand or any other White Racist group in dealing the most effective
blow against the Jews and mud races?
   It would seem to me that we would do much better to forget our
own small fragmented individual hubris and combine forces to build
a mighty White Racial Movement under the only aegis that has a
chance of success, namely the CREATIVITY movement. It is the only
White racial religion in the White Man's history that was designed
to exactly do the job that now overwhelmingly needs to be done if
the White Race is to survive.
    I am not attempting to insult or demean any White Racist, but
only to point out the obvious lessons of the past. We need something
that has a better than average chance to succeed. If something fail-
ed us in the past there is a good chance that it will do so again.
   We do not need to play games with such weak and meaningless
props as the existence or nonexistence of Atlantis, nor Norse gods,
nor Mother Goose tales in order to forge a powerful racial religion.


Nature Is very real and says it all, but some of us are not paying at-
tention. "Creativity" is based on and embodies the Eternal Laws of
Nature for the survival, expansion and advancement of our own kind
- Nature's Finest - The White Race. All we have to do is stop play-
ing games of fantasy and get back to using the good sense with which
Nature endowed us.
   I fooled around with several White Racialist groups - Posse
Comitatus, Euro-American Alliance, Aryan Nations, etc. - most
were hung up on Christ being our only hope and were really ineffec-
tual. They have been around for years and practically accomplished
nothing except to get themselves killed or jailed without dealing an
effective blow at any Jew. Once I realized the absurdities of spooky
religions "CREATIVITY" became the only logical answer. I am,
myself, as the Hasta Primus for the Church of the Creator, ac-
complishing more now than ever I could hope to do in a hundred
years of practicing spookcraft with whatever religion. I am serious
as hell about ridding the world of the Jewish menace.
   I don't play games anymore.

                          Rev. Carles C. Messick III
                                  Hasta Primus for the
                                  Church of the Creator

                      * * * * *

   Before publishing Rev. Messick's letter, Mr. Dietz, however, first
sent a copy of that letter to Mr. Hand so that he could prepare a
rebuttal to it, which he did. Mr. Dietz then published both letters
consecutively in the same issue. Here is Mr. Hand's letter:

Dear Rev. Messick:
   Thank you for your letter of 7 June, 1984.
   I am glad that you have opened to me a door to opportunity to
answer some vital questions concerning "The Church of the Creator."
Yes, I am aware of "Creativity," and have read most of "The White
Man's Bible," and "Nature's Eternal Religion " I find in both a cer-
tain evangelical concern for enlightening White people about the sub-
tle insinuations of Judaeo-Christanity, and a style of logic which is
convincing and intellectually spicy. However, I did not find in
"Creativity a religion which offered any real compelling reasons why
I should become a part of it. My reasons are as follows:
   "Creativity" is after all, a modern innovation which attempts
to meet certain needs of the Aryan community in its juxtaposed an-
tagonism to Judaism and Communism. With this I feel comfortable.
But, at several points I am made to sense a kind of lostness in it.
Let me call it an alienation. I refer to the chapters on "Salubrious


Living," for not too long after I was reading about dietary regulations
I came to the conclusion that I would have to part company with
my charcoal grill and barbeque pit. I am, after all, not a vegetarian
as was Adolf Hitler. Furthermore, I don't think that an Aryan counter-
part to Leviticus chapter 11 is of central importance to the survival,
expansion and advancement of White people. Yet the gist of
"Salubrious Living" was tilted heavily in favor of vegetarianism and
Hinduism. "Where's the Beef" If White people came to embrace this
practice generally, then I suspect that Steven Spielberg will send in-
diana Jones to rescue the Jews from the newly passed Nuremberg
Laws which forbid Jews to eat mutton or gefillte fish. I'm being
facetious of course.
   Nevertheless, there is another one or two objections. How often
I have thought about "Creativity," "what God is revered, or worship-
ped?" And all I could find out was that "White people", who are the
"building race," are the creators. Do White people then worship
themselves collectively? I hate to say this, but there are some White
people that I regard as Untermenschen, race traitors, scum and
worse. So, a Carte Blanche approval of White people is both naive
and false insofar as the interests is concerned. One reason for Jewish
triumph is not Jewish genius, but Gentile stupidity and lack of
backbone. And if this statement is true, then the single greatest task
we have before us is not a negative program of indicting Jews, but
of examining ourselves to discover foibles, weaknesses, excesses, in-
dulgences, grossness, callousness,insensitiveness (to certain things)
casualness, foolishness, etc., which have become the bane of our
survival. So, why or how can we even talk of expansion and advance-
ment of White people when their very survival is In question? You
see, there have been too many White suckers in the last two thou-
sand years who took the Jewish bait, to land all the blame on the
Jews. We need to start looking at ourselves, too. Why and how did
we let It happen? So you see, I doubt the present "capability" of the
White Race to govern and rule the world in its present dilemma. The
White Race needs to be purged, disciplined, and nurtured back to
health before any of our leaders will be able to grasp the helm of
our destiny with confidence and certainty.
   And now in my own defense.
   Neo-Odinlsm is not a naive acceptance of ancient Nordic Gods.
It is rather a personal quest, a search for Life's meaning, as can be
sifted out of our own religious past as It is understood through a
demythologized and psychologically researched examination of that
religion. My Paganism is new, but it is based upon the few extant
runes which have become to me a bible for my race. Modern
historionomy, philology, etymology, literary criticism, and study of
comparative religions can make possible some very enlightening


discoveries of the White psyche, when applied to our knowledge of
our racial and natural Gods. For our Gods are not unlike ourselves.
As Jehovah is nought but a big Jew in the sky, so Thor, Odin, Tyr,
and Freya are nought but big Aryans in the sky. By studying them,
we are studying ourselves. Thus, self-knowledge becomes a way to
health and a remedy to our bibles.
   Odinism, unlike "Creativity," can say "we do believe in God."
But what God? Fimbulvetr is here, the Gotterdaemmerung is now.
And the Norse eddas, sagas, and epics have told us that the old Gods
who ruled so long would die. But in the process, the wolf Fenrir will
also die, and the great Serpent (Judaism) shall be slain. Baldur will
be released from Hel, and Heimdall shall prepare a new age with
new Gods. Ragnarok is now passing, and new things are in the mak-
ing. Are we to be many Baldurs and Heimdalls, who will squeeze
through the fjords and crevasses of time to reach the other side of
the great catastrophe? We shall see!
   In the meantime, "Creativity" will have accomplished its task
of confronting Judaeo-Christianity with its own absurdities. "Creativi-
ty," to be sure, is not detrimental to White racism. But, neither is
Odinism. Both have specialized tasks to perform and both work on
different kinds of problems. The strength of Creativity is its poignant
factualism, its matter-of-factness, its loquacious logic, and its sty-
mying criticism. Its weakness is its coldness and emotional dryness.
It doesn't go to our own soul, to answer our heart's cry. It remains
heady and cerebral. It provides much light, but doesn't warm our
hearts. On the contrary, the strength of Odinism Is that it is ours.
It came from our gene pool before miscegenation set in. It remains
a record of poetic wisdom, humor, and truth, containing both tragedy
and comedy, loyalty and treachery, heroism and cowardice. We can
read epic stories of our ancestors instead of Jewish ones, i.e., the
Bible. Also, we can read about our past, the now-alien, pre-Chistain
culture, or when Semitic religion was still kept at the periphery of
Nordic borders..
   On the other hand, Odinism has weaknesses, as you pointed
out. But these are not insurmountable. The fact that several thou-
sand neo-Odinists can be counted shows that it is no "dead horse,"
but a rising phoenix. Perhaps what is needed in both Creativity and
Odinism is a thoroughgoing eclectic theology which can better
ground our ideas in an eternal constancy, and consistency.
   In any case, Odinism has this edge over non-religion: It allows
for afterlife, continuous life, or reincarnation, or combination of the
two. Odin was, among other things, God of the dead, especially war-
riors. Thus Odinism becomes an affirmation of the continuity and
stability of existence, however you wish to explain it. Odinism allows
us to speak of God in very general terms also; in fact, the High God


is still unknown. The High God is spoken of as though the Aesir Gods
are much inferior to it. The High God is the cosmic force, the stuff
which glues the universe together; the medium of all sympathetic
and intellectual communication, the buffer between the antagonistic
forces and rivalries. The High God cannot be named, for to do so
would denigrate him to lower status by means of limitation and
mislabeling. The High God remains aloof because of his presences
everywhere, and he also remains aloof because of his immediate
presence in the lowest of matter. His highest or greatest manifesta-
tion is when he is active in the process of evolution, i.e., the act of
surpassing himself. The greatest experience we can have of the High
God is when we participate in the evolutionary process by intent
(eugenics, cultivation, organization) and communicate in circles of
concentrated intelligence by cooperation. Persons who accumulate
both historical and technological knowledge may unconsciously be
serving the purposes of the High mind, and may be affecting the
historico-evolutionary process. Mental ability, or capacity in itself
is not indicative of any special blessing of the Super Intelligence of
Universe. This is a more genetic combination. But, when mental
energies are aimed at improving, correcting, adjusting or perfecting
the already good, then we may say that the evolutionary process is
still at work. And, by way of extension, we may suppose the subtle
activity of infinite intelligence joined to good will.
   This notion of an almost pantheistic God is hard for many peo-
ple to swallow. But, any sympathy man may have for Nature must
be grounded in an earthly, naturalistic type of God. Any man's con-
cern for the future of his race and family is bound up with his
for his personal survival after death, and eventual reunion with his
   On the other hand, Communism and nihilism, which are based
on mere biology and sociology, cannot lead people to long term hopes
and plans. Neither can capitalistic materialism promise anything of
lasting quality. Adherents of the two materialistic cults just mentioned
can have only a "ball-game" attitude toward racial cohesiveness. If
a man's life ends with biological disintegration, then it would be futile,
unnecessary, and wasteful to try to improve. perfect, adjust, of cor-
rect anything that did not serve an immediate materialistic purpose.
   So we need a spook, but not Jewish hell fire and brimstone. We
need the "Awe," the "Mystique," the "wonderful," and the "elusive,"
if for no other reason than to make us probe further, to discover,
to uncover.
                                   Ronald S. Hand
                                   Odinist Church of God

	                * * * * *


  Your Editor then took note of Mr. Hand's letter and decided that
a number of Mr. Hand's statements about both Odinism and Creativi-
ty are grossly native and incorrect. He sent the following letter to
the Liberty Bell, but Mr. Dietz refused to print it. Here is the full text
of my letter:

			* * * * *

Dear Mr: Dietz:
   In the July issue of LIBERTY BELL, Mr. Ronald S. Hand, in
answer to Rev. Carles C. Messick's letter of the same issue, makes
a broadside attack on CREATIVITY, The White Racial religion of
the Church Of The Creator. Since I am the founder of this church,
I believe I have a vested interest in answering these charges. In so
doing I almost feel like a mosquito in a nudist colony, I hardly know
where to begin.  Since Mr.  Hand  makes so many ridiculous
statements, he leaves himself wide open, and all I can say is - he
asked for it.
   In his attack, Mr. Hand uses (among others) two sleazy tactics
at which  Jews  and  Christians  are  especially  adept:  (a) he
misrepresents our position and then attacks that false position (b)
he attempts to discredit us through guilt by association and links
us with reprehensible entities such as the Jews and the Hindus, when
we have absolutely nothing In common with them.
   So let us start with our position regarding Salubrious Living
which is spelled out in considerable detail in our classic text of the
same name and embodied in its 244 pages. I am sure that Mr. Hand
has never read It, since he seems completely ignorant of its contents
In the first place we are not vegetarians as Mr. Hand seems to think,
but frugitarians, a considerable difference. If Mr. Hand does not
understand that difference he is invited to educate himself at leisure
by reading the book. I don't have the space to do so here. He will
probably also find out that meat is suitable food for dogs and other
carnivores, but highly unsuitable for humans. He might even find
out that charcoal broiled meat is carcinogenous (cancer causing) and
after he gets his facts straight, might even want to dispose of his
much prized charcoal broiler that he hates so to give up.
   The facts are that the wealth of advice given in Salubrious Liv-
ing for living a healthier, happier and longer life is based on solid
scientific facts, and has nothing to do with the primitive superstitious
hocus-pocus of Hindus or the Jewish Leviticus with which Mr.Hand
so surreptitiously seeks to associate us.
   Furthermore, proper diet is only one of the 14 cardinal points
that we list in "Salubrious Living" (See Page 9) for creating our
desired goal of a SOUND MIND in a SOUND BODY in a SOUND


  Does Mr. Hand object to such goals? If so, that is mighty
strange, since in his letter he roundly denounces and insults the White
Race in scathing terms, such as, quote: "Untermenschen, race
traitors, scum and worse " When we Creators have a well-planned,
thoroughgoing program to upgrade the health, eugenics, and en-
vironment of our White Racial Comrades, he stupidly denounces that
too, because, to his own detriment, he is totally Ignorant of what
we are talking about in Salubrious Living.
   One final point and that is this: We do not INSIST that anyone
HAS to follow the beneficial guidelines laid down, even to be a
member of the church. We do not twist anyone's arm. We offer a
set of constructive, scientifically proven guidelines for anyone to follow
in order to live a healthier, happier and longer life. Whether they
do so is each individuals own choice, but, again for the benefit of
a better race and a Whiter and Brighter World, we hope that every
White Man, woman and child will learn to practice a lifestyle that
is far superior to the drug and Junk food Infested world of today.
   So much for Salubrious LIving, which although extremely im-
portant, is not the main thrust of our religious program, and was
not even mentioned In "Nature's Eternal Religion;  our first corner
stone. Let us get down to the "spooky" business in which Mr. Hand
seems to take such primitive delight. He says in Odinism "we do
believe in God." He then immediately trips himself up and says, "But
what God?" He is not sure. He then lists such absurdities as Thor,
Odin, Tyr and Freya, all of which are presumably dead, and resting
somewhere In Lower Slobbovia. Then there are the Baldurs and the
Heimdalls sneaking around the fiords (somewhere) and oozing out
of, and squeezing through the crevasses (somewhere). Supposedly,
somehow, somewhere, they will finally come to our rescue. Big deal!
But we Creators are not holding our breath waiting for such nonsense
to materialize. How any rational, grown man can believe In, and spout
such ridiculous nonsense is beyond me.
   But, Mr. Hand says, we have to worship something, and why
not spooks, they're good for us, we need them. Well, we Creators
don't need any such idiotic and artificial props. If you need them,
Mr. Hand, you had better see your Jewish psychiatrist. He will con-
fuse you even more, and make you like it In the process.
   Speaking of worship, Mr. Hand asks categorically: What God
do we Creators worship? He then goes on to accuse us of worshipp-
ing our own White Race, which he next proceeds to roundly de-
nounce abuse and insult as viciously as would any Jew or nigger.
I therefore want to set Mr. Hand straight on two points. (a) We
Creators do not "Worship" anything, not even the White Race, as
he implies, and (b) To us the whole idea of "worship" is stupid,
ridiculous and demeaning. It implies that the "worshipper" willfully


places himself in an extremely inferior position in relation to some
stupid abstract "Quantity X" that he or she has set up to worship.
This may be something as ridiculous as a cow, a cat, a spookie, or
a hot rock. He or she then proceeds to Jabber some meaningless,
yes, Insane praise at said inanimate or imaginary object, in order
to completely humiliate himself or herself. To us the whole idea is
primitive, repugnant and reflects a throwback to our primitive and
barbaric Stone Age ancestors. So when someone asks us - "If you
don't worship God, what do you worship?", it reminds us of the pa-
tient in the doctors' clinic, who when told that a cancerous tumor
would have to be cut out, asked, "But doctor, what are you going
to replace it with?" No, Mr. Hand, we don't need spooks or anything
else to worship, nor do we need a pacifier to suck on, either. You
can have the whole messy passel, gratis and wholesale.
   We now come to the Odinist admission that, well yeah, we ad-
mit all this Norse mythology is hocus-pocus, but at least it is White,
not Jewish hocus-pocus. Big deal! If we must deal In hokum at all,
why not pick a higher grade of hocus-pocus, when the White Race
has such an excellent selection to choose from? The Vikings were
neither the first nor the best in that category. If I were to indulge
in playing games with White spooks, why, I would choose the Greek
or the Roman gods ten to one over the Viking's. Their stories are
much richer in classic lore, mystique, wealth of characters and any
other critique that may tickle your fancy. Compared to them, the
Vikings were crude, brutish and bordering on the dense. In fact, on
the intellectual level the Vikings were on a similar level to Hagar the
Horrible as portrayed in the Sunday comics. They were, in fact, il-
literate, and most of the Norse Myths the Odinists bandy about to-
day are only through the gratuity of being preserved in Christian
writings. The Vikings, in turn, slaughtered the Christians wholesale,
but in the end the latter conquered the Vikings by the insidious ap-
plication of their Jewish B-bomb (brain bomb). So what we have of
all this Odinist hocus-pocus today is really only a more or less Chris-
tian recording or residue, and who needs more primitive hocus-pocus
   Mr. Hand claims the Odinists are not a "dead horse", nor a relic
from a primitive past, but a "rising phoenix", because, see, we have
several thousand already yet. Well, if he wants to play the numbers
game, I am not impressed. It is no substitute for quality. "Where is
the beef?" indeed, (his quote). There are any number of cults, religions
and insanities that have far larger numbers than "several thousand".
The Moonies have millions, Jehovah's Witnesses  number in the
millions, the Moslems number in the hundreds of millions, and the
Christians claim to embrace 750 million "souls". So what are a paltry
few thousand in comparison? And anyway, with all those billion of
believers in the old spooks in the sky swindle, the bottom line still


is that the world is in one hell of a mess, is rapidly screeching towards
a traumatic cataclysm, is still in the hands of treacherous Jews, and
Odin, Wodin. Blynken and Nod will do damn little, if anything, to
save us. I would rather be a minority of one who was set on the right
course than be a polyglot part of a multi-million member cult that
had its thinking all screwed up.
   We need something much more realistic, tough, well planned,
thoroughgoing and comprehensive than a rehash of a few primitive
and warmed up myths to do the job. In Creativity we have the whole
ball of wax. Just as Adolf Hitler found it necessary to chuck over-
board all the old political parties In Germany because they were in-
adequate to do the job, and devise a completely new philosophy and
political party to cope with a major catastrophe, so too, we Creators
find it necessary to devise a completely new philosophy and religion
for the total White Race of the Planet Earth. In so doing, instead
of rummaging around in the debris and garbage heap of old dead
religions of the past, we instead go to the greatest teacher of them
all - Mother Nature. Her laws are eternal, they are real, they have
the innate wisdom of the eons embodied In them. There is our source,
and there is our answer.
   If Mr. Hand finds that being natural, logical, realistic, organiz-
ed and deliberate leaves him "cold" and without purpose, I again
suggest that he see his Jewish psychiatrist to confuse him further.
Evidently there are some maladjusted people In this world, in fact,
millions of them, who are so hopelessly confused that they cannot
face reality in a disintegrating world. So they seek an escape
mechanism of some kind. Some resort to alcohol, some to hard
drugs, some to the spooks in the sky fantasy. But it is no solution,
and reality will have to be faced and problems have to be solved.
To try to escape them with all these trick escape mechanisms does
not solve them but makes the situation only more disastrous and the
end of the line for such "escape" artists is usually similar to that of
a John Belushi, or a David Kennedy.
   We Creators do not seek to hide our heads in the sand, or on
cloud nine in the sky. We are problem solvers and we have answers,
meaningful, comprehensive and realistic answers. Just as Adolf Hitler
sought to unite the Whole German nation under one political party,
so we Creators seek to unite the total White Race and the White Race
alone. Just as Hitler succeeded in uniting all the Germans under Na-
tional Socialism, so we Creators believe (yes we DO have faith!) that
we can and will unite the present 500 million White peoples on the
face of the earth into one powerful, solid battering ram that will crush
and demolish the narcotic poison of Judaism. We believe it because
it is the only way for the White Race to go, and once the White Race
is united there is no power on the face of the earth that will ever again


be in a position to threaten its existence or survival.
   At this point I would like to make a highly encouraging and op-
timistic observation. The White racial movement in America has now
advanced far enough to win over and smash the Jewish establish-
ment. It could do it now in 1984, if the different factions would unite
and polarize under the banner of the Church Of The Creator, the
most comprehensive thoroughgoing, effective weapon it has to work
with. Standing in the way is the hubris (overweening ego) of the
leaders of the individual groups. They take the position that "if I didn't
think of it first, I'm going to torpedo it, and to hell with the White
race", and I think Odinism is a prime example. But think of it! We
could win now! Forget about wet-nursing your private little hubris!
It we lose nobody will remember you anyway. But If we win, what
a glorious White, bright world this would be. Yes, the White Man
knows how to govern the world, Mr. Hand, contrary to what you
claim in your desultory appraisal of the White Race. The Romans
already did so beautifully 2000 years ago, and Pax Romana with its
200 years of peace and prosperity was undoubtedly the finest epoch
in the White Man's history. It lasted until Jewish Christianity came
along and infected the White Man's mind with a running sore that
has persisted to this day.
   But we Creators are not nearly as much interested in that
White Race "govern" the world, as that the White Race POSSESS
IT IN TOTAL. In an increasingly contaminated, poisoned, and
polluted world of exploding mud races, we are now at a point of no
return. Either the White Race inhabits it all and exclusively or it will
be crushed, stifled and exterminated. It is now all or nothing, and
we Creators want to make damn sure it is the White Race that sur-
vives. Succinctly, it is only the White Race that can reverse the avalan-
che, clean up the planet again and build a world worth living in.
   But our program does not stop there. Through our program of
Eugenic up-breeding we mean to advance the quality of life, health
and happiness to levels never before even dreamed of by the Greeks
and Romans, much less the brutish Vikings.
   We further believe there is no real problem accomplishing this
lofty goal as far as the Jews and the mud races are concerned. The
real obstacle is the confused and cluttered thinking of the White Race
itself, and the most pervasive clutter of all Is the spooks in the sky.
obsession that contaminates the minds of so many of the White Race.
    We do not And that our lofty goal of uniting the White Race in
a powerful White racial religion as either "cold" or without purpose,
as Mr. Hand seems to. (In fact, he reminds me of the nigger who
said, "Boss, even if it's good, I don't like it.") We find the challenge
exciting, exhilarating and the most intelligent and meaningful ever


proposed in any religion, creed or philosophy. It sure beats the hell
out of chasing non-existent spooks, be they Roman, Viking or Jewish.
    Our members feel the same way. They are excited, filled with
hope, determination and purpose now that they have a meaningful,
constructive goal in life. Let me quote to you just a small part of a
four page letter I received just last week. It begins with...."Dear In-
spirational...." and here are a few excerpts: "I have sworn an oath
and have dedicated my entire being, heart and mind and what years
of my life remaining to just those ends...." Referring to our basic
books: "For it IS my Bible, it IS my belief and although you, sir,
are the author, its every utterance reverberates throughout my very
being as if it were I whose pen raced across the paper for fear of los-
ing a word." There is more. You can read the full letter in the
September issue of Racial Loyalty. We have thousands of other let-
ters in our file that reflect similar emotions and sentiments. Cold,
Mr. Hand? If you need a spook to keep you warm I again suggest
you go see your Jewish psychiatrist, or are you perhaps yourself part
of the confusion creating apparatus that is inherent in the tribe of
the Hidden Hand? I hope not.
   In conclusion I say to Mr. Hand and all our good White Racial
Comrades - don't knock us, but Instead, join with us. We are the
best friend you have in a confused, crumbling and disintegrating
world. For a Whiter and Brighter World,
                                   Creatively yours,
                                   Ben Klassen
                                   Pondifex Maximus
                                   Church Of The Creator

Conclusion: In his Editorial Policy on the Inside cover of Liberty
Bell Magazine Mr. George Dietz, the editor, states categorically the
following noble words:
   "Freedom of Speech - Freedom of Thought - Freedom
of Expression."
   The editor-publisher of Liberty Bell does not necessarily agree
with each and every article in this magazine, nor does he subscribe
to all conclusions arrived at by various writers; however, he does
endeavor to permit the exposure of ideas suppressed by the controll-
ed news media of this country.
   "It is, therefore, in the best tradition of America and of free men
everywhere that liberty Bell strives to give free reign to ideas, for
Ultimately it is ideas which rule the world and determine both the
content and structure of culture...... No effort will be spared and no
idea will be allowed to go unexpressed if we think it will benefit the


Thinking People, not only of America, but the entire world."
George P. Dietz, Editor & Publisher.
   In the past Mr. Dietz has fairly well followed this policy. When
several years ago he saw the light about the gigantic fraud Jewish
Christianity had perpetrated on the White Race he fearlessly came
out and said so, despite the vituperative backslash from the misguid-
ed fanatics.
   He, too, after much soul searching came to the conclusion the
Church Of The Creator had been preaching for years, namely, that
the spooks in the sky swindle spelled the death knell of the White
   It is therefore extraordinarily strange that Mr. Dietz has turned
to and embraced another, on ersatz spooks-in-the-sky swindle, name-
ly, Odinism. The cop-out that - well, at least the spooks are White
is really a poor excuse. It is still a hoax, an escape mechanism, a
child's game. One thing we do not need at this critical stage in the
fight for the survival of the White Race is another cop-out. another
childish game to divert us when we should and must come to grips
with stark reality and do battle with a ruthless enemy. We do not
need more meaningless splinter groups to go off on pointless tangents.
The last thing we need is to dredge up ancient failures from the scrap
heap of history and substitute such nonsense for a comprehensive,
meaningful creed and program. We have to make up our cotton-
picking minds on what is best and polarize into one solid battering
   Mr. Dietz admitted to me that in Creativity "We have the whole
ball of wax." He also admitted that reading Nature's Eternal Religion
and a few years of contemplative thinking straightened out his former
confusion about Christianity.
   In the light of the above, it is hard to understand why, after see-
ing the whole picture, Mr. Dietz would now backslide from one set
of spooks to another such piece of nonsense. When Hitler tackled
the Jewish-Marxist mess in post-war Germany he did not dredge up
some ancient political party that was a relic and failure from the past
but instead constructed a completely new, hard hitting political creed
and program that fitted the needs of the times and with it he did the
job that needed to be done. We now need a creed, a philosophy and
a program that meets the exigency of the sorry mess the White Race
is in today, on a total global basis. CREATIVITY has it. It has the
whole ball of wax. Why then revert to past failures and indulge in
silly childish games? In CREATIVITY we have the Total Program,
the Final Solution, the Ultimate Creed. Why try to ignore or sup-
press it? If you are really more interested in saving the White Race
than nurturing your own private and transient little hubris why not
latch on to and promote the real solution and help build a Whiter


and Brighter World.

		  * * * * *	

   It is now the official religion and policy of the
U.S. government to push race mixing at all cost,
and mongrelize the White Race into oblivion.

		  * * * * *

   Never trust any Christian. Any hypocrite who
will lie to himself will also lie to others.

		  * * * * *