Knocking The Key Weapon

     From Out Of

  The Enemy's Hands

	Let us realize our Tremendous Potential on
Utilize our Weapons to the Utmost.
	Throughout history warring factions have sought to gain advan-
tage over their enemies by having superior weapons with which to
rout and destroy the enemy. The goal has been to get the
"ultimate" weapon first, and then keep it out of the hands
of the enemy.

	If keeping it out of the enemy's hands is not possible, (and usually
it is not) then the idea is to keep the weapon from the enemy at least
as long as possible, and in the meantime develop even more deadly
weapons of destruction.

	This, then, has consciously been the strategy of mankind ever
since man emerged out of the caves with club in hand. Although the
change in weaponry evolved slowly in ancient times, nevertheless,
it changed significantly from time to time, from clubs to spears, too
bows and arrows, to cavalry, chariots, to gunpowder and artillery,
to tanks and aircraft, to rocketry and an up to the deadly hydrogen
bomb of today, the latter being considered the "ultimate" weapon.

	The premise of having weapons superior to that of the enemy
and keeping such superior weapons out of the enemy's hands, is,
of course strategically sound, as history has proved countless times.
When the White Man arrived in America with musketry and horses,
the inferior Indian with his bows and arrows and on foot was no match
for the White Man, and of course, it was not only the difference in
weaponry in which the White Man was superior.

	When the Hyksos arrived in Egypt with chariots and horse at
about the 18th century B.C.E., they easily conquered the amazed
Egyptians. However, the Egyptians soon caught on and soon began
to utilize the same weapons, and the wheel had come to Egypt. A
few centuries later, they drove the Hyksos out.

	When Bismarck and Kaiser Wilhelm confronted the Austrians
at Koeniggratz (the Battle of Sadow) in 1866 with breech loading
rifles to the Austrians' muzzle loaders, the engagement became a


wholesale slaughter - of the Austrians.

	When the United States dropped the atomic bomb on "Hiroshima
and Nagasaki in 1945, that war was over. (It had really been over
six months, earlier, but the U.S. ignored and kept secret the
fact that the Japanese tried to surrender and sue for peace.
Evidently the Jews wanted to continue the slaughter of
American boys as long as possible).

	We can, of course, cite innumerable other examples of inven-
tions on one side, and cloak and dagger methods with which to either
obtain the secrets from the other side, or prevent the enemy from
getting their hands on the new technology. All kinds of fascinating
spy stories, mysteries and cloak and dagger tales have emerged from
even the great war (WWII) about the Norden bomb sight, about radar
technology, about V-1 and V-2 rockets and about our continued
saturation bombings of the research center where the Germans were
trying to develop their first atomic bomb, and our own overwhelm-
ing secrecy in the development of that bomb.

	In every case of advancing weaponry and technology, the White
Man was by far the leading, the outstanding innovator, if in fact,
not the only contender in the field. Not only was the White Man the
leader in the field, but, strangely enough, as recent history has
so dramatically demonstrated, the White Race was also the
leading victim of his own brilliant technology. The White
Man's greatly superior weapons were in each case turned
against the White Race itself, and only the White Race could,
and did, kill millions of other members of nature's finest.
In short, the White Race engaged in a frantic race to forge superior
weapons, the ultimate weapons of destruction in order that it could
kill its own faster, more effectively, and probably even wipe itself
the face of the earth.

	What a monstrosity! How did such an idiotic, suicidal, horrible
situation come about? Especially, how did Nature's Finest, Nature's
most intelligent, the Inventor of all this technology and the creator
of all civilizations, get boxed into such an unbelievable dilemma?

	We Creators have the answer to that question. The Jews ac-
complished all this through their DIVIDE and CONQUER techni-
que, using nationalism as the main divisive factor, as well as
any one of several other issues, such as religion, language, etc. But
there is another overriding factor, there is another ultimate weapon
that is as old as history itself that the enemy has relentlessly employed
against the White Race, and until now has moved heaven and earth
to keep it out of the hands of the White Race itself.

	That ultimate weapon is the RACIAL IDEA COMBINED
WITH THE B-BOMB. Once the White Race grasps this
ultimate weapon into its own powerful and capable hands,


our enemies will shortly be wiped out, and they know it on-
ly to  well.  That is why they have left no stone unturned and
unceasingly bombarded us with the B-bomb (brain bomb)
to the point of over saturation. The idea they have unceasingly
and relentlessly inundated us with is that WHITE RACISM is evil,
evil, evil; Jewish racism is great! Black racism is wonderful. Hispanics
have every right to exercise THEIR civil rights, to band together,
violate and flout our immigration laws and flood the White Man's
domain with their hungry hordes. The Vietnamese have "rights", the
Jamaicans have rights, the Cubans have rights, and the Indians, too,
poor things, have their inalienable rights. Ah yes, and when we speak
of those decrepid relics of the stone age we must respectfully talk
about Indian "braves", the "noble" red man and how the despicable
and sneaky White Man lied and cheated him and his "nations" out
of his lands: That is what the Jewish press says we must say and
the White Man collaborates and babbles such inanities not unsimilar
to the way a conditioned Pavlovian dog does his trained act.

	But what about the White Man? What about the White Race?
Does it have any rights in this greatest land on the face of the earth?
A land, a civilization and an empire built by the White Man's own
illustrious Ancestors? Do we have any rights to even voice our

	Hell no! Didn't you know that Judaism has decreed that White
Racism is the most heinous evil to ever be conceived by the mind
of man? It must be purged. It must be attacked, smeared, slandered,
disgraced and expunged from the face of the earth! Such a power-
ful onslaught have the Jews launched over the years against
the White race's ever organizing itself and realizing its own
potential that race mixing (although never spelled out into
a law) has now become not only the most fanatically pur-
sued goal of this (and preceding) administrations, but it has
now actually become the state religion of the formerly White
Man's United States. Every law, every court decision, every ser-
mon from the pulpit is now directed to promote race mixing. We must
race mix! Race mix with all deliberate speed until the White Man
is expunged and exterminated. This, then, has become the unwrit-
ten but pervading official religion of this once great America that
our own glorious ancestors built!

	All right, so there we have it. There lies the dire secret right
out there in front of the White Man's eyes, right out there in the open
for every man to see. The stupid niggers can see it and understand
it, so do the lowly Mexicans and so does every other minority. Only
the White Man is blind as a bat, and cannot, or will not, see it. Only
the White Race seems conditioned to shun and ignore this powerful
combination of the RACIAL IDEA and the B-BOMB.


	But now the Church Of The Creator sees it, understands it, and
has it. We now have it all put together, comprehensive, com-
plete consistent,, in a fervent racial religion. It is called
CREATIVITY. We are now determined to blare it out to the world
to promote the hell out of it until every White Man sees it, understands
it, grasps it and makes it his very own. Actually we have been
preaching it from the very beginning of Creativity. RACIAL LOYAL-
TY, the name of the paper you are now holding in your hands is THE
VERY heart of the idea.

   The Church Of The Creator is determined to implement- the solu-
tion totally and with finality and not just wallow in the problem as
do most other DEPLORE AND LAMENT discussion societies.

    How are we going to implement the racial idea combined with
the B-bomb? That, too, is very basic and easy to understand. With
are going to promote it in the same way as every other idea and move-
ment has been promoted. The only difference is we will do it with
more urgency, more fervor and a great deal more reason than has
any cause that has ever been conceived in the history of mankind
Nothing, but nothing, is more vital, more important than the sur-
vival of Nature's Finest - the White Race.

   This is where you come in. How much do you care? You know
what to do (Read again "Spreading the Good Word" in issue No. 14
16. Read again all of issue No. 10 about becoming an Ordained
Minister of the Church, about how to form your own church group.
Read again about "Dispersion and Polarization" in issue No. 14.

   So now let's go to work. When you realize what the miserable
Jew, a small, despicable minority, has been able to do with these
weapons, imagine what the White Race, still 500 million strong, can
do with these same weapons. Let us grasp the impact of this ultimate
weapon and change the world forever - and make it a beautiful place
for the White Race to live, to love and to prosper.

		 *  *  *  *  *

    Nature has never read the Declaration of In-
dependence. It continues to make us unequal.

		 *  *  *  *  *

   Let us permit Nature to have her way; she
understands her business better than we do.

		 *  *  *  *  *


	 How  To  Overcome

	  The Real Haters

	Undoubtedly the most persistent and the most vicious haters of
all time have been the Jews. The Talmud is full of it, their whole
religious creed is founded upon it, and the survival of their race is
based upon the theory that the strongest cement binding together
an organization, any organization, is to have a common enemy.

	Whom have the Jews selected as their enemy? To make sure
they never run out of hatred, all "Gentiles" are their enemies. This
means, in fact, that all the peoples of the world who are not Jews
are their enemies.  The Talmud repeatedly  restates  this
premise and furthermore derogates  non-Jews into the
category of animals, to be denounced, to be deceived, lied
to, killed and destroyed. According to the teaching of the Talmud,
the most sacred of all their holy books, all non-Jews are  "gois", or
"goyim", which means animals, and any property they may possess
rightfully belongs to Jews. Any treacherous act in stripping the
"goyim" is considered fair and square and is condoned by the code
of the Talmud.

	   The exercise of these ground rules is further reinforced by
teaching the Jews from early childhood to hate the goyim, that they
are evil and a threat to their own survival.

	This Jewish creed has been in existence for thousands of years.
The Jews have avidly pursued this course with a fanaticism that
knows no bounds, and have harbored an intense, pathological hatred
for all goyim with a vengeance. But their fiercest hate is, and has
been reserved for the White Race, especially the Romans of Ancient
history, and the Germans of today. The Jew's motto always has
been, and is today, "Always kill the best first".

	So complete a monopolistic stranglehold do the Jews hold on
the worldwide propaganda machinery that only a few of the honest
students of history are aware of this sinister situation. So thoroughly
confused and programmed is the average goy yokel that he or she
will join with their destroyers and hate and denounce those few
courageous fighters that will even so much as investigate, or look
into, or talk about this strange historic phenomena.

	The Jews have honed to a sharp edge many of the weapons at
their disposal, and one that they have become most expert at is tur-
ning the tables on their accusers. Their motto in this connec-


tion is to ACCUSE THE ACCUSER. In short, accuse their enemies
of the very thing they themselves are doing, but do it first, do it louder
and more blatantly than any campaign their enemies might be able
to muster.

	There are thousands of historic examples of this, going back as
far as the history of Ancient Egypt, in which the Jews through the
monopolization of the grain and food of the Egyptians, managed 
to enslave them. When the Egyptians finally realized this and drove
them out en masse, the Jews turned the tables on them and claimed
(a) the Egyptians enslaved them, and (b) wouldn't them leave,
until, of course, Moses (a historical fiction) and their ever-loving
Jehovah (a Fictious concept) came to their rescue and led them out
of Egypt to the consternation of the Egyptians. Since they, not the
Egyptians, wrote the Old Testament, and subsequent history as well,
that double lie persists as an accepted fact the gullible
goyim even to this day.

	About half a century ago the Germans under the leadership of
Adolf Hitler, finally realized the full depth of the Jewish conspiracy,
and tried to get the Jewish monkey oH their back. They united on
a national scale and broke the power of the Jews in Germany.
However, so powerfully entrenched was the Jewish financial and pro-
paganda network that they enveigled the rest of the White world to
come to their (the Jews) rescue, and to destroy the Germans. This
they succeeded in doing with a vengeance and no sooner was that
phase completed when the Jews immediately turned on their rescuers
to undermine and destroy them.

	They then again aimed for the destruction of the best
first, namely Great Britain, and above all, the United States,
both of whom they held in the palm of their hands.

	Since we who live in the United States and are White are now
the number one target for destruction you might wonder how do
the Jews go about getting the hateful White goyim to help them, the
Jews, destroy their enemy  the White American?

	It is very simple, and they employ the same historic tried
and true stratagems they utilized against the Egyptians.

	(a) Accuse the Accuser, and (b) destroy the first best.

	Having unlimited monopoly of the propaganda machinery in the
United States (and the world), having complete control of the TV
networks, the news wires, the newspapers, radio, and every other
mechanism, the Jews turn on the heat. Any goyim who dares to so
much as mention their obvious program of hate and destruction is
immediately braned as a hater. And we should all hate a hater,
shouldn't we?

	So how do we Creators, who are in the forefront of ex-
posing the sinister Jewish conspiracy defend ourselves


against this kind of tactic?

	Well, we must first of all face a few basic facts of life and drive
them home to our White Racial Comrades whom we are trying to
save from genocide, and whose mutual help we must enlist to save
ourselves and, in fact, the total White Race. These realities are:

	1. The Jews know exactly what their deadly game is and that
they must proceed at full speed, and destroy their enemy (Principal-
ly the White Race) before we catch on, and destroy them. Therefore,
it is pointless to argue with them, try to persuade them to ameliorate
or mend their ways, or any other means of conciliation. The Jews
are hell bent on the destruction of the White Race and nothing will
divert or deter them. Our only hope, our only solution, is to
render them harmless so they cannot now or ever in the
future again threaten the survival and well-being of the
White Race. But forget any solution through conciliation, bargain-
ing, coming to terms by means of understanding, or any similar

	2. Our efforts at persuasion, recruiting and enlightenment must
be directed at our own White Racial Comrades where the real pro-
blem and also the real solution lies. We must bring home to our White
brothers and sisters the magnitude of the sinister conspiracy the
diabolical designs of the Jewish perpetrators on the future of their
own lives and those of future White generations. We must enlighten
them that the only hope of survival and a viable future is to
build! build! build! A powerful White movement, a White
Racial religion such as CREATIVITY that has the goal and
the means of sweeping our enemies before us like a huge
tidal wave, and that are that we must again wrest control of the White
Man's destiny into our own capable hands.

	To provide some of the tools to help persuade our White Racial
Comrades, we come back to the question that constituted the heading
of this article, namely how do we overcome the Jewish accusation
that we are the haters, the only haters, and therefore the real culprits?

	Well, since the Jewish propaganda networks are so pervasive
and all-encompassing this is not easy, not for any lack of argument
or evidence, but because of the sheer massiveness of the Jewish pro-
paganda apparatus. But through tenacity, aggressiveness and sheer
hard work we can overcome it. Here are some of the questions and
arguments we can advance with which to awaken our White Racial
    1. Is hating your enemies a good thing or is it bad?
    2. If it is bad to hate under any circumstances, then is it a
bad to hate a Nazi?
    3. Do the Jews hate Nazis?
    4. Do you hate Nazis? Do you hate Hitler?


    5. If it is alright to hate Nazis and to hate Hitler, and what's
fair for the goose is fair for the gender, isn't it then also justifiable
for the Germans to retaliate and hate the Jews?
    6. Have you ever wondered why the Jews have been hated by
nearly all nations of the world at one time or another to the point
where they were driven out of their land? (See Creative Credo No.
35, "Unrelenting Warfare Between the parasitic Jews and their Un-
fortunate Victims" in The White Man's Bible.)
    7. Do you believe that It is a sensible idea to love your enemies
(Man. 5:44) and to hate your father and mother, brothers and sisters
(Luke 14:26) and hate your own kind?
    8. Did you know that the Jewish Talmud, which is considered
by the Jews as being their most sacred religious text (even above
the Old Testament) is full of hate for all peoples?
    9. Did you know that the foundation of the Jewish religion is
hatred, and their cohesiveness is built upon that very hatred for all
   10. Is it alright to try to defend yourself against a person or a
group that has designs upon your destruction?
   11. Is it possible for you or your race to survive without defen-
ding yourself/itself?
   12. In real life, is it possible to fight a battle for survival without
hating your enemy?
   13. Would you be utterly unconcerned if this country
became 90 per cent black, 5 per cent White and was con-
trolled by a tightly organized Jewish network?
   14. If you realized such was happening would you do anything
to avert It?
   15. Just what would you do and where would you start?
   16. Is it alright to hate someone if they hated you first?
   17. If so, the Jews are the world's oldest and most persist
haters, as is evidenced both by the Old Testament, the Talmud and
their history. Would you care to ignore this fact, or do you think it
bears looking into?
   18. If your mother or sister were attacked, would you defend
   19. Would you love their attacker or would you show signs of
hatred and anger while you defended them? (If you have the guts to
do so.)
   20. Do you think it is alright to defend the White Race if some
other race, or coalition of races ganged up on the White Race and
worked and plotted for its destruction?
   21. If it came to a showdown  between the niggers and the
Whites, what side, if any, would you choose?


   22. if it came to a showdown between the Jews and the White
Race, what side, if any, would you choose?
   23. If it came to a battle for survival between the White Race
on the one hand, and the Jews, niggers and mud races in coalition
against it, which side, if any, would you choose?
   24. If you had to choose between Christianity and the survival
the White Race, what side, if any, would you choose?
   25. Do you believe that the Jews are to be commended for giv-
ing their first -loyalty to their own race?
   26. Do you approve of the idea of blacks practicing RACIAL
   27. Do you believe the White people should also have equal
rights in practicing RACIAL LOYALTY towards their own race?
   28. Do you realize that your White ancestors consistently prac-
ticed RACIAL LOYALTY for thousands of years, and if they did not,
you would be a mongrelized mulatto today?
   29. Would you perhaps rather be black, or a mulatto, than
   30. Would you like to see your sister marry a nigger? If not, why
   31. If your mother were widowed, would you like to see her
remarry a nigger? If not, why not?
   32. Is there any county In the U.S. that is predominantly black,
that you would like to live in?
   33. Is there any country in the world that is predominantly black,
say, like Haiti, you would like to live in?
   34. Would you like to live in the middle of Harlem, and if so,
how long do you think you could survive?

  There are many more similar questions we could devise, and
undoubtedly you yourself could think of many more. The main idea
in our thesis is this:

	1. Our real problem is not overcoming the Jew and the
mud  people,  but straightening out the  confused  and
scrambled thinking of our own Jew-programmed White
Racial Comrades. These are the people we must work on and work
with. It is the White people we must enlighten and bring to their
senses. It is the White people, our own White brothers and sisters,
we must bring to their senses, that we must instill a feeling of racial
pride and loyalty, that we must organize. There lies the solution -
not with convincing the Jews or the niggers, or any other mud races.
So let us not waste our time and energy in misdirection.

	In order to bring the issue of hate into proper perspective Read
again Creative Credo No. 62 in The White Man's Bible entitled "love
and Hate".

	In order to enlighten and organize our White racial brethren we


must do the following:

	1 . Have a powerful all-encompassing racial creed that the White
Race can and must polarize around. This we have now.

	2. Build a propaganda network of our own that will overshadow
and overpower the present Jewish stranglehold. Why not? We can
do it! We have the intelligence, we have the numbers, we have the
customers, the advertisers, the producers and the energy to do the
job. All we need is leadership, direction and dedication. Our
periodical, RACIAL LOYALTY is the spearhead in building a vast
and powerful transmission belt for the spreading of WHITE IDEAS.
All we have to do now is build! build! build! and work like hell. This
means your participation and dedication. Help expand the subscrip-
tions of our periodical RACIAL LOYALTY to the limits of your

	3. Help promote White racial schools and programs such as our
SCHOOL. FOR GIFTED BOYS. Help make this the seedbed of a
vast network of education, training and enlightenment for the benefit
of the White Race. Donate to our cause. It's your cause.

	4. Promote White Racial Loyalty. Talk it, preach it, disseminate
literature, leaflets and flyers in its behalf. Think White. Practice White
Racial Teamwork. Help build a Whiter and Brighter World.

	The alternative is black, very black. Think about it.  Do
		   *  *  *  *  *

    Only by facing reality, no matter how grim,
can the White Race free itself from the Jewish

		   *  *  *  *  *

    If the White Race is ever to revert back to
sanity, Christianity will HAVE TO GO. To again
regain its sanity,  it will first have to dump

		   *  *  *  *  *

   Creativity is the mighty Wave of the Future.

		   *  *  *  *  *


The following article appeared tn the Miami Herold:

               WHAT A FRIEND
              WE HAVE IN JESUS

	In Colorado Springs this week, a federal judge threw out a
million dollar lawsuit filed by a cuckolded husband against a Roman
Catholic priest who had an affair with plaintiffs wife during the course
of marital counseling. The judge ruled that litigation could not con-
stitutionally be pursued because it violated the priest's "FREE EX-

	Moral of the story: If you are a Minister of the Cloth, you
really have clout!

		*  *  *  *  *

   We neither want to impress you nor enter-
tain you. We want to inspire you to become a mili-
tant activist.

		*  *  *  *  *

   Starting with a polyglot society that is sick
and degenerate, we CREATORS are determin-
ed to build a Whiter and Brighter World. Your
dedication will make it possible.

		*  *  *  *  *

   It is our unswerving and sacred GOAL TO
place 10 million White Man's Bibles IN THE
hands of our White Racial Comrades. Once we
have accomplished that much the war against the
Jews, niggers and mud peoples will be as good
as over, and it will be the best bargain the White
Race will ever have invested in. Help bring it
about! Do your part.

		  *  *  *  *  *


	Our Autistic World

	The Supreme Importance of being able to distinguish
between Reality and Fantasy.

	Last Christmas my daughter gave me a small wall calendar that
had a unique feature about it. To help my vocabulary there was
new and uncommon word presented for each and every day of the
year. Along with it was the definition of the word, also an exemplary
usage in a sentence. I found that even at my age an old dog can learn
new tricks, or at least add new words to his vocabulary.

	The other day the word "autistic" came up, and although I was
aware of its meaning as applied to autistic children, the definition
"having the tendency to fulfill one's needs by fantasies, unmindful
of objective reality" gave me pause for reflection that it is not just
a rare child that suffers from this affliction.


 ( tis' tik) adj. Psychol. having the
 tendency to fulfill one's needs by
 fantasies, unmindful of objective

 The autistic child didn't acknowledge the world around him.

 August			30

	Looking at the mess the world Is in today, and how a diversity
of polyglot people are trying to cope with an impossible mess they
don't understand, or better stated, trying to escape from coping with
reality I came to the conclusion that probably more than 99 percent


of the more than 5 billion people living on this planet today have
advanced symptoms of being autistic.

	1. One of the most alarming phenomena of this present "now"
generation is the ballooning increase in the use and abuse of
drugs of all kinds. This varies from smoking pot, sniffing cocaine,
injecting heroin with a needle into the "mainliner", sniffing "angel
dust", and a whole variety of other outright dangerous and addic-
tive drugs that confuse, maim, paralyze and kill. Florida U.s. Senator
Paula Hawkins made the statement to the effect that there is hardly
a public school in the United States today where the children above
the fourth grade have not been subjected to drugs, and, in many
schools it is out of control and in flagrant abuse.

	This is a terrible indictment of our present society and especial-
ly of "our" public schools. How did we get into such a horrible situa-
tion and why do so many children (and adults) take to drugs?

	It is a long story, but let us first examine the WHY of the

	Despite all the modern conveniences of "civilization", despite
nearly 2000 years of Jewish Christianity, despite welfare and anti-
poverty programs and all the rest - people today are living in a
highly confused, artificial world. It is a polyglot world in which every
individual feels alienated, a world in which they feel they are not at
home, but an alien living amongst pluralistic aliens. People are vastly
confused, they are without hope and without direction. This applies
to all peoples of the world, whether they be niggers, Arabs, Hindus,
Indians or mongrels of other breeds such as Mexicans. But it applies
especially to the one and only race with which we Creators are con-
cerned, namely the White Race.

	The White Man of today finds himself living in an alien world
that is rapidly closing in on him. He is living in a Jew-dominated
culture that is repugnant to him, but he cannot put his finger on it
as to WHY. He does not understand it. As the Jew Marcus Eli Ravage
said, "We have imposed upon you an alien book (the Jewish bible
and an alien faith which you cannot swallow, or digest, which is at
cross-purposes with your native spirit, which keeps you everlasting-
ly ill at ease, and which you lack the spirit to either reject or accept
in full." See "Confessions of a Jew" Creative Credo No. 43, Page 286
of the White Man's Bible.)

	The Jews have done so indeed. But starting nearly two thou-
sand years ago with Jewish Christianity, they have steadily pursued
their warfare against the White Race relentlessly, as I hove expound-
ed further in the article "Unrelentless Warfare Between The Parasitic
Jews And Their Unfortunate Victims" starting on page 6 of this paper.
Jewish Christianity was the mighty, massive mind-bender that pro-
vided the breakthrough for the Jews to get a handle on the White


Man's mind and destiny. But it did not stop there.

	 Since the Jews have aggressively taken control of the finances
of the world, they have seized a monopoly of the newsmedia, televi-
sion, films, radio and the book publishing business; music and the
"arts", If they can still be called such; control our government without
so much as a challenge; either have their hand in almost every Gen-
tile religion or are the prime instigators of it, or both: and worst of
all, they have pervaded and prostituted the White Man's culture. All
this they have done and are accelerating without the overwhelming
majority of the White Race even realizing or admitting that this is so.

	This is why I can say without reservation: 99 percent of the
White race are living in a dream world, an unreal fool's
paradise. They are AUTISTIC, unable or unwilling to face
reality. They are also, by and large, extremely confused, and unhap-
py, living on the edge of hopeless desperation, hardly knowing WHY.

	As a result they try a wide variety of escape mechanisms. We
have already cited the widespread resort to drugs. Unfortunately, the
more a person, or a nation, or a race tries to avoid coming to grips
with reality and solving the multitude of problems, the worse the
problems become. The penalties for such cop-outs are usually tragedy
and catastrophe, as witness such recently chronicled deaths of John
Belushi or David Kennedy. Let us cite other forms of escapism than
the indulgence in hard drugs.

	2. Alcoholism, of course, is as old as Noah, if not older. It is,
of course, another form of drug abuse, but is more readily condoned
by society and outside of the Prohibition Era, Is legal. There are pro-
bably 150 million Americans who drink, of which about 12 million
are alcoholics, people who have a weakness or affinity for alcohol
which they can no longer control. Their solution to a problem is not
to face it and solve it, but to drown it out with alcohol, thereby
postpone it and add to the problem itself, the very real problem of
alcoholism. The end result of this route is exemplified by the tragic
and miserable death of William Holden and many other celebrities,
as well as millions of nonentities who die in the gutter, unheraled
and unsung.

	3. Probably the largest single group of escape artists are
those who indulge in religion as a means of escaping the
realities of the world. Now we Creators do not take the position
that religion is bad in itself. Like the weather, it can be bad or good,
Like fire, it can be extremely useful and beneficial, when for exam-
ple, it heats your home or drives a steam engine; or it can be ex-
tremely destructive, as when, for instance, it burns your house down.
We Creators maintain that like fire, religion is a powerful
force for good or evil - depending on what religion it is,
by whom it is used, and on whom. For example - Judaism has


been an extremely powerful tool in the hands of the Jews in promoting
the survival and evil influence of their race, whereas Christianity has
been a devastating tool In their hands in crippling and destroying
the White Race, as I have pointed out any number of times.

	Be that as it may. Most White people are either partially or whole
ly addicted to, and afflicted with Christianity, and use it as an escape
mechanism from reality. They go to church on Sunday and listen
to the preacher blabber about pie-in-the-sky when they die, and if
you don't believe him you will be barbecued in the fiery pit. They
pray to an unseen spook in the sky, and plead for his "blessings",
blabber about marriages sealed in heaven, about being born again
about going off into orbit in a "rapture", and a lot of other nonsense
that has not the slightest, basis in reality. They are, in fact, indulg-
ing in mass insanity, since the best definition of insanity I know of
is having lost the ability to distinguish between what is real and what
is fantasy. When a whole group of people indulge in a similar fan-
tasy such as heaven, hell, spooks and demons and babble into the
void in unison, then I believe that we can rightfully conclude that
they are indulging in mass insanity.

	There are other forms of escapism that are flights of fantasy that
are not based on religion. Children perhaps are prone to do so when
hey believe their dolls are alive and real, or their tin soldiers or their
stuffed teddy bears are alive, and engage them in one-way conversa-
tions. This is not unusual and perhaps part of the growing up pro-
cess. It is when such fantasies, like the alcoholism problem, get out
of hand that they are branded autistic. Such a state is arrived at when
they can no longer be reached and oriented to the real world around
them. This is a mental condition and sometimes it can be remedied,
and sometimes it can lead to total insanity.

	But children are not by any means the only ones that indulge
in mental fantasies as an escape. Any number of grown people also
resort to such escapisms. We have read the story of HARVEY. A
few years ago we read about the "Son of Sam" in New York who
claimed that a dog by that name commanded him to murder a
number of people and he did just that over a period of years, until
he was finally caught. This, too, is an extreme form of autism.

	5. We now come to that group of people who are not aware of
an overwhelming fact of life in the present-day world - and that fact
is that the Jewish powerhouse controls and enslaves the people of
the world. They are living in a FOOL'S PARADISE and either
will not reconcile their thinking with reality, or fail to understand it.
this group takes in the overwhelming mass of all peoples of the
world, especially those of the White Race. This includes segments
of the White Race that are highly intelligent in other spheres, such
as lawyers, doctors, politicians (?) scientists, educators, journalists


and the whole spectrum, including (and especially) Christian

	I repeat, they are living in a dream world, detached from reali-
ty, and are in the true sense of the word, as previously defined,

	We Creators believe in facing reality and making a sharp distinc-
tion between what is fantasy and what is real. We also believe in fun
and games and what is called "R & R" in the business world. There
is nothing wrong in Indulging in recreation of one kind or another
as a form of relaxation from work. We Creators especially believe
in living the good Life, the interesting life, and enjoying our stay here
on earth. This recreation can take many forms and may even involve
meandering in the world of fantasy such as seeing a play, or a movie,
or reading fiction, or even reading fairy tales to our children. But
the important distinction is this: treat a fantasy as such but don't
confuse it with reality. As Hypatia, that wonderfully intellectual
woman of Alexandria in the fourth century clearly delineated: "Fables
should be taught as fables, myths as myths, and miracles as poetic
fancies. To teach superstitions as truths is a most terrible thing. The
child-mind accepts and believes them, and only after great pain and
perhaps tragedy can he be in after years relieved of them. In fact,
man will fight for a superstition quite as quickly as for a living truth
- often more so, since a superstition is so intangible you cannot get
at it to refute it. but truth is a point of view, and so is changeable."
(See Page 310 of the White Man's Bible).

	In CREATIVITY we finally have a religion that dispenses with
all the clutter, debris and hogwash that the human race has ac-
cumulated over the ages from its superstitious and primitive Stone
age ancestors. We dump it overboard once and for all and take a
refreshing, honest look at the real world that Nature has presented
to us. We do this for several good reasons (a) It greatly clarifies the
thinking process (b) It rids the mind of a lot of useless, nagging clut-
ter, such as the fear of hell (c) It helps tremendously in solving the
real problems of the world and, believe me, we have plenty of real
big ones to solve. (d) And finally, it is the one and only way we can
stop the Jewish onslaught in its insane obsession to destroy the White
Race. Only by clear thinking, total dedication and racial polariza-
tion can we stave off the final and irreversible disaster that the Jews
have in store for us.

	When Adolf Hitler in the 1920's came to the conclusion that none
of the old parties, or even the philosophical underpinnings of the past
could save Germany from the onslaught of Jewish Communism, he
threw all the old trash overboard and started anew. He designed a
completely new political party and philosophy that was geared to
do the job that needed to be done. As we all know, National Socialism

did do the job extremely well in uniting the German people and clean-
sing the German scene from Jewish influence and manipulation. The
fact that the Jews utilized the awesome might of other White na-
tions that were still under their control to smash Germany from the
outside is another story. The point is that Hitler did cleanse and
rebuild Germany with his new political philosophy and he did an ex-
cellent job of it.

	So, too, now we find the whole world in a Jewish chaos, with
this sinister monster zeroing in on the White Race for its total destruc-
tion. None of the old political parties, none of the old philosophies,
or old religions, are up to the job of stopping the steam roller. In
fact, most of them have been enlisted in helping the Jews in their
vicious, sadistic program. We Creators are therefore, like Adolf Hitler
did half a century ago, chucking all the old garbage overboard, star-
ting from square one and have designed a worldwide religion for the
White Race that is capable of doing the job, doing it right, and do-
ing it once and for all. In CREATIVITY we are building the first
genuine RACIAL RELIGION the White Race has ever had.
Just as Hitler succeeded in uniting the German people, it is our deter-
mined goal to unite all the White Peoples of the world into one solid
battering ram with which to smash the Jewish monster. Once the
White Race of the world is united there is no force left to ever again
threaten it, and the battle is over for all time.

	We must now all get behind this holy crusade or perish.
CREATIVITY is our last great opportunity. We must (and that means
you!) now polarize around that powerful central core and build and
build. We must put our shoulder to the wheel and promote, we must
propagandize, we must proselytize, we must organize. Let us get with

		 *  *  *  *  *

	For the White Race, CREATIVITY has it all,
says it all, encompasses all.

		 *  *  *  *  *

   The White Race must learn to think in term
of: To hell with the Jews, To hell with the nig-
gers. To hell with the mud races. THINK WHITE

		 *  *  *  *  *