Compiled by:    Lee Harvey Oswald Smith, KSC
                Chairperson dei gratia, Flat Earth Society

1) What is the Earth's shape?

The Earth is flat. It is shaped in the form of a pentagon, and thus has
five corners.

2) What is the "middle corner"?

If one was to draw a line from each corner to the centre of the opposing
side of the Earth, the line would intersect in the middle of the Flat
Earth. This place is known as the Middle Corner.

3) Hey, wait a minute, that is not a real corner...

So? The equator of the spherical earthers is an imaginary line as well.
Does this mean that their model does not have a northern and a southern
hemisphere? You cannot count in imaginary numbers, but does that mean
that they do not exist?

4) What about the northern and southern hemisphere?

Spherical-earthist rot. This implies the Earth being a SPHERE, which it
is not. The Earth has, however, an Inner and Outer Ring.

5) Does the "middle corner" prove that 5=6?


6) How are continents located on the Flat Earth.

Generally, the "southernmost" continents are on the outside, whereas the
"northern" ones are on the inside.

7) Does this mean that the Middle Corner is at the North Pole?

Not necessarily. It may be anywhere in the northern part of the Earth.

8) What is, then, at the south pole?

The Edge of the World. It is surrounded by a huge mountain range.

9) Does this fit in with the Hollow Earth theory?

Yes. Beneath the Earth, or hanging off the edges, is a land populated by
either green-skinned women or Nazis. All those claiming to have seen
this have misinterpreted it to fit in with the spurious and false
Spherical Earth theory.

10) Did H. P. Lovecraft know about the Flat Earth?

Yes. Read At the Mountains of Madness. The choice of the South Pole by
the Old Ones makes more sense with the Flat Earth Theory.

11) What about gravity?

Lies, all lies. There is no gravity, only inertia. The Earth moves
through space like a giant elevator. We do not fall off because we are
kept down by inertia. The Earth has inertia.

12) How does the Earth move through space?

There are two schools of thought: one which states that the Earth is
constantly moving in a straight line, and the other which states that
the Earth is moving in a toroidal shape. There is a popular opinion
which states that the Earth does not move as such, but rather that space
moves around the Earth.

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