By Lawrence Wilmot and Martin Mann
                        Exclusive to The SPOTLIGHT

Washington, DC -- Hidden in the bureaucratic maze Washington politicians
call "our Constitutional system of government," a little-known federal
agency is quietly making plans to turn the United States into a

     There are "stacks of blueprints" in the top-secret safe of the Federal
Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) designed to convert American society
into a "command system," a former deputy administrator of the agency has
told The SPOTLIGHT's investigative team.

     In a private interview, allowing him to remain anonymous, this highly
placed source confirmed that the procedures developed by FEMA to "suspend"
the Constitution and to round up thousands of dissenters nationwide can be
activated by a simple phone call from the White House.

     "Even people who have become aware of FEMA's existence and know
something about its activities -- not many do -- think the word `Emergency'
in its designation means it will go into action only in case of a natural
disaster or perhaps a surprise nuclear attack," related this expert.

     "In reality, however, this outfit can be mobilized whenever the
politicians occupying the White House decide they need special -- and
extra-Constitutional -- powers to impose their will on the nation."

     As Liberty Lobby first revealed, FEMA's bureaucrats can then proceed

   * Take over all farms, ranches or timberland in order to "utilize them
     more effectively" as decreed in Executive Order (EO) 11490, the so-
     called omnibus emergency preparedness decree promulgated by President
     Richard Nixon on October 28, 1969.

   * Seize all sources of public power:  electric, nuclear, petroleum, etc.

   * Freeze all wages, prices and bank accounts.

   * Take over all communications media.

                         A FORCE OF FACELESS FEDS

     Such totalitarian measures can be imposed by bureaucrats under FEMA's
direction, not just in the face of a cataclysmic upheaval, but "[w]henever
necessary for assuring the continuity of the federal government in any
national emergency type situation," decreed a subsequent White House ukase,
EO 11921, issued by President Gerald Ford in April 1976.

     Can such a blueprint for tyranny be clamped on the United States by a
force of faceless federal officials?  It is the role of FEMA has been
preparing for most intensively, says the former high agency administrator.

     "In recent years, despite talk of spending cuts, FEMA's budget has
been steadily increasing," revealed this knowledgeable source.  "It now
stands at somewhere around $3 billion annually.  I say `somewhere' because
part of this agency's funding is appropriated under so-called black
programs, submitted to Congress with the defense budget without an
explanation of its purpose, aping the secret CIA appropriation."

     FEMA can draw on the defense budget and on the protection of the
secrecy reserved for national security projects because it came into being
under President Jimmy Carter in a move that merged the civil defense and
disaster relief responsibilities formerly shared by the Pentagon, the
Commerce Department and the General Services Administration under a single
powerful agency.

                         WHAT'S FEMA REALLY UP TO?

     But FEMA's real focus is not on disaster relief, knowledgeable sources
say.  An investigation of this little-known agency, conducted earlier this
year by the General Accounting Office (GAO), the congressional watchdog
unit, has found that less than 10 percent of FEMA's staff -- 230
bureaucrats out of an estimated 2,600 -- are assigned full-time to
preparing for and dealing with major natural disasters such as storms or

     What, then, is FEMA really up to?  The SPOTLIGHT's investigative team
has obtained an advance copy of the GAO report on this secretive agency.

     The study's surprising findings have been reviewed with the help of
well-placed confidential sources, in order to bring into full view, for the
first time, the federal bureaucracy's secret blueprint for tyranny in


Reproduced with permission from a special supplement to _The Spotlight_,
May 25, 1992. This text may be freely reproduced provided acknowledgement
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