Watergate & Chappaquidick

Just reading through some transcripts from the Watergate mess... found 
this interesting conversation between Dean and President Nixon. D=Dean 
and P=President. From the tape of 3/13/74, 12:42-2:00pm.

Quote on:

D: Let me tell you something that lurks at the bottom of this whole 
thing. If, in going after Segretti, they go after Kalmbach's bank 
records, you will recall sometime back -- perhaps you did not know about 
this -- I apologize. That right after Chappaquidick somebody was put up 
there to start observing and within six hours he was there for every 
second of Chappaquidick for a year, and for almost two years he worked 
for Jack Caulfield.

P: Oh, I have heard of Caulfield.

D: He worked for Caulfield when Caulfield worked for John, nd then when I 
came over here I inherited Caulfield and this guy was still on this same 
thing. If they get to those bank records between the start of July of 
1969 through June of 1971, they say what are these about? who is this 
fellow up in New York that you paid? There comes Chappaquidick with a 
vengeance. This guy is a twenty year detective on the New York City 
Police Department.

P: In other words, we --

D: He is ready to disprove and show that --

P: (Unintelligible)

D: If they get to it -- that is going to come out and this whole thing 
can turn around on that. If Kennedy knew the bear trap he was walking 
into --

P: How do we know -- why don't we get it out anyway?

D: Well, we have sort of saved it.

P: Does he have any records? Are they any good?

D: He is probably the most knowledgeable man in the country. I think he 
ran up against walls and they closed the records down. There are things 
he can't get, but he can ask all of the questions and get many of the 
answers as a 20 year detective, but we don't want to surface him right 
now. But if he is ever surfaced, this is what they will get.

P: How will Kalmbach explain that he hired this guy to do the job on 
Chappaquidick? Out of what type of funs?

D: He had money left over from the pre-convention --

P: Are they going to investigate those funds too?

D: They are funds that are quite legal. There is nothing illegal about 
those funds. Regardless of what may happen, what may occur, they may 
stumble into this in going back to, say 1971, in Kalmbach's bank records. 
They have already asked for a lot of his bank records in conection with 
Segretti, as to how he paid Segretti.

P: Are they going to go back as far as Chappaquidick?

D: Well this fellow worked in 1971 on this. He was up there. He has 
talked to everybody in that town. He is the one who has caused a lot of 
embarrassment for Kennedy already by saying he went up there as a 
newspaperman, by saying; "Why aren't you checking this? Why aren't you 
looking there?" Calling the press people's attention to things. Gosh, the 
guy did a masterful job. I have never had the full report.

End quote.

At that point the conversation changed.

There is much interesting stuff here, which I will no doubt share from 
time to time, but what did you make of the above?

Sounds like Dean's guy uncovered something that showed Kennedy was set up 
in Chappaquidick, but of course, it wouldn't benefit them politically if 
that got out, so they were sitting on it - and saving something to use 
against those who di the setting up? Interesting.... very interesting.... 
there's more than one way to kill a presidential candidate...

Lisa Pease
I think that the idea that our government would be complicit, not just in
the killing, but in this very cynical effort to lie about it, and hide
about it, and pretend it didn't happen, and attack those who find out that
it did happen, is in many ways almost worse. It is something that, as a
democracy, we can't really allow to happen. 

 - Investigative Journalist Robert Parry on the Iran Contra conspiracy

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