Shocking Revelations on AIDS Research by Our North American

Dr. Abdul Alim Muhammad, national spokesman for Minister Louis
Farrakhan and the Nation of Islam, dropped a bombshell on the
nation's capital at a mass rally held at All Souls Unitarian
Church on September 8. Although the event had been planned for
some time to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the Washington,
D.C. ministry of Dr. Muhammad, he turned the event into a report
on his recent fact-finding mission to the African nation of Kenya.

Dr. Muhammad startled the standing-room-only audience when he
announced that a research team working out of the Kenyan Medical
Research Institute, led by the Harvard-trained immunologist Dr.
David Koech, had made dramatic advances in the treatment of AIDS.
Dr. Muhammad also charged that the U.S. government was leading a
major effort by the international medical establishment to
suppress this groundbreaking research.

Among those who packed the church to hear Dr. Muhammad speak on
the theme "Can We Survive Genocide," were clergy from several
denominations along the East Coast, civil rights leaders,
community activists, leaders of the Nation of Islam, elected
officials and political leaders from Maryland, Virginia, and the
District of Columbia, and hundreds of ordinary citizens. The
introduction of Washington's former Mayor Marion Barry - the man
on whom the Bush administration spent millions to remove him from
office - brought the house to its feet in an extended ovation.

A Policy of Genocide

In his remarks, Dr. Muhammad quoted extensively from a 1985
article authored by Lyndon LaRouche, "The Looming Extinction of
the 'White Race'". In that piece, LaRouche documents that the
imperial policies intrinsic to oligarchism have set into motion
the self-destruction of the population levels and economies of
those "white" nations that have complicitly tolerated oligarchical
policies - most specifically the United States and Great Britain.
LaRouche states that since what the oligarchs call the "Great
White Race" is dying out at an accelerating rate, and threatening
the supremacy of the Anglo-American financial establishment, we
witness a fanatically Malthusian commitment to a policy of
genocide directed against people of colour; a genocide consciously
implemented through the conditionalities policies of the
International Monetary Fund (IMF).

"That," Dr. Muhammad charged, "is one of the reasons they've got
him locked up; because he's got the guts to tell the truth."

Dr. Muhammad went on to present extensive evidence that the policy
of deliberate genocide is fully operational. He described the
CIA's support for the cause of population control during George
Bush's tenure as Director of Central Intelligence, and reported
the contents of National Security Memorandum 200, written during
the Ford administration, which advised that the preservation of
U.S. political and commercial interests "will require that the
President and Secretary of State treat the subject of population
growth control in the third world as a matter of paramount
importance...." To the amazement of the audience, Muhammad
identified the authors of the internal memo as Henry Kissinger and
Gen. Brent Scowcroft, now Bush's national security adviser. (See
The New Dawn Vol.1 No.1, May, 1991)

Dr. Muhammad used the case of Brazil, which has the second largest
black population in the world, to prove that the memorandum was
being implemented. "Today in Brazil, 40% of the women of
childbearing age have been surgically sterilized with funds
provided by the USAID," he said, "and 90% of those sterilized
women are black."

He insisted that this genocide was the real agenda of Bush's New
World Order; that it not only motivated the invasion of Panama and
the kidnapping of Gen. Manuel Noriega, but also the continuing
murder of the nation of Iraq. He told the audience that these were
just the opening battles in the war of the advanced sector nations
of the North against the developing nations of the South. Dr.
Muhammad denounced George Bush as a wicked man who cherished his
membership in the satanic secret society Skull and Bones. He
reminded the audience that the "skull and bones" was also the
emblem on the flag flown by the slave traders who raided Africa,
as well as of the latter day pirates.

AIDS and 'population control'

Given the Anglo-American establishment's commitment to mass
murder, the effort to suppress the promising research of Dr. Koech
and his colleagues should come as no surprise to anyone, the
Nation of Islam leader said. In fact, he contended, there is
substantial evidence to indicate that AIDS was developed as a
race-specific population control measure. Dr. Muhammad ridiculed
the theory that AIDS originated when the virus made a species jump
from the African green monkey to the African population. "We lived
with the green monkey for thousands of years and never had any
problems. The green monkey isn't our enemy. The IMF is."

Dr. Muhammad, who is a trained surgeon, said he traveled to Kenya
to see for himself what the alpha interferon derivative, which
goes under the trade name Kemron, was really all about. Dr.
Muhammad reported that he interviewed the research team in their
laboratory, was permitted to review their data, and to examine
AIDS patients currently undergoing treatment with Kemron and with
a new, more advanced form of Kemron, the drug Immunex, which
contains a greater number of alpha interferon components than the
original drug. Dr. Muhammad stressed that although the new drug
was only a treatment and not a cure for the deadly HIV virus, he
was tremendously hopeful and encouraged by the dramatic
improvement in the condition of those undergoing treatment.

Dr. Muhammad introduced Dr. Barbara Justice, a well-known New York
City-based cancer surgeon who has sent 54 AIDS patients to Kenya
for treatment over the past year. Dr. Justice reported that 97% of
her patients showed marked improvement within weeks of beginning
treatment, and that most were able to regain some degree of
normalcy in their ability to function.

It has been almost impossible for anyone outside of Kenya
administering Kemron on an experimental basis in the to assess the
work of the Kenyan team, which has been treatment of AIDS since
1989, since it has been systematically blacked out of the
scientific literature. Dr. Koech was to present his data, first at
the International AIDS Conference in the United States in 1987,
and then again at the 1991 AIDS Conference in Italy. On both
occasions, his invitation was inexplicably withdrawn.

Last year, Dr. Koech decided to take his data directly to the U.S.
medical community, and an extensive U.S. lecture tour was planned.
That tour was abruptly cancelled when the State Department refused
to issue Dr. Koech the necessary permission to enter the United

This is certainly not the first time that important AIDS research
has been suppressed. Quite the contrary, it is part of a
continuing criminal pattern of lies and cover-up. The importance
of a rapid evaluation of Dr. Koech's work with Kemron and Immunex
is obvious. Currently, the only treatment available to AIDS
victims is the drug AZT; however, AZT therapy is prohibitively
expensive and carries with it extremely destructive side effects,
especially with prolonged use. Additionally, a recent study
conducted by the U.S. Army showed that, for unexplained reasons,
AZT therapy is not only largely ineffective in the treatment of
blacks, but that, in fact, AZT seems to aggravate symptoms in an
alarming number of black patients.

Kenya's President Daniel Arap Moi clearly finds the Koech team's
findings to be convincing. He recently announced that his
government was building a factory to allow the mass production of
alpha interferon.**


AIDS - Man-Made Holocaust

The fact that AIDS is a man-made virus created in U.S.
laboratories has been covered up


"America should withdraw from the Mediterranean, Europe and all
foreign bases and it should save that money to create jobs for 12
million unemployed Americans, and contribute towards the
elimination of the diseases it manufactured like AIDS which was
produced by the CIA at its laboratories and tested on American
prisoners who took the virus with them to the outside world when
released from prison and then it spread throughout the world."
- Muammar Al-Qadhafi speaking at the International Conference for
Peace in the Mediterranean, 4-6 May, 1990.

	On July 4, 1984, the Indian daily Patriot published a
	horrifying report that the disease AIDS was believed to
	have originated from a virus created in the laboratories
	at the U.S. germ warfare research institute at Fort
	Detrick, Maryland. The editor explained that the
	information had come from a well-known American scientist
	and anthropologist who expressed the fear that India might
	face a danger from the disease in the near future. The
	American had to remain anonymous. He was obviously in
	danger for having disclosed so deadly a secret.  At that
	time, when the full horror of the incurable disease was
	not known Patriot reported that the World Health
	Organisation believed AIDS posed the gravest threat to the
	entire population of the world. More on the World Health
	Organisation later.  The British Sunday Express, 26
	October, 1986, with banner headlines, and an "exclusive"
	label, announced "AIDS made in lab. shock." The front-page
	story said that the virus was created during laboratory
	experiments which "went disastrously wrong." It added that
	a massive cover-up had kept the secret from the world. The
	Sunday Express quoted a British expert, Dr. John Seale,
	who first reported his conclusion that the virus was
	man-made last August, 1986, in the Royal Society of
	Medicine Journal. He said that his report was met with a
	"deadly silence" from the medical profession, and that
	made him very suspicious. The editor of the Journal
	agreed, according to Dr. Seale, that "it sounded like a
	conspiracy of silence." The second expert quoted by the
	Sunday Express, was Prof. Jacob Segal, retired Director of
	the Institute of Biology in Berlin. It said, "our
	investigators have revealed that two U.S. Embassy
	officials made a two-hour visit to Prof. Segal at his home
	two weeks ago questioning him about what he knows, what he
	thinks, where he got his information, and what he intends
	doing with his report." The Professor told the reporters,
	"one said he was a historian, and the other said he was a
	political consul. But I am positive they were from the
	CIA, and that they were deeply concerned that the cover-up
	over the origin of AIDS was going to be exposed." I told
	them I had known that in the mid-70s experiments were
	being carried out at Fort Detrick, where the U.S. Army
	Medical Research Command has its headquarters, on
	volunteer long-term prisoners who were promised their
	freedom after the tests. Almost certainly the scientists
	were unaware of the extent of their terrible creation -
	the AIDS virus.
WHO Involvement?
	The third expert quoted in the Sunday Express was Dr.
	Robert Strecker, an internist and gastroentarologist from
	Glendale, California, who stated "it must have been
	genetically engineered." Strecker believes, after years of
	exhaustive research, that the AIDS virus is indeed
	man-made. Strecker has alleged that AIDS was engineered at
	the request of the World Health Organisation and other
	scientific groups who, according to Strecker, injected the
	disease during preventative vaccines. WHO, he says, along
	with the International Agency for Research on Cancer and
	The National Institute on Health, requested the production
	of a virus that would attack the immune system's T-cells.
	AIDS, he says, is a hybrid of two animal viruses - bovine
	leukemia (found in cattle) and a sheep brain virus called
	visna. This new virus was given as vaccinations in Haiti,
	Brazil, Africa and the Caribbean by WHO in a 13-year
	campaign against smallpox in Third World nations, reports
	indicate.  Strecker, in his 97-minute videotape, "The
	Strecker Memorandum," cites specific documentation
	supporting theories that AIDS is a result of that direct
	request. For example, from Volume 47 of Bulletin of the
	World Health Organisation (1972), page 259:  "The effects
	of virus infection of different cell types (e.g.,
	Macrophages, T and B lymphocytes) should be studied in
	greater detail with morphological changes perhaps serving
	as an indication of functional alteration..." "The
	possibility should also be looked into that the immune
	response to the virus may itself be impaired if the
	infecting virus damages more or less selectively the cells
	responding to the viral antigens..." In fact, a May 11,
	1987 frontpage article in the London Times, headlined
	"Smallpox Vaccine Triggered AIDS Virus," said WHO was
	investigating new evidence suggesting that "immunization
	from the smallpox vaccine Vaccinia awakened the
	unsuspected, dormant human immuno defense virus infection
	(HIV)." Vaccinia was the actual vaccine given as smallpox
	deterrents during the WHO project. Were the AIDS
	infections intentional, accidental or coincidence?
	According to Strecker in his "Memorandum," a key part of
	the actual study "was to be the time relationship between
	infection and antigen administration," which suggests WHO
	officials - and other agencies who were directly dependent
	on the United States government for research grants - had
	to have known.  The denials were not long in coming. But
	the British Sunday Telegraph exposed itself. It said the
	story (the Sunday Express article) was invented by the
	Russians "to smear the Americans," and recalled that it
	had appeared in the Soviet journal, Literary Gazette. It
	said this paper based its report on the Patriot - and that
	the Patriot report did not exist!  Professor Segal
	describes as "ludicrous and scientifically incredible" the
	theory that the virus came from African green monkeys. One
	thing is certain: the controversy surrounding the AIDS
	virus will not die.

A Weapon Against Black People?
	Zear Miles, a Black industrial engineer, who has studied
	the AIDS virus and its origins for about six years has
	stated that he has proof from various documentation and
	letters from other AIDS researchers to prove that the
	virus was made in an American military lab as a means to
	suppress Blacks.  In his document entitled "Rape Africa",
	Miles researched the origin of the AIDS virus from 1952,
	when the federal government had enough blood types and
	characteristics of every nationality in the world up to
	the King Alfred plan which called for the extinction of
	Blacks in national security emergencies.  Miles learned
	that through National Security Council Memorandum 46,
	dated 1978, which called for a possible way to gauge and
	control the impact of the growing Black movement, the
	government was researching possible ways to suppress Black
	hostility toward the authorities. Later called the King
	Alfred plan, the scheme called for the extinction of
	Blacks by the year 2000 with an AIDS-like virus.  Miles
	said he also gauged the increasing number of AIDS cases in
	which the number of Black contractors have gone up
	significantly compared with Whites, citing that the AIDS
	virus attacked a Black person's immune system and
	destroyed it in six weeks as opposed to a White person's
	time of six months.

The Evidence
	What is the evidence available to the layman. First, the
	initial cases were reported in New York and there is no
	dispute that Fort Detrick was working on immunological
	defence against infection. The British Guardian reported
	on October 27, 1986, that in 1969 evidence was given to a
	Washington Appropriation Committee that "within the next
	five or ten years it would probably be possible to make a
	new infective micro-organism which would differ from any
	known disease causing organism. Most important, that it
	might be refractory to the immunological and therapeutic
	properties on which we depend to maintain our relative
	freedom from infectious disease." "Refractory" means,
	according to the Oxford Dictionary, "not yielding to
	treatment." AIDS answers precisely to that description.
	On September 24, 1986, the Daily Telegraph reported from
	Washington, "Enough of a debilitating virus to infect the
	whole world, disappeared from an American germwarfare
	laboratory five years ago, and has never been traced, an
	environment group claimed yesterday in a Washington Court
	action aimed at halting biological weapons research." In
	1968, the J.D. Bernal Peace Library organised a conference
	on the dangers of biological warfare research. Ritchie
	Calder said then that among the weapons being stockpiled
	were some designed to bring about genetic changes. He said
	the "doomsday bug was under wraps" and that there was a
	conspiracy of silence about germ weapons because the
	implications were so frightening." He told the British
	Daily Mirror after his address that "somewhere in the
	world a germ is being cultured to which we would have no
	natural resistance and to which there would be no sure
	defence." A precise description of AIDS.  The British
	Observer, on June 30, 1968, quoted from an article in the
	Journal of General Microbiology by W.D. Lawton of Fort
	Detrick, and R.C. Morris and T.W. Burrows of the British
	microbiological research station at Porton.  One paragraph
	said, "By engineering the genetics of individual strains,
	microbiologists aim to produce a single strain containing
	the most deadly combination of properties." Again, a
	description of AIDS.  The article says that at that time
	Porton, according to the government, was concerned only
	with defence applications of research, but Fort Detrick
	was only committed to developing microbiological weapons
	for offence.  The Japanese carried out germ warfare
	research in occupied China during the war. Some of these
	criminals were captured by the Soviets and duly tried and
	sentenced. Others were given immunity by the Americans and
	taken to work at Fort Detrick.  In 1969, after the AIDS
	virus was loose, negotiations began on a Convention
	banning biological weapons, and it came into force in
	1972. In its first review conference in 1980, it was
	reported that 80 countries had ratified. But there is no
	provision in the Convention to ban research or for
	verification.  Nichola Sims, who has written a book on
	biological disarmament, wrote recently, "the failure of
	the Convention to impose any restrictions even on
	'offensive' biological warfare research, has been
	frequently criticised." And she refers to popular fears
	that a "super germ breakthrough in the means of waging
	biological or toxin warfare is just around the corner and
	may induce the possessor of such a germ to break out of
	the Convention." She quotes Dr. Robert K. Mikulak of the
	U.S. Arms Control and Disarmament Agency for the statement
	that "there is no justification for classified military
	research on the question in any country." But so far there
	is no inspection or verification.  A much more recent
	accusation against the United States for the manufacturing
	of the AIDS virus comes from the Libyan UN Ambassador, Mr.
	Ali Ahmed Elhouderi. On January 9, 1992, at a press
	conference, he stated that the AIDS virus was produced in
	a laboratory probably as a weapon. He said, "We think it
	is man-made and it was done in laboratories. And it was
	not, as suggested, coming from monkeys in Africa." He also
	suggested that the virus had been manufactured at the time
	of the Vietnam War. These statements fit perfectly into
	place as research would have been carried out at that time
	at Fort Detrick for offensive purposes against the North

AIDS Was Man-Made
	On all the circumstantial evidence, the layman will almost
	certainly reject the idea that the escape of the man-made
	AIDS virus was the result of a disastrous error during
	innocent civilian research. We can assuredly conclude that
	it was the result of germ warfare research, and the finger
	of guilt points to the United States.  The scientists
	could not have visualised that they would let loose a
	so-far incurable disease that may and possibly will wipe
	out millions, particularly in the Third World, where the
	majority of the world's population lives. Never was the
	need greater for the nations to drop their differences and
	to concentrate all their skill and resources in a
	world-wide battle against this terrible threat, and to end
	the horror of germ warfare research.**


The Mystery of Skull Valley


Because of an error made by an airman testing a new germ weapon, a
deadly virus attacks the population of a small town in highland
Utah, USA. An incurable disease begins to kill people like a
plague epidemic. In an attempt to cover up the traces of their
crime, the military authorities artificially cause a landslide
that buries the town and doom chance survivors to lifelong

	This is the plot of Vector, a novel by Henry Sutton, an
	American author. This book is based on dramatic events
	during which the victims were fortunately not people but
	animals.  March 14-20, 1968 was a black week for American
	farmers grazing sheep in the remote pasturelands of
	semi-desert Skull Valley, Utah. About 6,500 sheep died
	there in those seven days under mysterious circumstances.
	Even more of a mystery was that people, cattle and other
	animals in the area were unscathed.  Everybody - farmers,
	residents of Utah, journalists - felt certain that the
	accident was linked to the US Army chemical and
	bacteriological testing ground in Dugway with an area of
	several thousand square kilometres in the vicinity of
	Skull Valley. Indeed, at that very time the thousands of
	Dugway employees were carrying out large scale experiments
	in preparation for further escalation of the chemical war
	and the start of a germ war in Vietnam.  For a whole year
	the Defence Department emphatically denied that animals in
	Skull Valley were being affected by the chemical or
	biological agents disseminated in the atmosphere during
	the test. In an attempt at a cover-up, experts at the
	proving ground advanced hypotheses which must have seemed
	untenable even to laymen about the sheep having been
	killed by poisonous plants or a natural epizootic.
	However, an inquiry by Utah authorities in collaboration
	with veterinarians and health experts compelled the
	Pentagon to admit its responsibility for the death of the
	sheep. Even so, no one at Dugway was punished. The blame
	for a terrible crime posing a real threat to people's
	health due to a gross violation of safety standards in
	conducting tests was placed on an unfortunate accident.
	According to the official version formulated under the
	direction of the U.S. military authorities, a test of
	TMU-28/B spray tanks with nerve agent VX, was carried out
	at Dugway on March 13, 1968. The gas was dispersed from an
	F-4E jet bomber by means of two spray tanks with a total
	capacity of 1,200 litres. The bomber flew at an altitude
	of 40 to 45 m. During the test something went wrong with
	one of the tanks (or so the version ran), and besides, the
	direction of the wind varied, with the result that part of
	the nerve gas was carried beyond the proving ground. A
	cloud of aerosol VX allegedly contaminated pasturelands on
	an area of 400-500 sq. km. Skull Valley was not the only
	area where sheep died, for a cloud of aerosol VX reached
	Res Valley, killing sheep 70 km away from where the poison
	gas had been released.  Anyone who has read publications
	dealing with the accident in Skull Valley and Res Valley
	is bound to detect a contradiction between the military
	authorities' version and the facts.  The Pentagon has yet
	to explain why a whole year passed before it made up its
	mind about what chemical or biological agent caused the
	death of the sheep outside Dugway. If the Dugway test had
	to do only with VX, then that gas was the only cause of
	the sheep's death and this could have been stated at once.
	There is reason to presume that over a short period
	experiments were carried out at Dugway involving a whole
	range of poison gases and biological agents. But it is
	logical to suppose that even in such a contingency experts
	should know well the properties and casualty effects of
	the test materials. And this implies that researchers must
	have had no difficulty in ascertaining the nature of the
	agent which killed so many sheep.  The official story of
	the experiment of March 13, 1968, says that the wind
	carried beyond Dugway, in the form of vapours and highly
	dispersed aerosol, a mere nine kg, or 0.8 per cent, of the
	total amount of VX gas to be dispersed. Field chemical
	control cannot ensure such a degree of accuracy. But the
	authors of the version needed to cite some figure in order
	to make people believe that the sheep had been killed by a
	nerve gas. At the same time, the Pentagon wanted to
	conceal from the public the real danger posed by chemical
	weapon tests in the atmosphere to residents of Utah and so
	it withheld information about the actual amount of gas
	released over Skull Valley.  The Pentagon officials
	suggested that the contamination level in the Skull Valley
	pastureland where deaths occurred among sheep averaged a
	mere 0.02 gram per hectare. Let us note by way of
	comparison that to kill humans, it would be necessary
	according to U.S. data available to disseminate from one
	to three kilograms of VX per hectare of target, or 100
	thousand times more than the contamination level in Skull
	Valley given in the official version. Reports said that in
	a flock totalling 2,800 sheep, 2,500 or 90 per cent, were
	killed. No such effect is possible where the VX
	contamination level is 0.02 gram per hectare.  A
	publication put out by the Dugway proving ground said that
	during the test on March 13, 1968, the greatest distance
	at which VX drops spilled on the ground had been 5.4 km
	and not 70 km, as the official version would have it. The
	Pentagon's information on one and the same fact varies
	from document to document and from period to period.
	Surely this shows that the version is false.  A
	contaminated cloud spreading wide in the atmosphere only
	retains vapours and minute particles of aerosol which do
	not settle on the ground and can be inhaled. It follows
	that had such a cloud really floated over Skull Valley, it
	would have caused inhalational casualties in other animals
	as well, including cattle and horses, but no such thing
	happened, according to documentary evidence.  In the early
	days after the accident, before the hypothesis about VX
	was advanced, doubts were expressed even by Brig. Gen.
	William Stone. He rightly asked why the gas had only
	killed sheep without affecting people. There were also
	other moot points. Why were the diseased sheep shot dead?
	Why was no attempt made to save them by evacuating them to
	an uncontaminated area or by treating them with atropine
	or other antidotes? Marr Fawcett, a veterinarian of Utah,
	refused to believe that the sheep had been poisoned with
	VX, for in that case many of them could, in his opinion,
	have been saved by means of antidotes.  Dr. Kent Van
	Kampen, a veterinary pathologist in Utah, said in April
	1968, shortly after the accident, that as early as March
	17, 1968, the supposition that the sheep had been hit by a
	chemical poison affecting the nervous system could have
	been refuted without difficulty since all symptoms of such
	poisoning were lacking.  The death of an animal poisoned
	with a nerve gas such as VX is accompanied by spasms and
	paresis of muscles in the limbs. Yet judging by what sheep
	herders said in the early days of the inquiry into the
	accident, dying sheep had shown no signs of spasms. True,
	later on someone saw to it that a videotape recording
	allegedly illustrating the Skull Valley accident was
	projected widely. The tape showed the death of a single
	sheep shaking with spasms as a group of civilians looked
	on.  One year after the accident, Kent Van Kampen and Marr
	Fawcett contributed in collaboration with other experts of
	Utah an article to the Journal of the American Veterinary
	Medical Association setting out the causes and
	circumstances of the sheep's death in Skull Valley, their
	version tallying with the Pentagon's. There was a footnote
	saying that in writing their article, the authors had
	enjoyed expert assistance (it is easy enough to guess what
	kind of assistance) in particular from Dr. Mortimer
	Rothenberg, the science director at Dugway, and Dr.
	Bernard MacNamara of Edgewood Arsenal, the chief U.S. Army
	centre for the development of chemical and germ weapons.
	We might as well note at this point that shortly after the
	sheep's death in Skull Valley Dr. Rothenberg, trying to
	exonerate Dugway from blame for the accident, declared
	that the symptoms displayed by the sheep had nothing
	whatever in common with those of nerve gas poisoning.  And
	so, it took the Pentagon a year to invent an explanation
	for the sheep's death and make the civilian experts
	mentioned above present its version as their own, thereby
	striking a bargain with their conscience. The videotape
	which showed a sheep's death from VX was intended to serve
	the same purpose. But the forgery was too crude for
	knowledgeable people to mistake it for the truth. They
	realised at once that the "documentary" showed a sheep
	injected with a nerve gas by means of a syringe, that is,
	in the same way as this is done in demonstrating the
	effect of nerve gases on animals. They deduced this from
	the absence of any other living or dead sheep on the
	screen as well as from the presence of people wearing no
	gas masks or protective clothes, whereas safety
	regulations forbid anyone to enter without taking these
	precautions in an area contaminated by VX to a degree
	killing livestock. There is no such ban where a poison gas
	is injected into the body of an animal outside a
	contaminated area.  A further fact worthy of note is that
	the worker's teams which buried the dead sheep had no gas
	masks on, judging by other videotapes and various
	photographs. This is permissible only when the nature of
	an agent which has caused the death of animals is known
	for certain. Furthermore, it is necessary to note that the
	agent used was completely harmless to humans. This detail,
	like the others cited above, indicates that the sheep in
	Skull Valley were killed by something other than nerve
	gas.  The death of livestock so far away from the testing
	ground, as in the case of Skull Valley, could only be
	caused by a biological agent. Experts could establish
	without difficulty that nine litres of biological agent is
	enough to generate a pathogenic aerosol cloud five km
	long, two km deep and 100 m high. One litre of aerosol
	cloud could contain several hundred units of pathogen.
	Such a cloud can sail many dozens of kilometres without
	losing its casualty effects. Consideration of the death
	rate of biological agents during the drift of aerosol
	particles in the atmosphere makes no difference as far as
	the main conclusion is concerned.  Poison gas tests
	according to regulations in force at Dugway are generally
	conducted in the morning to ensure that enough daylight
	remains for collecting data on the results of tests and
	cleaning the test site. The dissemination of VX on March
	13, 1968, is alleged to have been carried out one hour
	before sunset. Evening experiments are particularly
	typical in the case of biological agents, for researchers
	are careful to preclude the disastrous impact of sunrays
	on pathogens.  The year 1968, when the Skull Valley
	accident occurred, has gone down in history as the peak of
	U.S. chemical warfare in Vietnam, Laos and Kampuchea. In
	thelate 1960s, the Pentagon worked at a frantic pace to
	develop new chemical and germ weapons. A report by the
	House Committee on Science and Astronautics said that in
	the years preceding the accident, the Pentagon had been
	engaged in a vast programme for germ weapon testing. The
	tests were conducted at several military testing grounds,
	on ocean islands, in the Panama Canal zone, Alaska, New
	York City and San Diego as well as on airfields, in
	subways and on highways. The Dugway test made on March 13,
	1968, or somewhat earlier could be one of those tests. It
	is reasonable to suppose that during that test use was
	made of biological agents based on a virus selectively
	killing sheep without doing any harm to humans. It could
	be visna, a virus which has been intensively studied since
	the late 1950s in several research centres, including Fort
	Dettrick, Maryland, then the main U.S. centre for the
	development of germ weapons. No visna-caused diseases have
	been recorded among humans. This virus hardly affects
	cattle, horses or other animals. Its properties in this
	respect coincide entirely with those of the agent
	responsible for the Skull Valley accident in 1968.  Visna
	affects the central nervous system of sheep, robbing their
	body of immunity. The symptoms are progressive weakness,
	shortness of breath, a wobbly gait, sagging withers and a
	drooping head. The end affect is paresis and paralysis of
	the skeletal muscles and then death. Similar symptoms were
	registered in sheep affected with the Skull Valley
	disease.  The disease caused by visna is incurable. This
	explains why the epidemiological service of Utah did the
	right thing by deciding to slaughter the diseased sheep.
	No antidotes could have helped the animals in the least
	and were not used, either.  If during the March 1968 tests
	at Dugway visna was used as a simultant modelling the
	properties of germ weapons, it is clear why the men who
	buried the dead sheep used no gas masks or protective
	clothes, since visna is harmless to man. And this invites
	another conclusion: at that time, the nature of the agent
	which affected the sheep was known to at least a small
	group of people in charge of removing the effects of the
	accident. The establishment of investigation committees
	was merely designed to conceal the real objectives and
	tasks of the Dugway experiments from the public.  The
	mystery of those criminal experiments has begun to come to
	light in recent years. Competent scientists consider that
	visna was used in the United States for genetic
	engineering work which resulted in creating HIV, a
	chimeric virus causing an incurable infectious disease of
	man known as AIDS. Research into HIV at the molecular
	level has shown that 60 per cent of its genome is
	identical with that of visna and the rest is a built-in
	nucleotide sequence isolated from the genome of another
	retrovirus, HLTV-I. HIV, or the pathogen of AIDS, was
	designed in U.S. genetic engineering laboratories on
	instruction from the Pentagon. The purpose of this virus
	is to augment the U.S. germ (biological) warfare potential
	by acquiring a capability for depriving an enemy
	population of vitally important immunity at the threshold
	of a major or local armed conflict.  The conclusion about
	the complicity of the U.S. military authorities in the
	appearance of AIDS, the new dangerous disease which
	affects humans, is shared by John Seale of Britain, Jacob
	Segal of Germany, Robert Strecker of the United States and
	other noted scientists and experts who have carefully
	analysed available scientific data. [See New Dawn Vol.2,
	No.1] For the time being, they have discounted the events
	and facts connected with the Skull Valley accident.
	Nevertheless, they have come to the unanimous conclusion
	that in designing HIV visna was made use of. Dr. Seale has
	said that a scientist who wanted to evolve a virus capable
	of destroying man's immunity system and provoking a
	disease similar to AIDS would have to resort to visna.
	The "patent" for inventing HIV should be issued to the
	United States because it was there that the virus was
	developed and also because Americans were the first
	victims of AIDS. The disease, which broke out in New York,
	was carried to other big cities in the United States and
	then to other countries and continents. Its virus was
	transmitted by infected Americans serving at overseas
	military bases. Besides, AIDS was contracted in the United
	States by Australian and European tourists vacationing
	there. HIV spread to Middle East and other Arab countries
	which imported blood from donors stricken with AIDS.  In
	October 1986, John Seale quoted during an interview with
	the Guardian an extract from a report prepared by the
	Pentagon in 1969. It said that in the next five to ten
	years an infective micro-organism might be evolved that
	would differ substantially from all pathogens known so
	far. Its most important property, the report said, would
	consist in attacking the immune system and internal organs
	on which the ability of the human body to resist
	infectious diseases depends. Consequently, the AIDS
	pathogen was deliberately created and development was
	planned and funded. The test at Dugway which killed so
	many sheep in Skull Valley turned out to be part of the
	Pentagon's programme for designing a new biological agent,
	the AIDS pathogen.**


AIDS: As Biological & Psychological Warfare


It is hard to imagine that a cure for AIDS would be withheld for
economic reasons alone. Could there be some other motive?

	Despite repeated denials from Defense Department
	officials, allegations persist that AIDS is a genetically
	altered virus, which has been deliberately released to
	wipe out homosexuals and/or non-whites in the U.S. and
	reduce populations in Third World countries.  At first
	glance it seems like the epitome of paranoia to accuse the
	military of conspiring to exterminate citizens of their
	own country, and even some of their own troops. However,
	the vast majority of military personnel could be
	completely unaware of such a plot in their midst, while a
	relative handful of traitors in key positions could
	conduct it under cover of classified operations. And the
	circumstantial evidence is actually quite compelling, that
	the AIDS virus was artificially engineered, and planted in
	several different locations at about the same time through
	vaccination programs, and possibly blood bank
	contamination.  At a House Appropriations hearing in 1969,
	the Defense Department's Biological Warfare (BW) division
	requested funds to develop through gene-splicing a new
	disease that would both resist and break down a victim's
	immune system. "Within the next 5 to 10 years it would
	probably be possible to make a new infective
	micro-organism which would differ in certain important
	respects from any known disease-causing organisms. Most
	important of these is that it might be refractory to the
	immunological and therapeutic processes upon which we
	depend to maintain our relative freedom from infectious
	disease." (See A Higher Form of Killing: The Secret Story
	of Chemical and Biological Warfare by R. Harris and J.
	Paxman, p.266, Hill and Wang, pubs.) The funds were
	approved.  AIDS appeared within the requested time frame,
	and has the exact characteristics specified.  In 1972, the
	World Health Organisation published a similar proposal:
	"An attempt should be made to ascertain whether viruses
	can in fact exert selective effects on immune function,
	e.g. by... affecting T cell function as opposed to B cell
	function. The possibility should also be looked into that
	the immune response to the virus itself may be impaired if
	the infecting virus damages more or less selectively the
	cells responding to the viral antigens." (Bulletin of the
	W.H.O., vol. 47, p.257-274.) This is a clinical
	description of the function of the AIDS virus.   The
	incidence of AIDS infections in Africa coincides exactly
	with the locations of the massive W.H.O. smallpox
	vaccination program in the mid-1970's (London Times, May
	11, 1987). Some 14,000 Haitians then on UN secondment to
	Central Africa were also vaccinated in this campaign.
	Personnel actually conducting the vaccinations may have
	been completely unaware that the vaccine was anything
	other than what they were told.  A striking feature of
	AIDS is that it is ethno-selective. The rate of infection
	is twice as high among Blacks, Latinos and Native
	Americans as among whites, with death coming two to three
	times as swiftly. And over 80% of the children with AIDS
	and 90% of infants born with it are among these
	minorities. "Ethnic weapons" that would strike certain
	racial groups more heavily than others have been a
	longstanding U.S. Army BW objective. (Harris and Paxman,
	p.265) Under the current U.S. administration biological
	warfare research spending has increased 500 percent,
	primarily in the area of genetic engineering of new
	disease organisms.  The "discovery" of the AIDS virus
	(HTLV3) was announced by Dr. Robert Gallo at the National
	Cancer Institute, which is on the grounds of Fort Detrick,
	Maryland, a primary U.S. Army biological warfare research
	facility. Actually, the AIDS virus looks and acts much
	more like a cross between a bovine leukemia virus and a
	sheep visna (brain-rot) virus, cultured in a human cell
	culture, than any virus of the HTLV3 group.  The closest
	thing in this case to a "smoking test tube" so far is the
	AIDS virus itself. If it was possible for such a
	monstrosity to occur naturally it would have done so ages
	ago and decimated mankind at that time. Some other life
	form would presently be in control of this planet
	(assuming that is not already the case).  The Hepatitis B
	vaccine study in 1978 appears to have been the initial
	means of planting the infection in New York City. The test
	protocol specified non-monogamous males only, and
	homosexuals received a different vaccine from
	heterosexuals. At least 25-50% of the first reported New
	York AIDS cases in 1981 had received the Hepatitis B test
	vaccine in 1978. By 1984, 64% of the vaccine recipients
	had AIDS, and the figures on the current infection rate
	for the participants of that study are held by the U.S.
	State Department of Justice, and "unavailable." The AIDS
	epidemic emerged full-blown in the three U.S. cities with
	"organised gay communities" before being reported
	elsewhere, including Haiti or Africa, so it is
	epidemiologically impossible for either of those countries
	to be the origin point for the U.S. infections.  Another
	indication AIDS had multiple origin points is that the
	14-month doubling time of the disease cannot nearly
	account for the current number of cases if we assume only
	a small number of initial infections starting in the late
	1970s.  Before dismissing the possibility that a U.S. Army
	BW facility would participate in genocide, bear in mind
	that hundreds of top Nazis were imported into key
	positions in the U.S. military-intelligence establishment
	following WWII. U.S. military priorities were then
	reorientated from defeating Nazis to "defeating" communism
	at any cost, and strengthening military control of
	economic and foreign policy decisions. (See Project
	Paperclip by Clarence Lasby, Atheneum 214, NY, and Gehlen:
	Spy of the Century by E.H. Cookridge, Random House.)
	There's no proof those Nazis ever gave up their longterm
	goals of conquest and genocide, just because they changed
	countries. Fascism was and is an international phenomenon.
	It's not as if this was a total reversal of previous U.S.
	military policy, however. Hitler claimed to have gotten
	his inspiration for the "final solution" from the
	extermination of Native Americans in the U.S. For that
	matter the first example of germ warfare in the U.S. was
	in 1763 when some of the European colonists gave friendly
	Indians a number of blankets that had been infected with
	smallpox, causing many deaths.  One indication of the
	actual U.S. military priorities regarding BW was the
	importation of the entire Japanese germ warfare unit
	(#731) following WW II. These people killed over 3,000
	POWs, including many Americans, in a variety of grisly
	experiments, yet they were granted complete amnesty and
	given American military positions in exchange for sharing
	their research findings with their U.S. Army counterparts.
	Consider also the callous attitude displayed by top
	military officials toward veterans suffering from the
	after-effects of exposure to Agent Orange and radiation
	from nuclear weapons tests.  In fact, since the end of WW
	II over 200 experimental BW tests have been conducted on
	civilians and military personnel in the U.S. One example
	was the test spraying from Sept. 20-26, 1950 of bacillus
	globigi and syraceus maracezens over 117 square miles of
	the San Francisco area, causing pneumonia-like infections
	in many of the residents. The family of one elderly man
	who died in the test sued the government, but lost. To
	this day, syraceus is a leading cause of death among the
	elderly in the San Francisco area. Another case was the
	joint Army-CIA BW test in 1955, still classified, in which
	an undisclosed bacteria was released in the Tampa Bay
	region of Florida, causing a dramatic increase in whooping
	cough infections, including twelve deaths. A third example
	was the July 7-10, 1966 release of bacteria throughout the
	New York subway system, conducted by the U.S. Army's
	Special Operations Division. Due to the vast number of
	people exposed it would be virtually impossible to
	identify, let alone prove, the specific health problems
	resulting directly from this test.  Despite the loyalty of
	the vast majority of U.S. military personnel toward their
	country, there are clearly some military officials who
	have very different intentions, and they occupy high
	enough positions to impose their priorities on military
	programs and get away with it, so far.  The first detailed
	charges regarding AIDS as a BW weapon were published in
	the Patriot newspaper in New Delhi, India, on July 4,
	1984. It is hard to say where the investigations of this
	story in the Indian press might have led, if they had not
	been sidetracked by two major domestic disasters shortly
	thereafter: the assassination of Indira Gandhi on Oct. 31
	and the Bhopal Union Carbide plant "accident" that killed
	several thousand and injured over 200,000 on Dec. 3.
	Apparently, homosexuals were an initial target in the U.S.
	because their sexual practices would help in the rapid
	spread of the disease, and because it was correctly
	assumed that very few non-homosexual citizens would pay
	much attention during the early years of the epidemic.
	Also, the stigma of a "homosexual disease" would interfere
	with rational analysis and discussion of AIDS. Bear in
	mind that homosexuals were among the first to be
	exterminated in Nazi Germany, before Jews and other
	minorities, so fewer citizens would object.  The details
	of precisely how the AIDS virus was synthesized, mass
	cultured, and spread by incorporating it into vaccination
	programs are available but fairly intricate.  Evil is hard
	to confront, especially on the preposterous scale we have
	here. If you acknowledge the presence of those who think
	their only hope for survival is to kill off two thirds of
	all the other kinds, and their ability to manage it, you
	then pretty much have to do something about it.

Abridged from Now What #1.**



The North American-based Nation of Islam (NOI) led by Minister
Louis Farrakhan launched an offensive in its battle against the
deadly "man-made" AIDS virus during its recent Saviours' Day
weekend. The following report is courtesy of The Final Call.

	From the rostrum of Christ Universal Temple here, the
	Honorable Louis Farrakhan announced that the NOI has
	acquired exclusive distribution rights to the AIDS
	fighting drug Immunex, an oral alpha-interferon treatment
	developed in Kenya.  "I just got a call from our chief of
	staff 3 minutes before I came on the rostrum," Minister
	Farrakhan said, regarding the confirmation of the Immunex
	agreement that came from Leonard Muhammad in Kenya. "The
	Nation of Islam is announcing to you that we have the
	exclusive distribution rights of Immunex throughout the
	United States of America.  "As of this day," he continued,
	"Min. Alim will still teach, but he is now the Minister of
	Health and Human Services for the Nation of Islam." Dr.
	Alim told the cheering audience that the war against AIDS
	is being won but total victory will not come "until we
	deal with those responsible for making the AIDS virus."
	Since the early 1970s under the Nixon administration, he
	said, the official policy of this government has been to
	commit genocide against non-white people around the earth.
	That policy continues under the administration of
	President George Bush, he said.  Dr. Muhammad and former
	Final Call Editor-in-Chief Abdul Wali Muhammad were sent
	to Kenya by Minister Farrakhan last year on a fact-finding
	tour regarding the drug Kemron.  While there, the NOI
	representatives learned about Immunex. Both drugs have
	shown remarkable effects in relieving AIDS symptoms, but
	the drugs have received very little media coverage in the
	U.S.  "We would like FDA approval," said Min. Farrakhan,
	"however we can't wait. We will take any risk, bear any
	burden to free our people of a man-made disease designed
	to kill us all." The Minister added that the drug will be
	offered to all who need it "regardless of race, creed or