The 7 Levels of Reality. Part 1

The levels we exist in daily are divided into 7 levels.
These levels are ones we pass through every second of every day.
With thought we can change our level to any of the 7 we choose.

Level 1 (inverse 7) - Bum - The lowest of the levels. Sees and hates all the other levels.

Level 2 (inverse 6) -  Drug Addict - Hides from all levels and distortions.

Level 3 (inverse 5) - Artist - Sees but doesn't understand.

Level 4 (inverse 4) -  Worker - Deny's seeing anything.

Level 5 (inverse 3) - Follower - Sees distortions from 6 and knows they have power.

Level 6 (inverse 2) - Strength / Leader - Sees and understands peoples distortions. Most of the great leaders of the world are level 6.

Level 7 (inverse 1) - Color Green - Powerful - Can not be attacked - Can control all other levels. Can be reached only through intense focus of the mind. Once in the level everything comes into focus. All levels, even those in-between the lower ones become visible. All other levels must do what the Level 7 mind wants. There is no questioning the Level 7 mind.

Note: Levels 1-6 are different by degrees. They go down and get less focused and open to more distortions.
Many things are possible for the Level 7 mind.

Definitions: Distortions = Normal Reality that we create around ourselves.
Levels = States of Mind/Reality that we move through.

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