for Public Awareness

This  is  an official response and complaint to Warner  Brothers  scheduled 
production  of  the  film  based on John Updike's  novel  "THE  WITCHES  OF 

The  WITCHES  LEAGE  FOR PUBLIC AWARENESS is a newly  formed  international 
anti-defamation organization working to protect the civil rights,  dignity, 
and  public  portrayal  of the over six million witches and pagans  in  the 
United States and across the world.

We  find  the context of THE WITCHES OF EASTWICK's portrayal of modern  day 
witches  inaccurate,   offensive,  and a violation of our  Constitutionally 
guaranteed civil rights to practice religious freedom,  free from the  fear 
of harassment,  discrimination, persecution or the incitement of the public 
to  form adverse opinions of members of a religious group - in  this  case, 
the Witch community. 

In  the  Federal  court decision EFSTATHIOU VS.  RHODES April  1977,   case 
C44.159,   Judge  Winston Arnow presiding,  the Federal Government  of  the 
United States of America ruled that "Wicca" or "witchcraft" is a legitimate 
religion and entitled to protections under law afforded any other religious 
group in this country. 

The   inaccurate   and  negative  portrayal  of  "witches"   as   ruthless, 
bloodthirsty  Satan worshippers who participate in black masses and  resort 
to murder and violence to achieve their desires,  is an infringement of our 
religious right and is harmful, slanderous, and malicious.

Witches  do  not now nor ever in the history of the world,   worshipped  or 
recognized  the existance of Satan or devils.   They are not a part of  our 
religious  belief  structure.   We are a group of people who  live  by  the 
principle,   "Do What You Will If It Harm None."   We do not harm humans or 
anmials,   we do not provoke or initiate violence,  revenge or harm of  any 
sort  or  advocate  such actions in others.   We do  not  use  our  psychic 
abilities to do harm.  We are not a frivolous fringe group to be made light 
of and ignored.

There  over six million witches and pagans in the United States alone,   we 
surround  you  in  every  profession and community.   We  are  doctors  and 
herbologists,   bank presidents and astrologers,  physicists and  psychics, 
film producers and philosophers.   Our numbers are large and we are uniting 
in  the  United  States  and abroad to fight  the  incorrect  and  negative 
depiction of witches everywhere.

We need the assistance of Witches and Pagans everywhere.  We are asking you 
to become an official member of THE WITCHES LEAGUE FOR PUBLIC AWARENESS.