~~~~~~ WARNING: ~~~~~

     The following Spells, Conjurations, Summations, Magick and
     Text is Intended for the Serious User Only, it should not
     be taken lightly. As any thing that you may do wrong might
     result in serious diasaster. 'Dark City of FeaR' will not be
     held responsible for what may happen if this be the case.
     But rest assured if followed properly the following Text can
     bring great amounts of Success and Knowledge. The World of the
     Mystical can be a fascinating one, and can also bring with it
     lots of luck, money and success if used properly! It does not
     at all have to deal with Satan if you so choose so, use the
     white Magick Spells, I have listed the Text into four categories,
     White Magick (Light Side),Black Magick (DarkSide),WitchCraft
     (Which is neither white or black), and Necronomicon.The text
     listed 'Necronomicon' has to do with Spells for the Dead, which
     is also in it's own seperate category. It is best to just read
     these spells unless you are a highly skilled Magickian or have
     experience in the art of Necromancy.
             ' Have no FeaR '   ...........Dr. DeatH (OverlorD)

              To Obtain Money Using Candle Magick:

   Required Tools of the trade:
     Green Candle,Small Sponge,Needle,Dollar Bill, Vegetable Oil
     Psalm 23 from the Bible

   Preperation of the Candle:

   1. Clean Candle with a wet sponge and let it dry
   2. Bless it with the following Words:
           "Cleansed and Blessed 
            Are Thee,
            Now to Perform
            Thy Service for Me"
   3. Now take a needle and inscribe on the side of the candle
      the word : "MONEY"
   4. Annoint candle with vegetable oil...(use sponge)
      (Your mind should be firmly fixed on the reason for the spell
       which is Obtaining money....Apply the Oil at the candle's
       centre and slowly go to the top and then back to the centre.
       Next go from the centre -slowly- to the bottom and return
       to the centre again.

  Commence this ritual on a Wednesday night between 10:00 to 12:00
  Burn the Green Candle Prepared as above on a small altar (table or
  stand will suffice) where you can be left free of disturbances. Place
  the Dollar bill next to the candle.

  Burn the candle and repeat five times the following:

              O Money Lord, Hear My Plea.
              Look My Way, Look My Way.
              Send your Abundance to Me.

  This chant completed five times Read Psalm 23 once.
  Leave the candle to burn until it extinguishes.

             ----------] HERE ENDETH [----------

  --+-- Another Magick Spell found only on : 'Dark City of FeaR' --+--

                 Intended for the Serious User


     Your Magic Window to the Psychic World: 'The Black Mirror'
                ---------] WitchCraft [---------

   Just as your Television set has been called your "window to the
  world", so the Black Mirror,or scrying glass, is your window to
  the "Psychic World" - the world of the Unknown. Making your personal
  Black Mirror will take only a few minutes and can open the way to
  unguessable visions.

   Take a bowl of water and add to it one ounce of washable black
  (water solubule) ink such as Parker's Quink. Sit in an area of
   no disturbance with the bowl on a low table before you. Reduce
   the light level until you can barely see your hands. Peer into
   the Black water. Soon it will become misty and clouded, then
   suddenly you will see scenes from other places and other times.
   Once you have begun seeing these random scenes, you will direct
   your Black mirror to show the scenes you wish to see.
   Chant softly:

                     "Mirror, mirror, scry for me.
                     Mirror, mirror, let me see.
                     As I will, so mote it be."

   Every effort must be made on concentrating on what you want
  to see in the Black Mirror...if used properly it can be very 
  effective, the possibilties are limited, look into the future,
  read tommorrow's newspaper...etc etc.

  -----] Another 'Magick Spell' found only on 'Dark City of FeaR' [-----
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    To Excorcise the Ghost or Apparition of a Departed Person
           --------------] Necronomicon [--------------

  If the ghost or apparition of a departed person is to be excorcised,
 the Magician with his Assistant, must repair to the Churchyard or
 Tomb where the deceased was buried, exactly at midnight, as the 
 Ceremony can only be performed in the night between the hours of twelve
 and one. 
  The grave is first to be opened, or an apeture made by which access
 may be had to the naked body. The Magician having described the
 circle, and holding a Magick wand in his right hand ( circle and
 wand same as in Black Magick) , while his companion bereath a consec-
 rated torch, turns himself to all four winds, and touching the dead
 body with the Magickal wand three times, repeats as follows:

   'By the virtue of the Holy Resurrection, and the torments of the
    damned ,I conjure and exorcise thee, Spirit of (Name) deceased,
    to answer my liege demands, being obedient unto these sacred
    ceremonies, on pain of everlasting torment and distress.......
    . . . Berald, Beroald, Balbin, Gab, Gabor, Agaba. Arise, arise,
    I charge and command thee.

  After these forms and ceremonies, the ghost or apparition will
 become visible, and will answer any questions put to it by the

    ---------] Another 'Magick Spell' [----------
    ---------] found only on :        [----------
    ---------] 'Dark City of FeaR'    [----------

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              -------------] WitchCraft [------------

  Equipment Needed:
        1 lb. no. 6 nails, individually bent
        4 beeswax candles, white or yellow
        4 windproof candle holders, black
        Incensce or white sandalwood
        1 lb. of sea salt
        Poppy Seeds
        2 pieces of Virgin Parchment Paper
        Ink Pen (not a ballpoint)
        Red and Blue Ink

  Put each candle into a windproof holder. Place one candle on the
 earth at the north of the property to be protected(or at the north
 of your magic circle). Set the other candles at the east, south and
 west. Walking deosil(clockwise), light the candles in the following
 order: east,south,west,north. As you walk from one candle to the next,
 sprinkle bent nails and salt in a continuos unbroken ring around the
 property of your Magic circle. As you walk chant in a soft voice,
 "Ee-aye-ee-aye-oh" beginning at the eastern candle. By the time you
 get around the circle and back to the eastern candle, your chant should
 have grown to be loud, reaching a genuine shout. As you shout it out
 the last time, extinguish the eastern candle by clapping your hands
 over it's flame. Say:
                "Guardians of the east, protect me(or 'my property')
                 Make any power sent against me return to the sender."

 Continue this clockwise walk and say the words at all the points,
 extinguishing each candle in turn.
 Now sit down Using the pen and the red ink, draw on a piece of parch-
 ment the sun and the moon, write the name of the person who you beleive
 represents a threat to you. Burn this paper.
  Cry in a Loud voice:
       "By all guardians, ___________(the threatener), get you gone
        and receive back the harm you sent".
  Divide the ashes of the Parchment into 3 parts. Place them into
 envelopes and mail them at 90 day intervals to the one who threatens.
  Near the door of your house, conceal a small container of poppy seeds.
  In the house, burn the incensce of white sandalwood.

  In most cases this Spell will cause severe damage to your Enemy and
  may even result in his/her death!
                                    ...............HERE ENDETH